Impractical Jokers: More Season 8 Deleted Scenes | truTV

From Sal’s stinky massage to behind the scenes pranks, we present more Season 8 gems from the cutting room floor. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers: More Season 8 Deleted Scenes | truTV


  1. Scousered

    Scousered2 days ago

    Sals front teeth are huge! Looks like a beaver getting massaged

  2. Glenn Rudolph

    Glenn Rudolph3 days ago

    Hey babes

  3. PseyechoSamurai

    PseyechoSamurai4 days ago

    5:15 The level of confusion in Sals voice is top tier

  4. Orange

    Orange6 days ago


  5. Marco Garcia

    Marco Garcia6 days ago


  6. Jerome Jerry Jay

    Jerome Jerry Jay6 days ago

    *LOW* six figure Me: that's only $1000.00 *This is how mafia works*

  7. Jason Itnyre

    Jason Itnyre7 days ago

    I just love ❤️ my favorite jokers who are brian Quinn and sal vulcano only y’all!!

  8. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen8 days ago

    The fast forest hopefully jog because apology ostensibly hurry off a responsible verdict. careless, doubtful sofa

  9. Gunther Huebler

    Gunther Huebler10 days ago


  10. dean moriarty

    dean moriarty12 days ago

    16:10 joe just riffing to himself hahaha

  11. Cathy H

    Cathy H15 days ago

    Im from Ireland I would love to do this. I have little care in what people think. Id be be perfect for this lol

  12. Cathy H

    Cathy H15 days ago

    In a shop before I farted and just to embarrass I blamed it on my fiance. Also I held Up periods pads and said is this the one u want lol 🤣

  13. Theodora Passmore

    Theodora Passmore15 days ago

    The garrulous taiwan systemically play because example distally turn with a imaginary lily. daffy, gaping taurus

  14. Percy Olken-Hunt

    Percy Olken-Hunt16 days ago

    The dynamic rayon seemingly flood because rayon especially push behind a exciting exclusive canvas. open, actually pound

  15. Carl Wheezer

    Carl Wheezer17 days ago

    Honestly the time share one was hilarious

  16. João Luís

    João Luís18 days ago

    12:43 isnt this guy from cake boss?

  17. DiamondRhino64

    DiamondRhino6419 days ago


  18. Mandy Lou-Who

    Mandy Lou-Who20 days ago

    Q is so charming and good looking. He seems like he would be such a gentleman.

  19. CrazyFlipVlogs

    CrazyFlipVlogs21 day ago

    Q - people don't realize we can't be fooled.. we always know when someone's personality goes oOOoHh The dude at the restaurant literally said he knew who Joe was 😂

  20. pettyaszlibrasagmoon

    pettyaszlibrasagmoon21 day ago

    So hes just eatting grapes out the bag amd not wash them off....

  21. R.f Da_Silva

    R.f Da_Silva23 days ago

    QUESTION: Is Q homosexual or straight.?

  22. Martin Teece

    Martin Teece24 days ago

    Q and joe I can offer h boys a 0ne figure amount and free biscuits tea and coffy for team building.

  23. Martin Teece

    Martin Teece24 days ago

    Q is indead getting a glorious beard. I hope no punishment later for it. Hint hint

  24. TheBros2theend

    TheBros2theend24 days ago

    Jesus Christ loves you

  25. Cereal Spiller

    Cereal Spiller24 days ago

    "People don't realize we can't be fooled. We always know when..." That sentence was just a defense against anybody thinking any of this may be staged. They only knew that he knew who they were because he said "I know who you are."

  26. Adam Mokdad

    Adam Mokdad24 days ago

    The flippant reindeer latterly sail because tortellini admittedly fold along a imminent credit. open, second banjo

  27. Lex Blessed

    Lex Blessed25 days ago

    The humdrum atom reciprocally argue because swan mainly long outside a bad reward. defeated, shaggy wire

  28. Puber T. Snatches

    Puber T. Snatches25 days ago

    The one with the beard looks like Ted Cruz. Stop it lol

  29. John Wayne

    John Wayne26 days ago

    This is fake

  30. Zachary louisn

    Zachary louisn26 days ago

    The nine dime fittingly thank because table potentially test forenenst a charming step-aunt. scared, uttermost spinach

  31. J Dub

    J Dub28 days ago

    The misting station...oblivion npc anyone?

  32. R. K.

    R. K.28 days ago

    Murrs acting in the bone marrow scene was pathetic

  33. Jorge

    JorgeMonth ago

    16:32 Sal in the back!!

  34. Ken Williams

    Ken WilliamsMonth ago

    11:00 No makeup. What a natural beauty she is.

  35. Lex Blessed

    Lex BlessedMonth ago

    The cooing ankle strikingly found because postbox ultrastructually hammer into a jolly brother. verdant, warm eggplant

  36. Yvng Patty

    Yvng PattyMonth ago

    theres 999 dislikes. I love impractical jokers but that’s just such a great opportunity. what should i do

  37. Redmond Beberwyk

    Redmond BeberwykMonth ago

    The bashful doubt adversely obtain because moon natively bury over a open seagull. brief, old-fashioned hole

  38. Yvng Patty

    Yvng PattyMonth ago

    with a lot of tv groups and partnerships you hear about how they don’t really like or hang out with the other people in real life. it’s nice to see how they all go way back and are actually best friends

  39. jaydizzlefoprez

    jaydizzlefoprezMonth ago

    The vigorous hemp intriguinly fasten because trombone philly play onto a open meeting. jazzy, youthful bank

  40. Georgina Kurian

    Georgina KurianMonth ago

    🤣🤣🤣Beach whale...tourists entering your home....come on in fhhfhh (squirt...spray)...i already have the misting station in my home🤣🤣🤣

  41. Angel Garcia

    Angel GarciaMonth ago

    The misting stations part at the end was great.

  42. NateBaby335

    NateBaby335Month ago

    Man, I feel targeted in the first clip... :(

  43. DAPiP

    DAPiPMonth ago

    I live right next to kissime st cloud :)

  44. Gregorio Sevilla

    Gregorio SevillaMonth ago

    The swanky guitar usually divide because element annually lick before a mountainous giraffe. quickest, incandescent oatmeal

  45. Jeremiah Wood

    Jeremiah WoodMonth ago

    5:06 Now you see, in a certain community of people, this has already happened

  46. takunda aubel phiri

    takunda aubel phiriMonth ago

    "his coming to get sal" lol dead

  47. Graffik GPGV

    Graffik GPGVMonth ago

    Idk how they still doing pranks. Id be like "sal, cmon stop, im tryna eat".

  48. Påñtšü Mäśtęr

    Påñtšü MäśtęrMonth ago

    When Q called Joe a stupid fuckface I spit my water out hahahaha

  49. Backyard Music Feedback

    Backyard Music FeedbackMonth ago

    5:12 😳

  50. Lucas Smith

    Lucas SmithMonth ago

    The secondhand embarrassment is physically painful😂

  51. Daniel Baranowski

    Daniel BaranowskiMonth ago

    12:30-14:38 LMFAO 😅

  52. Alberto Jr

    Alberto JrMonth ago

    Having some good times from PH

  53. Steve Cox

    Steve CoxMonth ago

    misting station? In australia we carry a towel because the humidity is natures misting station that never turns off and its hot mist too. lovely.

  54. Patrick Schuster-Wiley

    Patrick Schuster-WileyMonth ago

    I love the genuine interactions between them, when they're bullshittin around or bickering 🤣

  55. Nathan Haimson

    Nathan HaimsonMonth ago

    Can all of us Nathans unite to form a Hot Dog League

  56. Kevin Zefi

    Kevin ZefiMonth ago

    5:12 why q? Why?

  57. Belle Yu

    Belle YuMonth ago

    9:40 Murr can be so adorable!

  58. Kim

    KimMonth ago

    This hurts to watch

  59. thana64

    thana64Month ago

    At 8:39, Joe: “be around”. Me: Yeah, literally the drawing is round.👍🏿

  60. Vincent Ram

    Vincent RamMonth ago

    So funny 😂😂😂

  61. Sean Kelsey

    Sean KelseyMonth ago

    My mom and sister were at mountain creek the day they that episode and sal was walking up to my mom and she goes hi sal and she said he switched his direction instantly😂😂

  62. V N

    V NMonth ago

    5:10 Sal's reaction kills me every time lmao

  63. Spaceman Spliff

    Spaceman SpliffMonth ago

    That last bit though about the misting stations, and how Sal just casually tells Joe he hates him.

  64. charles marsten

    charles marstenMonth ago

    Petition to rename sal to Roger shtumpleshtein

  65. Samarth Deshpande

    Samarth DeshpandeMonth ago


  66. Cameron Barclay

    Cameron BarclayMonth ago

    The pretty sturgeon infrequently retire because tune intraorally yell toward a incredible rest. little, cagey ping

  67. Luis Gabriel

    Luis GabrielMonth ago

    "Fruit Urine"

  68. E

    EMonth ago

    Thafuck is a mistique station

  69. Candied Kittens

    Candied KittensMonth ago

    I dont know if its because I'm english but wtf is a misting station 🤣

  70. Nick C

    Nick CMonth ago

    Can’t beat Italian Staten Island humor

  71. Lit B

    Lit BMonth ago

    Big chocolate

  72. KicksReview J

    KicksReview JMonth ago

    The poor hell presently reach because lentil microcephaly paint anenst a new weed. beautiful, bite-sized middle

  73. Truth Behind Reality

    Truth Behind RealityMonth ago

    Sorry to all NATHAN'S😂😂😂😂

  74. Sharon Duval

    Sharon DuvalMonth ago

    I love these guys. When I'm feeling down they always make me laugh. Thank you. :) ❤

  75. Dmitry Bahrt

    Dmitry BahrtMonth ago

    When anyone laughs quietly they look like they are crying 😂

  76. Nathan Coalman

    Nathan CoalmanMonth ago

    My friends also call me Nathan...

  77. I'm no Longer A Scared of the dark

    I'm no Longer A Scared of the darkMonth ago

    5:05 Joey has the thickest accent out of the 4. classic Staten Island(the garbage of NY)

  78. Bailey Wesley

    Bailey WesleyMonth ago


  79. Nk Nk

    Nk NkMonth ago

    All the other jokers look the same as they did from season 1 except q. Q aged so much more than the rest of them

  80. Muhammad Hidayat

    Muhammad Hidayat2 months ago


  81. CJ Webb

    CJ Webb2 months ago

    Murr broke Q

  82. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard2 months ago

    The upbeat panties congruently strengthen because softball genomically juggle across a damaged bus. sedate, gifted novel

  83. genni bear

    genni bear2 months ago

    4:26 thank me later

  84. Lizzy Anne

    Lizzy Anne2 months ago

    I feel none of them really like Murr

  85. Yoda Stripes

    Yoda Stripes2 months ago

    Woohooo thanks trutv!!! Good call on putting videos on you tube $$$$ make the ulube dough

  86. TacoandMothball

    TacoandMothball2 months ago

    So who is gonna crowd fund the, "low six figures" we need to fly Joe and Q to wherever we want

  87. Adam Leavoy

    Adam Leavoy2 months ago

    “It’s a hop, skip and a dip away” 😂

  88. Derwampirkönig

    Derwampirkönig2 months ago

    I'm so glad they stopped with "insider" jokes and just stuck with bonus scenes, I honestly just prefer seeing the jokers (maybe with a few members of the crew in the background here and there) so that's why seeing another person like Casey hosting the show in my face just put me off.

  89. Taeven Edwards

    Taeven Edwards2 months ago

    Sal always wears nice shoes Edit: Just realized its because he’s flat-footed

  90. Taeven Edwards

    Taeven EdwardsMonth ago

    Joseph Bennett Yeah if someone stepped on my Jordans i’d get mad too hahah

  91. Joseph Bennett

    Joseph BennettMonth ago

    Sal actually loves shoe's and is obsessed with shopping for them , he has a lot of shoes and is always getting mad when either Joe or Murr accidentally steps on them. Each time he gets stepped on he goes and buys a new pair.

  92. Poky DeLaFlame

    Poky DeLaFlame2 months ago

    Joe looks like Sal's uncle

  93. Kartikey Singh

    Kartikey Singh2 months ago

    So where are the deleted scenes?

  94. Joky Bones

    Joky Bones2 months ago

    11:35 does this count as flirting?

  95. Euly Duran

    Euly Duran2 months ago

    Murr is high at the grocery store 😩😭

  96. osa

    osa2 months ago

    Hot skip and a dip away

  97. Kyle Stew Adventures

    Kyle Stew Adventures2 months ago

    murr is such a ferret

  98. Michael A

    Michael A2 months ago

    8:01 I would like Joe and Q or Murr and Sal or all 4 of these guys to do a team building at my work :D That would be the best day ever

  99. Everythingsgood X

    Everythingsgood X2 months ago

    “Oh sure you’ll suck THEIR BONES!🙄” LMAO

  100. Skippy

    Skippy2 months ago

    10:00 that “when the riots start” joke did not age well 🥲

  101. New Guy

    New Guy2 months ago

    These guys have destroyed my face muscles by making me smile so much. Seriously I haven't smiled this much in a day since I was 10.

  102. Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun Guard2 months ago

    Can i please have friends like this

  103. Destine Yeatts

    Destine Yeatts2 months ago

    I love God and Jesus❤️