He Saw the Video, From The Back, I'm in Trouble Now 🙁



  1. firenationnn

    firenationnnMonth ago

    I just did the math, if everyone subscribed, u could be at 6.648 million...

  2. firenationnn

    firenationnnMonth ago

    @Kyle Haze i smoke math, not meth :)

  3. Kyle Haze

    Kyle HazeMonth ago

    @firenationnn Stop smoking Meth

  4. firenationnn

    firenationnnMonth ago

    @theonly1 lol

  5. theonly1

    theonly1Month ago

    Why you do the meth? It’s not good for you, say no to drugs. Subscribe.

  6. Simon Wysong

    Simon WysongMonth ago

    @4baadimh01 what

  7. Spencer Basso

    Spencer Basso23 hours ago

    Ask Him to Do a dance move

  8. Shubhanshu Sharma

    Shubhanshu Sharma6 days ago

    still waiting for my pink lighter

  9. Z87M

    Z87M15 days ago

    شو هذا ؟ what is this

  10. Fahima Abubakar

    Fahima Abubakar20 days ago

    I’ve been wondering what’s that and y people want those from the back🤔😂😂🤣

  11. Arianna Guizzardi

    Arianna Guizzardi23 days ago

    What are you selling him? Are they things for tobacco? 🤔

  12. Yong Tian Ho

    Yong Tian Ho24 days ago


  13. Dylan

    Dylan25 days ago

    That guys fucking weird asf

  14. Fresh Pickle

    Fresh Pickle26 days ago

    I want dat pink lighter


    FAZE CLANS27 days ago

    Why thay all want it from the back

  16. KamiDatachi

    KamiDatachi28 days ago

    What’s the point of it being from the back

  17. Castro 3000

    Castro 3000Month ago

    Got em again

  18. FoxLight !

    FoxLight !Month ago

    I'm not subbing, I want that free lighter.

  19. Quarantine Gaming

    Quarantine GamingMonth ago

    Dem dutch hit different I be smoking on those

  20. Brecken Lusk

    Brecken LuskMonth ago

    why do they always want it from the back can someone tell me

  21. Bob Wreck

    Bob WreckMonth ago

    Its either because they think it got crushed or the sun has dried it out too much.

  22. Benji Fieldz

    Benji FieldzMonth ago


  23. Quaid Nasty

    Quaid NastyMonth ago

    How do I get my lighter? #subscribed

  24. D Mars

    D MarsMonth ago

    Jesus loves you❤️

  25. Lucas Hu

    Lucas HuMonth ago

    I want a pink lighter lol

  26. Tcm Vanity

    Tcm VanityMonth ago

    When he comes back surprise him with free stuff

  27. Derrick Martin

    Derrick MartinMonth ago

    I want a pink lighter

  28. Ryan plays 2016

    Ryan plays 2016Month ago

    But I want a pink lighter

  29. Jacob Harris

    Jacob HarrisMonth ago

    Why do they always want it from the back, it’s not any fresher, it would actually be more dry Bc it’s older lmao niggas be on one

  30. EL LOCO

    EL LOCOMonth ago

    He let it slide cah he gonna stick em up one day anyway lol

  31. Knight Drifter

    Knight DrifterMonth ago

    Why would i want a pink lighter when i dip ig i could give it to my mom lol

  32. Zooted Sosa

    Zooted SosaMonth ago

    You are my favorite channel pink lighter gang 4l you know how we bummin

  33. Coccaa

    CoccaaMonth ago

    I’m not forgetting to subscribe, I just choose not to because this is the most useless and uninteresting USloft video I’ve ever come across


    OMG RONNYMonth ago

    I ain’t gonna subscribe so I can get a pink lighter

  35. Toofwess

    ToofwessMonth ago

    How about you both put on your masks?

  36. Moein

    MoeinMonth ago

    This weed

  37. Luis Salazar

    Luis SalazarMonth ago

    The way he nodded is funny.

  38. Ghatsby

    GhatsbyMonth ago

    I didnt forget. I just dont want to.

  39. jason stone

    jason stoneMonth ago

    Bruh I been done subscribed months ago where my pink lighter?

  40. SalsDead fish

    SalsDead fishMonth ago

    Dude seemed chill

  41. Bradyn_Hoops

    Bradyn_HoopsMonth ago

    Is this upstate ny

  42. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Don’t forget to subscribe or I’ll give you a pink lighter 🤣🤣

  43. St. Trystan

    St. TrystanMonth ago

    Ahh the famous invisible cam

  44. ImFalling AndMyNutHurt

    ImFalling AndMyNutHurtMonth ago

    Im not subscribing i want a pink lighter

  45. YPN Krixz

    YPN KrixzMonth ago


  46. jacob Carter

    jacob CarterMonth ago

    Pink lighter GIMME THAT I NEED IT FOR MY SIS (just kidding)

  47. Edward Roane

    Edward RoaneMonth ago

    Where My Lighter@ Cuz?

  48. ItaLibra

    ItaLibraMonth ago

    "Pass that Dutch !"

  49. t- meg

    t- megMonth ago

    This guys world is disgusting

  50. Lonnie Chavis

    Lonnie ChavisMonth ago

    Am I the only one who sees that he gave him the same blunts 🤣😂🤣

  51. Rawezh Yunis

    Rawezh YunisMonth ago

    Wth r these?

  52. Zero

    ZeroMonth ago

    i feel like he actually has no idea what you are talking about is like "yeah its cool, idek what your talkin about but its cool" xD

  53. Kieren John

    Kieren JohnMonth ago

    Sick guy toke the joke🤣

  54. Kobito_DC5

    Kobito_DC5Month ago

    Dam 2 for99 cents! In cali its 2 for 1.50

  55. Michael Mireles

    Michael MirelesMonth ago

    Why is this guy always leaving incriminating evidence selling tobacco to minors?


    BIG J PROFFITTMonth ago

    It's the hood no police going to waste there time on that minor shit.and how do know he is a minor?

  57. -e -t

    -e -tMonth ago

    What is that dutch stuff that u are selling?

  58. jasonONcrxcks

    jasonONcrxcksMonth ago

    Was someone trying to attack you for the glass to be broken

  59. Panda Fitness

    Panda FitnessMonth ago

    He doesn't want it from the back cos he ain't sus.

  60. Team Leader A0x12w

    Team Leader A0x12wMonth ago

    no ones talking about how bro didn’t get him the new packs

  61. shini gami-man

    shini gami-manMonth ago

    Dude I always get a pink lighter. Otherwise my wife steals them from me 100% of the time.

  62. stanley glenn

    stanley glennMonth ago


  63. Bloth Sear

    Bloth SearMonth ago

    Yo I love this dude, the way he shook his head was so funny. He’s a chill guy lol

  64. buzy

    buzyMonth ago

    I want my pink lighter🤣

  65. tyler.official_t23

    tyler.official_t23Month ago

    How the hell do I get a berry fusion Dutch in Ohio

  66. kaiser franz Beckenbauer

    kaiser franz BeckenbauerMonth ago

    Or i give u a pink Lighter 😂🤣😂🤣

  67. Toasted Cup

    Toasted CupMonth ago

    I want the pink lighter

  68. Jay Smith

    Jay SmithMonth ago

    Will you actully semd me a pink lighter if i sub? Ill have 30other people sub if you will send me a link one

  69. S Mibiz

    S MibizMonth ago

    You sell a lot of those packs. Are they cones for rolling blunts? Lol

  70. Issac Neutron

    Issac NeutronMonth ago

    This dudes merch should just be pink lighters...

  71. Keemo Reacts

    Keemo ReactsMonth ago

    Why do they still even sell pink lighters

  72. Toxic Senpaii

    Toxic SenpaiiMonth ago

    Aight ur kinda annoying now, you don't even make content or do anything. Just film ppl without their permission and be a nuisance fr. Can't wait for you to drop off, I think your stop is coming up real soon

  73. Paj Beats

    Paj BeatsMonth ago

    Where ma lighter?

  74. Xii

    XiiMonth ago

    It’s Beatle Juice!!!! XD

  75. Andrew Popov

    Andrew PopovMonth ago

    From the back ))) bruv 🇺🇦

  76. Christian Fuller

    Christian FullerMonth ago

    What if I want a pink lighter?

  77. Duilio Roldan

    Duilio RoldanMonth ago

    Real talk you can tell dude is just a dude . Cool but humble and chill . We all the same man !

  78. Gaming Dad

    Gaming DadMonth ago

    Pro tip " my boy" might sound offensive to some people.

  79. icemanticore 256

    icemanticore 256Month ago

    Jokes on you i want the fucking pink ligjter

  80. Matthew Dean

    Matthew DeanMonth ago

    I didn't forget to subscribe. I'm just not going to.

  81. Jeh B

    Jeh BMonth ago

    No problem I am not sure if I have been able to get the Mostar from a few years and you can get the Mostar from a few years and you can get the Mostar from a few years and you will have a severe migraine of the scammers and the site to find the best of my experience to make this a new phone

  82. Joey Chungus

    Joey ChungusMonth ago

    What the hell are you talking about?

  83. Guppy's Gaming Channel

    Guppy's Gaming ChannelMonth ago

    Youre lucky. My bosses from past cashier jobs would never let me record or even have my phone out

  84. Po Kee

    Po KeeMonth ago

    I think he owns the store

  85. RK NINE

    RK NINEMonth ago

    Wasn't just the same USloftr that filmed the two kids and gave them 10 seconds to get as much candy as they wanted?

  86. Diary of a Madman

    Diary of a MadmanMonth ago

    Subscribed. I want my pink lighter

  87. Geo Vlakanski

    Geo VlakanskiMonth ago

    Ok I subbed where’s my pink lighter I can’t find mine

  88. Hoimes The Homie

    Hoimes The HomieMonth ago

    Next time when someone asks for a lighter say smoking is bad for you and then give them a pink lighter

  89. firstgameingbear

    firstgameingbearMonth ago

    Ha joke on you I like pink lighters

  90. DuckGuide

    DuckGuideMonth ago

    Where’s my pink lighter? I’ve been subbed lol

  91. Aaron Waller

    Aaron WallerMonth ago

    Where’s my lighter?😂🤣

  92. Geechi 300C

    Geechi 300CMonth ago

    I’m in Cali but if I ever go to ya shop ima be happy. Hawaii, Tokyo, pink lighter shop, Brazil, Cancun, Dubai then I’ll be able to die happy.

  93. mA

    mAMonth ago

    What happens when he does care? How long would you allow a random person to clown you until you felt disrespected? How long would you allow your own family to clown you before you felt disrespected? Once, twice? Forever? In the name of content. Do not be surprised, angry, or sad when something happens to this guy.

  94. Rumdummers Inc

    Rumdummers IncMonth ago

    What if you give a pink lighter to a white guy

  95. mA

    mAMonth ago

    Karma coming for you fuckboy. Keep that same energy.

  96. Just Pablo

    Just PabloMonth ago

    "It's 2 dollars but I'll give you a deal. I'll give it to you for 1.99 cool?" Aight cool I'll come by later I'll give the dollar.

  97. hydra dbz

    hydra dbzMonth ago

    Oh goody, a 1 cent discount. Now I can stop my paper route

  98. Patricia Morales

    Patricia MoralesMonth ago

    Bro ur soooo funny. God bless you for using your everyday experiences to bring joy & laughter to so many people. U r a visionary and smart person by God's grace. " don't forget to subscribe or I'll give you a pink lighter " Lol

  99. Lukas Grab

    Lukas GrabMonth ago

    From the back makes no sense. But make every customer feel special regardless of how silly it actually is.

  100. Chantel Ross

    Chantel RossMonth ago

    I want a pink lighter

  101. Der Pizzalieferant

    Der PizzalieferantMonth ago

    Dude, idc about getting a pink lighter

  102. Bfff Bbbh

    Bfff BbbhMonth ago

    Them teeeeth💀💀💀

  103. Bryan Mannion

    Bryan MannionMonth ago

    Wat just a pink lighter

  104. THE SOUL

    THE SOULMonth ago

    I'm still waiting for that pink lighter u promised when I subscribed. 🥺😭🤟🤙

  105. Aiman Rahimi

    Aiman RahimiMonth ago

    What i kind a look like of that things ? It is written nicotine on that things.

  106. YT Branquilo

    YT BranquiloMonth ago

    Dutch blunts that we don't have in The Netherlands hmmmm...

  107. Derrick Ruffin

    Derrick RuffinMonth ago

    Amie's put their spin on everything they think will sell.

  108. Jonny Hendrickson

    Jonny HendricksonMonth ago

    Bruh what time do you get off and do you want it from the back? I'll give you that pink lighter 😏 no homo lol

  109. Abdalla Abu Khazneh

    Abdalla Abu KhaznehMonth ago

    Give him a free one

  110. FRee Will

    FRee WillMonth ago

    That head shake like keef ....

  111. Electric Scooter Mike

    Electric Scooter MikeMonth ago