Doonesbury's Trudeau: Trump Was A 'Full-Blown Comic Strip Character' | The Beat With Ari Melber

Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau joins MSNBC's Ari Melber to talk about satirizing Trump and politics in the Biden era. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).
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  1. Jim Hitch

    Jim Hitch7 days ago

    They would have to put a Porta Potty inside Trumps cel for the Secret Service.

  2. sheridan thompson

    sheridan thompson7 days ago

    Lock up the orange turd

  3. Steven Torrey

    Steven Torrey10 days ago

    Following him for 50 years!

  4. JanusAtTheGate

    JanusAtTheGate11 days ago

    Other leaders are labeled in cartoons, even those with unique faces. The world is full of variety.

  5. 1silvervespa

    1silvervespa15 days ago


  6. Thatone Dude

    Thatone Dude18 days ago

    I thought he quit altogether, have thought about the strip over the years, but good to know he is still at it.

  7. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    New stuff only on Sunday but the reruns on weekdays are still good. Today was the tobacco companies caving and paying to get people off smoking. Imagine that?

  8. gary brown

    gary brown20 days ago

    Good ideas never end .

  9. Trish Truitt

    Trish Truitt21 day ago

    I for one, will gladly trade a little less comedy, for a lot more sanity.

  10. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    Sadly things will only get a LOT worse from now.

  11. Karen's Gummer

    Karen's Gummer21 day ago

    I remember Doonesbury well in the 70s- 90s. I had no idea he won a Pulitzer. That's awesome. I'm sorry I haven't kept up. Especially during the past 5 years. I don't get a paper anymore. I will have to take a look backward

  12. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    My newspaper covers Los Angeles news that is missing on most TV. Usually the newspaper news is better researched.

  13. Danny Garner

    Danny Garner21 day ago

    yeah you can get all protection you want ,there called prison guards and by the way McDonalds dont deliver to prison inmates

  14. G Howard

    G Howard22 days ago

    Three investigations and two impeachments vetted President Trump. How would Biden fair to these?

  15. Robert Hasse

    Robert Hasse22 days ago

    Doonesbury: Too much reading!!!

  16. LM Falaschetti

    LM Falaschetti24 days ago

    screw him, he took bloom county to court and won bc it was like his comic, which it really wasn't, but we lost Bloom County and I will never forget ithe is an A$$

  17. Yvonne

    Yvonne24 days ago

    Trump is a joke.

  18. Grateful Fredly

    Grateful Fredly25 days ago

    Trump was funny, Hillary was an embarrassment. I love the word "was" and you are still reporting on him at this minute. i call this a diversion from your platform.

  19. Charles Schwartz

    Charles Schwartz25 days ago

    Ari let me introduce you to my friend the RAZOR.

  20. Andre Perkowski

    Andre Perkowski25 days ago

    Can't stand that awful digital coloring, it's so tacky. Reminds me of 90s comic books when colorists were just getting Photoshop for the first time. A little more restraint would make things pop so much better.

  21. Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson27 days ago

    So is Biden. Also there are endless supply of memes and gaffes. Biden even looks like Jeff Dunhams puppet Walter.

  22. Gwin Willis

    Gwin Willis27 days ago

    hello there

  23. Lisa Gulick

    Lisa Gulick27 days ago

    I noticed that T**** never got his own "icon." Remember those? Bush I was an empty space in the air, Quayle was a feather, Clinton was a waffle, Newt was a bomb with a lit fuse, and Dubya was an asterisk (later, Trudeau added a Roman soldier's helmet, which got rattier and more banged-up as the war in Iraq got worse!). But Obama never got an icon--maybe there was a concern about racism?--and I guess T**** was so crazy and cartoonish already that his real self worked just as well!

  24. james caporale

    james caporale28 days ago

    T**** thinks Gary Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada ..

  25. Emily Hart

    Emily Hart28 days ago

    Carey Orr, political cartoonist and one time teacher and mentor of Walt Disney, won a Pulitzer for one of his cartoons. His cartoons appeared in newspapers for over 30 years. His works were single panel form though, not a strip.

  26. Kameron Rylan

    Kameron Rylan28 days ago

    The amazing semicolon unsurprisingly crush because alcohol immunocytochemically interest near a jazzy dietician. coordinated, probable celeste

  27. Candice Newman

    Candice NewmanMonth ago

    Gotta love It.

  28. John Mavroudis

    John MavroudisMonth ago

    Trudeau and Doonsebury are National Treasures.

  29. David Austin

    David AustinMonth ago

    Carrey made an awesome Biden. Problem was he was too good. Those in the business only wanted impersonators that made Biden seem more funny and cool instead of just funny and doddery.

  30. David Austin

    David AustinMonth ago

    I always expect trudeau to have massive amount of mascara on his bottom lashes.

  31. Tobert Tate

    Tobert TateMonth ago

    The TDS is still strong in these people lol.

  32. James Bloom

    James BloomMonth ago

    He is a a joke so that WHY he can make fun of other people he just has to look in the mirror

  33. JM M

    JM MMonth ago

    The cigarette characters are just classic.

  34. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    Currently appearing on weekdays. Mr. Butts is bummed that tobacco caved and now pays to deter smoking.

  35. Nunya Biz

    Nunya BizMonth ago

    He is definitely a comic book character. The born loser.

  36. Michael Barnes

    Michael BarnesMonth ago

    Inside Reagan's Brain, brought to you by Anacin. Ha !

  37. SWSimpson

    SWSimpsonMonth ago

    Awwww, so there are no obvious character flaws or cartoonish features (like Trump's stupid hair) that cartoonists can draw or for actors to portray of Biden? Jim Carey did an excellent Biden, and he was recognizable immediately. There were a couple of drawings shown that were also good and recognizable. "Spoiled" by Trump... Interesting choice of words since hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead as a direct result of Trump's lies, misinformation, sabotage of his own pandemic team, making fun of people who wear masks, refusing to wear a mask in public, calling the pandemic a hoax, trying to scapegoat Chinese people, giving contracts to companies that support Trump or the GOP instead of giving contracts to the best company for the job, and the "lies" are worth repeating because there were many. He even encouraged an armed siege of Michigan's capital. He said it was a hoax by Democrats to make him lose the election. He said it would be gone by Easter. He said it would go away like a miracle in a couple of weeks. He said there were only 10 or 12 cases in the US and soon there will be none. He continually downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic and there is a recording of him admitting he was downplaying it, and he also explained the pandemic in pretty clear terms, so we know that he knew it was going to be bad.... and still, he lied, and still nearly 1/2 of the population refuses to get the vaccine because they are lunatics with irrational fears and an irrational obsession for the worst president in US history for whom they have sacrificed integrity, truth, patriotism, the Constitution, their sanity, and have damaged National Security and the right to vote in an election for all.

  38. volvojohn

    volvojohnMonth ago

    wait til he's the president 2024

  39. fooman2108

    fooman2108Month ago

    drawing tump is easy paint it neon orange and put a tribble on its head.....

  40. Kathryn Mast

    Kathryn MastMonth ago

    Jim is the best Biden🤗

  41. John Spahr

    John SpahrMonth ago

    Typical msnbc junk...

  42. Paul Lundgren

    Paul LundgrenMonth ago

    Gary Trudeau: Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable since 1970.

  43. Deborah Emielita

    Deborah EmielitaMonth ago

    I don’t normally watch Ari, but this is wonderful, the man behind the cartoon, Doonesbury.

  44. Paul Simmons

    Paul SimmonsMonth ago

    While Trump was a open buffet for comedians and satirical writers, he proved himself to be a complete embarrassment for the rest of the nation...

  45. Pacaj Albert

    Pacaj AlbertMonth ago

    Kreslil na výkrese rozprávali

  46. Npc Dd1

    Npc Dd1Month ago

    Hi I’m joe Biden, I destabilized the oil production in the USA making gas more expensive, I also destabilized the boarder, l also support Iran and letting them grow their nuclear weapons, I don’t support Israel. I also support Taliban killing school girls. Do you want more?

  47. Diego O' Land

    Diego O' LandMonth ago

    My Hero!!!

  48. macforme

    macformeMonth ago

    Great interview with Garry .... I was hoping to hear from David too.

  49. A Forster

    A ForsterMonth ago

    Yo Adrian!💥🤡👍💥! Trump's still a full blown clown bud

  50. Liheng Wang

    Liheng WangMonth ago

    i don't hate msncb, i just hate the feelings they try to have liberal bs

  51. icecream hero

    icecream heroMonth ago

    3:32 Thank the Lord. People will have to joke about other things. Trump Who.......? He could have been a president but thats old news.

  52. David M

    David MMonth ago

    I just wish he would go back to putting out daily strips again, not just Sunday's. I guess I should be happy we get that, at least.

  53. Mondo Shredder

    Mondo ShredderMonth ago

    *GB!!!* I have worshipped this man, and his work, since my daze in High School and College, when The Gipper began screwing our nation over in a huge way.

  54. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    Yup, but at least Reagan got a nuke treaty out of the USSR WITH a roomful of Americans to oversee the process, unlike T.Rump and his super secret meetings with Putin. I can thing of nothing positive from the T.Rump presidency.

  55. Scott Walker

    Scott WalkerMonth ago

    We currently have about 3% of the population vaccinated. And, this goof thinks we can get to 75% in a couple of months? At the rate we're going, we'll be lucky to have 75% by the end of the year.

  56. Scott Walker

    Scott WalkerMonth ago

    @David M Uhm, well. Not sure what happened, but my above comment was meant for another video. One about how Justin Trudeau, and how he is screwing everything up here in Canada.

  57. David M

    David MMonth ago

    You aren't that stupid ex-governor of Wisconsin, are you? "Since COVID-19 vaccine distribution began in the United States on Dec. 14, more than 261 million doses have been administered, fully vaccinating over 115 million people or 34.8% of the total U.S. population."

  58. Sheila Anne

    Sheila AnneMonth ago

    During the early 80's my friends & I were twenty somethings with a love of the sun & surf. Big fans of Doonesbury's George Hamilton Cocoa Butter Open! Only tan between 10 & 2 🌞

  59. Frank Andrew I

    Frank Andrew IMonth ago

    Doonesbury best!

  60. Adam Eberly

    Adam EberlyMonth ago

    I remember reading Doonesbury as a kid and didn't get it but for some reason i still read it because I knew there had to be something funny in there lol, but as an adult I see him for the genius that he is.

  61. Robert Newell

    Robert NewellMonth ago

    Doonesbury is the only comic that traveled from the funny pages to the Editorial Page

  62. TheEvertw

    TheEvertwMonth ago

    In spite of Trumps departure, there is still plenty to ridicule in US politics...

  63. Paul Routh

    Paul RouthMonth ago

    Longer would have been nice.

  64. edh

    edhMonth ago

    This is the first time I've ever seen the man behind the Doones. I've loved him from afar for decades!

  65. Lord of Electrons

    Lord of ElectronsMonth ago

    Fear not the GOP continues to provide copious quantities of grist for the comics.

  66. ASC_Missions

    ASC_MissionsMonth ago

    Ignore, ridicule, fight, lose. The Left's history and future in four little words from Ghandi.

  67. Sam Halsall

    Sam HalsallMonth ago

    Whenever someone asks a humourist about whether or not Person X will make for less great comedy than Person Y, I think of Patton Oswalt's take regarding the idea that comedians would miss George W. Bush when he left office: "I would gladly trade the ten minutes -- tops -- of killer material I had on Bush if it meant we weren't torturing people and our money wasn't on fire. It was not worth it."

  68. termsofusepolice

    termsofusepoliceMonth ago

    Doonesbury: The gold standard comic strip of the effete.

  69. Dale Gribble

    Dale GribbleMonth ago

    Whoa I put off watching this because I mistook him for the trump loving Dilbert guy

  70. Cheburushka

    CheburushkaMonth ago

    In south park Mr.Garrison got his Mr.Service assistant when he returned from being president.

  71. bobpeters61

    bobpeters61Month ago

    I do seem to remember figures including at least one Vice-President have been represented in "Doonesbury" as floating icons, such as a feather for Dan Quayle, and a waffle which I don't recall whether it was Bill Clinton or not. I could see him going back to find something for President Biden.

  72. Lee Duff

    Lee DuffMonth ago

    Lordy, lordy, it's good to see Gary lookin' so sharp and healthy. I remember reading him in the 60's. Welcome back Gary!

  73. Bingo Sun Noon

    Bingo Sun NoonMonth ago

    I really liked Phred. Where is he these days?

  74. Kenneth Frese

    Kenneth FreseMonth ago

    Former presidents were aptly signified by symbols as well, like a feather or just a voice coming from a asterisk. Always brilliant.

  75. phoenixbyrd

    phoenixbyrdMonth ago

    This is adorable, like any addict, the media just can't give up on trump! It's almost like they know they need trump to survive this crazy new political world.

  76. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    We need him like the plague.

  77. James Brown

    James BrownMonth ago

    The Las Vegas Review Journal will never publish his strip as it is a GOP rag. I wish the LV Sun would.

  78. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    Search the internet for Doonsbury. You likely will find it without having to subscribe to an online newspaper.

  79. Gary Morgan

    Gary MorganMonth ago

    My newspaper “balanced” the wonderful Doonesbury with Mallard Fillmore, a conservative duck, a strip which wasn’t amusing and was frequently just mean and/or racist. When the paper dropped Mallard Fillmore, they also dropped Doonesbury to maintain the alleged balance.

  80. Amy Nicolas

    Amy NicolasMonth ago

    I used to read "Doonesbury", but could never remember the characters, maybe there were too many.

  81. jfrsnjhnsn

    jfrsnjhnsnMonth ago

    Give those nymphs some hooters...

  82. stone1andonly

    stone1andonlyMonth ago

    Now its time to dig Berke Breathed out from wherever he's hiding!

  83. Buckeye John 1976

    Buckeye John 1976Month ago

    And to persuade Tom Lehrer to write songs again. Randy Rainbow is great, but I still miss Tom.

  84. Robin Lillian

    Robin LillianMonth ago

    The material can't always write itself. Comedians should be paying Trump.

  85. Robin Lillian

    Robin LillianMonth ago

    Happy Birthday! Hope you get another fifty years to draw comics.

  86. Michael O'Neal

    Michael O'NealMonth ago

    Great job for YEARS !

  87. The Gospel Messenger

    The Gospel MessengerMonth ago

    The gospel by which we're SAVED. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV)(1) Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the GOSPEL (good news) which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; (2) By which also ye are SAVED, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain (self). (3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that CHRIST DIED for our SINS according to the scriptures; (4) And that he was BURIED, and that he ROSE AGAIN the THIRD DAY according to the scriptures. READ, UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE (from the heart by FAITH) and be SAVED

  88. Robert Glass

    Robert GlassMonth ago

    Jim Carey did the best Biden, by far.

  89. Harry Hirsch

    Harry HirschMonth ago

    I'm pretty sure there are more than enough idiots left to caricaturize. Some ideas: Taylor-Greene, Bobert, Gaetz, Graham, McCarthy, Giuliani, McConnell, i could go on for days...

  90. Paul TheSkeptic

    Paul TheSkepticMonth ago

    I mean, I like Doonesbury but usually it hits like "Hm. That's funny.". Which is pretty good compared to most comic strips. Which generally are more like "That wasn't worth the 15 seconds it took to read that. This was so unfunny it actually made me sadder."

  91. Painting Animals On Rocks

    Painting Animals On RocksMonth ago

    I think Jim Carey did a great job.

  92. Mark Campbell

    Mark CampbellMonth ago

    Well Trudeau is one of the reasons we don't know or remember the truth about Nixon and FBI meddling in the elections.

  93. Mark Campbell

    Mark CampbellMonth ago

    Pipes and poverty will save us.

  94. satyagraha a

    satyagraha aMonth ago

    How is it that a despicable egomaniac psychopath con man clown got to be president.....that is insane.

  95. Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie JohnsonMonth ago

    When i was teaching social science I gave extra credit for political cartoons, songs of protest, or other endeavours aimed at the arts and politics.

  96. Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie JohnsonMonth ago

    @ASC_Missions today it is not scallions...its ramps...tis the season. And wish I had enough to make pickles ...boohoo..

  97. ASC_Missions

    ASC_MissionsMonth ago

    @Marjorie Johnson There's nothing like munching a scallion fresh from the dirt.

  98. Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie JohnsonMonth ago

    @ASC_Missions while you did that...i went back to the land....that self sufficient thing ..and as a farmers daughter I had more know how than most.....i miss my hands in the dirt. Teaching....not today it became really difficult to inspire students ....

  99. Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie JohnsonMonth ago

    @ASC_Missions ouch.

  100. ASC_Missions

    ASC_MissionsMonth ago

    @Marjorie Johnson And then I went jumping out of helicopters onto bad guys and forest fires...

  101. Old Scribe

    Old ScribeMonth ago

    Watching Ari explaining cartoons is even funnier than the cartoons.

  102. V Vytautas

    V VytautasMonth ago

    Trudeau quirky.

  103. Trevor Miles

    Trevor MilesMonth ago

    Amazing how Trudeau can manage Canada and write a a comic strip at same time. Talk about talented.

  104. Ross Parlette

    Ross ParletteMonth ago

    I'm reading Doonesbury via go comics on the net and they have older strips except for Sundays when they're current. Is there more?

  105. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    That is how it appears in the Los Angeles Times. The current stuff is only on Sunday, but the old stuff still matters like the war over tobacco.

  106. Stan Current

    Stan CurrentMonth ago

    He deserves more than a Pulitzer. Maybe a Congressional Medal of Freedom from disinformation? Trump is the epitome of bs. I grew up reading Doonesbury and US News and World Report in the 70's.

  107. Bill Pool

    Bill PoolMonth ago

    Why not, Trump has been a joke since the early 80's

  108. Alan Horowitz

    Alan HorowitzMonth ago

    In '87 when he listed the names of every Reagan administration member under indictment over a week, there were papers in the US (and The International Herald Tribune) who were too afraid and didn't run the strip! LMFAO!

  109. Alan Horowitz

    Alan Horowitz18 days ago

    @Gelfin It would read like « War and Peace! » 😦

  110. Gelfin

    Gelfin18 days ago

    Imagine that list for T.Rump?

  111. Ingrid Wheeler

    Ingrid WheelerMonth ago

    We will always need Gary Trudeau to point out the absurdities of American life. The GOP is still suffering from the DTs. Keep up the good work, Gary, we are counting on you.

  112. William O'Reiler

    William O'ReilerMonth ago

    Third dude there, happy to just smile and be supportive throughout the viddie and not say a word

  113. Abcde

    AbcdeMonth ago

    probably another commie, good not to hear him

  114. James Horn

    James HornMonth ago

    Two questions 1. If someone named Jane Pauley as Press Secretary, how would he draw her? 2. I was at Cornell when Gary was at Yale, and the Cornell Daily Sun carried his strips. Are they included in the digital version? I had a thick stack of cut out strips from those days, but they got too tattered in moves and I tossed them. Something I almost immediately regretted.

  115. tuberholic

    tuberholicMonth ago

    If Der Dicke was getting cornholed by another inmate, you reckon the Service might be a bit slow to respond?? 🤣🤣

  116. hognoxious

    hognoxiousMonth ago

    Back in the 90s it used to appear in one of the UK papers - Grauniad probably - for a long time there was just a feather floating around for some unknown reason. Still, it was better than the rubbish Matt produces, but the Gammons & Karens who read the Toadygraph think it's the apogee of wit.

  117. Andy Evans

    Andy EvansMonth ago

    Guess you never understood the content, sad that was the case....lots of good material that you missed there

  118. Princess Pepita

    Princess PepitaMonth ago

    We all need a laugh sometimes BUT thinking these people are laughable is part of the problem. It means you're staring at a freight train hurtling toward your destruction and you're blind to the danger. Trump is NOT funny or childish. He's EVIL and the GOP are Brown Shirts, nothing less.

  119. Nick’s G

    Nick’s GMonth ago


  120. Chester Thomas

    Chester ThomasMonth ago

    I miss Doonesbury! I didn’t even know Gary Trudeau was still writing it.

  121. John Rodriguez

    John RodriguezMonth ago

    Worse president...if we can call him president...nobody divided this country