Friday night funkin Week 7 but Pico Runs out of ammo

Friday night funkin week 7 but Pico Runs out of ammo
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  1. Canan Pekiner

    Canan Pekiner31 minute ago


  2. James Lang

    James Lang2 hours ago

    unpopular opinion: this has no reason to have 2.7m views.

  3. poop

    poop6 hours ago

    steve lives :)

  4. Caliph BG

    Caliph BG8 hours ago

    Why dont pico uses the another gun huh!!!???

  5. Yinyan Katagoi

    Yinyan Katagoi9 hours ago

    Shotgun sound with a AR? Is this some power I don’t know of

  6. Logan northwood

    Logan northwood10 hours ago

    rip pico so sad

  7. Dan Fu

    Dan Fu11 hours ago


  8. Andrew

    Andrew12 hours ago

    0:27:Pico freaking dies. Bf and gd: smile!

  9. The boi cruiz_12

    The boi cruiz_1213 hours ago


  10. Pedro Suarez

    Pedro Suarez16 hours ago

    f por pico

  11. OClxudyAriannaO

    OClxudyAriannaO17 hours ago

    Y'all talking about how just Pico died, but if he runs out of ammo that means Boyfriend and his Girlfriend die too. R.I.P.

  12. Kokomello

    Kokomello19 hours ago

    He didn't have the bandana Let's see who gets the reference

  13. WKYX V2

    WKYX V219 hours ago


  14. Чёрный кот

    Чёрный кот21 hour ago


  15. isimsiz ninja

    isimsiz ninja22 hours ago

    hey pico wasn't here? wait what!!!

  16. MrWoolf 1

    MrWoolf 123 hours ago

    Steve got his chance to finally kill someone.

  17. Mak PeiLeo li

    Mak PeiLeo li23 hours ago

    Rip pico :(

  18. Kitty k

    Kitty kDay ago

    NOOOOO PICO NO😭😭😭😭😭😭 OH MY GOD NO😭😭😭😭😭

  19. ur mom something lol

    ur mom something lolDay ago

    hes shooting lasers

  20. Coinsteel Gaming

    Coinsteel GamingDay ago


  21. karen okewulonu

    karen okewulonuDay ago

    Pico; Runs out ammo Also Pico oh crap

  22. Dee Fran

    Dee FranDay ago

    Thats me when run out of ammo in a game

  23. Foxy_Gamer512

    Foxy_Gamer512Day ago

    F for Pico

  24. kaan malkoc

    kaan malkocDay ago

    i think i love steve more then pico i wanted to in orginal game

  25. Horary Pigeon484

    Horary Pigeon484Day ago

    Your channel name Danny gamer is my actual name Danny well just Danny



    noooooooooooooooooo pico noooooooo :''v

  27. Miguel

    MiguelDay ago

    That Henry stickman music is so sad, remembers me of Charlie

  28. Darling 2.0

    Darling 2.0Day ago

    You did NOT just Valiant Hero'd us

  29. crento roblox

    crento robloxDay ago

    the school shooting was bullcrap. this is the real reason.

  30. ROBLOX KRALI #freeporçay

    ROBLOX KRALI #freeporçayDay ago


  31. The Saiyan with blue hair dye

    The Saiyan with blue hair dye2 days ago

    I love how no one cares

  32. Just some random guy

    Just some random guy3 days ago

    Pico :*Runs out of ammo* Pico :*Becomes ditto*

  33. Zakari Anderson

    Zakari Anderson3 days ago

    Where he go

  34. Larrykoopa

    Larrykoopa3 days ago

    F to pay respects

  35. Happy Dude

    Happy Dude3 days ago


  36. Pico

    Pico3 days ago


  37. Daniel Baxter

    Daniel Baxter3 days ago

    But Pico shoots lasers

  38. Моментчик

    Моментчик3 days ago


  39. ROBLOX KRALI #freeporçay

    ROBLOX KRALI #freeporçay4 days ago


  40. Katlyn Dobransky

    Katlyn Dobransky4 days ago

    Lmao the Henry Stickmin references

  41. Pico

    Pico4 days ago

    Oh fuck-

  42. Raini Water

    Raini Water5 days ago

    I got a FNF ad and I thought it was the actual video.

  43. Michael Ibanga

    Michael Ibanga5 days ago

    The way she hugged bf was adorable

  44. TheNameless

    TheNameless5 days ago

    plot twist: sergeant skittles took him out instead!

  45. Sarvente

    Sarvente5 days ago

    He should have counted those bullets like wade did in the deadpool movie X)

  46. Weeb Maskman

    Weeb Maskman5 days ago

    Pico would use the gun as a melee weapon

  47. Raff

    Raff6 days ago

    Hey that Henry stickman reference

  48. Slavik Tankist

    Slavik Tankist6 days ago


  49. ProXCas

    ProXCas6 days ago


  50. ProXCas

    ProXCas6 days ago

    I hate you tank Man you killed Pico

  51. ProXCas

    ProXCas6 days ago

    Stupid stupid Tank ManI I wish I could beat him up

  52. ProXCas

    ProXCas6 days ago

    Why did why did Pico die

  53. ProXCas

    ProXCas6 days ago

    I love Pico but he died

  54. ProXCas

    ProXCas6 days ago

    NOoooOOOoOOOo Pico

  55. Ayankrut TM

    Ayankrut TM7 days ago

    0:26 this music..... No i can't.....

  56. Kasper van Geloof

    Kasper van Geloof7 days ago


  57. Khan F

    Khan F7 days ago

    Waw oo

  58. Daniel Craciun

    Daniel Craciun7 days ago

    v a l i a n t p i c o h e r o

  59. Fr0stmite

    Fr0stmite8 days ago

    c r u d

  60. Gabriel Medina

    Gabriel Medina8 days ago

    I really like the henry stickmin Charles death sad music in the rip pico

  61. Akatsuree Katsuki

    Akatsuree Katsuki8 days ago

    Even through death of one of their best allies. Boyfriend and Girlfriend just smile.

  62. Ritu Guha Jash

    Ritu Guha Jash8 days ago


  63. Reinaldo Rios

    Reinaldo Rios9 days ago


  64. Pico

    Pico9 days ago

    Hi, this is pico pico says, IM OUT OF AMMO AAAAAAAAA

  65. Diego Matte

    Diego Matte9 days ago

    ja ja ja so bad

  66. Windo

    Windo9 days ago

    what really happened: Pico has left the chat. so he didnt die lol

  67. minecrafter

    minecrafter5 days ago

    so combat logging

  68. ღMini Raquelღ

    ღMini Raquelღ9 days ago

    no pico ;-;

  69. Alec Clark

    Alec Clark9 days ago

    kudos to you steve!!

  70. *negative words here*

    *negative words here*10 days ago

    No Pico ):

  71. Mr.Cheese!

    Mr.Cheese!10 days ago

    Steve: * shoot *

  72. William Bryant

    William Bryant10 days ago

    How do you even run out of ammo for a LASER GUN???!!!!

  73. SFS Space

    SFS Space10 days ago


  74. mus

    mus10 days ago

    who else noticed the henry stickmin reference

  75. Cherylyn Estrada

    Cherylyn Estrada10 days ago

    Nooooooo Pico

  76. Selever

    Selever10 days ago


  77. Longbow Mangudai

    Longbow Mangudai10 days ago

    Why did you put the Valiant Hero ending music? Do you exist to give me pain?

  78. Felix the Cat

    Felix the Cat10 days ago

    Oh crap

  79. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty10 days ago

    Plot-twist: Pico got revived by Girlfriend

  80. Atomic Number Eighty

    Atomic Number Eighty11 days ago

    Good work Steve.

  81. StrictShady

    StrictShady11 days ago

    Pico carries multiple guns though

  82. Maria Karu

    Maria Karu11 days ago

    Does Anyone Realize That Pico Just Drop Out From The Sky

  83. Mauventures

    Mauventures11 days ago


  84. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty10 days ago

    The fact that he turns into Ditto tho.

  85. roblos is not childich

    roblos is not childich11 days ago

    why does an ak74 or akm make a shotgun sound affect??

  86. Chester playz

    Chester playz11 days ago

    No its pico but he used stickman music

  87. salmon playz

    salmon playz11 days ago

    Server:pico joined the game Pico:WUSS- oh I forgot my ammo-*BOOM*

  88. тωιηкι

    тωιηкι11 days ago

    wow a scene where i dont die nicee

  89. Yeşim Demirbaş

    Yeşim Demirbaş11 days ago

    No bullet

  90. Julian McVay

    Julian McVay11 days ago

    Pico: **goes Henry stickman**

  91. melem tatiana Sie

    melem tatiana Sie11 days ago

    RIP pico😅

  92. Kehn Audrey Busmeon

    Kehn Audrey Busmeon11 days ago

    Me when I hear valiant hero music:impossible I thought you were dead valiant hero:I will never be faded your gonna cease from this world! (battle intensifies))

  93. kolim jone

    kolim jone11 days ago


  94. ¿Mondayy SMP?

    ¿Mondayy SMP?11 days ago

    I like how they are still happy while pico just got oofed

  95. kolim jone

    kolim jone11 days ago

    Hes like used like the last of his ammo

  96. Komasino

    Komasino11 days ago


  97. fhqwhgads fdshfg

    fhqwhgads fdshfg11 days ago

    rip pico press f to pay respects

  98. GD Ezey

    GD Ezey11 days ago

    Pico,the new valiant hero

  99. Jensen Gonzalez Hernandez

    Jensen Gonzalez Hernandez11 days ago

    Alt title: Steve kills pico with aa12

  100. ArsonPeaPlayz

    ArsonPeaPlayz12 days ago

    The fact that he turns into Ditto tho.

  101. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin12 days ago

    Why my song

  102. SMG2

    SMG212 days ago

    god epic damnit

  103. Just cookie Lol

    Just cookie Lol12 days ago

    Way to go Steve! Now you deserve a hug

  104. Abounded_j

    Abounded_j12 days ago

    steve gets revenge