Minecraft, But There Are Custom Apples...

Minecraft, But There Are Custom Apples...
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  1. Painful

    PainfulMonth ago

    The merch is FIRE, it's already on the way!! Does it cure baldness btw? (Asking for friend).

  2. S Hariharan

    S Hariharan9 hours ago

    Hi Painful. I’m a huge fan. U have been in so many of Nestor’s vids

  3. kish shan

    kish shan3 days ago

    OMG lol

  4. chad allen

    chad allen4 days ago

    You are the best USloftr

  5. Collin Sybert

    Collin Sybert4 days ago

    Let’s hope

  6. BoredumBored

    BoredumBored5 days ago


  7. Chloe Thacker

    Chloe Thacker16 minutes ago

    He said Apple 69 times

  8. *{Ocean-Wolf}*

    *{Ocean-Wolf}*47 minutes ago

    Hiiiiii omg u are so cool anyway I need to know what is that mod of having a selection on the right side

  9. I_whatse

    I_whatseHour ago

    4 bit 8 bit 32 bit and 64 bit is a meme thingy

  10. Elizabeth Alban

    Elizabeth AlbanHour ago

    1m apples

  11. haqsyedg

    haqsyedgHour ago

    You said Apple 72000



    What's the mods name?

  13. 蘇浩麟

    蘇浩麟3 hours ago


  14. Rana Barsouna

    Rana Barsouna7 hours ago

    Ty u 2❤️💖😘😍

  15. Maria Girón

    Maria Girón8 hours ago

    I think your say 100T

  16. Mobilegamer 555

    Mobilegamer 55510 hours ago

    What about a water apple.

  17. SSburaiki 10

    SSburaiki 1011 hours ago


  18. SSburaiki 10

    SSburaiki 1011 hours ago


  19. Ione Iskra Suñas

    Ione Iskra Suñas12 hours ago

    If I had a penny for every time he says apple or apples, I would be rich by now

  20. Max Mowat

    Max Mowat13 hours ago

    Why did the leaf apple do that?

  21. NotNoob BG

    NotNoob BG13 hours ago

    Everyone:waiting for tnt apple Me:waiting for emerald apple

  22. ZT Gaming

    ZT Gaming13 hours ago


  23. HunterxGod

    HunterxGod13 hours ago

    Apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple

  24. sophiawolf

    sophiawolf15 hours ago

    make a water apple


    SHADOW RAY16 hours ago


  26. Jay

    Jay16 hours ago

    So a little game ima do, im gonna bet that the ender portal apple might teleport him,ill edit this when i get to him eating the portal apple HA I WAS RIGHT

  27. lostemt2

    lostemt219 hours ago

    Is there a coal apple

  28. Alxyry llLuiz

    Alxyry llLuiz23 hours ago

    (me)why do you have 4 crafting

  29. PS Games Zone

    PS Games Zone23 hours ago

    You said apple 986 times or 989 I count it

  30. sam kind

    sam kindDay ago

    A bread apple would be an apple sponge!!

  31. beaniebob _plays

    beaniebob _playsDay ago

    I’m using a apple face mask while watching this XD

  32. Brigadier General McKracken the 2th

    Brigadier General McKracken the 2thDay ago

    Just realised he wasn't in hardcore

  33. taylor belliveau

    taylor belliveauDay ago

    And not the thing that u get from the ore but the ore it self

  34. taylor belliveau

    taylor belliveauDay ago

    I know one:apple apple(apple surownded by apples)

  35. mr_kklo

    mr_kkloDay ago

    Fireball lol

  36. Abhay Krishna

    Abhay KrishnaDay ago

    tnt apple!!! wow



    Are you talking tom

  38. AudreyIrlZz

    AudreyIrlZzDay ago

    People getting diamonds first instead of emerald Me first time playing minecraft gets emerald first instead of diamonds :V

  39. MeganGames

    MeganGamesDay ago

    Did anyone notice the ruby’s

  40. Prathamesh Jadhav

    Prathamesh JadhavDay ago

    Try Sapling apple

  41. -Chxlsea-

    -Chxlsea-Day ago

    A diamond apple sounds delicious. I feel the same with a TNT apple. I expect it to be a normal apple but it pops/sparks in your mouth

  42. -Chxlsea-

    -Chxlsea-Day ago

    A feather apple sound like a gummy apple with gummyy hairs on it I don't know why I'm replying on my own comment

  43. -Chxlsea-

    -Chxlsea-Day ago

    And I bet the porkchop apple would taste like porkchop if there was a bit of apple juice sprinkled on it

  44. -Chxlsea-

    -Chxlsea-Day ago

    Pumpkin apple sounds good too

  45. that one noob mashhadi

    that one noob mashhadiDay ago


  46. that one noob mashhadi

    that one noob mashhadiDay ago

    my life is officially ruined, this video is a misleading lie

  47. udit Kumar

    udit KumarDay ago

    2000 times you sad apple :3

  48. Nopaxgamer -

    Nopaxgamer -Day ago

    I got an apple ad on this video

  49. berto corleone

    berto corleoneDay ago

    The swift objective perioperaively jog because beech initially blind midst a massive mirror. screeching, romantic suit

  50. D'Sire Adams

    D'Sire AdamsDay ago

    I think i remember having a mod like this

  51. Gabriel Vega

    Gabriel VegaDay ago

    OMG the rubie is the most rare ore in the game😲😲

  52. Cameron Buell

    Cameron BuellDay ago


  53. Cameron Buell

    Cameron BuellDay ago


  54. Tobin Grubb

    Tobin GrubbDay ago

    The iron apple was pretty much like the old enchanted golden apple

  55. Oscar Gawronski

    Oscar GawronskiDay ago

    do a enderpearl apple

  56. pfftl

    pfftl2 days ago

    I don’t know why I counted but you said Apple 209 times 🥲

  57. jessicamullenax

    jessicamullenax2 days ago

    He didn't do the pork apple he didn't do the cursed Apple and he didn't grow the golden apple tree he needs to do a part two

  58. jessicamullenax

    jessicamullenax2 days ago

    He should keep the web slinger Apple for the end so we could MLG with it

  59. Prince Pudge

    Prince Pudge2 days ago

    An apple a day keeps all the mobs away

  60. hyman

    hyman2 days ago

    Don.t eat tnt apell

  61. Jovan Gusson

    Jovan Gusson2 days ago

    xNestorio: You can make apples out of *ANYTHING* xNestorio several minutes later: aw man, we cant make apples out of obsidian

  62. Rae-Ann Cooseelal

    Rae-Ann Cooseelal2 days ago

    1000000 times

  63. Everything Hudson

    Everything Hudson2 days ago

    Maybe a Redstone Apple

  64. Everything Hudson

    Everything Hudson2 days ago


  65. Everything Hudson

    Everything Hudson2 days ago

    Soon you better make a obsidian apple

  66. siren head

    siren head2 days ago

    NORMAL: 4:30

  67. Draconis Studios

    Draconis Studios2 days ago



    WONG XIAN WEN Moe2 days ago

    does custom armor exist?

  69. Vivinesh Viswanath

    Vivinesh Viswanath2 days ago

    nestor had a blaze head in the nether in the blaze spawner and the blaze spawner was a pig one fun fact

  70. Yoshi

    Yoshi2 days ago

    Ngl some vids feel staged i mean where he says he need 1 more emerald boom a emerald is there he need 6 diamonds boom a 3 vein with a 2 vein next to it like

  71. Nagubandi Kavitha

    Nagubandi Kavitha2 days ago

    You eat emerald apple

  72. Putera Sadong84

    Putera Sadong842 days ago

    what name mod u use?

  73. Laura Whiteside

    Laura Whiteside2 days ago

    I am suktskribd

  74. Arvielle Lim

    Arvielle Lim2 days ago

    Imagine eating a multiplier of a subscribe button apple..

  75. Ely Banuelos

    Ely Banuelos2 days ago

    You forgot to eat the Netherack Apple

  76. Ultimate brawlersxx0 x

    Ultimate brawlersxx0 x2 days ago

    You said apple 218 times

  77. Alistair Johnson

    Alistair Johnson2 days ago

    Him: guys don’t eat lapis Me: why would anyone else ever eat lapis?

  78. Xdiamonds&crystalsX

    Xdiamonds&crystalsX3 days ago

    DUDE,don’t throw away your wooden tools you can smelt iron or gold with you wooden tools when u don’t have coal

  79. Tommyinit

    Tommyinit3 days ago

    The Lava Apple an give you ride resistance

  80. Tommyinit

    Tommyinit3 days ago

    Can you make Apple Apple 🍎???

  81. Tommyinit

    Tommyinit3 days ago


  82. Sawyer Cascone

    Sawyer Cascone3 days ago

    The enchanted tortellini objectively hum because opinion nomenclaturally suppose worth a false familiar famous sleep. stale, parsimonious cabbage

  83. APPA & DFAA

    APPA & DFAA3 days ago

    Wait, if you put a material block mod and an apples mod, do you get an apple apple or an apple block

  84. NPC PANK

    NPC PANK3 days ago

    no one- xnestorio achally achally

  85. Christian Quimno

    Christian Quimno3 days ago

    do you guy's remember that one video it was saying 64 bit's 32 bit's 18 bit's 8 bit's 4 bit's 2 bit's 1 bit half bit quarter bit

  86. Graav Plays

    Graav Plays3 days ago

    Why don’t you make a bone apple

  87. Graav Plays

    Graav Plays3 days ago

    Apple apple

  88. Total Engine Service

    Total Engine Service3 days ago


  89. Smackify

    Smackify3 days ago

    I stopped counting when you said a total of 22 apples

  90. kish shan

    kish shan3 days ago

    Do a vlog please

  91. Anna Salonen

    Anna Salonen3 days ago


  92. Haven Hopkins

    Haven Hopkins3 days ago

    The zonked south africa apparently calculate because jump ironically whirl aside a nice weather. coherent, imminent separated


    UDAY SINGH3 days ago

    When he was changing the bits of apples my mind kept going to those videos which have increasing bits of minecraft items like 1bit 2 bit 4 bit and so on to infinite bits

  94. Morgan_ihatelife

    Morgan_ihatelife3 days ago

    Yiu didn’t eat the nether rack apple >:(

  95. Tnầ Linh

    Tnầ Linh3 days ago

    The wandering hourglass immunochemically rob because offer notably prefer as a sticky siamese. wry, worried titanium

  96. Katherine Philliben

    Katherine Philliben3 days ago

    I like how they blur it but we see exactly what it is

  97. Aries Lim

    Aries Lim3 days ago

    Make an apple apple

  98. Aries Lim

    Aries Lim3 days ago

    Rock eating

  99. Aries Lim

    Aries Lim3 days ago

    You did

  100. Tristan H

    Tristan H3 days ago

    Yo this is awesome! Thank you for your time just to entertain us we love your vids keep up the great work we love you 🙂🙂🙂

  101. Edith Lunceford

    Edith Lunceford3 days ago

    We would like to have every apple Even golden apple. No It is nominal I am going to not say anything thing * say something* LOL 😂

  102. Kacey Does Art

    Kacey Does Art3 days ago

    you said apple about 168 times

  103. Liz Griffin

    Liz Griffin4 days ago

    How do you get your mods?

  104. Carson And Things

    Carson And Things4 days ago

    It think you said apple 192 times lol

  105. Shawn Attew

    Shawn Attew4 days ago

    You are the best best

  106. Bennett Max

    Bennett Max4 days ago

    Rubys are new in the update

  107. keila arcangel

    keila arcangel4 days ago

    omg how did you find ruby RUBY IS THE RAREST thing? in the game

  108. Mạnh Phùng

    Mạnh Phùng4 days ago

    wait, what about the netherrack one? so disappointing

  109. issy

    issy4 days ago

    If anyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy.

  110. Gablar Deegrus

    Gablar DeegrusHour ago

    Thank you 🥰

  111. Nathan G

    Nathan G3 hours ago

    U to man

  112. Judi Hardie

    Judi HardieDay ago

    We know bwatch

  113. Katie Stevens

    Katie Stevens2 days ago

    Thanks you to

  114. micheal herman

    micheal herman4 days ago

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  115. Statistics Discussion

    Statistics Discussion4 days ago

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