"Hog Hunt" | Dream SMP Animation

Hello!!!!!! I'm backk!!!!!!
Hopefully you have a wonderful day today ^^
MUSIC by @2WEI and @Marvin Brooks
Music: Marvin Brooks - Ghost (2WEI Remix)
Stream here: artist.positionmusic.com/Ghost-2WEIRemix-MarvinBrooks
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
Original Song: Marvin Brooks - Ghost
Stream here: new.positionmusic.com/MarvinBrooksGhost
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
I'm very thankful that they let me used this wonderful music piece!
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Technoblade never dies!!!!!!


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  3. lolopo guy's

    lolopo guy's17 days ago

    Techoblade never die

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  7. Nome Gaming

    Nome Gaming46 minutes ago

    123Happily did a god damn good job at the subtitles

  8. Za-Kadr Games

    Za-Kadr Games47 minutes ago

    This was SO COOL!!!

  9. Jordan Soh

    Jordan Soh49 minutes ago

    Technoblade was powerful

  10. Jordan Soh

    Jordan Soh50 minutes ago

    This is scary but i am 12

  11. patsp

    patsp55 minutes ago

    Good time when techno were relevant to the plot

  12. Brooklynn

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  13. Cedplaysgames

    Cedplaysgames56 minutes ago

    yeah you can customize the captions in ytb studio its just no one ever does it

  14. Lemony X

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  16. reyvert Tv Pablo

    reyvert Tv PabloHour ago

    Try the Language Filipino Yoo My Country Hahaha I Understand now

  17. WaterDucks

    WaterDucksHour ago

    2:09 Curseforge?

  18. Anthony Cozzolino

    Anthony CozzolinoHour ago

    its been about a week since I watched this for the first time, and I haven't gone a single day without watching it again since

  19. The Cursed Sunflower

    The Cursed SunflowerHour ago

    Now in cinemas, PG13😂

  20. Cedplaysgames

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  21. GreenTheComic

    GreenTheComicHour ago

    Everybody's talking about that revival animation but nobody is talking about Techno using glasses while reading his warning at 1:29

  22. S Sanjay

    S SanjayHour ago

    You're animation is on next level

  23. Cedplaysgames

    Cedplaysgames55 minutes ago

    actual fax

  24. S Sanjay

    S SanjayHour ago

    I think you should make a movie on dream smp

  25. GoodGameGamer

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  26. 3L33tN33t

    3L33tN33tHour ago

    I love the shiver of excitement in his voice when he reveals the skulls. Technoblade is really good at acting

  27. Julián Barbato

    Julián BarbatoHour ago

    F*ck those who disliked it, this animation is fantastic

  28. Vanny The Killer

    Vanny The Killer2 hours ago

    Wilbur is just chilling in the corner with friend xD

  29. kidus yared

    kidus yared2 hours ago

    I wanna kill the people who disliked this masterpiece

  30. HwoarangTk 18 Gaming

    HwoarangTk 18 Gaming2 hours ago

    I think... What if...this...was an anime series.... or anime movie. BOOOM!! I wish this to be one of anime series or anime movie.

  31. Endless Does memes

    Endless Does memes2 hours ago

    I have watched this not joking 20 times and the end still gives me chills down my spine

  32. si Oren bar-bar:v

    si Oren bar-bar:v2 hours ago

    This is sickk mammmm👍

  33. Achmad Zamroni

    Achmad Zamroni2 hours ago

    Make another animation ?

  34. Dark Killer1987

    Dark Killer19872 hours ago

    Day 19 of watching hog hunt multiple times a day

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  36. Yuillika LockeShard

    Yuillika LockeShard2 hours ago

    Can't stop rewatching this time again and again. I'm bound! XD

  37. CourtJesterArt

    CourtJesterArt2 hours ago

    i don't know how many times I've watched this but I Cannot Stop this is so good ;-;

  38. {ッ} Yoshi {ッ}

    {ッ} Yoshi {ッ}3 hours ago

    holy ^hit to epic

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    Michał Calik3 hours ago

    this is epic

  42. Shaunnindroid

    Shaunnindroid3 hours ago

    When are Steve and Edward getting their 12 episode series

  43. Abie Gabas Vlogs

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  44. Janach Plays

    Janach Plays4 hours ago

    Bro she should animate a movie please please please you have such a great talent

  45. Janach Plays

    Janach Plays3 hours ago

    Oh she sorry

  46. Rini Sarker

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  47. Sofia

    Sofia4 hours ago

    It's been 2 weeks but this still give me chills.

  48. JacobPlayz

    JacobPlayz4 hours ago

    Yoooooo this is cool this is my favorite

  49. Alan Na Takuatoong

    Alan Na Takuatoong4 hours ago

    U can get the biggest animation jobs out there

  50. Ashar the giantman

    Ashar the giantman4 hours ago

    The totem is the best part

  51. Aisha Al Kharusi

    Aisha Al Kharusi4 hours ago

    techno is the best With bruh meme

  52. Fanny is funny

    Fanny is funny4 hours ago

    Just think about how much time sadist had to spend on this

  53. april

    april4 hours ago

    this is so clean jesus christ

  54. Meeryu

    Meeryu5 hours ago

    Let's be honest, this isn't your first time watching this or any of the Dream smp videos Sadist made

  55. roblox

    roblox5 hours ago

    I gave you want I wanted now I'm off the train now

  56. Preasia Rani

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  57. iRedX

    iRedX5 hours ago

    always come back to this part 00:45

  58. Vimlesh Mishra

    Vimlesh Mishra5 hours ago

    Idk but everytime I watch this and start crying out of the strong feelings mixed up man I can't explain.Amazing work.


    TANNER THE NOOB5 hours ago

    Im just wondering how did technoblade got al'o'those Wither skeleton skulls

  60. pengu

    pengu5 hours ago


  61. Diamond Armor

    Diamond Armor5 hours ago

    Can we appriciate at what @Sad-ist did to the Totem part WITH PHONE AND HANDS?!!!!!

  62. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog5 hours ago

    Actually, she uses a Huion Kamvas and animates on Toon Boom Harmony. She only used her phone for her first Dream SMP animatic (either way, *impressive* nonetheless.)

  63. rochelyn bandola

    rochelyn bandola5 hours ago

    Can we appreciate fundys only word is a screech

  64. Lemoon-Tea

    Lemoon-Tea6 hours ago

    Will you ever do high hopes for the dream smp members

  65. big man

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  66. L4teD4ily999

    L4teD4ily9996 hours ago

    After I saw the collab between Camila and Sad-ist,I realised that there art style and animations looks almost familiar to me.

  67. Sergeant Cheerios

    Sergeant Cheerios6 hours ago

    just realised every animation starts off with wilbur

  68. IzzyPancakes

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  69. Scarlett Snook

    Scarlett Snook7 hours ago

    POV: this isn’t the first time you’ve watched this...

  70. Żyraffa

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  71. Júlia

    Júlia7 hours ago

    i'm watching this on loop

  72. Arfa Hashim

    Arfa Hashim7 hours ago

    Dude techno and sadist are the best bybthe way techno is better in pvp while dream is better in parkour so both have their differences but dude the totem animation was the best

  73. anthony paul

    anthony paul6 hours ago

    dream is better at 1.16 pvp which is the version in dream smp

  74. Aeron James Sanchez

    Aeron James Sanchez7 hours ago

    I didnt know this what happened when tommy is exiled

  75. Audrina Beltran

    Audrina Beltran7 hours ago

    This just gave me chills

  76. VaiLlant Dezz

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  77. Cooper's Corner

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  78. ヅJed

    ヅJed7 hours ago

    When roleplaying in Minecraft has gone too far:

  79. Barely Breathing

    Barely Breathing7 hours ago

    I literally stopped breathing the moment I tapped this video

  80. Kyouka Jirou

    Kyouka Jirou7 hours ago

    I am Amazingly horrified when Technoblade used the Totem😅

  81. CreeperLuke MineCraft

    CreeperLuke MineCraft7 hours ago

    "Can you make a Origin SMP animatic, they are starting to build up a lore to."

  82. Dj Empress

    Dj Empress7 hours ago

    So smooth the transitions

  83. Andrew Fortier

    Andrew Fortier8 hours ago

    I love how Ranboo is just always standing there awkwardly, he dont want to do this at all.

  84. the eight 8

    the eight 88 hours ago

    Sad-ist upping the price to 100usd if ur interested ill say my discord u add me and send a way to pay and i'll send u my skin

  85. simp hunt580

    simp hunt5808 hours ago

    We’re all talking about how chilling the totem scene is but not talking about how moments after techno had to rip his arm free of the cell bar and SHRUGGED IT OFF 2:41

  86. Jhade Plays

    Jhade Plays8 hours ago

    the Blade's here

  87. シ.

    シ.8 hours ago

    The totem animation gave me goosebumps

  88. Grizzleh Beh

    Grizzleh Beh8 hours ago

    Yo imagine if sad-ist re did the warriors animatic thing. That would be sick. All the animations are already insanely good, but just imagine that, that would be so cool

  89. TriangleBear

    TriangleBear8 hours ago

    this is so sick

  90. Max Ward

    Max Ward9 hours ago

    He’s done it again

  91. Aprianex

    Aprianex4 hours ago


  92. E-Vein Official

    E-Vein Official9 hours ago

    The fact is 2:21 Sadist got the wrong detail punz doesn't throw pearl to get in he throw a bunch of snowball and then use riptide trident combine with the waterfall to fly in

  93. E-Vein Official

    E-Vein OfficialHour ago

    @ANT BG yup except this thing everything is perfect

  94. ANT BG

    ANT BGHour ago

    @E-Vein Official its just a minor mistake tho Soo

  95. E-Vein Official

    E-Vein OfficialHour ago

    @ANT BG sadist should keeping on REAL detail instead of making the cooler one dude

  96. ANT BG

    ANT BG3 hours ago

    Ehh ender pearls cooler.

  97. Izzybella

    Izzybella9 hours ago

    Lol this is like a movie trailer

  98. Arnav Hazra

    Arnav Hazra9 hours ago


  99. BlazicBlaze

    BlazicBlaze9 hours ago

    2:39 This was SUPER AMAZING!

  100. i for got my password i for got my password

    i for got my password i for got my password9 hours ago

    I just CAN NOT get over part whare techno says THAN I CHOOSE BLOOD! the smoke effect so so badass and I love it. Keep up the good work


    MYSTIQ GAMER9 hours ago

    You should make animation on the origin smp

  102. geva8060 geva8060

    geva8060 geva80609 hours ago

    its cool

  103. Brandon663 Joseph

    Brandon663 Joseph9 hours ago

    I just wanted to say that u have inspired me to become a animator and i love your work/videos so much its just thank u 😁🤯🤩


    ISHAAN DHIMAN9 hours ago

    these 4.3k people are idiots

  105. Ƿynnťari

    Ƿynnťari9 hours ago

    I'm waiting until SAD-ist decide to use the music "Dynasty" for a video

  106. Aprianex

    Aprianex4 hours ago

    She sadly can't use it, Sad only searches for free music(which comes in 2WEI) and Dynasty is a copyrighted song, which misses out every member's reaction because... DMCA

  107. Ƿynnťari

    Ƿynnťari9 hours ago

    ALL I GAVE YOU IS GO-O-O‒O-O-O-O‒O-O-O-O-ONE TUMBLED LIKE IT WAS STO-O-O‒O-O-O-O‒O-O-O-O-ONE Thought we built a Dynasty that heaven couldn't shake Thought we built a Dynasty like nothing ever made Thought we built a Dynasty forever couldn't break... up ⠀ it all fell, it all fell down, it all fell... down it all fell, it all fell down, it all fell down eh-he-ey it all fell down, it all fell down, it all fell down!

  108. Jada Lewis

    Jada Lewis9 hours ago

    Holy crap Sad, You've really out done yourself :]

  109. Gavin Andrei Parandit

    Gavin Andrei Parandit9 hours ago

    woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool

  110. Archana Datey

    Archana Datey9 hours ago

    Those that have treated me with kindness , I will repay that kindness ten fold. And those that treat me with injustice , that use me , that hunt me down , that hurt my friends , " I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over "

  111. YourNightmare The Alt

    YourNightmare The Alt9 hours ago

    Who else had rewatched this for over 20 times already because its just a frickin masterpeice 🤚😔

  112. Kuroe

    Kuroe9 hours ago

    This actually make Techno the most humane player in this SMP. Imagine giving up his life just for mone-- I mean, Carl the horse. xD

  113. Koko Jonez

    Koko Jonez9 hours ago


  114. Emilee Shaw

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  115. Emilee Shaw

    Emilee Shaw10 hours ago

    I swear I have watched this like 20 times it is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!!

  116. Pythonsteve

    Pythonsteve10 hours ago

    2 mill by the end of the year? i sure hope u reach 3 mill soon

  117. BB Aldrich Veejay C. Gondeza

    BB Aldrich Veejay C. Gondeza10 hours ago

    Sad Ist I think I know how too make your videos cryable... Make an animation where every cannon death on the smp including Tommy's death

  118. Hexed_spirit Towwerz yo

    Hexed_spirit Towwerz yo10 hours ago

    Fun fact, Fundy said: Nooooooooooooooo he's getting away

  119. humbl.honeybee

    humbl.honeybee10 hours ago

    This is like a preview for a movie. Great Animation!

  120. pedroBR games

    pedroBR games10 hours ago

    my favorite part is how the little wisps of green magic stitch techno's head back together