Food Theory: Taco Bell Is Killing Amazon!

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Taco Bell is revolutionizing the drive thru experience. Yes, the fast food chain is challenging the likes of Amazon delivery in its grand plan. We are talking a multi-lane, contactless, order only EXPERIENCE. I know you are wonders how a drive through could compete with at home delivery and, Theorists, it is because of the BIGGEST jump all companies have to cover. What is it? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  1. Vali Kuzev

    Vali Kuzev25 seconds ago


  2. SkyKibo

    SkyKibo58 minutes ago


  3. Brandon Cavazos

    Brandon CavazosHour ago

    oh my god kfc had a gtr im the drivethru

  4. Lenny Wright

    Lenny Wright3 hours ago

    Fun fact, the base in Mad Max: Fury Road used to be a Taco Bell! It’s innovative design like that that allowed Taco Bell to win the franchise wars referenced in Demolition Man… but that’s just a theory… 😉

  5. The legendary Phoenix

    The legendary Phoenix3 hours ago

    I want them to have walk in drive throughs more

  6. MB3

    MB34 hours ago

    I hate this so much. I hate contactless and it bothers me that I can’t eat in the fast food place

  7. AresOnAir

    AresOnAir7 hours ago

    I think matt really needs to learn how delivery drivers actually make money and how the apps work for the employees, because if he did this video would be radically different

  8. Michelle Maina

    Michelle Maina8 hours ago

    13:12 didn't see that coming

  9. Michelle Maina

    Michelle Maina8 hours ago

    you're giving them ideas 😅 lol

  10. jacob waters

    jacob waters9 hours ago

    My taco needs the 4 lanes

  11. Error[0]

    Error[0]13 hours ago

    Got I hate this idea

  12. Cesare Smetters

    Cesare Smetters13 hours ago

    Im so sad it isnt pneumatic tubes. Its a burrito. They could handle the directions

  13. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller14 hours ago

    I was going to say if fast food starts teaming up with each other they can become a cloud-based system similar to like Netflix... order from our app and will deliver you this range of food... The marketing behind this would be brilliant... The only issue or the conglomerate giants... they don’t like to play nice with each other. Which is why they are likely to team up with their own sub chains...

  14. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller14 hours ago

    I actually learned that about Amazon in my marketing class, it’s true Amazon predicts your orders and have them shipped partly to your house

  15. Alvin Wong

    Alvin Wong15 hours ago

    Wait, theres taco bell? -Indonesia

  16. M L

    M L16 hours ago

    I can see taco bell teaming up with other restaurants for this there are already a few location near me where they share the building location with popeyes and longjohn silvers.

  17. Acarria White

    Acarria White17 hours ago

    tbh that would work very well here because the lines are always long in Crapifornia lol. Almost every medium sized to big city drive throughs need at least 3 lanes. My small town even requires at minimum 2 to handle drive through orders at literally any time. So that idea is prolly coming from those but yes that is just genius tbh to make it like that and also allow for modular expansion for fitting in other restaurants if they want to.

  18. Odysee BitChute

    Odysee BitChute18 hours ago

    No one else is getting Demolition Man vibes from this? Srsly?

  19. GTCam

    GTCam19 hours ago

    I think we’ve witnessed the death of dine in Here at certain hours, it’s not uncommon to see like 8 cars in line.

  20. J.R. Smith

    J.R. Smith19 hours ago

    COVID ain’t the reason to me it’s the companies making it so hard for you to simply order and leave like you used to . I’ve noticed at least in ny drive thru lines are ridiculous meanwhile the store is cranking out mobile order after mobile order while everyone else waiting to order

  21. Diet Salt

    Diet Salt20 hours ago

    this reminds me of the movie where taco bell won the fast food wars

  22. lalala

    lalala20 hours ago

    But what about costumers without cars or who can’t afford delivery. I guess they can just have a walk up window

  23. puffpastry

    puffpastry20 hours ago

    Nooo ever since the quarantine started I’ve been waiting to go inside a Taco Bell for endless refills on Baja blast😭😭😭 plsss don’t take thatttt

  24. Hero of Kush

    Hero of Kush20 hours ago

    Worst part about this. Is we'll lose places to pee

  25. Hayden Conard

    Hayden Conard21 hour ago

    My towns taco bell is always packed

  26. Shelby Miller

    Shelby Miller23 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that the theme started at exactly 15 seconds. Anyone. Okay just me

  27. Pengz -

    Pengz -Day ago

    Why was the dude in the KFC drive through in a gtr?

  28. James Spinaris

    James SpinarisDay ago

    Where I live it takes 10 minutes to wait on a tocobell line and at 12 am around 30 minutes

  29. gifford lee

    gifford leeDay ago

    Thank god this is why the minimum wage is being kicked for employees who is asking for that 15$ BS wage increease. As well as no more customer service people doing the ordering anymore.

  30. CheezyRat VR

    CheezyRat VRDay ago

    I’m so cultured I went to Taco Bell in Japan

  31. hosainplayz

    hosainplayzDay ago

    cheng teoh:taco Bell will reach next level cost cutting if they can figure out a way to teach mindless ghosts how to cook a burrito me:so true

  32. GO BUCS

    GO BUCSDay ago

    Covid Bullcrap in full force.

  33. Sasunaru

    SasunaruDay ago

    Idk if its just me but amazon wise sense its civic delivary costs are up but also people buying from amazon the more delivery and the more people buy then it should even itself out

  34. death13a

    death13aDay ago

    I would prefer if food companies would cooperate on mobile app that would allow you order food that you crave at the moment no matter the brand

  35. Burning Elmo

    Burning ElmoDay ago

    i live in mn and i approve this idea.

  36. Tyler Nelson

    Tyler NelsonDay ago

    Honestly looks like sonic in oregon. Just more compact

  37. Ezra Ritsema

    Ezra RitsemaDay ago

    Bro you trippin come noon every TB IN TOWN is 10 car line minimum

  38. Charles Barrientos

    Charles BarrientosDay ago

    In Madrid there is a Chipotle Copy made by an American who missed chipotle called Tierra and down town there is a a location that only makes food for delivery just a window and an a door for employes

  39. Mayonegg Mayo egg

    Mayonegg Mayo eggDay ago

    I have that mcchicken nugget dinosaur thing

  40. Gracie Parker

    Gracie Parker2 days ago

    It's literally just going to he a giant mall

  41. Mathis Hammer

    Mathis Hammer2 days ago

    me who thinks about buying a 10th aniversery shirt/pullover

  42. CampVloggy Bee

    CampVloggy Bee2 days ago

    I gotta say I’ve never had a problem eating Taco Bell’s food my stomach is made out of steal 😂😅😅

  43. Zachary does gacha

    Zachary does gachaDay ago

    Same, I never understood the memes of it happening lol

  44. Mangis Smagorius

    Mangis Smagorius2 days ago

    finally i will not need to wait half an hour just to get a happy meal

  45. Ann-juh-lee

    Ann-juh-lee2 days ago

    There was a Taco Bell add under this vid O.o

  46. Some Guy

    Some Guy2 days ago

    Dinning in fast food is most likely dead. I don’t see myself sitting down to eat in a store ever again!

  47. Jonathan D

    Jonathan D2 days ago

    Someone finally realized they can add a non-intersecting, non-interfering second dimension to drive-thru. *Applause*

  48. Blu_stone oof

    Blu_stone oof2 days ago

    I went to Taco Bell yesterday.............

  49. Zoe Guy

    Zoe Guy2 days ago

    Ball pits really do you know how mean people I dr... I mean people get dragged all the time and probably in a lab being test for mind being Experiments

  50. purplegravy1

    purplegravy12 days ago

    Lmao remember the movie Demolition Man its happening Taco Bell is gonna be the only restaurant that survives the apocalypse

  51. Augustas Vanile

    Augustas Vanile2 days ago

    2:00 and then there's me confusing it by ordering a bun with pickles

  52. Jamston The Deku simp

    Jamston The Deku simp2 days ago

    Matpat should realese audio versions on spotit

  53. MadLad_Don23

    MadLad_Don232 days ago

    I miss the happymeals from when I was younger, the cheap toys were great one day time waisters before it got lost....

  54. Ping Fox

    Ping Fox2 days ago

    Came for the munchies. Stayed for the mind blow in the possible future of logistics.

  55. deadly grenade

    deadly grenade2 days ago

    Pov Taco Bell watching this vid: "Oh ye that sounds better than what we were doing, I i mean yes"

  56. tran le nam phuong

    tran le nam phuong2 days ago

    Big brain move 🤯

  57. Garrett ze Gamer

    Garrett ze Gamer2 days ago

    Wait matpat has a son?!?!?!?!

  58. MrAimbotJK

    MrAimbotJK2 days ago

    Never been more than 2 cars in line you lucky!! There be like 7 for me

  59. Chestnut Thing

    Chestnut Thing3 days ago

    What was the name of that one movie where Taco Bell basically takes over all food industries until it becomes the only restaurant available? The movie was about some past criminal in the future or something.

  60. F*ck coleslaw

    F*ck coleslaw3 days ago


  61. krankykid 08

    krankykid 083 days ago

    Yeah it does exactly look like a drive thru bank.

  62. nes bros.

    nes bros.3 days ago

    the fourth channel should be book theory.

  63. Rafa Sabatier

    Rafa Sabatier3 days ago

    You should watch “demolition man”

  64. Barney Bull

    Barney Bull3 days ago

    Matpat: Taco Bell makes you poop Me: corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture Laxatives Taco Bell Me: they’re the same picture

  65. Tejas Giridharan

    Tejas Giridharan3 days ago

    matpat you do marketing for your products very subtly not as annoying as in yo face advertising for merc so hats off to you also i really want to thank you for making learning fun for me i usually am very lazy when it comes to studies but seeing how it cn be used in cool ways makes me exicted to learn thank for all the effort and hardwork you put to entertain us

  66. EliteBritishGaming

    EliteBritishGaming3 days ago

    I can agree with that. It actually makes me want to check out the product and try it out.

  67. Matthew McDonald

    Matthew McDonald3 days ago

    “If people went in to get food then you’d need to pay for lighting and air conditioning” Ah yes, as all employees have night vision and are cold-blooded

  68. ColonelJayWrites

    ColonelJayWrites2 days ago

    Good point, but with the excluded dining room, costs would definitely be lower.

  69. Some Cruz

    Some Cruz3 days ago

    I work at panda express and I started during the pandemic and turns out our store in making 4 to 7k more than when dine in was open

  70. The_Atropos

    The_Atropos3 days ago

    Demolition Man warned us about Taco Bell winning the franchise wars

  71. trick r treat

    trick r treat3 days ago

    Every fastfood place rn WRITE THAT DOWN

  72. preston Gaming

    preston Gaming3 days ago

    I understand why you didn’t really mention grub hub that dance still haunts me

  73. \

    \4 days ago

    People who don't have cars: *Internal suffering*

  74. V BOY

    V BOY4 days ago

    taco bell more like tostada doblada bell . . . this isn't funny at all

  75. นาย 3 อ

    นาย 3 อ4 days ago

    It dont real FAKE!!!

  76. Joseph Fodera

    Joseph Fodera4 days ago

    Little did taco bell know Brooklyn park Minnesota wouldn’t be a wise new business choice

  77. Diego Roldan

    Diego Roldan4 days ago

    automation like this is kinda scary to think about

  78. Rhas 'Churol

    Rhas 'Churol5 days ago

    Am I the only one a little disappointed that we're actively moving away from interacting with real people, directly? What does any of this say about our civilization? We can't just run away from everyone.

  79. Svetolik Markovic

    Svetolik Markovic5 days ago

    This is brilliant, I am apsolutely agreeing with this. The revolution may start.

  80. baldis brother

    baldis brother5 days ago

    introverts will love that kind of building

  81. KitKat Bar

    KitKat Bar5 days ago

    Does no one realize that sonic was the first fast food place to do what taco bell is technically doing??? No dining room, drive thru and many ordering stations where people can get their food fast (besides the fact that sonic still has human contact to get the food to the customer)

  82. James Dinius

    James Dinius2 days ago

    First off, most fast food restaurants were doing it back in the day, Sonic just stuck with it. Second, this model is much more streamlined with a more grab and go model as opposed to park and dine.

  83. Sam Kenney

    Sam Kenney5 days ago

    What MatPat talks about towards the end of the video is one of my favorite reasons I liked living in the eastern end of the midwest bc we have drive-ins. Its basically a 7-Eleven but a drive-thru version

  84. The camera spam

    The camera spam5 days ago


  85. Shiny Porygon

    Shiny Porygon5 days ago

    I can't believe my favorite food is on the thumbnail of the video °o°

  86. Renee S

    Renee S6 days ago

    And we weren’t sick!!

  87. Lawrence Calablaster

    Lawrence Calablaster6 days ago

    What about Sonic? They’ve been using the drive-in only model for always, are they doing better now?

  88. Muffqinxxx

    Muffqinxxx6 days ago

    Isn’t this just a sonic with a tube to each drive thru

  89. GojiraFan05

    GojiraFan056 days ago

    New theory the pandemic was created by fast food restaurants

  90. television kid

    television kid6 days ago

    me without a car👁👄👁

  91. ToXiK

    ToXiK6 days ago

    that nissan gtr though

  92. zeroxlulu

    zeroxlulu6 days ago

    "The first of it's kind contactless Taco Bell will open in Brooklyn Park, MN." Me watching this 2 months later - Oh no.

  93. Hairy Hairison

    Hairy Hairison2 days ago

    catch me looking for this comment, living in minneapolis

  94. Rens Tamerus

    Rens Tamerus7 days ago

    Wasting my last 4% of phone battery on a video to forget the nightmate-inducing experience that was the previous FNaF theory video LOL.

  95. Robert Lonergan

    Robert Lonergan6 days ago

    Everyone does it

  96. Latté Fops

    Latté Fops7 days ago

    lol fork everyone who can't afford a car xD

  97. Panther001

    Panther0017 days ago

    Matpat invents a mall

  98. Jacob Koopman

    Jacob Koopman7 days ago

    Hope it doesn’t get looted Ah god how it’s so close to Brooklyn Center and you know what happened there And yes I know it hasn’t been built yet 4:32 when everything goes back to normal

  99. The Curing Plague

    The Curing Plague7 days ago

    I'm sure they probably have a taco bell love similar to the one in Missouri. My local taco bells get packed fast.

  100. Elijah E

    Elijah E7 days ago

    Every now and then I forget this channel exists

  101. LiXio

    LiXio8 days ago

    Tbh a drive-thru food court sounds amazing.

  102. jksdafaj;sf adfa

    jksdafaj;sf adfa8 days ago

    that yo quiero notification bell threw me off- you... want notification bell? you said "I want notification bell" thats it. w h a t

  103. Gale

    Gale8 days ago

    So it's finally happening Drive though supermarkets I'll give it 10 years till it's low key the norm

  104. mrjanemba

    mrjanemba8 days ago

    This is the real reason Taco Bell was the only restaurant left in Demolition Man

  105. COW6IRL69

    COW6IRL698 days ago

    My only question is if everything relies on drive-thru, what's going to happen to people who don't have a car or access to Uber? (ex. Homeless, minor, ect.)

  106. rockin river

    rockin river8 days ago

    I would hope that one delivery driver doesn’t pick up 5 orders at the same time, the last person to receive their order is gonna have seriously soggy food

  107. James Dinius

    James Dinius2 days ago

    Pizza delivery already gets away with stacked orders no problems (usually)