Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Northstar”

Valkyrie's been pulling smuggling jobs for years, but she didn't take this one for the money. Still, someone's got to pay...
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  1. Kchronical 117

    Kchronical 11716 minutes ago

    broo this is so cool apex is one of the best games in the world

  2. PET YOC

    PET YOCHour ago

    this is the most attention Titan fall 2 has got in like what 3 years now i cant belive a hole video wow

  3. Mccninja

    Mccninja2 hours ago

    TITANFALL 3 hints?

  4. Brumas

    Brumas2 hours ago

    "My call sign is Valkyrie." No, it's Little Viper.

  5. PeteHair

    PeteHair2 hours ago

    I want titanfall 3 so bad

  6. Yxl

    Yxl2 hours ago

    "Can I speak to your manager" is something I never think I would hear in my life from Apex Legends

  7. Romet Morell

    Romet Morell2 hours ago

    4:25 I got PTSD from this sound.

  8. Xavier Davis

    Xavier Davis4 hours ago

    YOOOOO THAT WAS AFTER TITANFALL 2 when bt my best friend died


    DEATH IS AMONG US!4 hours ago

    Just wait until she finds out blisk made the person who killed her father an apex predator

  10. Lord Shit of Fück mountain

    Lord Shit of Fück mountain4 hours ago

    So this is the origins of viper

  11. Self Ware

    Self Ware4 hours ago

    Why does her face look so different in this?

  12. Arieus Carifelle

    Arieus Carifelle5 hours ago

    I never thought in my life I would see Viper’s face, but it’s a welcome gift. Oh boy can’t wait for Titanfall 3 But I still have leftover PTSD from Viper from his boss fight on master difficulty

  13. Kanoon_the_memer

    Kanoon_the_memer6 hours ago

    "Sounds like titanfall 3 with extra steps"

  14. Atlas

    Atlas7 hours ago

    Why can’t the titans run fast and fly very fast like that

  15. Bounty-Hunter Team

    Bounty-Hunter Team7 hours ago

    7:44,this i rampart?

  16. Viper

    Viper7 hours ago

    Viper on station 5:04

  17. Drink.

    Drink.8 hours ago

    *"Can I speak to your manager." moment*

  18. SovietSniper758

    SovietSniper7588 hours ago

    Sounds like Velma from Scooby Doo. (This is not a racist thing, she just does.)

  19. lord exohunter

    lord exohunter9 hours ago

    Apex legends is in the titan fall universe?

  20. Kermit Spider-Man

    Kermit Spider-Man10 hours ago

    Just make titanfall 3 already

  21. MARCK 1411

    MARCK 141110 hours ago

    Wait, i have a cuestion, The titans did not have a recognition of the pilot when entering them? Like when Captain Lastimoza passed the data from Copper to BT. So.....HOW KAI COULD FLY THAT NORTSTAR ?!

  22. Zayd Salcedo

    Zayd Salcedo11 hours ago

    I want her to say “Speed is Life”

  23. irish nugget

    irish nugget11 hours ago

    I swear when I heard she was gonna be a character I legit thought her ult would be a straight up titan fall

  24. Groove pardner

    Groove pardner11 hours ago

    "Trust me" BT

  25. Hiphen

    Hiphen12 hours ago

    for the love of god put titans in the game. PLEASE

  26. Michael Pressley

    Michael Pressley12 hours ago

    I just played through the titan fall 2 campaign again and found this soon after 😐

  27. ElAlex8813

    ElAlex881312 hours ago

    "Your journey ends here, pilot"

  28. SgtDotexe

    SgtDotexe12 hours ago


  29. DaBaby

    DaBaby13 hours ago

    Viper had it coming

  30. Hexzzy

    Hexzzy13 hours ago

    I feel bad for killing Viper now :(

  31. Admiral Gremlin

    Admiral Gremlin13 hours ago

    Even if Viper had a family and daughter, I dont feel slightly bad for killing him because no one is allowed to hurt BT and live

  32. SubCriticalPocket

    SubCriticalPocket14 hours ago

    Still waiting for my Ion sisters.

  33. Phazegate

    Phazegate14 hours ago

    "Voodoo-1, VIper on station. Your journey ends here Pilot, the skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide."

  34. Nxl kng

    Nxl kng14 hours ago

    Wouldn’t that mean she has a titan

  35. jyn fu

    jyn fu14 hours ago

    Doesn't a pilot need a neurolink to pilot a Titan?

  36. FlawlessPiner

    FlawlessPiner15 hours ago

    "'Speed' isn't _'life.'_ It just makes life go faster."

  37. Gitgert 37

    Gitgert 3715 hours ago

    Tbh he deserved it for dismembering BT

  38. peaches h

    peaches h16 hours ago

    Where is Jack cooper

  39. Cheeky Giraffe

    Cheeky Giraffe16 hours ago

    Wait d-did she just j-jump in a t-titatn?

  40. ҎɨꭓꬴƖツ

    ҎɨꭓꬴƖツ16 hours ago

    Valkyrie got you in the pipe, 5 by 5

  41. Rogue Nightingtale

    Rogue Nightingtale16 hours ago

    I do not understand this lore

  42. ryder steele

    ryder steele16 hours ago

    1:03 Oh God entitled Karen

  43. 月宮しずく*shizuku tukimiya

    月宮しずく*shizuku tukimiya16 hours ago


  44. Bitty bacon boi

    Bitty bacon boi17 hours ago

    Viper’s got you in the pipe, 5 by 5

  45. Mystic Follower

    Mystic Follower17 hours ago

    The animations seem kinda jank

  46. Chanathip

    Chanathip17 hours ago

    Please, TItanfall and Apex need to merge

  47. DisplayJaSa

    DisplayJaSa18 hours ago

    I bet when the writer for this short saw Valkyrie's hairstyle they knew right away they had to add the line "Can I speak to your manager". Sadly to spite Karens everywhere they decided to make the whole video on par with the hairstyle.

  48. Madao 489

    Madao 48918 hours ago

    4:25 That sound gave me PTSD. For context, i tried beating Viper on Expert difficulty.

  49. elyjah chhin

    elyjah chhin19 hours ago

    wait a minute if that wasn't vipor i think that's his name but so your saying we shot a 10 year old child inside a titan!

  50. Bored Ninja

    Bored Ninja19 hours ago

    Imagine someone who hasn’t played titanfall 2 saw this and THEN played the titanfall 2 campaign. That boss fight would be tough on an emotional level, as well as being a tough fight overall

  51. メロンエメリッヒ

    メロンエメリッヒ19 hours ago


  52. Bored Ninja

    Bored Ninja19 hours ago

    4:26 God, that sound just gave me nightmares

  53. Joe Lucky

    Joe Lucky21 hour ago

    How many of you remember the fun chaos of wall running, sliding, double jumping, and Titans from Titanfall 2? We have the sliding and some technical d-jumping. We just need the next few steps. Titans in Apex are looking like the next leap on the road to Titanfall 3...

  54. Deserted Coder

    Deserted Coder21 hour ago

    1:02 karen

  55. ASMOstark2434

    ASMOstark243421 hour ago

    Bruh I think I’ll call her little viper instead of a lion bird thing

  56. Za Warudo Want to know your location

    Za Warudo Want to know your location22 hours ago

    "Father, I became an Apex Predator just like you"

  57. Dip Universal

    Dip Universal22 hours ago

    i gotta say... i'd be down for a Titanfall animated series.... after all if Ark can get one then Titanfall can too

  58. Dip Universal

    Dip Universal22 hours ago

    too bad kid... because i scuished viper in tf2

  59. Casemate Cardinal

    Casemate Cardinal22 hours ago

    2:33 she looks like ohair from the lorax

  60. tttaaatttyyywww

    tttaaatttyyywww23 hours ago


  61. Dax Parham

    Dax Parham23 hours ago

    The best one so far... until Rampart had to show up.. ugh

  62. Anita Haenel

    Anita HaenelDay ago


  63. Foxen The Robotic Fox

    Foxen The Robotic FoxDay ago

    I really want to see the IMC and Militia fight it out again.

  64. Kyan Stupid

    Kyan StupidDay ago

    Viper god I hate that boss

  65. Fortnite And gacha

    Fortnite And gachaDay ago

    Your Journey ends here pilot no where to run no where to hide

  66. Mr Memes

    Mr MemesDay ago

    "Can I speak to your manager?" OH CHRIST, SHE'S ONE OF THEM.

  67. ItzMeHalo

    ItzMeHaloDay ago

    Can jack cooper join next or something like that?

  68. Crispy Baguette 2

    Crispy Baguette 2Day ago

    Wait was that cooper?

  69. TNWalkerCowboy

    TNWalkerCowboyDay ago


  70. PickleRick 2.0

    PickleRick 2.0Day ago

    1:03 God I hate her

  71. TomoTherapy

    TomoTherapyDay ago

    can you do something for that stereotypical asian looking character?

  72. Oliver Kitchingman

    Oliver KitchingmanDay ago

    Is it just me or does young Valk look like that woman from the Incredibles?

  73. Glitcher

    GlitcherDay ago

    so valk is a karen?

  74. Marc Jaden Perez

    Marc Jaden PerezDay ago

    She just said that to get to blisk ASAP

  75. Dial Up

    Dial UpDay ago

    Wait... Viper?

  76. Moisés Oliveira Santos Junior

    Moisés Oliveira Santos JuniorDay ago

    Plot Twist this is a continue of a cinematic of Titanfall 2 that was delete

  77. GoldFishWithGun

    GoldFishWithGunDay ago

    Not a day goes pass that I regret killing viper

  78. CaptainBeatDown

    CaptainBeatDownDay ago

    Cool I actually thing this one is cool

  79. HardcoreJayco TG

    HardcoreJayco TGDay ago

    6:28 well it's not him though jack cooper killed him

  80. Jacob Dahl

    Jacob DahlDay ago

    I didn’t know this game is ties with Titanfall.

  81. YungTreyL

    YungTreyLDay ago

    Anyone else realize that the person making her jet suit is rampart, I just feel like nobody has pointed that out.

  82. Okay

    OkayDay ago

    4:25 That’s Viper’s flightcore sound right?

  83. Idk Lol

    Idk LolDay ago

    I want to see the faces of the people who say titanfall is a apex clone

  84. Marc Jaden Perez

    Marc Jaden PerezDay ago

    People really say that?

  85. Guaxynym ツ

    Guaxynym ツDay ago

    I loved this new Linda I will use it a lot during this and some means of the next season

  86. Badaruu

    BadaruuDay ago

    wait valkyrie doesn't have a neural link while they pilot the titan, what.

  87. It is good day to be not dead.

    It is good day to be not dead.12 hours ago

    She doesn't have a titan

  88. Marc Jaden Perez

    Marc Jaden PerezDay ago

    That was a function of the vanguard class titan

  89. Badaruu

    BadaruuDay ago

    Fun fact: Northstar is the type of titan Viper pilots. (Viper is Valkyries father [Viper is a boss in the Titanfall 2 campaign])

  90. ashlock

    ashlockDay ago

    why do i see hello neighbor on viper's face

  91. Two Two Twane

    Two Two TwaneDay ago

    So does that mean that the birthright skin is her canonical one and not her default

  92. Navic

    NavicDay ago

    How to trigger a TF|2 player's PTSD: Have them listen to 4:25

  93. Just.ur.avarage_retard

    Just.ur.avarage_retardDay ago


  94. ZwarteWolf 07

    ZwarteWolf 07Day ago

    Nah he died because of me

  95. ASMOstark2434

    ASMOstark2434Day ago

    Don’t give me hope Give me titanfall 3

  96. Goosy Goosy

    Goosy GoosyDay ago

    Valkyrie: You killed my father! Jack Cooper: I don't even know who you are.

  97. Kyten Chlarson

    Kyten ChlarsonDay ago

    I played Titanfall so many times and I felt something different now 🤔

  98. herobrine

    herobrineDay ago

    1:03 we have a Karen

  99. Lazy Loon

    Lazy LoonDay ago

    That moment when it was his journey ended there

  100. Francisco Contreras

    Francisco ContrerasDay ago

    The only thing that I don't like about her is that "can speak Manager"

  101. Chris Gough

    Chris GoughDay ago

    I've played titan fall and understand it all I killed viper

  102. Dynasty

    DynastyDay ago

    Titanfall 3 please!!!!!! we're still here, and we're waiting, we want our franchise back!!!

  103. raunox

    raunoxDay ago

    season 9: what a let down. 48hrs of server downtime legends name changed from valk to valkyrie weapon changed from CAR to bocek bow valk’s ethnicity changed from norwegian to asian double jump tap-strafing and wallrunning banned

  104. James Quiring

    James QuiringDay ago

    I kinda feel bad about killing viper now but I a cameo from cooper would have been really cool