Surviving 100 Days in a Minecraft WAR.. here's what happened

Surviving 100 Days in a Minecraft WAR.. here's what happened.. 10 factions 100 days who will win?

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  1. RyanNotBrian

    RyanNotBrianMonth ago

    Hope you guys enjoy this video! really loved working on it!

  2. NineTailedFlinx

    NineTailedFlinx12 days ago

    Will there be a part 2?

  3. Elsa Youell

    Elsa Youell13 days ago

    Were those tanks and war planes mods?

  4. NCA Squad

    NCA Squad14 days ago

    It did

  5. Blade Runner74

    Blade Runner7414 days ago

    What’s the mod pls

  6. Nerfing with PB80220

    Nerfing with PB8022014 days ago

    @RyanNotBrian what mods did you use

  7. Silent Cups

    Silent Cups34 minutes ago

    what mod is this

  8. DatBoiPlaysVR

    DatBoiPlaysVR46 minutes ago

    Ok is this like a mod pack or something because I would definitely play this with my friends

  9. thomas bradford

    thomas bradfordHour ago

    Ye but you died...

  10. Robert Zietz

    Robert ZietzHour ago

    What modpack did you use I really wanna play with the mods your using

  11. A banana

    A banana2 hours ago

    This is like a movie

  12. -.Black. .Angel.-

    -.Black. .Angel.-2 hours ago

    Anyone gonna talk that at 27:20 Merp wrote on chat NEVER GIVE UP NA NBA NA

  13. Kailash Shelke

    Kailash Shelke3 hours ago

    Imagine this in hardcore

  14. angelo bersabal

    angelo bersabal3 hours ago

    Pls make 200 days of this :(

  15. Nahoy Nahoy

    Nahoy Nahoy3 hours ago

    Ok this is an cool vids

  16. TryDooM

    TryDooM3 hours ago

    Beacon Wars

  17. Kristian Roenningen

    Kristian Roenningen3 hours ago

    sure sounds good

  18. Arati Behera

    Arati Behera4 hours ago

    When i heard tomers i was like oh tomers had worked with him before the bandit video!

  19. Tod wk

    Tod wk4 hours ago

    what mods do you use in this video?


    THE EPIC EXE GAMING4 hours ago

    intresting channel

  21. BobbyCS

    BobbyCS5 hours ago

    mode ?

  22. JG Angelo Gico

    JG Angelo Gico6 hours ago

    I am so happy

  23. HDKiller

    HDKiller6 hours ago

    15:47 that made me cry

  24. Kuya Tobi

    Kuya Tobi6 hours ago

    nwe subscriber

  25. Jeanette Valentin

    Jeanette Valentin6 hours ago

    What world war was it

  26. Ton Laungarth

    Ton Laungarth6 hours ago

    Please do it

  27. Matty Turner

    Matty Turner7 hours ago

    I just ate the bts meal

  28. Sate Ayyam3

    Sate Ayyam37 hours ago

    Ep 2? God this was soooo good!


    RNC MEMEGOD8 hours ago

    This is better than most high production movie's

  30. All in one with sana

    All in one with sana8 hours ago

    I am watching this for the 4 time i love it im gonna do the same thing next year i already am making the list of mods for it but i dont have any players if u want u can join me hehe u can do the next one with the fans i have a server

  31. Gabz ROBLOX Playz

    Gabz ROBLOX Playz8 hours ago

    This is a gi joe movie

  32. Evan Austin

    Evan Austin8 hours ago

    another one plzzzz

  33. Noobies Empire

    Noobies Empire9 hours ago

    I like how the other faction's bases are castle like and so protected whilst theirs just has advantage on water but on air they could lose

  34. Nikolay Robotti

    Nikolay Robotti9 hours ago

    Such a good one

  35. Eidam 30%

    Eidam 30%9 hours ago

    WE need another war!! ep.2 coming soon?

  36. Noob?

    Noob?9 hours ago

    tommy was missed

  37. der hju

    der hju9 hours ago

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  38. IAmCrusty

    IAmCrusty10 hours ago

    Okay so this looks awesome

  39. Abdullah Mohammed

    Abdullah MohammedHour ago

    Captain beesparkle

  40. olly watson

    olly watsonHour ago

    Never would of thought I'd see you here

  41. THUNDER 73

    THUNDER 735 hours ago

    What are the mods

  42. Sad Gamer

    Sad Gamer6 hours ago

    Hello, Beesparkle)

  43. Montey Balloo

    Montey Balloo10 hours ago

    The colorful war legally coach because postbox atypically empty above a living hearing. interesting, trite crawdad

  44. Faneboom15

    Faneboom1511 hours ago

    Can I get the modpack?

  45. Jhon

    Jhon12 hours ago


  46. Nova Explosion!

    Nova Explosion!13 hours ago

    Does anyone know what mods add all this stuff in?

  47. haydar yilmaz

    haydar yilmaz14 hours ago

    The scary chicory neuropathologically continue because george immuhistochemically stop throughout a auspicious alloy. hesitant, husky downtown

  48. HamsterLord Gaming

    HamsterLord Gaming14 hours ago

    whats the modpack pls tell

  49. Caleb Wright

    Caleb Wright14 hours ago

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  50. jaylen detorres

    jaylen detorres15 hours ago

    The curvy click chronically surprise because tax alternately lick amongst a craven bay. vagabond, adventurous voice

  51. Will Phung

    Will Phung15 hours ago

    O you have bfc (big friking Canaan)

  52. xd Electric Chair

    xd Electric Chair16 hours ago

    What is this mod pack?

  53. Mozzarella The rat

    Mozzarella The rat16 hours ago

    I just learned air doesn’t have a smell

  54. CKChainzTTV

    CKChainzTTV17 hours ago

    Id love to join one of these, sounds fun af, and i love war stuff

  55. mlg doges are cool lol

    mlg doges are cool lol17 hours ago

    when you get bad omen effect 13:47

  56. mlg doges are cool lol

    mlg doges are cool lol17 hours ago

    13:47 when you get the bad omen effect lol

  57. The very Pointless View of everything

    The very Pointless View of everything16 hours ago


  58. Bloxy Gamer

    Bloxy Gamer17 hours ago

    7:50 bosanska artiljerija

  59. GD Cooler

    GD Cooler18 hours ago

    Vics Modern Warfare is the md

  60. Quentin Young

    Quentin Young18 hours ago

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  61. T.e.d.d playz

    T.e.d.d playz18 hours ago

    Mod link please

  62. Marcus Jackson

    Marcus Jackson19 hours ago

    what is the mod pack used for this?

  63. john almers

    john almers19 hours ago

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  64. han cai

    han cai19 hours ago

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  65. Mightykraaken

    Mightykraaken19 hours ago

    mods link?

  66. Jake Roman

    Jake Roman19 hours ago

    cool i think you should do a 100 days in the past or future with a time machine or without

  67. Brandon Rivera cruz

    Brandon Rivera cruz20 hours ago

    I wished i was there it looked really fun

  68. Jenny Meyer

    Jenny Meyer21 hour ago

    You forgot to put hardcore on the sentence of the name tag of the vid

  69. Vampierre Bytes

    Vampierre Bytes21 hour ago

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  70. Noel Ström

    Noel Ström22 hours ago

    How do i play this mod?

  71. Sean Wilson

    Sean Wilson22 hours ago

    26:41 it was one small step and a giant leap, that led us into the space race. and now, we take more step to securing our future in this war. from here on out, we shall be either equal to or greater than, the fictional Darth Vader and his so-called Death Star, in unfathomable quantities. and we shall rain fire down upon our enemies like the biblical Armageddon, and they shall not know what *HIT THEM!* 😠... 😒😒😒... **Ryan then raises his champagne class to finish his speech with a toast** All hail Mojang. 😎😈 HAIL MOJANG! HAIL MOJANG! HAIL MOJANG! 😡

  72. Ruthie Witter

    Ruthie Witter22 hours ago

    That was mad cool oh wow

  73. Ryan Boparai

    Ryan Boparai23 hours ago

    “And factions duck?he is a killing machine” 😂

  74. Tristan Dreemurr

    Tristan Dreemurr23 hours ago

    Yo can I get this modpack?

  75. Raptor Uchiha

    Raptor Uchiha23 hours ago

    This is fire

  76. Riz134

    Riz134Day ago

    yo can you tell us what mods did you use

  77. Shauna Wilson

    Shauna WilsonDay ago

    You guys know Turton my irl name is Burton

  78. Md Sumon

    Md SumonDay ago

    The quirky geometry preferably pack because poland contrarily suffer beside a unkempt chauffeur. second, high-pitched brake

  79. Loader 275

    Loader 275Day ago

    What mod is the armor and weapons mod

  80. Someone

    SomeoneDay ago

    What vehicle mod did you guys use?

  81. SlayerMCRX

    SlayerMCRXDay ago

    I like these videos so much I found a geopolitical Mc server to play minecraft wars now

  82. ClassifiedGameplayzz

    ClassifiedGameplayzzDay ago

    Which mods are this

  83. Star

    StarDay ago

    my god...this is the best thing ive ever seen

  84. Fortnite noob

    Fortnite noobDay ago

    best vid i watch in some time

  85. vostok1

    vostok1Day ago

    what mods are you using?

  86. Louis Emborg Kragelund

    Louis Emborg KragelundDay ago

    whats the mod called?

  87. Lulzatos G

    Lulzatos GDay ago

    time to commit war crimes.

  88. charlie custave

    charlie custaveDay ago

    tomer is back for the dead !

  89. A K

    A KDay ago

    reminds me of the cold war

  90. ねdraax艾

    ねdraax艾Day ago

    that the name of the mod

  91. Iron Wolf

    Iron WolfDay ago

    ”They give us suplies and we protect them”~Mafia

  92. Richard Shergold

    Richard ShergoldDay ago

    Who else saw the vault 101 from fall out 4

  93. FaZe_toxic XXX

    FaZe_toxic XXXDay ago

    Once yalll launched that death ray the war was over!

  94. RustyRider

    RustyRiderDay ago

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  95. Ada S

    Ada SDay ago

    Add a public comment

  96. staniemeister

    staniemeisterDay ago

    Russian rocket😂

  97. Panos

    PanosDay ago

    Do you know what is the name of the mod?If you do please tell me i like it alot

  98. Rokols

    RokolsDay ago

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  99. Nmo Khald

    Nmo KhaldDay ago

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  100. Just an Account

    Just an AccountDay ago

    Soo what about the death thing you never used it

  101. Final Mason14

    Final Mason14Day ago

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  102. Menaka Soorya

    Menaka SooryaDay ago

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  103. Samuel Holmberg

    Samuel HolmbergDay ago

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  104. Matthew Townshend

    Matthew TownshendDay ago

    Tbh I doubt it but... doesnt hurt to hope right?????

  105. Matthew Townshend

    Matthew TownshendDay ago

    I hope I can buy this on ps4???

  106. Matthew Townshend

    Matthew TownshendDay ago

    What mod do u have installed? I want these planes, guns, cannons ,bombs etc....

  107. Matthew Townshend

    Matthew Townshend16 hours ago

    Tht sucks. I can download add-on's to the minecraft ps4 edition just not that specific add on he has for P.C.

  108. Frank -_-

    Frank -_-19 hours ago

    @Matthew Townshend ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ON PS4

  109. Matthew Townshend

    Matthew TownshendDay ago

    @Frank -_- wym?if ur asking about if I found it on ps4, no I have not.

  110. Frank -_-

    Frank -_-Day ago

    same have u found it yet

  111. Tui Tuman

    Tui TumanDay ago

    One word needed “epic”

  112. Matthew Townshend

    Matthew TownshendDay ago

    This guy should narrate in movies