Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACK

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACK grian is back at his mansion after a weird way of getting zedaph to swap...
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  1. Brent Gee

    Brent Gee15 hours ago

    That bed is for Bdubs... It's good death box.

  2. Liam Owen

    Liam OwenDay ago

    I laughed so hard over the alphabet, simply because... well... kfc...

  3. Lucy Brown

    Lucy BrownDay ago

    I made it to the end

  4. Swiss Cheesus

    Swiss CheesusDay ago

    In the grave yard area of the chicken farm it says rip poultry man

  5. zRoviiz

    zRoviizDay ago

    Brooo griannn u didnt make a proper door for zedaph

  6. awesme mrman

    awesme mrman4 days ago


  7. Swift

    Swift4 days ago

    Zeds cow slinging machine is actually a bdubs execution machine


    JJ’S GAMING4 days ago

    When he zoomed in when zed said “56 chickens went through a full life!”

  9. Alan Sanchez Negron

    Alan Sanchez Negron4 days ago

    You should make your own superhero

  10. the hidden beast

    the hidden beast5 days ago

    it says KFC on the sign'

  11. Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta5 days ago

    11:30 that's so cruel when it's chickens *but funny*

  12. Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta5 days ago

    3:53 I hear the f word Anybody else?

  13. ajbat626

    ajbat6265 days ago

    Everyone Gangsta till Grian confirms Poultry Man’s death.

  14. EmbraerForLife

    EmbraerForLife6 days ago

    11:30 "KFC" very nice grian

  15. Kai

    Kai6 days ago

    Bat boy

  16. Vydex

    Vydex6 days ago

    ok now zed is one of my new fav hermit members omg 😂😂

  17. Leo Buckley

    Leo Buckley7 days ago


  18. TaterKing423

    TaterKing4237 days ago

    1:50 Jelly’s cat head? ...

  19. TaterKing423

    TaterKing4237 days ago

    Wait I just watched the next three seconds nvrmind

  20. Clark Christian Caimoy

    Clark Christian Caimoy7 days ago

    hahaha kfc is chicken

  21. Big bro Jake

    Big bro Jake7 days ago

    Poultry man is back

  22. Axy76

    Axy767 days ago

    The cow thing should actually be used as a trap.

  23. eman tresnI] [ereh

    eman tresnI] [ereh7 days ago

    ABC KFC HIJ ... even the teachers are here to move them into the furnace

  24. Carys Adams

    Carys Adams7 days ago

    Zedaph: "It seems when you turn up, all the contraptions I build break!" Mumbo: First time?!

  25. Elina Bailly

    Elina Bailly8 days ago

    It makes me so sad when there's no goodbyyyeee :'(

  26. Hannah Meyer-Scott

    Hannah Meyer-Scott8 days ago

    i think i now understand where the KFC chicken comes from......

  27. Andreaz Jacobsen

    Andreaz Jacobsen9 days ago

    PESKY birrrrrrrrd?

  28. PRGRMR

    PRGRMR10 days ago

    Best part of the video: 24:48

  29. itsworldgamer YT

    itsworldgamer YT11 days ago

    16:04 poor zeds he's homeless now

  30. ePiC tHInGs

    ePiC tHInGs12 days ago

    0:20 looks like enderbro has a smiley face :)

  31. unchada

    unchada12 days ago

    abc kfc ajldbaojhflwmjgkşnmgrlknm im dying

  32. CaptainBerty

    CaptainBerty12 days ago

    The broken door could be from setting off fireworks underneath the targets. If multiple hit the targets it would break

  33. Beanie Boos and LPS ty

    Beanie Boos and LPS ty13 days ago

    Ask all the questions you want but I will not be subscribe

  34. River Morgan

    River Morgan13 days ago

    11:49 No...it cannot be

  35. prema reyes

    prema reyes14 days ago

    making it to the end of the video gang

  36. JoeyDG

    JoeyDG14 days ago

    It is like when you have a problem with a computer and when ur parent comes it is fixed... but opposite.

  37. Dominic Ballinger

    Dominic Ballinger14 days ago

    Grian, honey is food. You drink it from the bottles.

  38. Y NG

    Y NG14 days ago

    abc KFC

  39. Hugo Broekmaat

    Hugo Broekmaat15 days ago

    23:55 this reminds me of the office

  40. ThePhoenix Prophecy

    ThePhoenix Prophecy15 days ago

    Why did Grian sound like an upset/mad/annoyed parent at the end of the video XD

  41. Hermione Arandia

    Hermione Arandia15 days ago

    Zed's base has a lot of grianery lol im sorry for the pun but i had too lol

  42. _BOBBA _

    _BOBBA _15 days ago

    When I hear the light of some music I know TIMELAPSE

  43. Shachak VS

    Shachak VS15 days ago

    Grian saying subscribe, me 3 years ago "let me just sub right now"

  44. Sarah Patki

    Sarah Patki15 days ago

    I subbed from the firt ep :D

  45. Sarah Patki

    Sarah Patki15 days ago


  46. Luke_Zipp567

    Luke_Zipp56715 days ago

    What are you doing Enderbro?

  47. David Yu

    David Yu15 days ago

    the sign at 11:31 just says ABC KFC... that's dark.

  48. Jackie Loves Gaming

    Jackie Loves Gaming15 days ago

    you sayed KFC the restaurant

  49. Donkoe 22

    Donkoe 2216 days ago

    Zedaf: nothing I've ever made produced 56 cooked chicken, Grain: *chuckles* Grain:(thinks) it doesn't produce cooked chicken

  50. Don Kaimi Pilipovich

    Don Kaimi Pilipovich16 days ago

    Zedaph: OMG it made 56 chicken all by itself!! Grian: *nervous laugh*

  51. zeljudin

    zeljudin18 days ago

    i love how its full stack of the episodes when u started the mansion and u still didnt finished it

  52. red panda 3254

    red panda 325419 days ago

    ABC KFC lol

  53. Livingmantis359

    Livingmantis35919 days ago

    Another idea is that you can use trapdoors and they will try walk over and fall off


    IVY DULEX20 days ago

    11:29 is that saying KFC?

  55. Boo Stobbs

    Boo Stobbs20 days ago


  56. Despayeeto gaming

    Despayeeto gaming22 days ago


  57. Cath Erine

    Cath Erine22 days ago


  58. Antony's stuff

    Antony's stuff22 days ago

    Chicken dying by old age It works when they becomes adult it works!! - grian 2021

  59. Antony's stuff

    Antony's stuff22 days ago

    Abc KFC Chicken :hm... This sounds safe. 🙂

  60. Toximate

    Toximate22 days ago

    what if someone made a shop where they supply custom heads for deco, like the baby yoda one, by changing their skin and killing themselves?

  61. Toximate

    Toximate22 days ago

    Grian trying to escape the endermites called silenced, me: "S i L e N c E w I l L f A l L w H e N t H e Q u E s T i O n I s A s K e D"

  62. Jellie the Cat

    Jellie the Cat22 days ago

    MY HEAD!!!!!

  63. Alan Kusparmakov

    Alan Kusparmakov22 days ago

    take the egg-making chickens and place them further away and so the chicks wont try to follow them

  64. Andy Andino

    Andy Andino23 days ago

    I little he sad that he never made a proper entrance to the cave though. 😔

  65. Solomon Pearson

    Solomon Pearson23 days ago

    Anyone notice how in the chicken school, the second line on the sigh says KFC

  66. Nea-Lotta Nordling

    Nea-Lotta Nordling24 days ago

    who else thought that Grian would use that bed to prank bdubs?

  67. Sarah Alviz

    Sarah Alviz24 days ago

    Grain: *zedaph* Subtitles: *zed a$$*

  68. Rashya• Gaming

    Rashya• Gaming24 days ago

    Dude i hope hermitcraft season 8 they gonna have a superhero vs villian thing that would be so cool

  69. Senithu Nenuka

    Senithu Nenuka24 days ago

    Wait a minute did anyone notice the axe(it says Netherite Axe diamonds)did he borrow it from barch??

  70. Katie Symmonds

    Katie Symmonds25 days ago

    Well done Grian you’ve worked really hard i have watched a TON of you’re videos and keep the hard work going! The Meerkat Gang!

  71. ImAShopHowCanIHelp

    ImAShopHowCanIHelp25 days ago

    Do you want to try dream smp

  72. ImAShopHowCanIHelp

    ImAShopHowCanIHelp25 days ago


  73. Bluff

    Bluff25 days ago

    11:29 ohh my did I read KFC?

  74. Nils De Waen

    Nils De Waen25 days ago

    I was very sic today and you made me feel much beter. Realy appreciate ya!

  75. B_B_Basic

    B_B_Basic25 days ago

    At 11:30 anyone else notice that the sign says KFC?

  76. Joebert Medil

    Joebert Medil25 days ago


  77. JB Davis

    JB Davis25 days ago

    Grian casually "this is school wear they learn their ABC's" The ABC'S " ABC KFC HIJ

  78. Tyler Bauman

    Tyler Bauman25 days ago

    at 24:43 there is floating thingy

  79. GalaxyGaming GG

    GalaxyGaming GG25 days ago

    11:30 "They learn their abc's" Second line: KFC

  80. wolfy DX

    wolfy DX25 days ago

    Poultry Man is dead 😢

  81. Caleb’s Vlogs

    Caleb’s Vlogs26 days ago

    Honestly don’t think anybody else saw this but in the school when they learn it say ABC KFC 😭

  82. Lullpy

    Lullpy26 days ago

    Some people are too good, who wouldn’t want to make somebody homeless?

  83. juanjose

    juanjose26 days ago

    hello love all your videos is this a nod

  84. rocket

    rocket26 days ago

    " Scar just turned out of up out of nowhere and decided to help" such a good friend

  85. Chanpaiix

    Chanpaiix26 days ago

    that "chicken farm" triggered me so bad

  86. flash forward

    flash forward27 days ago


  87. Manohar.k Manohar.k

    Manohar.k Manohar.k27 days ago

    We need poultry man back


    KIERAN DANTAS27 days ago

    Zedaph: doesn't have a sustainable food source Grian: *and I took that personally*

  89. Phoenix Spence

    Phoenix Spence27 days ago

    would have been funny if grian sold zedaphs base

  90. Rediotic Was Eaten

    Rediotic Was Eaten27 days ago

    Grian:The plan is simple also grian: 2:34

  91. Lilboi Fortnite

    Lilboi Fortnite27 days ago

    ABC and KFC

  92. gamerlife boy

    gamerlife boy27 days ago

    why would anyone watch the till the end without being subscribed??? even if they aren't they probably will after the end lol.

  93. Cruz Grace

    Cruz Grace27 days ago

    Why is there a poultry man grave 🤔

  94. Ayyzaducky

    Ayyzaducky27 days ago

    10:04 :)

  95. Tanner Krohn

    Tanner Krohn27 days ago

    Zed and grian seem to have such good goofy chemistry that it's a shame they never do anything together

  96. bhai bhai

    bhai bhai2 days ago

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  97. Sea Bass31

    Sea Bass3127 days ago

    Did anyone else see that he put a grave of Poultry Man 👨?

  98. Mister Mister

    Mister Mister27 days ago

    Zedaph: crouches away in shame Grian: *demonic laughter*

  99. Crazy Games

    Crazy Games28 days ago

    holy cow

  100. tygercub 957

    tygercub 95728 days ago

    ive sub

  101. 케이팝 아이돌 help & info w/ 모모레셸

    케이팝 아이돌 help & info w/ 모모레셸28 days ago

    it seems the chickens don't wanna go to chicken work... *relatable*

  102. Sapphire Wolf 945

    Sapphire Wolf 94529 days ago

    this is how to get out of bed! step 1, get in the bed. step 2, get out of the bed. step 3 enter fly mode! step 4, let the machine propel your dead battered body forward via cows! that's all for today's tutorial, catch ya guys next time!

  103. Lemmy is da best

    Lemmy is da best29 days ago

    The chicken looks like Porchryman