Tom Wilson Hits Bruins' Brandon Carlo With Dangerous Hit Against The Glass

Washington Capital's Tom Wilson hits Boston Bruins' Brandon Carlo on forecheck in the head against the glass, no penalties on the play. Carlo had to be helped off of the ice.


  1. Exceptional Drone Services Canada

    Exceptional Drone Services Canada2 days ago

    Come on. Hit Marchand next time. Pretty please 🙏

  2. Black and Gold

    Black and Gold2 days ago

    Today the Bruins and Caps are playing again. Wilson is playing, but no Carlo yet. Why not give the offender a minimum number, but then ADD ON however many Carlo is out. Wilson should STILL be sitting if Carlo is "sitting".

  3. Tyler Groves

    Tyler Groves5 days ago

    As a Bruins fan who admits that he's not surprised someone hasn't beaten Marchand's ass(cuz he's tough as nails), I don't know how you can say that's not targeting. He wasn't taking strides but he didn't have to. He knew he had momentum, saw the opportunity and took it. Clear as day. And I like Wilson too.

  4. Jin Kisaragi fan

    Jin Kisaragi fan14 days ago

    Clean hit should've kept his head

  5. Antti Alhonen-Viitajylhä

    Antti Alhonen-Viitajylhä16 days ago

    Nhl dont need players like Wilson or mcdavid.

  6. Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson18 days ago

    Ummmm..... What??

  7. Shuyel Bari

    Shuyel Bari20 days ago

    Uriah Wesman, forearm horizontal throughout the hit to the cranium. Extremely dangerous, hefty fine, suspension..🥊🥊

  8. William Nowacki III

    William Nowacki III20 days ago

    Seriously?!!! Why isn’t this goon banned? He’s been doing this since he debuted. He must be a Raffi Torres wannabe

  9. darrin lewis

    darrin lewis21 day ago


  10. Tom Lako

    Tom Lako29 days ago

    He went for the head 😤😤😤😤

  11. BloodOrange

    BloodOrange24 days ago

    The mentality I love

  12. Joe Morin

    Joe MorinMonth ago

    Vrana is a gutless puke

  13. Boris Godunov

    Boris GodunovMonth ago

    NHL - 7 games not enough. PLAYERS - make Wilson's nuts your primary target - REFS - LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

  14. Bookem Danno

    Bookem DannoMonth ago

    1:05 "Oh and Vrana. The Crosscheck to the back of the head while a man is down!" You idiot Boston broadcasters never have a problem when Marchand does it multiple times a year.

  15. Jatna Babu

    Jatna BabuMonth ago


  16. Hkhan23

    Hkhan23Month ago

    I wish Canadian play by play commentators were as passionate and bias as American ones!

  17. Tim Harding

    Tim HardingMonth ago

    It's a clean hit.

  18. Steve C

    Steve CMonth ago

    Jack Edwards may possibly be the worst commentator in the game.

  19. hjack327

    hjack327Month ago

    Horrible suspension Carlo lowers his head at the last moment

  20. Michael Clark

    Michael ClarkMonth ago

    Hes a Headhunter but man I wish he was on my team

  21. Lawrence Lau

    Lawrence LauMonth ago

    Ruff ing riffing or wooofing

  22. FORD MAN

    FORD MANMonth ago

    Wilson is such a piece of garbage

  23. Cristin Baker

    Cristin BakerMonth ago

    Why isn't this goon thrown out of the league yet?!?!

  24. Promi Akter

    Promi AkterMonth ago


  25. Erik Halvorseth

    Erik HalvorsethMonth ago

    This dude should play alongside Dave Schultz in another era

  26. Tom Janssen

    Tom JanssenMonth ago

    Wilson needs to be targeted every game!

  27. The G Men

    The G MenMonth ago

    Wilson tries to injure players. Ten so far.

  28. BloodOrange

    BloodOrange24 days ago

    Good. Takes em out of the game

  29. Rock girl

    Rock girlMonth ago

    wtf was vrana thinking there also lmao

  30. Timjoe M

    Timjoe MMonth ago

    If the league wants to stop this suspend him for two years from any professional hockey, Does he have to kill someone?

  31. BloodOrange

    BloodOrange24 days ago

    Its hockey- you want to murder people. Not sure if youve ever played

  32. J P

    J PMonth ago

    Washington Caps players are starting to look like Washington Politicians... hit a man illegally... while he's down, illegally hit em again...

  33. Alex Basso

    Alex BassoMonth ago

    Anyone who says he isn't out there to injure is an idiot. You can be skilled and be a maniac at the same time. He's a psychopath and not the first in the NHL. The NHL is run by goons, they set the standard so, all is ok with them - great business minds, NOT. Another reason such an awesome sport will never be taken serious.

  34. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is the NHL’s version of Vontaze Berfict.

  35. Spencer Howard

    Spencer HowardMonth ago

    I want to fight Tom Wilson. To raise money for charities

  36. Lo Poa

    Lo PoaMonth ago

    Wilson hit Carlo in the chest right above the B first. Embarrassed for the announcers crying about a crosscheck when Vrana is just off balance. Wagner slammed Wilson's face into the ice. Odd nobody mentions that intent to injure.

  37. Rock girl

    Rock girlMonth ago

    wtf was vrana thinking there also lmao

  38. Boudas James

    Boudas JamesMonth ago

    Tiens mon colis

  39. Jesse Crichton

    Jesse CrichtonMonth ago

    Hit wasn’t even that bad come on

  40. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytMonth ago

    Jack Edwards is incorrigible!!! The true villain in this play.

  41. Fender Guitars

    Fender GuitarsMonth ago

    WILSON is a complete no talent GOON - HE needs to be suspended by NHL for rest of season for that nonsense ! he was trying to hurt the guy !

  42. Brian Blizzard

    Brian BlizzardMonth ago

    that wasn't bad. Didn't even deserve a penalty.

  43. Fender Guitars

    Fender GuitarsMonth ago

    if yer being sarcastic ,, still not funny !

  44. Metal Jimmy

    Metal JimmyMonth ago

    Wilson targeted his head ,..look again

  45. Edits

    EditsMonth ago

    Honestly I don’t think it was that bad ppl are just soft 😂

  46. A Halassy

    A HalassyMonth ago

    There are no real men anymore... back up cameras, blind spot detection, Meghan Markle... the 1970 Bruins!

  47. cody harker

    cody harkerMonth ago

    too bad it was brad he hit

  48. Manchurian Joe

    Manchurian JoeMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is still a thing? Guys a thug with some skill. Just because you don't go full Matt Cooke all the time doesn't make you any better of a player. Both are equal in my mind.

  49. Metal Jimmy

    Metal JimmyMonth ago

    Wilson is a Goon , 'should be banned from the NHL

  50. vector3647

    vector3647Month ago

    Bruins broadcast crew are the biggest homers ever. Boston player makes that hit and they'd be screaming for the refs resignation if there was a minor penalty on the play. Total 🤡 show.

  51. Terry J. MacMullen

    Terry J. MacMullenMonth ago

    i wish somebody would take care of this menace.suspensions aren t working

  52. B Mc

    B McMonth ago

    Clean hit. Bruins are just cry babies. Go Caps.

  53. Robert Fan

    Robert FanMonth ago

    Can't wait to see Frederic defecate on this guy next time they play

  54. Bluedemon Gaming

    Bluedemon GamingMonth ago

    I'm a caps fan and even I agree this is a garbage miss by the refs. Wilson earns his missed 7 games if not more. Refs in hockey seem to just hate hockey players.

  55. Soulman Murph

    Soulman MurphMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is a dirtball and Jakub Vrana is a punk

  56. Jon Knows

    Jon KnowsMonth ago

    I hate Tom Wilson like everyone else, but this is not dirty. Carlo pulls his body back and lowers his head into the most awkward position he could possibly get. This injury is not on Wilson, because he doesn't have any time to adjust.

  57. Metal Jimmy

    Metal JimmyMonth ago

    yeah rite ! Wilson practically took his head off there !!

  58. Enzo the Commissioner

    Enzo the CommissionerMonth ago

    Jack Edwards is incorrigible!!! The true villain in this play.

  59. Bluemiska Baackstab

    Bluemiska BaackstabMonth ago

    Hit was intentional, hit to the head wasnt intentional. Carlo was unlucky and didnt see another player was coming to hit him, so moved his arm higher and left head without protection. Boston was looking for such game it seems with their Frederic thus got what they wanted.

  60. iIiIiIiIiIiIi iIiIiIiIiIiIiI

    iIiIiIiIiIiIi iIiIiIiIiIiIiIMonth ago

    if Austen Mathews makes that hit, no one would say boo, but since its Tom Wilson, 7 games. its a contact sport, people get hurt, but that wasnt a dirty hit.

  61. addali med

    addali medMonth ago

    very nice

  62. Zechariah Nicholas

    Zechariah NicholasMonth ago

    I forgot hockey had soccer rules... Why the efff.. as a hockey player to you duck your head when everyone shouts heads up..I think I would call good hit..

  63. Derek Olsen

    Derek OlsenMonth ago

    Only 7 games?

  64. Tyler McEnery

    Tyler McEneryMonth ago

    It honestly looks a little high but at same time he is taking an elbow to the face to me it looks like a hockey hit. Unfortunate he got hurt hope he recovers quickly. Although I do love the announcer take on spear from ovechkin after a nobody chases ovechkin around trying to fight him.

  65. Chris Santamaria

    Chris SantamariaMonth ago

    I love seeing this fued. I'm glad someone is stepping up the dirtiest team in the league lol bunch of rats 🐀🤣

  66. Steve Holmes

    Steve HolmesMonth ago

    Jack Edwards.. such a homer

  67. AcesWildMMA

    AcesWildMMAMonth ago

    NHL has become so soft, as well as their fans. This is a man’s game. The hit wasn’t even bad. And you wonder why there are no body checks anymore in the NHL.

  68. GarBlaineNavy

    GarBlaineNavyMonth ago

    He hit Carlo in the armpit...I don't like Wilson and the Capitals but come on now, that's a weak call...

  69. Lil Bean Sprout

    Lil Bean SproutMonth ago

    The dirt ball strikes again

  70. Nathan

    NathanMonth ago

    This will be the first and most likely only time I will ever agree with jack edwards.

  71. Pavel Zoula

    Pavel ZoulaMonth ago

    This is just like an "oldtime" hockey hit. Who cares who it was, hockey cant be physical anymore. Accept the sport has enforcers to keep top players safe in a CONTACT sport.

  72. NixxFixx 77

    NixxFixx 77Month ago

    Wilson's a douchebag... 🤡🤡💩💩

  73. James Paul

    James PaulMonth ago

    When I see the hit in slow mo it looks like Wilson deliberately tucks his elbow in and leads with the shoulder, primary content was not the head. I barely see a penalty, let alone 7 games. He hit the top of the B and moved up. Carlo dipped his head way down, otherwise, it was going to be should and top of the chest. Also, Boston is well known for having the least impartial commentators in hockey, don't listen to those clowns.

  74. Andrew Harris

    Andrew HarrisMonth ago

    Look at it again. Wilson came in, stick and gloves high, and slammed Carlo's head into the glass. Totally avoidable. If Wilson meant to shoulder check and dig for the puck, his stick blade would have been down near the ice, not over head.

  75. Phil

    PhilMonth ago

    Fucn cheap

  76. Randi Leese

    Randi LeeseMonth ago

    Tom Wilson needs to be banned from the nhl for life. He is what is wrong with the game. Piece of garbage

  77. Falsetruth 0

    Falsetruth 0Month ago

    These players are getting soft

  78. Alfie 38

    Alfie 38Month ago

    just treat this piece of sh*t like he's Raffi Torres, and suspend him for a season. Same garbage, suspension after suspension and never learns.

  79. MrJosh Harvey

    MrJosh HarveyMonth ago

  80. MrJosh Harvey

    MrJosh HarveyMonth ago

    There is reeves hit on motte which is 10 times more egregious and resulted in 1 game suspension. But time white I guess

  81. Brendan Campbell

    Brendan CampbellMonth ago

    Honestly not as bad as everyone’s making it sound, he did not leave his feet or raise his elbows. Kept his elbows tucked against his side, he’s just 6’4 so it’s tough

  82. MrJosh Harvey

    MrJosh HarveyMonth ago

    Love tom wilson and his physical play. Wish he played for the blackhawks

  83. MrJosh Harvey

    MrJosh HarveyMonth ago

    I didn't think it was that egregious carlo was moving

  84. Dan Bunn

    Dan BunnMonth ago

    Bruins didn't moan at Krug (last season obviously) when he absolutely smashed someone with a 30 yard skate up. Boston and Edwards & co don't have a skate to stand on, Dirtiest team in the league shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. The irony of Brad Marchand having a go at the Caps. Hilarious. PS.(I'm not a Capitals fan). But I am a Bruins and Jack Edwards hater!

  85. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago

    Well then you’re stupid... Torrey Krug’s hit on Robert Thomas was clean... yes Marchand is a dirty slew foot artist... but THATS IT! The rest of the Bruins team is CLEAN!!!!!!!!! And why didn’t you hate the Pens, who had MATT COOKE??????

  86. Moleman4ever

    Moleman4everMonth ago

    Suspensions dont work. If you want to get rid of these hits, youll have to get rid of hits. It is a package deal; take it, or leave it and go watch women’s hockey.

  87. Moleman4ever

    Moleman4everMonth ago

    How neutered are you people? this hit is worth a penalty and maybe even a game misconduct. 7 games is absolutely insane.

  88. deepvoid

    deepvoidMonth ago

    Wilson is a head hunter. Always was and always will be.

  89. Tyler Greene

    Tyler GreeneMonth ago

    Clean hit. Whiny announcers.

  90. Braden Mayhew

    Braden MayhewMonth ago

    "Vrana right in the back of the head" missed both cross checks

  91. STUFF 'N SUCH!

    STUFF 'N SUCH!Month ago

    Head isn't principal point of contact, no suspension warranted.

  92. Greg House

    Greg HouseMonth ago

    You just knew watching the game something like this was going to happen, once Boston started making a mockery of the game and going after Ovechkin

  93. Joe Hanson

    Joe HansonMonth ago

    You're a moron

  94. wrds wpns

    wrds wpnsMonth ago

    that was high and refs miss it what a joke Refs should also be called in the office for a talk

  95. Captain Morgan

    Captain MorganMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is the greatest player of all time

  96. asifyouforgot

    asifyouforgotMonth ago

    This guy has to go. Him and Matt cook. Both garbage 🗑

  97. Casual MTG

    Casual MTGMonth ago

    I may be more pissed about the cross checking when it's obvious the guy is going down, what the?!

  98. Kurt Goettsche

    Kurt GoettscheMonth ago

    He wasn't even trying for the body. Dean Morton and Pierre Lambert need to be suspended the rest of the season.

  99. William Griffin

    William GriffinMonth ago

    '70s remedy: whenever Tom Wilson's on the ice - the other team gets their goon(a meaner Tom Wilson) on there. You can't take the high road, players get hurt

  100. Carter Sutherland

    Carter SutherlandMonth ago

    I think Vrana is somehow dumber in this situation.

  101. Bill Holmes

    Bill HolmesMonth ago

    I didn’t think the hit was egregious, but I do think it’ was unnecessary and because of Wilson’s history, he pays the price... He has to use better judgement on this stuff..

  102. Joseph Smith

    Joseph SmithMonth ago

    This is why I don't watch hockey anymore. You check someone and then you get suspended. That was shoulder on shoulder and he just moved through and the other guy lowered his head. Maybe they should just remove all contact from the game.

  103. Daniel Krilov

    Daniel KrilovMonth ago


  104. Jake Williams

    Jake WilliamsMonth ago

    And that cross check to the head at the end who literally took his helment off

  105. John F

    John FMonth ago

    Stop just punishing the repeat offender. Start punishing the team/employer. Take a point off in the standings for every game suspended and then teams will stop employing RATS.

  106. Mat La Menace

    Mat La MenaceMonth ago

    The refs sucks this year its unreal

  107. Christian Laraque

    Christian LaraqueMonth ago

    Clean hit. Wilson got him in the crest instead of behind. Clean hit throughout hockey’s history. Fans are just soft now

  108. Jason Williams

    Jason WilliamsMonth ago

    This is why there MUST be an eye-in-the-sky. To have not even a penalty on the play is a complete embarrassment.

  109. Steel Wheels

    Steel WheelsMonth ago

    It looked like a clean hit. Carlo should know better not to leave himself vulnerable. Wilson is a big boy but he did not accelerate and did not extend his arm he just put his shoulder into Carlo's chest. If Boston had a policeman other teams would be less likely to hit when their players are vulnerable.

  110. exiled30

    exiled30Month ago

    Why do y'all insist on using Boston's station?

  111. Mike Jr

    Mike JrMonth ago

    How is Wilson still in the league? Does he have to kill someone god forbid? Someone needs to do something about this before its too late.

  112. Sterling215

    Sterling215Month ago

    Sports are lame without the energy of the people. It’s just kids playing games.

  113. Martin Rood

    Martin RoodMonth ago

    No way, rough play snow flakes, if any other player nothing is said

  114. ago

    Good hit