Among Us But Impostor Can Change Color

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  1. Sophia Cadillo

    Sophia Cadillo10 minutes ago

    omg omg

  2. Corbin Ruggles

    Corbin Ruggles43 minutes ago

    omg funny haaha imooster ssussus

  3. SSsamanmalie rajapaksha Rajapaksha

    SSsamanmalie rajapaksha Rajapaksha58 minutes ago

    But blue is the impostor

  4. Ram Prasad AP

    Ram Prasad AP59 minutes ago

    Blue is brilliant

  5. Maria Cecilia Bajado

    Maria Cecilia BajadoHour ago

    Blue your mean to purpel


    SIÇILMIŞ KIŞI2 hours ago


  7. Sherlyn Sandoval

    Sherlyn Sandoval2 hours ago


  8. Raya Mohammd

    Raya Mohammd3 hours ago


  9. Sajulga Family

    Sajulga Family3 hours ago


  10. Brentton C

    Brentton C3 hours ago

    there so dumb

  11. Sze Wan Wong

    Sze Wan Wong5 hours ago

    Holy cheeses read killed her

  12. Roentgen The Protogen

    Roentgen The Protogen8 hours ago


  13. Greeciela Romasanta

    Greeciela Romasanta9 hours ago

    Naniii you join in year 20007

  14. Shadow NightmaRe

    Shadow NightmaRe13 hours ago

    RainbowX on the thumbnail.

  15. Phylicia Bailey

    Phylicia Bailey15 hours ago

    Hey! I love blue😞😔😢

  16. Christina Celaya Rodriguez

    Christina Celaya Rodriguez15 hours ago


  17. Blue Gamer

    Blue Gamer16 hours ago

    You do realise that’s Heustess Power the rainbow impostor

  18. derek forbes

    derek forbes16 hours ago


  19. William Powell

    William Powell17 hours ago

    No Don’t report

  20. Jean Disla

    Jean Disla17 hours ago


  21. July Smith

    July Smith19 hours ago

    i wish this was real haha

  22. Dave the fyre Zorua

    Dave the fyre Zorua19 hours ago

    *Huester has entered the chat*

  23. Kash R

    Kash R20 hours ago

    Do you know why Jeff was thrown away it was because is the impostor can change colour

  24. Kash R

    Kash R20 hours ago

    I’ve never seen that before in among us but I don’t play among us because I am too young I am only six years old

  25. fresia cano

    fresia cano21 hour ago


  26. Pritam Roy

    Pritam Roy22 hours ago


  27. Emily Kolbmann

    Emily Kolbmann23 hours ago


  28. CM Toy Car Ph.

    CM Toy Car Ph.Day ago

    Rainbow among us

  29. melody jeffrey daigle

    melody jeffrey daigleDay ago


  30. AmongPlayz

    AmongPlayzDay ago

    Don't you just stroll down the chat and wish you said that

  31. Robert Maistry

    Robert MaistryDay ago

    i wish i can do that to...

  32. Robert Maistry

    Robert MaistryDay ago

    cool videos bru

  33. kary moto

    kary motoDay ago


  34. DM Dream girl DM

    DM Dream girl DMDay ago

    Evil impostor

  35. Cursed Gaming fnaf

    Cursed Gaming fnafDay ago

    The imposter controlling everyone

  36. Alif & Afaf

    Alif & AfafDay ago

    Ia a rainbow

  37. Pritam Roy

    Pritam RoyDay ago


  38. joedale cadilo

    joedale cadiloDay ago

    i so mr potato alive lol 😂😂😂😂

  39. Jaymarjaymar Jaymar

    Jaymarjaymar JaymarDay ago

    Yo sup

  40. DON'T STOP Studio

    DON'T STOP StudioDay ago

    It is amazing to see that this video make lot of views! Congratulations! I make stop motion . You can see it

  41. DON'T STOP Studio

    DON'T STOP Studio11 hours ago

    @Svitlana Karmanskyy hi 👋🏻

  42. Svitlana Karmanskyy

    Svitlana Karmanskyy15 hours ago


  43. aphroditeinhell

    aphroditeinhellDay ago


  44. aphroditeinhell

    aphroditeinhellDay ago

    if that happened in the real Among Us then I would be able to kill in front of the players only if the player I want to turn into that player should not be in there



    I dislike this video

  46. Starcreepz

    StarcreepzDay ago

    Is anyone gonna ignore the fact that the ghosts tails look like noodles

  47. Mary O Malley

    Mary O Malley22 hours ago

    And how old are you

  48. Mary O Malley

    Mary O Malley22 hours ago

    How does ghosts tails look like noodles

  49. Becka

    BeckaDay ago

    I Like your video s

  50. Vasco Lamkin

    Vasco LamkinDay ago

    Love this one

  51. William Huntley

    William HuntleyDay ago

    3:02 Wait a minute Didnt miss potato just die LoGiC BoI

  52. senoussi ouahiba

    senoussi ouahibaDay ago

    Bienvenue dans le presse-papiers Gboard. Le texte que vous copiez est enregistré ici. For

  53. Jose the Funny

    Jose the FunnyDay ago

    Grits as Jeff killed mrs.potato and banana was with Chester and mrs.potato was with them when he was dead

  54. ashton suarez

    ashton suarezDay ago

    how bad is blue

  55. Rania Berkdar

    Rania BerkdarDay ago

    DS ASAM KLRZ🧐🧐🥰🥰

  56. Esteban Cuello

    Esteban CuelloDay ago

    Lol I wish imps can change colors too XD

  57. kakapوهب البلوشي

    kakapوهب البلوشيHour ago


  58. Kohan Gignac

    Kohan GignacDay ago

    Gay poster

  59. Shah Rukh

    Shah RukhDay ago


  60. dingankar pushkar

    dingankar pushkarDay ago

    9:34 Red always sucks😲

  61. Sian Phillips

    Sian PhillipsDay ago


  62. Leonel Guzman Cruz

    Leonel Guzman CruzDay ago

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  63. Lava Bottle

    Lava BottleDay ago

    I saw that when mrs potato got killed he was still alive

  64. Lava Bottle

    Lava BottleDay ago

    I like the videos but they make no sense

  65. Cyber Wolf

    Cyber WolfDay ago


  66. Little Wolfie

    Little Wolfie2 days ago

    The new update

  67. Mariana Rus

    Mariana Rus2 days ago

    It is just amazing

  68. radhyt ramadhan

    radhyt ramadhan2 days ago


  69. angelica

    angelica2 days ago

    I love this

  70. Jayden A. Harrison

    Jayden A. Harrison2 days ago

    9:36 had me laughing at blues face😂😆

  71. Stupid The Impostor

    Stupid The Impostor2 days ago

    Makes more sense cuz the impostor was canon to be an alien

  72. Daniel Daniel

    Daniel Daniel2 hours ago

    Hi lmpostor.

  73. lybbx thebacon

    lybbx thebacon3 hours ago


  74. Jean Disla

    Jean Disla17 hours ago

    Is dont endeustinde

  75. Kash R

    Kash R20 hours ago

    Yes it does make more sense because the impostor was Canon to be an alien

  76. Shelby Clark

    Shelby Clark21 hour ago

    but theres no proof for color changing on aliens

  77. Ngoc Pham hong

    Ngoc Pham hong2 days ago

    2 +345 =

  78. Ngoc Pham hong

    Ngoc Pham hong2 days ago


  79. Ngoc Pham hong

    Ngoc Pham hong2 days ago


  80. Hương Đoàn

    Hương Đoàn2 days ago


  81. Azyan Khan

    Azyan Khan2 days ago

    Ähi ok

  82. Iskandar Yusoff

    Iskandar Yusoff2 days ago

    3:02 how potato alive?

  83. Wan Mohamad Azib Azrie

    Wan Mohamad Azib Azrie2 days ago

    Is so amazing i like.

  84. Siphe Dikoko

    Siphe Dikoko2 days ago


  85. Jackninja5

    Jackninja52 days ago

    Mr. Grits is back to his old tricks.

  86. Yanna

    Yanna2 days ago

    I’m in team blue so i guess i’m blue the “IMPOSTER”

  87. Isa Paleta

    Isa Paleta2 days ago

  88. Meera Shakthi

    Meera Shakthi2 days ago

    Blue was the imposter

  89. Kunding143

    Kunding1432 days ago

    mr grits? i thought it was mr GRITZ

  90. luka stanic

    luka stanic2 days ago


  91. Melle Plays Games

    Melle Plays Games2 days ago

    You van change Colors

  92. Melle Plays Games

    Melle Plays Games2 days ago


  93. Masie is my kitten

    Masie is my kitten2 days ago

    but wh dont they sus blue of not being around?

  94. Masie is my kitten

    Masie is my kitten2 days ago

    i like it

  95. Jeffy Laag

    Jeffy Laag2 days ago

    banana was not the imposter and poop is very cute😍

  96. CJ De Guzman

    CJ De Guzman2 days ago

    What Of The Imposter Is SUS

  97. VS TECH

    VS TECH2 days ago

    Super funny video

  98. Shawn Mulvey

    Shawn Mulvey2 days ago

    Mr Grits is the imposter

  99. Osmar Lopez

    Osmar Lopez2 days ago



    HELLO, GRACE2 days ago

    I wish I could do that

  101. Daniel De Miranda Both Gamer

    Daniel De Miranda Both Gamer2 days ago

    Blue imposter

  102. Veronica Garcia

    Veronica Garcia2 days ago

    Cool video.

  103. Daniel Daniel

    Daniel Daniel2 days ago

    Change color.

  104. Sanaa Zara

    Sanaa Zara2 days ago

    gf:say ara say ara!!!

  105. Tsweletso Matome

    Tsweletso Matome2 days ago

    Well some parts is a love story

  106. Jessica Gaither

    Jessica Gaither2 days ago

    2:52 Is that how they actually eject people? Among us just got a little better

  107. Juan Nicolas

    Juan Nicolas2 days ago


  108. Kadarius Curry

    Kadarius Curry2 days ago


  109. Madinstincts

    Madinstincts2 days ago

    HAHAHHA when the crewmates voted out mr gritts i was like BWHAHAHAHHAHA

  110. Jasmine Santos

    Jasmine SantosDay ago

    What are you tacing about?? Any way ...i like among us

  111. Grecia Ulloa

    Grecia Ulloa2 days ago

    Me too

  112. less of prison : Please Stand By

    less of prison : Please Stand By2 days ago


  113. Regomoditswe Seopa

    Regomoditswe Seopa2 days ago

    that is amazing and cool

  114. Aroni Dsa

    Aroni Dsa2 days ago

    1000 good

  115. Md Monirul Islam

    Md Monirul Islam2 days ago

    Can I Do It? 30c4 alt? x? ツ OMG i did it :))

  116. Steven YT

    Steven YT2 days ago


  117. Mxddie

    Mxddie2 days ago

    Mr Grits kill mr Potato but mr Potato is alive I saw him