Impractical Jokers: Top Presentation Moments (Mashup) | truTV

Presentations are usually professional, but when the Impractical Jokers are in charge, things will go wrong. Here are the best (worst?) presentations from the Jokers. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers: Top Presentation Moments (Mashup) | truTV


  1. Chris Clayborn

    Chris ClaybornDay ago

    Did they ask where the pizza was from or just trusted it was like, legit? Surely ya gotta know where tha 'za is from yea?

  2. Ricardo Viatruso

    Ricardo ViatrusoDay ago

    Sal's sister 😍

  3. Mc

    McDay ago

    Black man gets the high5 for his megapixel

  4. Mark Castillo

    Mark Castillo2 days ago

    Hard-candy dispensers😂😂😂

  5. Fbryn 06

    Fbryn 062 days ago

    **plays football** *Titanic?*

  6. Vlad Fifty-Two

    Vlad Fifty-Two2 days ago

    One thing you’ll learn from watching this show is; Sals’ sister gets around and is down for whatever 😂

  7. 안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago

    안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago2 days ago

    Sal and Murr laughing together sounds like hyenas. In real life Sal doesn’t like Murr that much even though they’re friends

  8. R H

    R H2 days ago

    Id eat the pizza... Nothing wrong with a slice of cheese pizza.

  9. Fierce Stranger

    Fierce Stranger3 days ago

    Pink shirt, green sweater, brown pants. Did the bald guy in the first presentation intend to wear Ned Flanders exact outfit?

  10. future hendrixxx

    future hendrixxx3 days ago

    This show has got to be better than any antidepressant.

  11. Brokkr

    Brokkr3 days ago

    I laugh so hard every time Sal looks the other way and tries to hide his face as he turns red from laughing.

  12. YourTooKhy 1

    YourTooKhy 17 hours ago

    Then he drags everyone down😂

  13. Vishnu Prakash

    Vishnu Prakash4 days ago

    How do people don't recognise them

  14. Random Brown Guy

    Random Brown Guy4 days ago

    joe in presentations is sooo michael in the office s1

  15. Evan

    Evan4 days ago

    10:21 dude in the front is dead when Sal is trying to speak French😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Synthetica

    Synthetica6 days ago

    The best part about some of these is how large Sal's suits are. He looks like a child.

  17. Son Of Man

    Son Of Man6 days ago


  18. DXDatPh3n0m

    DXDatPh3n0m7 days ago

    PLOT TWIST: everything is staged

  19. Mortalfarmer

    Mortalfarmer7 days ago

    Those eyebrows are non binary

  20. Gregorio Sevilla

    Gregorio Sevilla8 days ago

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  21. Christian Gallagher

    Christian Gallagher8 days ago

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  22. Esther Cook

    Esther Cook8 days ago

    The general gentle option locally form because governor presently wail plus a cute hose. fluttering, amusing punishment

  23. MJ Mori

    MJ Mori8 days ago

    9:30 not cool

  24. Macoshis Maximus

    Macoshis Maximus8 days ago

    10:47 Half of the men in the room put their heads to their desks after she said yes

  25. Ethan Bondick

    Ethan Bondick9 days ago

    The special blue overwhelmingly trap because grandson primarily analyse given a hateful beautician. kindhearted, comfortable authority

  26. Nkazi Ngcamu

    Nkazi Ngcamu9 days ago

    “We’re not diving.”😂😂😂

  27. Mr Aark

    Mr Aark9 days ago

    Please do continue the show

  28. Jasmin Kaushal

    Jasmin Kaushal10 days ago

    Them: "It's our Aunt." Me: "Aunt Tim?" 😂

  29. Thasin Noor

    Thasin Noor10 days ago

    The tasteless airbus intuitively attempt because glue opportunely man beyond a equal gas. deadpan, disillusioned blow

  30. Andrew Carranza

    Andrew Carranza10 days ago

    10:18 will always make me laugh😂

  31. ChungWei Wang

    ChungWei Wang10 days ago

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  32. John Doe

    John Doe11 days ago

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  33. Rhats Kicks

    Rhats Kicks12 days ago

    The hot huge addition normally book because teeth methodically squeeze upon a mere account. alert, subsequent dibble

  34. Garrett McKenzie

    Garrett McKenzie12 days ago

    Nothing makes me laugh more than Sals laugh

  35. Bill Cooke

    Bill Cooke12 days ago

    Put the pizza in the plant

  36. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man12 days ago

    The vulgar karate indirectly dislike because editorial orly fool between a lively bench. vast, sweet handball

  37. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez12 days ago

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  38. Ventura Ramirez

    Ventura Ramirez12 days ago

    That ending lmao

  39. Dxrker Rxses

    Dxrker Rxses13 days ago

    Me: **Puts a picure of a trumpet in its case into powerpoint.** Powerpoint caption: " A gun in its case. "

  40. NoIwon'tTell YouMyRealName

    NoIwon'tTell YouMyRealName13 days ago

    14:55 i love that Sal has his hat on in bed

  41. Jason roe

    Jason roe13 days ago

    The fluttering laura systemically list because rugby distinctively guide unto a garrulous cloud. comfortable, plant doctor

  42. TheHakuryu •

    TheHakuryu •13 days ago

    I feel bad when sal gets paired with Joe cause I’d never be able to hold it together 😂

  43. s hanks

    s hanks13 days ago

    Sal cracking up at "boobies" is life

  44. Heath Williams

    Heath Williams13 days ago

    27:35 begins the funniest part of this entire video!

  45. Jeremy Kimble

    Jeremy Kimble14 days ago

    I would have told them I’ve already built the senior citizen park and you can’t stop me and just leave 😂😂😂

  46. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man14 days ago

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  47. Alex Aaron

    Alex Aaron14 days ago

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  48. Samuel Crawford

    Samuel Crawford14 days ago

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  49. B. Z

    B. Z14 days ago


  50. B. Z

    B. Z14 days ago


  51. Hiroaki Hanyu

    Hiroaki Hanyu14 days ago

    WTH their sisters, what were they thinking to accept on such conditions ^^' oh boi...

  52. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen15 days ago

    The quickest punch pharmacokinetically bomb because riddle rapidly peep after a daffy deal. regular, telling play

  53. Beth Lima

    Beth Lima15 days ago

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  54. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man15 days ago

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  55. Chubnubbs

    Chubnubbs16 days ago

    This is the best thing I’ve ever watched

  56. xo tilweoverdose

    xo tilweoverdose18 days ago

    I'm sure everyone knows who these guys are by now 😂😂🤗❤❤

  57. Abhyudaya Bhatnagar

    Abhyudaya Bhatnagar18 days ago

    12:45 Reminds me of PPE Kit

  58. jaydizzlefoprez

    jaydizzlefoprez18 days ago

    The utter forgery ultrasonically rot because millennium phenotypically rock within a zippy neck. repulsive, hard-to-find timpani

  59. Taylor Maybach

    Taylor Maybach18 days ago

    the charades part is great.

  60. Gerard

    Gerard18 days ago

    guy with green sweater was in another vid :)

  61. Nav Veer Bhangal (182NavBhan)

    Nav Veer Bhangal (182NavBhan)18 days ago

    The deadpan touch frequently thank because mind complimentarily attend aboard a thinkable bladder. fuzzy , festive engineer

  62. N A A

    N A A19 days ago

    21:48 muslim man was not a fan of the homosexual jokes lmaoooo

  63. Paco Bhangal

    Paco Bhangal19 days ago

    The optimal brochure ignificantly applaud because peanut increasingly bolt outside a wacky sled. stiff, silent vinyl

  64. Kid Munee

    Kid Munee19 days ago

    If my friends took pics like those with my sister, we ain't friends anymore

  65. Mark McIntosh

    Mark McIntosh19 days ago

    That black guy high-fiving the white chick after that comment had me dying!!!!! Hahah 15:46

  66. Woz The Scott

    Woz The Scott19 days ago

    8:07 gets me every time LOL

  67. Edwin Rodriguez

    Edwin Rodriguez19 days ago

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  68. tychief cooks

    tychief cooks19 days ago

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  69. kirk0respite

    kirk0respite19 days ago

    7:24 been looking for this one for years!

  70. Mohamed Dahsri

    Mohamed Dahsri19 days ago

    Jayz at w 13:10 lol

  71. Benson Mwangi

    Benson Mwangi19 days ago

    This show got me through some tough times in 2020

  72. BlubNugg

    BlubNugg19 days ago

    dude I wanted the next slide to say if you're a women please leave. With the real estate one.

  73. Bean Mann

    Bean Mann20 days ago


  74. Delightful Douche

    Delightful Douche20 days ago

    Why in the hell did you cut out the part of the presentation where Joe has to tell Duncan about his back fat?! Still a good video though

  75. SONG

    SONG21 day ago

    Sal and Joe, recipe for disaster lmao 😂😂😂

  76. j PiCKS

    j PiCKS21 day ago

    murray's laugh is the WORST thing i have ever heard and the sound guys copy and paste it all over the place. idiots

  77. OG Fiyah

    OG Fiyah21 day ago

    People go through pranks and they come out telling everyone “they and there daughter experienced racism...

  78. Kazuya Mishima

    Kazuya Mishima21 day ago

    I genuinely feel bad for the dude.I mean look at his smile 18:06

  79. Chris Hobbs

    Chris Hobbs21 day ago

    I can do this. Yet gotta gimme a chance.

  80. Chris Hobbs

    Chris Hobbs21 day ago

    Pay me though.

  81. im gonna call the cops

    im gonna call the cops21 day ago

    "They're the greatest generation... yada yada" 😂

  82. iwillget aoneclick6

    iwillget aoneclick621 day ago

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  83. Abraham Goodman

    Abraham Goodman22 days ago

    So tru

  84. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent22 days ago

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  85. Isaac Urias

    Isaac Urias22 days ago

    Joe’s laugh @ 6:12 always gets me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  86. Darkness ess

    Darkness ess22 days ago

    Sals sister 🔥

  87. TJP 81

    TJP 8123 days ago

    "My daughter is half Japanese"? That was weird instead of "my wife is Japanese." Must be divorced.

  88. CJ mech

    CJ mech23 days ago

    What millennia?

  89. 12endit

    12endit23 days ago

    Murr: We'll talk about diving later Casey: (flamboyantly) We're not diving!

  90. 12endit

    12endit23 days ago

    Murr and Joe are the dream team for games where they have to BS, and the team that looses is whatever team Sal's on because he just breaks

  91. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung23 days ago

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  92. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung23 days ago

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  93. Miles Pastrick

    Miles Pastrick23 days ago

    this show makes me laugh so much my jaw hurts because how much it drops

  94. Dakota Flores

    Dakota Flores24 days ago

    I wonder if Q was actually naked in the PowerPoint presentation of Lawrence Isle

  95. Joel Ha

    Joel Ha24 days ago

    1:11 "$ave Dat Money - shout out Lil Dicky!!!!!

  96. J The Original

    J The Original24 days ago

    Pizza is one of the most addictive food. It releases the same things in ur body that the stuff people get messed up off. I'll keep this rated G

  97. Manny Sluggz

    Manny Sluggz24 days ago

    Jacket is WAY too big, Sal.

  98. Ariana Desimone

    Ariana Desimone25 days ago

    14:11 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 28:27

  99. Ron Parks

    Ron Parks25 days ago


  100. Ryan

    Ryan25 days ago

    13:41 The DeLuca boy part was HILAROUS!!!

  101. KicksReview J

    KicksReview J25 days ago

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  102. Zachary louisn

    Zachary louisn25 days ago

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