what i eat in a week pt 7 (korean & realistic)

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name: tracy
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ethnicity: korean
location: toronto, canada
born in: canada
camera: canon g7x mark iii
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  1. Kasey Cast

    Kasey Cast3 hours ago

    I just want to know what real kimchi taste like

  2. Zahra Zahraben

    Zahra Zahraben8 hours ago

    Does this Girl eat everyday this fancy

  3. z4hxra

    z4hxra10 hours ago

    i love her mug

  4. Eva Lemiere

    Eva Lemiere11 hours ago

    I envy you omg can you share your mum please ?

  5. s0ftyst3

    s0ftyst3Day ago

    looks so GOOD!!

  6. Cheryl

    CherylDay ago

    how do you eat all this and stay skinny HUHHH plz teach me 😭

  7. Mushfera Nusaiba

    Mushfera NusaibaDay ago

    you mean Korean store

  8. iixAngel

    iixAngelDay ago

    I want to try korean food so bad omg. It looks so good. I'm russian so..we don't have much "flavor" in our food which is sooo boring

  9. Sarmad Saber

    Sarmad SaberDay ago

    Y'all say that she eats so we'll and stays skinny while I'm here thinking how she doesn't bite her tongue when chewing

  10. DraGunLand

    DraGunLandDay ago

    the spam hearts were so cute 😭❤️

  11. Tyrah Montinola

    Tyrah MontinolaDay ago

    What happened to your mom's finger? :

  12. That equestrain Girl

    That equestrain GirlDay ago

    bro i wish we had korean marts here

  13. Manar Damgaard

    Manar DamgaardDay ago

    your mom's voice literally sounds like something you hear in a drama it sounds so sweet

  14. LUFFY 8

    LUFFY 8Day ago

    we love mangas lol



    Har laptop stickers is so cuteeer

  16. Alaina McManus

    Alaina McManusDay ago


  17. toekedo

    toekedoDay ago

    i’m so jealous of people who learned their home language as a kid and the ones who can eat their home cuisine 😩😩🦵 my dads cooking ability has deteriorated ever since his mid life crisis and my mom literally just can’t cook

  18. Nicole Mitchell

    Nicole MitchellDay ago

    I wish I lived in ur house!! The food you get to get is amazing !!

  19. Indrani Nandy

    Indrani Nandy2 days ago

    so wholesome

  20. Aashiq Hameed

    Aashiq Hameed2 days ago

    honest I wish I had her mom. When ever I see her videos that is all I think

  21. Nur Syazwani

    Nur SyazwaniDay ago

    heyy don't say that, if your mom hears you say this, your mom must be sad. even if your mom cooks less yummy, or you don’t like what your mom cooks. It’s okay but at least appreciate your mom. For me, what my mother cooked was the tastiest in the world. Sorry my bad English

  22. Marina Mathew

    Marina Mathew2 days ago

    Me watching her video : 👁👄👁 My stomach : * now I shall demonstrate a whale’s mating call *

  23. mandarlyn

    mandarlyn3 days ago

    not the american cheese slices 💔💔

  24. yanna

    yanna3 days ago

    It's so satisfying to watch

  25. Asthetic Panda

    Asthetic Panda3 days ago

    No one Her parents cooking like a head chef of a 5 star kitchen!

  26. a. enguun

    a. enguun3 days ago


  27. Valerie Cabrera

    Valerie Cabrera3 days ago

    my mom would just cook me something simple but tracy's mom cooks her like the fanciest dinner

  28. jimins jam

    jimins jam3 days ago

    The food decoration is next level

  29. leviXeren waifu man

    leviXeren waifu man3 days ago

    We want to see the mothers faceee

  30. Rania Malik

    Rania Malik3 days ago

    I am literally fasting and watching this 😩❤️

  31. Raiyan Maulana

    Raiyan Maulana4 days ago

    Can you do indonesian version

  32. Its me Paite

    Its me Paite4 days ago

    A lot of Asians say "I will enjoy the food" before they eat even me

  33. swag

    swag4 days ago

    heyy where did u get ur chopsticks i love em

  34. 911 Was planned

    911 Was planned4 days ago

    she’s so pretty 🤩

  35. M C

    M C4 days ago

    Please let us look at the beautiful food pics for longer !!!!

  36. alexa briones

    alexa briones4 days ago

    pls don’t ever stop making these videos

  37. Gazy Nassr

    Gazy Nassr4 days ago

    Ur mom is the cutest

  38. Anxietypxtals

    Anxietypxtals4 days ago

    A genuine question, what is spam? I've seen it a lot but have no idea what it is

  39. el. jennings

    el. jennings4 days ago

    canned meat

  40. Saphira miranda

    Saphira miranda4 days ago

    I wish I was born into a Korean family the food look so goooood

  41. eeviamanda

    eeviamanda4 days ago

    Hi new subscriber here, does anyone know what country she lives in? The food looks all so good and the ingredients!

  42. el. jennings

    el. jennings4 days ago


  43. Thi Nguyen

    Thi Nguyen4 days ago

    Korean food look so good and delisious

  44. Ghena Ramadan

    Ghena Ramadan4 days ago

    what do you use for editing?

  45. Mia Tamura

    Mia Tamura4 days ago

    please do a "where I'm going for college/ life update video!!"

  46. A random dude You met

    A random dude You met4 days ago

    koreans like her looking like that reminds me of my friend a girl

  47. Manal Aldaheri

    Manal Aldaheri4 days ago

    your mom and dad are rally good cookers

  48. Lise Delfino

    Lise Delfino4 days ago

    i love your video guys

  49. Valerina in wonderland

    Valerina in wonderland4 days ago

    You eat such delicious food all week long👍😭

  50. Alafia Rekt

    Alafia Rekt4 days ago

    I want this so bad i hate germany

  51. Shaika Almessabi

    Shaika Almessabi4 days ago

    Can you give me your mom one day❤️😩

  52. stayzennie

    stayzennie5 days ago

    her : im having jjamppong now. the translation .. : im having tampon now

  53. Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev Kumar5 days ago

    I really love anime aesthetic

  54. Humourously boring

    Humourously boring5 days ago

    ghorl if i was her bro i would eat a lot of food

  55. Maddy Symone

    Maddy Symone5 days ago

    I feel like if I ever went over to your house i would be fat because of all that good food I'd be eating😂 💓

  56. XxxLuna_Xxx 123

    XxxLuna_Xxx 1235 days ago

    so lucky u get too eat so much good food

  57. Thedailydounut

    Thedailydounut5 days ago

    Have you ever watched MHA??It stands for My Hero Academia!HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!

  58. Αρετη Φωτιαδου

    Αρετη Φωτιαδου5 days ago

    is it only me that when i see those kind of videos i am getting hungry

  59. Its Lamar

    Its Lamar5 days ago

    Her breakfast :🥬🥒🍙🍚🥗🥃🥪🐟 ... my breakfast :

  60. Its Lamar

    Its Lamar5 days ago

    @stellar haaahahahaahah sameeeee 😂😂😂😂😂 much luv 😘

  61. stellar

    stellar5 days ago

    i always wake up late so i dont have time to eat breakfast 😭💀

  62. Maissaee

    Maissaee5 days ago

    I love this videoooooo

  63. Leah Rodriguez

    Leah Rodriguez5 days ago

    "Bruh its Vitamin D" I DIED LDKFEEIE She was talking about vitamin C, her sister is so funny we stan

  64. NotGui

    NotGui5 days ago

    me trying to read the letters on anime: her understanding every thing they say

  65. Euphorxia miss

    Euphorxia miss5 days ago

    I put on make up so I could look cute for Instagram 😂 I’m not gonna judge it’s just funny the way she said it 😂

  66. ꧁ Simp ꧂

    ꧁ Simp ꧂5 days ago

    What I eat for a week. Alternative: Watch me eat a bunch of food that you can’t eat

  67. GarfieldLady

    GarfieldLady5 days ago

    realistic for you maybe, realistic for me is spinach and frozen peas 24/7

  68. Fakhira's Stuff

    Fakhira's Stuff5 days ago

    She's literally Dongpyo Mirae girl version loll

  69. Ariv Mathur

    Ariv Mathur5 days ago

    why do koreans roll everything???

  70. Gamingwithchris

    Gamingwithchris6 days ago

    Tbh i wouldnt be mad if my mom said there is food at home LMFAOOOOO

  71. Chelsea Rae

    Chelsea Rae6 days ago

    love her subtle way of showing us new music when she shows us the time. I'm here for it :)

  72. Adit

    Adit6 days ago

    she's watching GIVEN ahdyshfhjeskf stan u

  73. 영웅

    영웅6 days ago

    zon ra nom do

  74. Anahi Martinez

    Anahi Martinez6 days ago

    Tell me why the food you eat, looks so good 😩

  75. louis

    louis6 days ago

    i had a bad day and your vids are making it slightly better thank you

  76. Kari Wong

    Kari Wong6 days ago

    hey, i live in toronto and i’ve been wanting to try that dish you ate for dinner on the Wednesday. The chicken stir fry with all that melted cheese. do you know any good restaurants in toronto that serve that dish? i’ve always wanted to try it. or something similar.

  77. sophia_ lmao

    sophia_ lmao6 days ago

    13:50 meee 💀💀💀

  78. Haura Ala

    Haura Ala6 days ago

    I dont know hou you mack this coffe can you macke a viedeo vor it 🤗

  79. Jafrin Khan

    Jafrin Khan6 days ago

    i hope that she is grateful for having such good food to eat everyday and her Mom making tasty food for her so lucky

  80. lex

    lex6 days ago

    "it tastes really healthy"

  81. Edena Wong

    Edena Wong6 days ago

    she eat like king

  82. Lilymay Hilton

    Lilymay Hilton6 days ago

    anyone else eating ramen while watching at 3am, just me, ok

  83. •murlinzx ツ officiall•

    •murlinzx ツ officiall•6 days ago

    The 4:31 drink was poporo for kids I think because there the same model and I drink the strawberry and blueberry one's

  84. Vïreuzo

    Vïreuzo6 days ago

    Your still cute with out a makeup❤️

  85. Pearl Clarke

    Pearl Clarke6 days ago

    Girl teach me how to eat with chopsticks and not look like a twat PLEASE

  86. Hanna Bananna

    Hanna Bananna6 days ago

    I like your video but why the plastic around the Sandwich when you eat it right after you made it

  87. Taylor Catherine Tobias

    Taylor Catherine Tobias6 days ago

    Loved this 🌸🤍

  88. sleepy

    sleepy6 days ago

    1:15 this is the exact meal i want if i ever go on deathrow

  89. Lexi Augustin

    Lexi Augustin7 days ago

    I thought you were 15 😭🤚🏽

  90. Madalyn Saardwong

    Madalyn Saardwong7 days ago

    I like the heart sushi it cute!😋


    PERFECT7 days ago

    your mom not only cooks! she also made sure it looked cute ughh im so jealous and hungry rn

  92. Leila

    Leila7 days ago

    Your mom had it like a banded why she has a bandage wine and I never did before and what’s this cold is it called what I eat in a week seven clean and recipes

  93. Stxrxbee

    Stxrxbee7 days ago

    Me eating blue heat takis Tracy eating takis buldak caraloina reaper Me needing water when i havent even took a bite of my takis Tracy be like no water here

  94. MARS

    MARS7 days ago

    90% of her food: 🍏🍐🍉🍌🍓🍅🥬🥦🌽🧄🥯🍠🍠🥘🫕🍛🍣🍲🍜🍱🥟🍚🍘🍙🍤🍥🥠🍧🍦🥮🍢🍡🍮🍭🌰🍪🥜☕️🍵🧃🥛🧋🫖🫓🍳🥩90% of my food is 🍔🌮🍝🥔

  95. soda

    soda7 days ago

    I wish I was korean

  96. kiwifruitkl

    kiwifruitkl7 days ago

    SPAM is not particularly healthy because of the high sodium content, the sodium nitrite (food preservative) and the traditional metal cans, but when they are placed in spam musubis, they taste heavenly! A better alternative would be home-made spam with much less sodium content and no food preservatives (you have to eat it fresh). Of course, who wants to do that when they can just go to the store and buy spam for just a few bucks? :D :D :D The Wolfe Pit actually has a video tutorial on how to make homemade spam.

  97. GBOB Shah Alam

    GBOB Shah Alam7 days ago

    I love sushi🤤🤤but to bad i cannot eat it all day😔😔

  98. Beforeditzs

    Beforeditzs7 days ago

    me having a crush on tracy

  99. Shamsa Alnuaimi

    Shamsa Alnuaimi7 days ago

    She’s so lucky 🍀

  100. Melony Hernandez

    Melony Hernandez7 days ago

    Thank you mom for not letting me starve

  101. Akaツ

    Akaツ7 days ago

    these are like some of those vlogs that arent really the title but are fun to watch

  102. Akaツ

    Akaツ7 days ago

    given movie- IM GONNA CRY NOW

  103. Javeed

    Javeed7 days ago

    New sub

  104. Tina Lai

    Tina Lai7 days ago

    Im literally obsessed with this series.....

  105. vaeix

    vaeix7 days ago

    this video just makes me wanna be you for a week😩😭