"I was manipulated for YEARS", Trisha Paytas EXPOSES Absolutely EVERYONE

Jeffree Star's hairdresser called out Trisha Paytas on Instagram Live, and Trisha didn't hold back with her response.
[Trisha's Response]
[The Fallout]
[Trisha on Frenemies]
[Ryland Gets Involved]
[Trisha Speaks Out]
[Jeffree's Video]


  1. moon baby

    moon babyHour ago

    Love how this hairdresser that can supposedly walk on water and thinks they’re a blessed existence amongst us...is getting his hair done by someone else.

  2. 李素丽

    李素丽3 hours ago

    Trisha really sounded panicked in her video. In my opinion she doesn't deserve this and what Jay was doing like doxxing her and overall mocking her suicidal thoughts was wrong. What Trisha has done in the past is bad but isn't important here. She has every right to not say it because she was scared that she might be canceled like all the other people who had a scandal with Jeffery. He threatended Trisha and over charged. He doesn't deserve his followers or fans because they are honestly worse than trash.

  3. ellobec

    ellobec12 hours ago

    Jay: ‘oh Jeffree invited her on the jet and paid for things, therefore, he should be ALLOWED to treat her like a doormat/clown!’

  4. OctoPie 59

    OctoPie 5917 hours ago

    I wish Shane never made that pallet it destroyed him and his relationships the money finally got to him

  5. Wendy Whitelaw

    Wendy WhitelawDay ago

    your actually taking random strangers opinions to heart? Omfg, trisha is so obviously unstable, but...Im just a random stranger too

  6. Jessica Shipp

    Jessica ShippDay ago

    Why is she always eating food when she’s talking?!

  7. Labyrinth 976

    Labyrinth 976Day ago

    Just because someone jokes and puts themselves down (which can be some form of negative coping mechanism) DOESNT mean it's okay to to it to them. Same with "joking" about trauma, it's not okay to joke about someone or someone else's issues on behalf of them yikety... I thought this was the basics that everyone knew. It's a new low I guess

  8. PositiveSarcasm

    PositiveSarcasmDay ago

    500 dollars to put a wig on your head?????????? Okay, I think that's the actual crime there, no?

  9. Dinosaur theorist Gaming

    Dinosaur theorist Gaming2 days ago

    .... Idk who these people are

  10. Clayton Sinclear

    Clayton Sinclear2 days ago

    Who don't know Mariah Carey

  11. Anne Chan

    Anne Chan2 days ago

    You know it’s rough if Trisha starts spitting facts.

  12. Samantha Hennekes

    Samantha Hennekes3 days ago

    Okay but yo... why my guy the hair dresser sound like cardi b lol

  13. Mi Account

    Mi Account3 days ago

    Wait, is that Trisha wearing a danganronpa t-shirt at 55:04 ? Omg it is, I stan Trisha now.

  14. Ethan Trenaman

    Ethan Trenaman3 days ago

    I feel bad for Trisha, but not really when I remember what she’s done. They’re all so rotten on the inside.

  15. Charlotte McEvoy

    Charlotte McEvoy3 days ago

    I really don’t understand why these people bring their own problems to the internet what is the point lol

  16. boba tea

    boba tea4 days ago

    i think this the first time i acually taking trishas side

  17. ꧁ArtsyApril꧂

    ꧁ArtsyApril꧂4 days ago

    You don’t just use someone’s weak moments against that person to get back at them. They TRUSTED you enough to tell u abt that. Mental health isn’t a joke.

  18. ayanna Bastien

    ayanna Bastien4 days ago

    Either way, jays prices are way to expensive

  19. K567 M

    K567 M4 days ago

    She would have come across a lot better if she wasn't stuffing her face with food while 'exposing' everyone!

  20. Zoya Azim

    Zoya Azim4 days ago

    I live in india and $1500 = 1,10,991.08 rupees

  21. Idonthaveacreativenamesoiguesshello?sohowareyou???

    Idonthaveacreativenamesoiguesshello?sohowareyou???5 days ago

    If you can't say what happened to your side of story without insulting or degrading the other person concerned then you already lost the argument

  22. Jessica Metz

    Jessica Metz5 days ago

    I was so sad about Shane and Ryland that they turned out to be like they have! Sad and unexpected!

  23. Valo Valmieni

    Valo Valmieni7 days ago

    This video makes me want to sell wigs lol

  24. Lacey Medina

    Lacey Medina7 days ago

    Jeffree even apologizing is him admitting he was wrong !!!

  25. R.E.C and M.E.C

    R.E.C and M.E.C7 days ago

    C A N C E L J E F F R E E

  26. Kiearri Mullins

    Kiearri Mullins8 days ago

    Is it me or she talk too fast

  27. Kiearri Mullins

    Kiearri Mullins8 days ago

    Not to be mean tho

  28. Maui Sazon

    Maui Sazon8 days ago

    Patricia sue him asap

  29. Laura Krisfalusi

    Laura Krisfalusi9 days ago

    This is crazy how these people act. Who are they?! No one cares about your lives

  30. Miream

    Miream10 days ago

    "Private jet that was paid for u" HE INVITED HER

  31. bad news bears

    bad news bears11 days ago


  32. Lele Nicole

    Lele Nicole11 days ago

    No offense but even though Jays response was disgusting, I think that’s her karma for the way she treated dissociaDID. Now she knows how it feels to be belittled for things she can’t help. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  33. Nataliya Nguyen

    Nataliya Nguyen12 days ago

    I love trish 🎀💗💗💗💗

  34. S K

    S K12 days ago

    Why anyone would attack someone else’s mental health is beyond me. Deplorable “friends” for sure.

  35. Valeria Natalia Melendez Roman

    Valeria Natalia Melendez Roman12 days ago

    So no one notices how unstable Trisha sounds? She is going a hundred miles per hour. Regardless of what happened, there is something seriously wrong with her and people are gonna act like she is ok and a victim? Pleeeeease

  36. Rat man

    Rat man13 days ago

    Tbh I feel bad for Trisha. seeing a person cry because of fear and how traumatizing something is makes me like mad at the person that did it, because jay seems like a toxic person just like Jeffery and Shane

  37. Theresa P

    Theresa P13 days ago

    Is he speaking English ?

  38. FalseMemories

    FalseMemories14 days ago

    I don't have a side on either of these people, I never had a soft spot for these two. There is a lot to research, and I'm impressed by Spill's work. Please make more videos! I love them.❤

  39. tracie bolton

    tracie bolton15 days ago

    Trisha, coming from you, that's a joke.

  40. Pseudolus

    Pseudolus15 days ago

    Do people not realize that voice memos can be recalled later? They don't disappear if your iPhone is hooked into Messages on your Mac.

  41. Thetruth Alwayshurt

    Thetruth Alwayshurt19 days ago

    I had to pause the video to laugh. His wigs are 1500 😆 they look like 💩.

  42. Melissa

    Melissa19 days ago

    My toxic trait: listening to one hour of high school BS

  43. KelseyRuby

    KelseyRuby19 days ago

    I definitely think Shane is scared of Jeffree. You can tell even by the content they made together. Jeffree's scary

  44. Maria Katsalirou

    Maria Katsalirou19 days ago

    I am sorry but sometimes it's not always the narcissists and the sociopaths because these people are where they are thanks to their friends and supporters/ flying monkeys who wouldn't acknowledge their mess for years until they become their targets.

  45. Gabriella Hughes

    Gabriella Hughes19 days ago

    Jay's attitude is so downright snobby. The whole group of people involved are just so toxic and the "mean girl" attitudes are not okay.

  46. Hernandez Hernandez

    Hernandez Hernandez20 days ago

    I think Jeff was in the middle and really had nothing to do with jays opinion jay is a queen

  47. Idontknowwhatimdoingwithmylife sendhelp

    Idontknowwhatimdoingwithmylife sendhelp21 day ago

    To quote pewdiepie, “humanity was a mistake”

  48. Odd Eyes94

    Odd Eyes9421 day ago

    I don't like any of these people, but my God there's no reason to be like that! I don't like Trisha, but I will agree she didn't deserve this. People don't deserve to be treated like this. *Y'all need therapy!*

  49. Laura Alejandra Cervantes

    Laura Alejandra Cervantes21 day ago

    Both are wrong in this.

  50. leiyawon siro

    leiyawon siro21 day ago

    I don't think this is all what happened. I don't know something doesn't sit right... Something is missing. I want to see all sides of the story.

  51. Almighty Sosa

    Almighty Sosa21 day ago

    Why does anyone think this people are important or that they really matter it's all entertainment n bs for likes there s nothing true or real about this people. They themselfs are they own downfall.

  52. Swamp Water

    Swamp Water21 day ago

    Even though all of the things Trisha did for clout was extremely rude, she seemed like a genuinely good friend :/.

  53. Philip O

    Philip O22 days ago


  54. Kagenokami Hikage

    Kagenokami Hikage22 days ago

    O.O Wow...I must actually be a superfan at this point cause I am 100% positive that I just clocked one of the messages supporting Trisha as being from Roly just by recognizing the blurred out image of his profile pic. Didn't realize I was watching so much of him that I could clock something like that so easily. Roly is an absolute legend tho~

  55. Leslee Lane

    Leslee Lane22 days ago

    First world problems.

  56. East Zhang

    East Zhang22 days ago

    Trish always says conflicting things, first she said she didn't tell Shane because Shane and Ryland were going to have their wedding one month after the trip, but then later she said 'i told Shane what happened from the beginning'. Okay so which one is true ??

  57. East Zhang

    East Zhang22 days ago

    I don't believe a word Trisha says

  58. MoonStone Channel

    MoonStone Channel22 days ago

    I agree with Jay. I agree with all that he said about Trisha

  59. Yareli Alicia Pina Enciso

    Yareli Alicia Pina Enciso23 days ago

    Love the dramatic music

  60. Musa Kitty

    Musa Kitty23 days ago

    Just going to say it. She is just as bad as all of them. Period. She wasn't manipulated. She thrived off it. She encouraged it. Girl is a hypocrite. No she hasn't changed either.

  61. MysteryBruises

    MysteryBruises23 days ago

    Does she actually understand the meaning of the word “traumatized”?

  62. TheRealRen

    TheRealRen23 days ago

    Here's what: I keep hearing money and I wonder if there's a level of envy. The way she was treated is terrible. Legit. I'm sad for that, yet she's moving forward and will be so happy. I hope she keeps good people in her life. Married, new home, fresh life. Peace and Love

  63. Houa Vang

    Houa Vang23 days ago

    These people need to get off the internet

  64. Darryal Montique,III

    Darryal Montique,III23 days ago

    sh is a as

  65. Jessica Heck

    Jessica Heck23 days ago

    Money is the roof of ALL EVIL!

  66. Darryal Montique,III

    Darryal Montique,III23 days ago


  67. Gxbby roblox

    Gxbby roblox24 days ago

    "She's never done anything um um- "I'm sorry what

  68. Ben Ong

    Ben Ong25 days ago

    "Trisha said while she wasn't perfect, she wasn't nasty to people like Jeffree was." Uh... Isn't this the woman that mocked DID and consequently people who have it? Look, I agree Jeffree is bad, but being a micron degree better than that trash means literally nothing. I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of toxic sludge but you can't go around making fun of the mentally ill in one video and then crying about it in another 🙄 at least, like, apologize or something first?

  69. Olemossy Wood

    Olemossy Wood25 days ago

    Jeffree will NOT keep winning. This "winning" Trisha refers to is worldly temporary fame/riches and worship. World is cruel..Jeffree is NOT excluded..he'll fall & when he does it'll be far worse than anything he's done.

  70. A Secret

    A Secret26 days ago

    I feel so bad for Trisha. I’ve always liked her even when people didn’t but this is too far

  71. Perla Diaz

    Perla Diaz27 days ago

    im a photog and i work with jay on occassion. one thing i do know bout jay is he's about his coins!!

  72. Jose Baez

    Jose Baez27 days ago

    Jay is nasty asf...

  73. Darryal Montique,III

    Darryal Montique,III23 days ago


  74. Tanith C.

    Tanith C.27 days ago

    That mans eyes are 👹

  75. katy

    katy27 days ago

    i can feel trisha's pain:/

  76. ꧁ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴜᴍᴋɪɴ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ꧂

    ꧁ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴜᴍᴋɪɴ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ꧂28 days ago


  77. Gigi D.

    Gigi D.28 days ago

    It's times like these that make me miss mytoecold (Drew Monson)

  78. Bryanna Catucci

    Bryanna Catucci28 days ago

    Learning math

  79. Sun Flower

    Sun Flower28 days ago


  80. Cara Garnier

    Cara Garnier28 days ago

    9:30 Gross! It’s real fast..don’t miss it. OMG.

  81. Jaciel Espinosa-Severo

    Jaciel Espinosa-Severo28 days ago

    Shane is amazing and he deserves his career back

  82. Spiritual Goddess

    Spiritual Goddess28 days ago

    Ummm..... his past really is unforgivable,

  83. ราตรี เจริญรัศมี

    ราตรี เจริญรัศมี28 days ago

    i get what she's feeling. i had so called "friends" who made a suprise birthday party for me but little did i know they backstabbed me the whole time. tweeting abt my personal life problems indirectly and insulting it . and when i confronted. They said "it's not abt u. it's someone else" like wow. And few seconds ltr, they tweeted "oops guess she knows it abt her now 😂😂"

  84. Darryal Montique,III

    Darryal Montique,III23 days ago


  85. Davian Ayala

    Davian Ayala29 days ago

    That’s true on (Shane’s boyfriends )name Jeffrey didn’t care about Shane’s bc and never payed any attention to him

  86. Paige Cue

    Paige Cue29 days ago

    When he said when im done with you youll be anorexic i actually had to hold back tears and the will the rip this man apart. This is why trisha has Moses and Jay is miserable.

  87. Terri Powell

    Terri Powell29 days ago

    do you have a video of how Shane has done like ...... nothing since...... oh dear.......uhmmmmmmm a long long time lol

  88. Mong Mong

    Mong Mong29 days ago

    See how hard Jay defended Jefree and how quick Jefree discarded him?

  89. lulu

    luluMonth ago

    I SAT next to you I walked BY you- like what...

  90. Robert Littin

    Robert LittinMonth ago


  91. Carie Luce

    Carie LuceMonth ago

    Just baffles me why people pay so much for faux hair .....

  92. Vampire._. Boi

    Vampire._. BoiMonth ago

    the hair stylist during jay’s ig live “mhm yeah mhm *giggles* yeah👁👄👁”

  93. TransBoyAlistair

    TransBoyAlistairMonth ago

    It’s scary that I’m on Trisha’s side-

  94. Wrennybaby

    WrennybabyMonth ago

    So, he didn't talk about her to her, he went BEHIND HER BACK, which is way worse, and slimey

  95. Laycoollove1

    Laycoollove1Month ago

    Y’all are thinking Trisha is the wicked witch of the west when in reality, she was the good one all along lol

  96. Cris Long

    Cris LongMonth ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about Bettlejuice?

  97. AthensG6

    AthensG6Month ago

    Pure trash

  98. Ca Bal

    Ca BalMonth ago

    the wig guy is so cringe

  99. gan fang

    gan fangMonth ago

    This is why we need invoices and receipts

  100. Vanessa The Vas

    Vanessa The VasMonth ago

    "How could you call us out for our abusive behavior when we essentially paid you to be quiet???"

  101. omar izagirre

    omar izagirreMonth ago

    23:44 ROLLY!

  102. MC R

    MC RMonth ago

    I have no idea why I watched this video 😂 I barely know anything about these people

  103. Jasmin Cooper

    Jasmin CooperMonth ago

    500$ to install a wig.....and you have the nerve to say ppl take advantage of so and so!!! You really think 500$ for an install is legit huh????!!!

  104. Ella Ocean

    Ella OceanMonth ago

    34:45 the way she says this is so heart breaking and is so relatable

  105. Jessica Hughes

    Jessica HughesMonth ago

    I can’t stand listening to girls that cry and talk. You’ve got all the time in the world. Stop, compose yourself, and record later.

  106. Leslie Mason

    Leslie MasonMonth ago

    Jeffrey needs to do like e.t. did since they are both aliens and 📱 🏡