The Birth & Delivery Of My Daughter! (How It Feels To Be A Father...)

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  1. Brandon’s Comp

    Brandon’s Comp2 days ago

    My birthday is the 6 of March

  2. Brandon’s Comp

    Brandon’s Comp2 days ago

    Bruh she almost has my birthday

  3. ARK ANG3L

    ARK ANG3L3 days ago

    You a fucking walking L a Dudd lmao

  4. Yahir Trejo

    Yahir Trejo6 days ago

    if u know u know his daughter is not his well idk

  5. Robert Washington

    Robert Washington7 days ago

    Yes you is going on child support

  6. Lexito

    Lexito8 days ago

    W reacts

  7. Jacob Levin

    Jacob Levin11 days ago

    Bro. No face reveal is sus. How funny looking is she

  8. Don’t Follow

    Don’t Follow12 days ago

    on W flight has ever took in his life

  9. qwinttrr

    qwinttrr16 days ago

    She got the same birthday as me

  10. qwinttrr

    qwinttrr16 days ago

    Yo congratulations my man

  11. LJR 123

    LJR 12316 days ago

    That child support will be 🎶STACKS ON STACKS🎶

  12. out

    out17 days ago

    Congratulations my bro ( Congrats to 1 month yrs old baby) :) tomorrow ik

  13. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke17 days ago

    Look at flight man,so inspirational

  14. eAtDatpUsSyfOfOFiVe

    eAtDatpUsSyfOfOFiVe17 days ago

    Flight watching Jae’s wnba highlights be like: We got Jae and the the rest are nobodyyyysssss

  15. Submitkingz

    Submitkingz17 days ago

    Child support coming next... r.i.p buddy


    TOO SHINY17 days ago

    FLIGHT...from a small USloftr like me to you FLIGHT. I’m seriously concerned about you FLIGHT, the baby coming is great news but the way the baby was brought into the World is not pleasing to the Lord. Dont pretend that this had anything to do with God. From your demeanor, I can tell that you were raised with a higher moral standard than this. You probably went to church a little bit growing up as well. Get your life together man, man up and marry the women thats to be the mother of your babies and the Lord will honor you for this. Im a complete stranger but i truly care about your life FLIGHT, i’ve known about you since the NBA Live 16 days. We are in the last days before the return of Christ, get right before its too late for you or your kids...God bless (From a small USloftr like me to you FLIGHT....)

  17. Anbu 5

    Anbu 518 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉

  18. Fyuk

    Fyuk18 days ago

    Only thing i can say is flight team stand up cause we have a new princess 👸

  19. MrIzzy10

    MrIzzy1019 days ago

    Jae first words: ffffff- look at curry man

  20. Michael Ignatius

    Michael Ignatius19 days ago

    who is the baby mother

  21. Jfromblock

    Jfromblock19 days ago

    I’m sorry flight but after u got back with her I’ve came to the decision I have to sit down

  22. knucklehead gang

    knucklehead gang19 days ago

    My birthday March 7th love you flight

  23. Zolzr

    Zolzr20 days ago

    We share the same bday🤘🏽

  24. the1lique

    the1lique21 day ago

    She was the mother of your child when you were bashing her too. Anyway, Congrats.

  25. Aruesx

    Aruesx21 day ago

    Look at Kiami man, so inspirational

  26. Danny Rp

    Danny Rp21 day ago

    Flight: All i wanna see is smiles and CHEEKS us: ... What we wish he said: No weird stuff, I AM NOT A MENACE OF SOCIETY

  27. Tayyy Totoxicc

    Tayyy Totoxicc21 day ago

    Flight a father yessir

  28. Basketball with JMC

    Basketball with JMC21 day ago

    Congrats flight

  29. Ryan's vlogs

    Ryan's vlogs21 day ago

    Congratulations I'm late my brother ❤🙂💪👊🙏😊

  30. Peterjeffson Armah

    Peterjeffson Armah22 days ago


  31. Enkelt fiske.

    Enkelt fiske.22 days ago


  32. F.U.P.M_RAH

    F.U.P.M_RAH22 days ago

    Flight don’t show your daughter on your social media

  33. bubbleguppies69

    bubbleguppies6921 day ago



    KUZZAAHH22 days ago

    Bro is her name Jae or June I’m so confused

  35. Trench Baby

    Trench Baby22 days ago

    Congrats flight 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  36. Evonne L

    Evonne L22 days ago

    Dude congratulations on being a new dad... however I came off a recent video & felt that I should say that I’m sorry for all that you have been through W your toxic Gfs.. please please take time and focus on yourself and your daughter.. recognising why these women are the ones you end up is important. I’m not your target demographic but I have heard of you.. somewhere in the middle of Africa lol. I hope things get better but congrats again. 🥳

  37. King Taylor

    King Taylor22 days ago

    !!!!My brother

  38. Shon Epps

    Shon Epps22 days ago

    Congrats bro!

  39. ComeAtMeBro

    ComeAtMeBro22 days ago


  40. Dogmeat

    Dogmeat23 days ago

    Congrats Flight of Reacts

  41. Madison Brauch

    Madison Brauch23 days ago

    “I’m in a happy relationship” yea.. that didn’t last long did it.. drea is crazy

  42. Josh S

    Josh S20 days ago

    @bubbleguppies69 fr?

  43. bubbleguppies69

    bubbleguppies6921 day ago

    Now he’s back with her 😕

  44. Kimi's ASMR

    Kimi's ASMR23 days ago


  45. AJ Romano

    AJ Romano23 days ago


  46. Brody lane

    Brody lane23 days ago

    congratulations brotha congrats 🎈🎉

  47. ArrowSaurus

    ArrowSaurus23 days ago

    Should’ve called her June lol Ayo jk I’m proud of you bro

  48. Lzgetsmulla

    Lzgetsmulla24 days ago

    That’s my bdayyy twinnsss‼️

  49. SenJu

    SenJu24 days ago

    Are we bot gonna talk about the fact flight never uploaded since 1930

  50. Cheese

    Cheese24 days ago

    the savior of WNBA

  51. Oscar martinez

    Oscar martinez25 days ago

    Your daughter might Cringe as she grows older while looking at your old vids but she will soon realize what a blessing it is to have a legend as her father

  52. 2k God

    2k God25 days ago

    JJune or jajune


    GUTTA SIMS25 days ago

    Imagine calling your pops to beat a guy up and its Flight 😂😂😂😂

  54. Charlie Ryan

    Charlie Ryan25 days ago

    Maybe stay off the drugs now flight

  55. Se Ba

    Se Ba25 days ago

    Congratulations flight have a really nice day god will work it out amd he really good

  56. AYoToøt

    AYoToøt25 days ago



    DARKREAPER26 days ago


  58. Yaron Enciu

    Yaron Enciu26 days ago

    Congrats Flight!!!!

  59. Jojo Pitt

    Jojo Pitt26 days ago

    God and Jesus is alive and love you repent

  60. Sharkie 343

    Sharkie 34326 days ago

    6:57 🤨📸

  61. Mya Is Her Name

    Mya Is Her Name26 days ago

    Haha congrats that girl who is yt trying to destroy ur life failed I hope ur wife takes good care of u and ur princess

  62. Kendra The Gamer Joyner

    Kendra The Gamer Joyner26 days ago


  63. Rainz

    Rainz27 days ago

    Honestly her first words is going to be "You know what I'm saying"

  64. harrysb

    harrysb27 days ago

    how the fuck is this man a father

  65. Cruz Bartlett

    Cruz Bartlett26 days ago

    S e x

  66. ya yeet

    ya yeet27 days ago

    Nice nice made me happy made me smile

  67. Gmemes

    Gmemes27 days ago

    You're such a happy dude it makes me happy (:

  68. Cruz _vnidal

    Cruz _vnidal27 days ago

    who's the baby mama?

  69. Ali Mohamed

    Ali Mohamed27 days ago


  70. CrazeDizzy

    CrazeDizzy27 days ago

    Who's the mom?

  71. CrazeDizzy

    CrazeDizzy26 days ago

    @Keep dat same energy 😆

  72. Keep dat same energy

    Keep dat same energy26 days ago


  73. Jordan Fink

    Jordan Fink27 days ago

    You are a great person fight do what you gotta do to keep your daughter secure and safe and her name is lovely I like it imagine Jae-June star player in WNBA.

  74. PYROBust 360

    PYROBust 36027 days ago

    22 seconds ago how u doing bruh

  75. Mr Beerus

    Mr Beerus27 days ago

    Congrats King!!

  76. Vincent Aasa

    Vincent Aasa27 days ago

    If his daughter becomes a wnba star then people would start watching It and It would be more fameous

  77. Jamarion Davis

    Jamarion Davis28 days ago

    Look at Flight ✈️ man he has a daughter so inspirational man.

  78. Dog Water

    Dog Water28 days ago

    Hopefully she isn’t like flight

  79. Cruz Bartlett

    Cruz Bartlett26 days ago


  80. CyberCurly

    CyberCurly28 days ago

    I been watching flight for so long butt some how I didn’t sub to him lmfao

  81. ClemMedia

    ClemMedia28 days ago

    Congrats bruh. Being a parent is a special my man

  82. Paul Panther

    Paul Panther28 days ago

    whos the mother ?

  83. Bryan Reacts

    Bryan Reacts28 days ago


  84. TylerTheBud25

    TylerTheBud2528 days ago

    Hope you and your baby have a happy life together

  85. young savage

    young savage28 days ago

    Nice free delivery

  86. zeus

    zeus28 days ago

    Flight gon be a good ass dad

  87. Noel Jimenez

    Noel Jimenez28 days ago

    Congratulations flight and god bless you bro 🙏🙏🙏and your daughter

  88. Noel Jimenez

    Noel Jimenez28 days ago

    Congratulations flight 🙏god bless you bro

  89. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab28 days ago

    Flight: she’s about to say her first words! Jae: L-LL- Look at curry man

  90. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab28 days ago


  91. Ali Chehab

    Ali Chehab28 days ago

    Congratulations brother! You’re going to make a great father

  92. HUH HUH

    HUH HUH28 days ago

    flight watch out she might put u on child support btw flight how did u do in the bed did u rage in cus😀😀😂

  93. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager28 days ago

    Flight really growing up man😢

  94. bingbingbeep

    bingbingbeep28 days ago


  95. BuzzBallerzHD

    BuzzBallerzHD28 days ago

    So happy for you brother ❤️

  96. Kim Abdullah

    Kim Abdullah28 days ago

    Pisces! 1st round , 1st pick

  97. Wiqxt ジ

    Wiqxt ジ28 days ago

    CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊🎈🍾 Just don’t get high bro

  98. Vivian Hernandez

    Vivian Hernandez29 days ago

    Can you react to the video your ex drea did?

  99. Vivian Hernandez

    Vivian Hernandez29 days ago

    👏👏👏👏 congrats flight 🎉❤️👌👍🔥. Jae is a nice name. You gonna be a good dad.

  100. Vivian Hernandez

    Vivian Hernandez28 days ago

    @YouABusta Who you talking to?

  101. YouABusta

    YouABusta28 days ago

    Ur only congratulating him now bud 😂

  102. SnowyIceCream

    SnowyIceCream29 days ago

    Here after dreyahh

  103. Living Life w/mar

    Living Life w/mar29 days ago

    Get Janet back

  104. bigreact youtube

    bigreact youtube29 days ago


  105. Djdkdd Djdj

    Djdkdd Djdj29 days ago

    Why tf have a kid then leave her ? Lmao u not a man made , you momma raised

  106. XDdarkLord620-_-

    XDdarkLord620-_-28 days ago


  107. notzameer 1

    notzameer 129 days ago

    Your a bum

  108. Roblox- BRIIIKS

    Roblox- BRIIIKS29 days ago

    She left him dummy

  109. Osmar Delgado Garcia

    Osmar Delgado Garcia29 days ago

    What if she ends up playing soccer?

  110. Osmar Delgado Garcia

    Osmar Delgado Garcia29 days ago

    who is the mother?

  111. Trey

    Trey29 days ago

    first words gone be s-s-s- so inspirational

  112. DiegoBrando LOL

    DiegoBrando LOL29 days ago

    Congrats man

  113. Jackson Brummitt

    Jackson Brummitt29 days ago

    Congrats flight

  114. laroc

    laroc29 days ago

    having kids with someone when you can't even make it last 9 months.

  115. Tamiya Harrison

    Tamiya Harrison26 days ago

    @laroc she cheated on him

  116. laroc

    laroc26 days ago

    @Ale oud no clue. she's probably got an only fans tho

  117. Ale oud

    Ale oud26 days ago

    Whos the baby mama?

  118. Mazda RaWRe

    Mazda RaWRe27 days ago


  119. Joe Vic

    Joe Vic27 days ago

    My life story