Impractical Jokers funniest moments part 6

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Put together by Lil Bjarki. I don't own any of this content, all credits go to TruTv. My goal is to make you guys laugh.
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  1. Lil Bjarki

    Lil BjarkiMonth ago

    I am changing channels:

  2. Kaitlin Dresen

    Kaitlin DresenMonth ago

    Aww that last part really was so sweet... I used to think Joe was kinda scary but now I think he's probably the sweetest one of them all


    JZRX SOLEMonth ago

    Gucci membrane and bunt Clunt😂😂

  4. Daniel Monteforte

    Daniel MonteforteMonth ago

    100% dude never doubted it

  5. Tomas Lechon-Paksiw

    Tomas Lechon-PaksiwMonth ago

    Thanks for including the part about Joe’s house and baby!

  6. Lex Blessed

    Lex BlessedMonth ago

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    vera salemMonth ago

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    Kayla HathornMonth ago

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  9. Amy Katuska

    Amy KatuskaMonth ago

    I love how their parents are not at all amused.

  10. Вера Калашникова

    Вера КалашниковаMonth ago

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  11. shook

    shookMonth ago

    What is the last clip from?

  12. ItsSimplyAless

    ItsSimplyAlessMonth ago

    Note to self: 27:30

  13. stevenstory13

    stevenstory13Month ago

    3:30 the guy on the right be looking like Robert De Niro! xD

  14. Charles Smith

    Charles SmithMonth ago

    I can’t be the only one that got second hand embarrassment for Murr

  15. Trollockian

    TrollockianMonth ago

    Murr is always so picky about pronouncing the th at the end of a word

  16. Queence wong

    Queence wongMonth ago

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  17. Seth Gardner

    Seth GardnerMonth ago

    Sal seems like a hothead? Too bad, he should always be ready for the camera.. rookie mistake.

  18. Blake Sking

    Blake SkingMonth ago

    The bowling one had me dying 😂

  19. Li Koji

    Li KojiMonth ago

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  20. Li Koji

    Li KojiMonth ago

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  21. Sophia Annunziata

    Sophia AnnunziataMonth ago

    omg Sal is so nice but watching him freak out is hilarious

  22. Chirayata Basu

    Chirayata BasuMonth ago

    Why r Murray’s punishments always d worst 😂😂😂

  23. Brandon B

    Brandon BMonth ago

    He's too shy that he makes it worse for himself unlike somebody with a great personality like Joe.

  24. Blob da blob

    Blob da blobMonth ago

    Because farts smell,good

  25. Lamonze Parker

    Lamonze ParkerMonth ago

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  26. Adam Tyler Owen

    Adam Tyler OwenMonth ago

    Where’s crangis mcbasketball

  27. Frank Hughes

    Frank HughesMonth ago

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  28. Nico Hadad

    Nico HadadMonth ago

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  29. Nirel Abarquez

    Nirel AbarquezMonth ago

    that last one was wholesome AF

  30. Eva Makarski

    Eva MakarskiMonth ago

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  31. D Perkins

    D PerkinsMonth ago

    Nothing like ripping off the tenderloins. Please add more ads!!

  32. Lil Bjarki

    Lil BjarkiMonth ago

    I don’t add the ads, they are not supposed to be on those videos. But, USloft is still putting ads on my IJ videos because I am in the USloft Partner Program... so, USloft is making money out of this and TruTv doesn’t get money. Not me either.

  33. Michael Smithwick

    Michael SmithwickMonth ago

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  34. Patrick Layman

    Patrick LaymanMonth ago

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  35. king kingu

    king kinguMonth ago

    The names they Call out are a little to much they should have tried to nickname the people waiting .

  36. Tyler Look

    Tyler LookMonth ago

    How do you make money off of this shit?

  37. Lil Bjarki

    Lil BjarkiMonth ago

    I don’t make any money from this lmao... there are ads on my videos because I am in the USloft Partner Program. USloft is the only one who is getting paid.... not even TruTv ... I think so.

  38. Nick staliga

    Nick staligaMonth ago

    Thanks for another great vid

  39. lachlan edgecombe

    lachlan edgecombeMonth ago

    I’ve come to the conclusion that joe is evil

  40. Typical Supreme

    Typical SupremeMonth ago

    Lil bjarki imma kiss u

  41. Gman75

    Gman75Month ago

    "I put my hand in your shirt. HEY! I put my hand in your shirt."

  42. Margaux

    MargauxMonth ago

    @Todd The Cat it is funny because

  43. Todd The Cat

    Todd The CatMonth ago

    what is funny about that? explain please

  44. Mister Taulbee

    Mister TaulbeeMonth ago

    Q looks like his Mom

  45. Aloha Mermaids

    Aloha MermaidsMonth ago

    Sassy Sal I can't

  46. 2nv Solo

    2nv SoloMonth ago

    Nice ending

  47. Mike t

    Mike tMonth ago

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  48. CessieNatasha

    CessieNatashaMonth ago

    They went hella hard on Murr 😶

  49. Sophia Annunziata

    Sophia AnnunziataMonth ago

    @Julian Jet they do but that's a good thing cause he like rarely ever loses the challenges

  50. Julian Jet

    Julian JetMonth ago

    I always think they go pretty harsh on him.

  51. Sophia Annunziata

    Sophia AnnunziataMonth ago

    They should've made him go through his search history tho lmaoo

  52. The Phantom

    The PhantomMonth ago

    I think he gets some of the worst punishments

  53. St. Jimmy

    St. JimmyMonth ago

    Tysm for posting these. I watch them late into the night sometimes laughing my ass off instantly waking me up when I was almost totally knocked out.

  54. Cesar Davila

    Cesar DavilaMonth ago

    I love these compilations! Keep posting more!!!! I literally watch them all!❤️

  55. ExTinctPanda

    ExTinctPandaMonth ago

    31:35 that lady got so scared when sal went oh my goooood

  56. Brian Beers

    Brian BeersMonth ago

    Best ending ever.



    Is this from an actual IJ episode?

  58. Kaden Mattera

    Kaden MatteraMonth ago

    Seeing them all have lunch together is kinda refreshing because they really are four best friends

  59. Aidan Lavery

    Aidan LaveryMonth ago

    Yeah it's cool

  60. Yassir Ghanim

    Yassir GhanimMonth ago

    @Jenna Marx I was rated #1 student in my home school

  61. Jenna Marx

    Jenna MarxMonth ago

    @Yassir Ghanim wow you are very dumb

  62. Shane Thornton

    Shane ThorntonMonth ago

    @Farhat Sheikha oh, ok but what does that have to do with impractical jokers lol

  63. Farhat Sheikha

    Farhat SheikhaMonth ago

    @Shane Thornton watch avatar: the last airbender my dude

  64. julio rodriguez

    julio rodriguezMonth ago

    That was me on impractial jokers

  65. Megan The Meme

    Megan The MemeMonth ago

    @embryonicaristotle They legally have to tell people if it's gonna be on TV. Like if you see a blurred face, that means they either didn't ask, or they weren't given permission to show their face

  66. embryonicaristotle

    embryonicaristotleMonth ago

    Do they tell u it's a prank after

  67. honeycats

    honeycatsMonth ago

    @Matthew Werfel 0:01 im guessing

  68. Matthew Werfel

    Matthew WerfelMonth ago

    What’s the time stamp

  69. Toeey1

    Toeey1Month ago

    I thought that was me

  70. 20To This

    20To ThisMonth ago

    I hope Tru Tv doesn’t take these down like the did with urgirlkatie

  71. 20To This

    20To ThisMonth ago

    @Sam Dixon truTV can just take down these videos from USloft it happened with a lot of popular impractical jokers videos

  72. Todd The Cat

    Todd The CatMonth ago

    I hope they do because these guys are the worst comedians alive

  73. Sam Dixon

    Sam DixonMonth ago

    not familiar with urgirlkatie, what could happen to the Jokers?

  74. Karen Rosario

    Karen RosarioMonth ago

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  75. Zane Dane

    Zane DaneMonth ago

    @capitano delfin hi capitano delfin

  76. Zane Dane

    Zane DaneMonth ago

    Totally agree

  77. YallAcceptEBT?

    YallAcceptEBT?Month ago


  78. Rudy Gonzalez

    Rudy GonzalezMonth ago

    Wtf did I just read??

  79. capitano delfin

    capitano delfinMonth ago

    I was thinking the same thing


    KLOUD JACKSONMonth ago


  81. YallAcceptEBT?

    YallAcceptEBT?Month ago

    Why does that sound so gross lmao

  82. chris gregg

    chris greggMonth ago

    Fr tho sal should come to Long Island , it’s fun over there

  83. chris gregg

    chris greggMonth ago


  84. Spiderjd _08

    Spiderjd _08Month ago

    😂😂😂 Love these guys!

  85. Sofia Diane

    Sofia DianeMonth ago

    @Blob da blob Tf is wrong with you