How they show strong swordsman in anime.

"Oh yea he practiced his technique everyday and can now destroy the planet"
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  1. Officer Shyu

    Officer Shyu16 minutes ago

    I was convinced they were a different set of people

  2. Seung Hoon

    Seung Hoon51 minute ago

    This is so awesome ahahahahaha

  3. RoseyDoesRobloxTM

    RoseyDoesRobloxTMHour ago

    Did you know Time loop guy has a secret ability? If you press the 3:14 button over and over again you'll continue to loop him thus never make it out thru the door give it a try. 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 3:14 Added Abit of them for those with stubby fingers!

  4. Jingato

    Jingato3 hours ago

    does this mean that every time a calebcity video ends, that's a reality that gets destroyed? talking about 3:00

  5. VeniX ???

    VeniX ???3 hours ago

    Can we just name this time loop guy diavolo, he dies in infinite ways coming through that single door

  6. Servant of The Lord

    Servant of The Lord4 hours ago

    Easily one of your best videos!!!

  7. MackNcheese

    MackNcheese4 hours ago

    So what is the “inspector noooo!!!” part. That was hilarious to me but I don’t think I saw that video.

  8. Saiyantim _

    Saiyantim _4 hours ago

    I just seen them do some sh!t I didn’t even know existed

  9. Valen Destefano

    Valen Destefano4 hours ago

    This could also be called, “how anime studios cut their budget for fights”

  10. Pheonicninja

    Pheonicninja5 hours ago

    when i saw the title i already knew something was up when he said "show" they be moving at light speeds and call you "slow" when you can't see them they know damn well that a regular human can't see that fast

  11. Heero Yuy

    Heero Yuy5 hours ago

    Damn. I missed this banging 90s anime. 👀 wheres the title? 🍻

  12. AWannaBeArtist 131

    AWannaBeArtist 1315 hours ago

    Im sorry.

  13. Scorpionicus

    Scorpionicus6 hours ago

    Look, the animation budget is gone... but the narrator works for instant noodle so we good.

  14. DrDurianZ

    DrDurianZ7 hours ago

    Me playing in 0.25x : I am six parallel universes ahead of you

  15. Dakota Fisher

    Dakota Fisher7 hours ago

    I'm dying

  16. Limit Break

    Limit Break8 hours ago

    Holy fucking shit these swordsman so good that they transcend not only time itself but fucking FICTION itself and literally rolled back the video to before he died and before the ending of it and recreated the ending

  17. Limit Break

    Limit Break8 hours ago

    0:06 I mean to be fair mans DID warn him that it could get ugly quick, dude shouldnt have started cryin actin like watching two of the greatest swordsman in the caleb cinematic aniverse was 100% safe lul

  18. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake8 hours ago

    Nah.. manga was better

  19. Zaldy Quijano

    Zaldy Quijano9 hours ago

    ... young Dwight Howard playing swords in his room....

  20. tescomealdeal

    tescomealdeal9 hours ago

    This is literally the cell games in Dragon Ball Z when the Z Fighters were watching Goku and Cell fight and then the random ass people and Hercule being confused

  21. SupaDupaAlien64

    SupaDupaAlien6410 hours ago

    1:00 hes not a stand user so he cant see whats going on

  22. Vortexx

    Vortexx10 hours ago

    That's Rad Kiryu probably....

  23. Airrion Galloway

    Airrion Galloway11 hours ago

    A fraction of a second. 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just saw them do some shit I never knew existed. 🤣😂🤣🤣

  24. RepeatedAxe Gaming

    RepeatedAxe Gaming12 hours ago

    1:53 Sensai was having lightning gaze flashbacks.

  25. 029_Zahid Mustafa

    029_Zahid Mustafa12 hours ago

    I am watching this for a 10th time

  26. Lust 4 Chaos

    Lust 4 Chaos12 hours ago

    "WOAH!!! WOAH!!! WOAH!!! WOAH!!! WOAH!!!" "WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!"

  27. DanielLeeMc

    DanielLeeMc12 hours ago

    All the humans in DBZ whenever goku comes back with a new power up

  28. Jayden Huang

    Jayden Huang13 hours ago


  29. Tropes

    Tropes14 hours ago

    I wanna see this anime

  30. Wes Hearn

    Wes Hearn14 hours ago

    I don't even like anime at all and these are still funny

  31. Jared Hernandez

    Jared Hernandez16 hours ago

    They was on some quantum swordsmanship

  32. Wxi

    Wxi17 hours ago

    The reflection of the sword made it better 3 time watching this

  33. ᗰEI

    ᗰEI17 hours ago

    “DID YOU SEE THAaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!?!!” 🤣🤣😂😂 1:08

  34. Mo san

    Mo san18 hours ago

    How to save budget from fight scenes? Option 1: This Option 2: DBZ Option 3 (Not Recommended): SDS S3

  35. n!tromy

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  38. Marquise Smith

    Marquise Smith23 hours ago

    Mans thought he could have a Gojou-level teachable moment and keep his student safe 😂

  39. Phased Cloak

    Phased CloakDay ago

    its not about the fight, it about how the characters commentate during the fight

  40. Prideless

    PridelessDay ago

    Post One piece zoro vs mihawk finna be like:

  41. jerquez thebest

    jerquez thebestDay ago

    LOL THAT SO TRUE OMG this porady fact

  42. Bjay Tv

    Bjay TvDay ago

    Very creative

  43. Dangerblast

    DangerblastDay ago

    Zeldris: *Ominous Nebula*

  44. Jack Smile666

    Jack Smile666Day ago

    This was litterally the fight at the end of the demon slayer movie

  45. Brothrewho Brothrehood

    Brothrewho BrothrehoodDay ago

    Can someone show me an example of this i dont watch anime but i can tell this is funny

  46. Macks Williams

    Macks WilliamsDay ago

    This funny as hell

  47. Julespulls123

    Julespulls123Day ago

    Hey, I'm here for the interview!

  48. Casey Jones

    Casey JonesDay ago

    only ogs remember the time loop guy lmao

  49. Cool gamer331

    Cool gamer331Day ago

    O shit well I guess I am blind

  50. client 0

    client 0Day ago

    he's just lagging

  51. invadermaythe1st

    invadermaythe1stDay ago

    I hate and love how accurate this is

  52. Mikjokye

    MikjokyeDay ago

    Literally searched best swordfights in anime and this pops up

  53. lluckz

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  54. PANDA

    PANDADay ago

    Now try to lear Dragon ball techniques 😂

  55. Julio Carlos

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  56. Vertyy

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  57. em m

    em mDay ago

    It should have been "All that happened in a fraction of a second?" Senpai "And you missed the entire fight, that was awesome!"

  58. Lenin Polanco Valdez

    Lenin Polanco ValdezDay ago

    LOL. This shit is hilarious

  59. Louen Rioichi

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  60. tyler gamer

    tyler gamerDay ago

    2:06 I just seen them do some shit I didn't know existed

  61. NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel

    NarutoUzumaki 2nd channelDay ago

    How they are standing tho😂😂😂

  62. Over Steam

    Over SteamDay ago

    1:44 that blink lol.

  63. Burrito Boi

    Burrito BoiDay ago

    If master Woods was truly the one of the best swordsman in the multiverse, he would have mounted his blade to angle towards his stomach preventing an open attack towards his open target knuckle and forearm during his unsheathing. I'm kidding Caleb is my favorite chill

  64. Leslie A'tahu Music

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  65. young jedi

    young jediDay ago

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

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  68. Jeff Man

    Jeff ManDay ago

    0:33. Lmao that face

  69. Obe1 Kenobi

    Obe1 KenobiDay ago

    I love how one of the swordsmen landed a crit at 3:19 xD

  70. Hayyan

    HayyanDay ago

    Fake this doesn't even have that one dude that cut to pieces but is fine until the swordsman sheaths his blade.

  71. Andrei Christopher Maximino Moreira

    Andrei Christopher Maximino MoreiraDay ago

    *You're in an unbelievable amount of danger*

  72. Chronix

    ChronixDay ago

    "hey I'm here for the interv-- help HELP!"

  73. Vini Kämpferherz Barros

    Vini Kämpferherz BarrosDay ago

    You a talented person. The fact that you do that all by yourself and still looks amazing is just astonishing! By the way... I loved it.

  74. TheBrandonRobertDeux

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  75. Giotenji

    GiotenjiDay ago

    Shishi Sonson IRL

  76. Cham Wae

    Cham WaeDay ago

    they are masters of saving budgets

  77. Elias Zoumas

    Elias ZoumasDay ago

    POV : you are not a stand user

  78. Muhamad Afiq

    Muhamad AfiqDay ago

    that last dude got sliced so hard he become a smoke

  79. Curllum

    CurllumDay ago

    Nah, you forgot the fact that they are constantly screaming

  80. Jeremiah Liggins

    Jeremiah LigginsDay ago

    How do they see themselves? Love it!!

  81. Alvin Niel

    Alvin NielDay ago

    Imagine if both got Senbonzakura

  82. loaf L

    loaf LDay ago

    3:15 he said “hey I’m here for the interview” ...what a legend

  83. Johnny Walters

    Johnny Walters2 days ago

    MUI lol

  84. Joe Kerr

    Joe Kerr2 days ago

    Lol the master has super sight the rookie has much to learn

  85. Ellerbrook Schmitz

    Ellerbrook Schmitz2 days ago

    this is so accurate

  86. Cloud Maan

    Cloud Maan2 days ago

    I like this video better than anime now.

  87. firestonegraywolf

    firestonegraywolf2 days ago

    Why he sound like ocean dub piccolo

  88. SpectralAxe3143

    SpectralAxe31432 days ago

    The “crit” got me

  89. luke.

    luke.2 days ago

    “ARE YOU SERIOUS? THEY’RE S I T T I N G STILL!!!!!” -CalebCity, 2021

  90. JJBizzare

    JJBizzare2 days ago

    I feel like Gohan watching this.

  91. Greg Schoellhammer

    Greg Schoellhammer2 days ago

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Meanwhile: 1:00

  92. Great Gig

    Great Gig2 days ago

    did you see thAaAat?!

  93. Johntel Evans

    Johntel Evans2 days ago

    Thank GOD he did not leave us with that cliff hanger.

  94. VXR LIE

    VXR LIE2 days ago

    the main character is actually going to surpass them

  95. Civfer Pk

    Civfer Pk2 days ago

    Then you got mfs with big swords moving faster than the speed of light

  96. Le Cabin Boy RS

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  97. WolfZbane _

    WolfZbane _2 days ago

    0:33 that face Lmao

  98. Amit E

    Amit E2 days ago

    Btw That guy literally does not forget anything the timelooper he just forgot all of those years of timeloops

  99. applepiebottoms

    applepiebottoms2 days ago

    reminds me of that episode when gohan couldnt see the enemies fighting in the air and piccolo trying to explain why was too goofy lmao