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  1. Mark Roland

    Mark RolandHour ago

    I love your videos and u make me laugh when i am sad and i like u Lexi u make funny videos.

  2. Praveena John

    Praveena JohnHour ago

    2:25 the evil laugh

  3. Dominic Franco

    Dominic Franco2 hours ago

    Lexie’s makeup is now my new nightmare

  4. Jeevitra Nair

    Jeevitra Nair3 hours ago

  5. Jeevitra Nair

    Jeevitra Nair3 hours ago

  6. Sahaj Kaur

    Sahaj Kaur3 hours ago


  7. DaNiya Moore

    DaNiya Moore4 hours ago

    a big big big big big fan

  8. Prieto Boys

    Prieto Boys4 hours ago

    I liked and I subscribed

  9. gen hautau

    gen hautau5 hours ago

    Hi Alexa I do not like your

  10. ~Dream World~

    ~Dream World~6 hours ago

    Lexi:Do The Prank* Andrew:I Just Wanna Give You Some Space Lexi:You Slide Your Phone wdym Meh:🤦‍♀️😂

  11. Hannah Hendricks

    Hannah Hendricks7 hours ago

    i would want you to do my makeup but not like that LOL

  12. Jess Lynn

    Jess Lynn8 hours ago

    Lexi litterally has such amazing guy friends 😂😂😂

  13. Paysia Snow

    Paysia Snow9 hours ago

    Jeremy is so sweets 😭

  14. maishnga83

    maishnga839 hours ago


  15. Rosie Playz

    Rosie Playz9 hours ago

    Lexi Helsler and Lexi Rivera are amazing

  16. Lindsey paris

    Lindsey paris10 hours ago

    Umm... no thanks do not even put a makeup brush to my face PLEASE

  17. Sareena Kanji

    Sareena Kanji11 hours ago

    You good at acting

  18. Panda_ OooOfies

    Panda_ OooOfies11 hours ago

    Jeremy is so sweet why doesn’t he have a gf yet?

  19. Arya Shukla

    Arya Shukla12 hours ago

    All of people Lexi pranked were soo sweet to her I love it🤧 if you wanna have friends then get friends like them❤️

  20. Sophia Batres

    Sophia Batres13 hours ago

    Tbh lexis mom scared me

  21. Taylor Reed

    Taylor Reed13 hours ago


  22. judy ahenkora

    judy ahenkora13 hours ago

    This was so emotional. Your a convincing actress. *CLAPPING*

  23. Jennifer Brunelle

    Jennifer Brunelle14 hours ago

    i want you to do my make up please"done"

  24. Violet Sjöström

    Violet Sjöström14 hours ago


  25. Domingo Gomes

    Domingo Gomes14 hours ago

    sooo good

  26. Domingo Gomes

    Domingo Gomes14 hours ago


  27. pharvensky pamphil

    pharvensky pamphil15 hours ago

    Why it look like she actually got caught smoking the way she jumped😂

  28. sherika smith

    sherika smith16 hours ago

    hahaha he is a daad

  29. Lily Cao

    Lily Cao16 hours ago

    Look at how jeremy looked at lexi when she came out

  30. Tinisha Norris

    Tinisha Norris16 hours ago

    Awww Ben and jeremy is so so so S.W.E.E.T 😍😍😍😮but andrew not so much😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😱

  31. Hasti H

    Hasti H16 hours ago

    The best reaction ever 😂😅

  32. Nani8196

    Nani819617 hours ago

    But she might try and kill you you mean she will kill you

  33. Acorns That's all

    Acorns That's all17 hours ago

    Lexi: doing a cigarette prank on my mom me: no I choose LIFE

  34. Maissa MAKHLOUF 5EME A West Bay

    Maissa MAKHLOUF 5EME A West Bay17 hours ago

    Andrew was sooooo kind: he literally sat waiting for Lexi to get out of the bathroom. Such a gentleman 🥺🥺😍

  35. Anushree Kale

    Anushree Kale18 hours ago

    😆 Andrew was smart when you pranked him crying with door locked

  36. Nana’s Coffee

    Nana’s Coffee19 hours ago

    When Jeremy said she needed a hug 😭❤️

  37. Nana’s Coffee

    Nana’s Coffee19 hours ago

    Where can I find guy friends like this Lexi is so lucky 😂❤️

  38. Zion Boss

    Zion Boss20 hours ago

    The part with ben awwww he still likes her❤

  39. Jace Grande

    Jace Grande20 hours ago

    Good actor!!!omygod

  40. Peace Kanana

    Peace Kanana20 hours ago

    Her laugh...

  41. Anadhi Shetty

    Anadhi Shetty21 hour ago

    You like bts

  42. Danize Rashid

    Danize Rashid21 hour ago

    Andrews was so funny

  43. Danize Rashid

    Danize Rashid21 hour ago

    Ben was like oop-

  44. Sunshine Film

    Sunshine Film21 hour ago

    Awwwh andrew is such a good friend

  45. Mawar Zahra

    Mawar Zahra22 hours ago

    Jeremy is the most real friend..i mean,everyone is real friend but Jeremy is the one who like the most care about you Lexi,i hope one day i can meet someone like Jeremy thoo.. lol



    I feel bad about jeremy he was so nice he literally drove and got you food while its a prank

  47. Zayana Bentiez

    Zayana Bentiez22 hours ago

    When i saw the makeup prank there was a add to do makeup better🤣🤣

  48. Umme Kulsum Ruma

    Umme Kulsum RumaDay ago

    when Andrew grabed a chair and sat on it i mistaked the chair for a cat-

  49. Orlana Perea

    Orlana PereaDay ago


  50. Prachi Bisht

    Prachi BishtDay ago

    U killed it

  51. Jayme Smith

    Jayme SmithDay ago

    It looked kinda good. No it was horrible

  52. Nadia Lucero

    Nadia LuceroDay ago

    I am honest to Done done done

  53. Jayme Smith

    Jayme SmithDay ago

    Lexi is a good girl

  54. Jayme Smith

    Jayme SmithDay ago

    A man not iv Ben did that

  55. Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev KumarDay ago

    I love how brent just said "I think its gross" I literally paused the video and laughed for 15 mins straight🤣😂 Edit: i edited some of it before bcz of typing mistake

  56. Ilovecookies 321

    Ilovecookies 321Day ago

    Omg jermeys reaction was the best 😍

  57. Brystol Massey

    Brystol MasseyDay ago

    piersons reaction sent me

  58. jaquelin chajal

    jaquelin chajalDay ago

    Hi Lexi



    Lexi is so good at acting

  60. isla mac

    isla macDay ago

    hi my name is dochii with 2 i's i feel anxious when im high

  61. TheBrandi1105

    TheBrandi1105Day ago

    you are so preety and kind love your vids

  62. Mona Joseph

    Mona JosephDay ago

    Brent's reaction though LOL 🤣🤣🤣


    FUN TIME WITH K&BDay ago

    Alexie looks alot like her mom

  64. Sejal Talaulikar

    Sejal TalaulikarDay ago

    This one is one of the best video ❤️

  65. Mouna Med Lemine

    Mouna Med LemineDay ago

    Andrew tho 😢

  66. savboy badkid

    savboy badkidDay ago

    You look like a clown

  67. savboy badkid

    savboy badkidDay ago


  68. skull Killer

    skull KillerDay ago


  69. SC AR

    SC ARDay ago

    That sounded so reallllll

  70. Sofía

    SofíaDay ago

    Ben, Jeremy and Andrew are so sweet!

  71. Hessa Marwan

    Hessa MarwanDay ago

    I cant belive he went to the supermarket to get ONLY 1 thing for u “friend” 😏

  72. Violet Vander

    Violet VanderDay ago

    I need a Jeremy in my life.

  73. Tra Richardson

    Tra RichardsonDay ago

    Jatygdsfjxx they're trying the tribe

  74. Serena Crystal

    Serena CrystalDay ago

    Lexi acting was good

  75. saarah chow

    saarah chowDay ago

    I really ship jexi

  76. Diane Cullen

    Diane CullenDay ago

    Andrew *slides phone* *omg😂

  77. Sophie Morrow

    Sophie MorrowDay ago

    I love u

  78. Sophie Morrow

    Sophie MorrowDay ago

    My name is Nicole

  79. Sophie Morrow

    Sophie MorrowDay ago

    I love your videos

  80. Elizabeth Campos

    Elizabeth CamposDay ago

    Because I have no friends

  81. Elizabeth Campos

    Elizabeth CamposDay ago

    Can we be friends i will be honedt

  82. Elizabeth Campos

    Elizabeth CamposDay ago

    Hi 👋

  83. Elizabeth Campos

    Elizabeth CamposDay ago

    Hi I love your videos

  84. Livia Taucher

    Livia TaucherDay ago

    How cute is jeremy

  85. Kaydence Black

    Kaydence BlackDay ago

    this video was funny :)

  86. Rita Zaraoui

    Rita ZaraouiDay ago

    An iPhone 11 plzzzzz

  87. Rita Zaraoui

    Rita ZaraouiDay ago

    Got but I want

  88. Rita Zaraoui

    Rita ZaraouiDay ago


  89. Rita Zaraoui

    Rita ZaraouiDay ago

    I love you so mush I swar

  90. Rita Zaraoui

    Rita ZaraouiDay ago


  91. Joshua Tabala

    Joshua TabalaDay ago


  92. Trynity Castro

    Trynity CastroDay ago

    (No hate) but I think Andrew is gay (again no hate)

  93. Rebecca Reid

    Rebecca ReidDay ago

    That Kitchen is so nice

  94. colorz dharani

    colorz dharaniDay ago


  95. classic gamer

    classic gamerDay ago


  96. Evelyn The girl gamer

    Evelyn The girl gamerDay ago

    Lexi and germmy are the best pair

  97. The naith Channel

    The naith ChannelDay ago

    I love you Lexi Hensley I am a big subscribe

  98. Simon Jakubowski

    Simon JakubowskiDay ago

    I am a fan

  99. Heather Munivez

    Heather MunivezDay ago

    I love your videos

  100. Kaashi Rai

    Kaashi RaiDay ago

    I really love this video❤️

  101. Josna Saju

    Josna SajuDay ago

    The crying with door closed prank was literally ...... Ben...... Concerned Andrew....... Funny Jeremy........ Cute