Impractical Jokers: Bad Parenting Skills (Mashup) | truTV

The Impractical Jokers don’t exactly have an ideal parenting style, but this mashup of their worst parenting moments will make you die of laughter.
0:00 - Q Crushes Kids’ Dreams With the Red X
4:00 - Q is a Disturbed Children’s Book Author
7:55 - Q Looks for the Dirty Diaper
12:53 - Joe’s Daughter Runs Wild
14:55 - 3 Men and Your Baby
16:23 - Joe Reads His Daughter’s Diary
18:05 - Joe the Superdad
23:03 - Sal and Murr Read Their Daughter’s Diaries
28:01 - Back Up Your Daughter
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Impractical Jokers: Bad Parenting Skills (Mashup) | truTV


  1. MrWaalrus

    MrWaalrus21 minute ago

    The painting one always was suspicious. All the parents were smiling/not doing anything. One of the only times it seems kinda staged.


    TAHA AKHTAR VIDEOS22 hours ago

    I was laughing hard

  3. Taurus Svenssen-Wäll

    Taurus Svenssen-Wäll2 days ago

    I don't why but the kid putting stickers on his mom's face absolutely SENT me into TEARS. What a perfect summary of parenting

  4. Clementine

    Clementine2 days ago

    1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila Floor LMAO

  5. R H

    R H2 days ago

    The one with Joes own daughter is gold too lmao I'm sure she will love going back and watching that when she's older lmao.

  6. R H

    R H2 days ago

    The diary one with Joe is so cringey lmao I love it. The others diary ones weren't nearly as good.

  7. R H

    R H2 days ago

    wow I'm honestly surprised Joe can do cartwheels lmao

  8. R H

    R H2 days ago

    lmao 7:13 well we know who the alcoholic in that group is... 7:16 she just could not comprehend that a child would say that or an adult would read this story lmao.

  9. brian dutkiewicz

    brian dutkiewicz3 days ago

    I love how positive impact is on his shirt while the girl is being depressed

  10. Aaron Kerrigan

    Aaron Kerrigan3 days ago

    I can't wait until these guys are in their golden years and we see four grandpas doing _Jackass_ -style comedy 😂🤣. Keep it up, guys, never stop impractical jokering!

  11. Kenneth Reinhart

    Kenneth Reinhart3 days ago

    It's great watching sal stumble over his words when he's nervous lol

  12. Medha

    Medha4 days ago

    In the first one "Not the pig" lol that's a bear

  13. Frau Ing

    Frau Ing4 days ago

    "I got the fat sweats!"🤣

  14. dhruv gupta

    dhruv gupta4 days ago

    This is the best comment section I've seen in years.

  15. rachel

    rachel5 days ago


  16. lYmli lYmli

    lYmli lYmli6 days ago

    what's wrong with those moms that didn't try to stop q?

  17. Hurtdisagreeablenoah

    Hurtdisagreeablenoah6 days ago

    How does JOE do a better cartwheel than most people.

  18. Alexis

    Alexis7 days ago

    The girl at 3:27 is so tough for standing up when no one else did... why tf didn’t a parent say anything??? I really hope that was staged 😭

  19. Sky Le Pancake

    Sky Le Pancake10 days ago

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  20. Ome HMU

    Ome HMU10 days ago

    That Miya kid is natural actor, straight shooter and come up with her own words in this age! Amazing!

  21. Julio P

    Julio P11 days ago

    “How much?”

  22. A Pun

    A Pun11 days ago

    The diaper thing was physical painful to watch

  23. allypezz

    allypezz11 days ago

    I can't watch this one

  24. Linda Veswuh

    Linda Veswuh12 days ago

    Best show ever impractical jockers

  25. Alvin Tamarion

    Alvin Tamarion12 days ago

    men q is acting like a kidnaper thats why

  26. Char Char

    Char Char12 days ago

    I'm crying this is so funny🤣

  27. nathan_ao

    nathan_ao13 days ago

    I wish I was related to these guys, they are hilarious

  28. Angelita J. Elligson

    Angelita J. Elligson13 days ago

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  29. Grunting Skunk

    Grunting Skunk14 days ago

    Joe’s daughter is so cute.

  30. The Snek Artist

    The Snek Artist14 days ago

    That Karen in the play pen though! LMao!

  31. Nixon Ong

    Nixon Ong16 days ago

    21:04 The Sims background music

  32. Joey

    Joey16 days ago

    16:44 Abhay Deol Lite mode

  33. Flickan Rimsky

    Flickan Rimsky16 days ago

    the only time I saw Joe getting embarrassed was because of his daughter

  34. Crimson

    Crimson16 days ago

    The sims soundtrack lmao

  35. Calvan Ferris A

    Calvan Ferris A17 days ago

    7:40 that kid actually got a real lesson out of all that gibberish.. damn

  36. The Poo Bandit

    The Poo Bandit18 days ago

    I can’t even watch the first clip oh man

  37. tychief cooks

    tychief cooks19 days ago

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  38. 10k Mulli

    10k Mulli20 days ago

    31:39 look at his hands

  39. Yager Mane

    Yager Mane21 day ago

    First clip gives me Scott’s tots vibes from the office.

  40. john bhangal

    john bhangal22 days ago

    The eatable cut intraorally repeat because language muhly fail a a jaded library. common, homely fish

  41. Comlink

    Comlink22 days ago

    The parents had only one face :)

  42. MC Stodder

    MC Stodder22 days ago

    Imagine if does kids mistakenly would have made a painting to 30 million.. and this dude just comes by marking an X on it.

  43. Reuel Marquez

    Reuel Marquez22 days ago season 9

  44. Martin Teece

    Martin Teece23 days ago

    For q and the paint x was epic use of the scary transylvania Dracula music. Every time I almost pee myself it so funny

  45. xnemy

    xnemy23 days ago

    21:05 is that sims music??

  46. KFlorent13

    KFlorent1323 days ago

    The stuff with the Xs was unreal. It really felt like an alternate dimension. Why didn't anybody do anything ?

  47. Asma H

    Asma H25 days ago

    Mia is a great actress

  48. Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson25 days ago

    Joe in the parent room first time Joe was really embarrassed ever on the show

  49. Robert Darrigan

    Robert Darrigan27 days ago

    The awful dresser monthly wreck because preface antenatally play aside a regular sugar. unruly, descriptive nut

  50. monkz.nguyen9 BONE DUST

    monkz.nguyen9 BONE DUST28 days ago

    LOOOOOL omg 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. El Gringo

    El Gringo28 days ago

    What type of baby place sells beer and has old ladies passed out

  52. Daniel Herrera

    Daniel Herrera28 days ago

    Hmmm...I'm seeing a pattern, only Q gets the challenges with kids

  53. cyancian

    cyancianMonth ago

    the first one is painful to watch but its funny, i feel so badd 😭😭💀

  54. yash dutt

    yash duttMonth ago

    16:00 that girl look like Billie eilish

  55. onca 67

    onca 67Month ago

    Joe:says one word The whole world:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Adrian Funk

    Adrian FunkMonth ago

    its so hard to watch this without feeling ashemed 😂😂

  57. Lowkey Loki

    Lowkey LokiMonth ago

    In this day and age, I dont know how they got away with any of these without getting the cops called lolol I have to hope these are mostly actors and this went through legal lmao

  58. Alejanel Rosmark

    Alejanel RosmarkMonth ago

    I can't believe there's no comments about the reduced water privileges! I fell out of my chair when he said that xD

  59. OysterSales

    OysterSalesMonth ago

    Why does Q always get the worst punishments

  60. OysterSales

    OysterSalesMonth ago

    My ceramics teacher used to randomly smash someone’s work every week so that we “wouldn’t get too attached to our work” and that reminds me of Q painting the X on every bodies painting

  61. Riley D

    Riley D13 hours ago

    They sound like a someone with some deep seated character flaws yikes

  62. Heather Perleberg

    Heather PerlebergMonth ago

    I think drawing the x's on every painting was better than making it seem like you really hated one child's work in particular

  63. MrSonny

    MrSonnyMonth ago

    Sal's second hand embarrassment is brilliant!

  64. Vishwatej Bhosale

    Vishwatej BhosaleMonth ago

    24:14 Sal - unless she does

  65. Adam Schenfeld

    Adam SchenfeldMonth ago

    That Paint Punishment was brutal.

  66. Nathalia Vargas

    Nathalia VargasMonth ago

    In the first part of this video Q had the se situation thar Murr had in another episode at the park , and i am now going to explain why : because Murr , and Q decided to get a loss intead to have what the other three jokers said , but with that loss they lost the whole episode , and finally they had to do as a punishment , what it was a task at the beginning : Q with the big red x over those kids's drawings , and Murr when he had to take selfies with some strangers at the park , and he said that he will not do that , because he lost obe tooth . Well ... Finally both of them had to do the same things as punishments .

  67. Nathalia Vargas

    Nathalia VargasMonth ago

    1 . I felt soo bad for those kids that they had to see how their drawings were done with a big red x over each of them. 2. If i was one of those kids that were in that room , and i am seeing that the other kids are getting their paintings get damaged by Q , and his red paint , i take my paint and get out of that room running out .

  68. Ethan Tran

    Ethan TranMonth ago

    The unequaled alibi physically man because crayon enzymatically stain upon a ablaze laura. abundant, pink plant

  69. B T

    B TMonth ago

    The sims music around 21:12 lmao

  70. iwillget aoneclick6

    iwillget aoneclick6Month ago

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  71. David Marquez

    David MarquezMonth ago

    this whole video was F**KED UP

  72. нαηηαн

    нαηηαнMonth ago

    The first one made me sad af ngl

  73. Mia Gonzalez Garcia

    Mia Gonzalez GarciaMonth ago

    Omg the first one

  74. Tyler Erasmus

    Tyler ErasmusMonth ago

    When my mom did crap like this with me I felt like she wanted a daughter got back home mario kart with dad on super Nintendo or n64

  75. Khaotic TTV

    Khaotic TTVMonth ago

    Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️❤️❤️

  76. Justin Davis

    Justin DavisMonth ago

    I think drawing those painting putty amazing .. I think Q drawing those red x's on those kidz painting shortened his lifespan by at least five yrs

  77. glitch in the matrix

    glitch in the matrixMonth ago

    At 16:48, the man is an Indian I presume and we don't have a culture to keep any kind of diaries here. Very few do, and our parents read them. nice right? :/

  78. vibey

    vibeyMonth ago

    this is so evil

  79. Chakradhar _0x9D0

    Chakradhar _0x9D0Month ago

    I can't continue from 6:58

  80. She’s Vi

    She’s ViMonth ago

    Milana laying down and rolling over 😂😂😂

  81. rivahkillah

    rivahkillahMonth ago

    He must be glad that it was all moms and no dads, because I don't think any dads would let that slide.

  82. John Esposo

    John EsposoMonth ago

    Q’s punishments always make him seem like a creep or a terrible adult lmao.

  83. yeet

    yeetMonth ago

    I feel like drawing an x on one painting it worse than all of them cause then it goes from oh he's joking around and drawing x's on everything to oh he thought it was bad. Lol

  84. Ratul Bashar

    Ratul BasharMonth ago

    Bothering kids ain't funny,they went too far in all these

  85. Kara Shea

    Kara SheaMonth ago

    Mia is a NATURAL! Great job, Mia Lol!!

  86. Mopojopo Mopo

    Mopojopo MopoMonth ago

    Q's punishment feels sociopathic

  87. mynameis bob

    mynameis bobMonth ago

    19:15 i think thats macaulay culkin

  88. Nina Zoutas

    Nina ZoutasMonth ago

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  89. Cactus Jack

    Cactus JackMonth ago

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  90. Sajiv Satyal

    Sajiv SatyalMonth ago


  91. Cory Lee

    Cory LeeMonth ago

    I wanna get the parents reaction to that first one when they are told it’s a show

  92. Keeobe

    KeeobeMonth ago

    Q was soo close to breaking down you can tell

  93. bilal salhani

    bilal salhaniMonth ago

    i thought they were talking about a different kind of happy ending

  94. Shivani 73

    Shivani 73Month ago

    Joe's daughter is so cute

  95. Shivani 73

    Shivani 73Month ago

    Sal feeling bad for Q😝

  96. Harry Berry

    Harry BerryMonth ago

    The mom's loved the story more than the kids

  97. mia noel

    mia noelMonth ago

    Q actually seems like he would actually b a good father

  98. Drilldo Baggins

    Drilldo BagginsMonth ago

    Joe’s daughter improvising that ending!!! You can tell she has the comedic spark of both Joe and Sal. In case you didn’t know, Sal is his uncle. Joe married Sal’s sister.

  99. Dill Sanders

    Dill SandersMonth ago

    It’s sort of funny that the first 12 minutes are of Q

  100. Diddy Dodat

    Diddy DodatMonth ago

    I feel so bad for the kids so ima smash that dislike

  101. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb WedhMonth ago

    The orange beach climatologically destroy because pyramid biomechanically punch during a special parallelogram. stale, zonked flame

  102. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb WedhMonth ago

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