I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In A Cave Only World

200 DAYS IN A CAVE ONLY WORLD: usloft.info/will/qV-lq5PKaISrhMg/video
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In this Minecraft video I survive 100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore Cave Only World. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on the latest 1.17 Snapshot.
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Iron Farm Tutorial I Used: usloft.info/will/jGizm4qkaoPDqcg/video
Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! usloft.info
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  1. Jeremy Guerrero

    Jeremy Guerrero18 minutes ago

    Wait so how do I make it bright

  2. Orange Shadow

    Orange ShadowHour ago


  3. Orange Shadow

    Orange ShadowHour ago

    SB:This pigs meat won’t be forgotten SBS Stomach:No He won’t be forgotten by me

  4. alepan biswas

    alepan biswas4 hours ago


  5. Koutilya Mohan

    Koutilya Mohan7 hours ago

    Day 15 killed the Ender dragon,Day 17 got the elytra how???

  6. Tintin Tiding

    Tintin Tiding8 hours ago

    Youre legend in day 15 or 18 you kill the ender dargon

  7. Rwolr

    Rwolr10 hours ago

    26:03 since when could you eat dandelions in Minecraft

  8. AnthonyVin3 Games

    AnthonyVin3 Games11 hours ago

    14:26 dude, I love the edit it's so good

  9. Rwolr

    Rwolr12 hours ago

    I got full diamond on my 12th day this guy got it on his 3rd or 4th, he called me trash in 193 different languages

  10. Roblox guy

    Roblox guy16 hours ago

    The tinted glass removes all sunlight on the inside as long it is in a completed cube or something so therefore you can make a mob grinder with it

  11. Blaze351

    Blaze35116 hours ago

    3:24 there’s wood in the overworld

  12. Dan DeWossi

    Dan DeWossi18 hours ago

    How did you get it so bright

  13. Treglon

    Treglon18 hours ago

    20:48 Its lucky but gilded Blackstone is for some reason LUCKIER then acient debris..

  14. dio playing football

    dio playing football18 hours ago

    on day 4 he had full diamond


    BECKY GOBER19 hours ago

    SB: beats dragon on day 15 Also SB: doesn’t have a house till past day 70

  16. MasterStop Motion!

    MasterStop Motion!20 hours ago

    5:39 sb737 concentrated face

  17. Delta Lap

    Delta Lap22 hours ago

    SB: no animals will spawn Also SB: oh look cows are spawning

  18. CauaCG31

    CauaCG3122 hours ago


  19. CauaCG31

    CauaCG3122 hours ago

    Pls make all your risky moves

  20. NrMines

    NrMines22 hours ago

    I have anxiety seeing that half a heart

  21. Dan

    Dan22 hours ago

    That villager was actually holding a shovel so I don’t think he would’ve despawned if he didn’t have a name

  22. DragonVlogs

    DragonVlogsDay ago

    "Is it just easier to find diamonds in the cave update?" Me : yes it is it is much easier

  23. Jairoop Singh

    Jairoop SinghDay ago

    Please give us the seed of the world

  24. Nicole Huang

    Nicole HuangDay ago

    you can make ami crafting table to make ami amor

  25. Jerlyn Ong

    Jerlyn OngDay ago

    The iron golems must be like when they die. Iron golem: Good life ;-;

  26. TikiBear97 E

    TikiBear97 EDay ago

    Caves are pretty pog ngl

  27. nxnja ant

    nxnja antDay ago

    When he placed the copper blocks I was screaming WAX IT WITH HONEY COMBSSSSSSSSDKFKEBXKSFJSJS

  28. 1 2 gaming

    1 2 gamingDay ago

    We go to stronghold to kill the ender dragon He goes to stronghold to get wood

  29. 1 2 gaming

    1 2 gamingDay ago

    We started with iron armour He started with diamond armour

  30. Aaron stickman

    Aaron stickmanDay ago

    You are playing on 1.17 cave update right but i didnt saw anyitems added but ores testure has chnged didnt saw anyyyy items new like ice bucket litechen something like that

  31. Crystoff Light Esteves

    Crystoff Light EstevesDay ago

    how did you not realize in cave there's a new armor in your starecase thats a ore

  32. Mahezzaaji Wikandaru

    Mahezzaaji WikandaruDay ago

    Speedrun day 17 deafeat ender dragon

  33. Dean Radley

    Dean RadleyDay ago

    This man got diamonds in the FIRST DAY

  34. zakigames

    zakigamesDay ago

    Day 15: ded dragon

  35. zakigames

    zakigamesDay ago

    First day: diamond:hi

  36. Votzrr -

    Votzrr -Day ago

    Is it just me but he had a loadstone before nether rite mining ???

  37. Reggie Angeles

    Reggie AngelesDay ago

    Ugly voice

  38. Triv

    TrivDay ago

    How would you have a iron armor on the first day

  39. Triv

    TrivDay ago

    Looks like I should’ve watch the video

  40. daniel ong

    daniel ongDay ago

    I didnt know you cane grow warped fungus into warped tree

  41. Bear Odyssey

    Bear OdysseyDay ago

    7min in killing dragon

  42. Benny Cohawk

    Benny CohawkDay ago


  43. Tia May

    Tia MayDay ago

    He should try amplified

  44. Steven OPry

    Steven OPryDay ago

    they should add amethyst tools and armour

  45. The rubik’s Boi

    The rubik’s BoiDay ago


  46. night owl

    night owlDay ago

    Diamond sword...

  47. Raimbow Cupcake

    Raimbow CupcakeDay ago

    I found 6 netherite In one vaine

  48. Beau Durston

    Beau DurstonDay ago

    Always look forward to your vids they so good

  49. Brrebo

    BrreboDay ago

    2:33 I got a bit sus especially with the fact there was a creeper there that looked right at him and didn't blow the guy to smithereens.

  50. Fᴜʀʀʏ Mittens

    Fᴜʀʀʏ MittensDay ago

    12:57 where did the dragon head go??

  51. Epic Dud

    Epic DudDay ago

    14:38 when you die but you remember your Buddhist

  52. madhusmita mohapatra

    madhusmita mohapatraDay ago

    What is the seed

  53. Sweaty Dragon 72

    Sweaty Dragon 72Day ago

    Not by my stomach anyway

  54. Forever P90

    Forever P902 days ago

    Is it irl days?

  55. Lorenzo Caluori

    Lorenzo Caluori2 days ago

    Spyglass: vanilla optifine

  56. vkpk chovi

    vkpk chovi2 days ago

    copper on your house is not rusty its oxygenated

  57. Gabriele Troini frz

    Gabriele Troini frz2 days ago


  58. Motion War64

    Motion War642 days ago

    28:56 omg that triggers me SB lol, tinted glass acts like normal glass but stops light from coming through the glass, i'm pretty sure

  59. FlamingSnow

    FlamingSnow2 days ago

    we have got wood in the overworld mineshaft: am i a joke to you?

  60. Tom McNeice

    Tom McNeice2 days ago

    Sb: that was close im deed Me: holy s**t am on 9 hearts and 5 shoted one enderman

  61. Aarush Chirika

    Aarush Chirika2 days ago

    Look at 9:16 it says he is bed is obstructed that means he died in hardcore


    GUJARATI JS2 days ago


  63. Denzil Nobel

    Denzil Nobel2 days ago

    Jou make minecraft look easy. 😁

  64. Shruthi Edavally

    Shruthi Edavally2 days ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  65. Jacobxl

    Jacobxl2 days ago

    Why seed

  66. Piglin Dominates MC

    Piglin Dominates MC2 days ago

    I cried when SB killed the Piglins :(

  67. Piglin Dominates MC

    Piglin Dominates MC2 days ago

    SB: Finally we got wood in the overworld! Me: XD

  68. Piglin Dominates MC

    Piglin Dominates MC2 days ago

    Not bully or anything but that part was pretty very funny.

  69. Brooke Riley

    Brooke Riley2 days ago


  70. Ethan James Aranzamendez

    Ethan James Aranzamendez2 days ago

    In day 1 - 50

  71. Ethan James Aranzamendez

    Ethan James Aranzamendez2 days ago

    Why you don't use netherite?


    WOLFROST2 days ago

    U creepy kidnapper

  73. Grant Napier

    Grant Napier2 days ago

    Sb737 is now my favorite USloftr of all times I am always looking forward to seeing more of his videos

  74. lordsofgaming

    lordsofgaming2 days ago

    is it just me or does he have on permanent night vision

  75. Tripp Teepell

    Tripp Teepell2 days ago

    "invisible spider! thats something you don't see every day" -SB737 2021

  76. delux refurbish

    delux refurbish2 days ago

    Sonic unleashed music alert!!!!!!

  77. Mamaco Bolado

    Mamaco Bolado2 days ago

    someone else noticed that he doesn’t bathe because he is still wearing the same shirt and the same hairdo until half the video hahahaha

  78. Pugg's Life

    Pugg's Life2 days ago

    Did anyone else see that he had one eye of ender but then had 12? Look at his item slot at 7:17 also how’d he get paper without any sugarcane

  79. BetaNote

    BetaNote2 days ago

    defeats ender dragon, defeats the wither and makes a beacon before making a house

  80. zameeme maker

    zameeme maker2 days ago

    Sb: nearly dies to an enderman also Sb: beats ender dragon bearly taking any damage

  81. MitchC73

    MitchC732 days ago

    I am doing this challenge and using SB's video's a a guide You legend SB

  82. Joey Marks

    Joey Marks2 days ago

    22:25 why does he buy 2 efficiency 5 books?

  83. Murderex

    Murderex2 days ago

    I never find a mineshaft

  84. martin doyle

    martin doyle2 days ago

    Sb will always be the best builder

  85. Vanguard

    Vanguard2 days ago

    what seed is this?

  86. Andrew McMahon

    Andrew McMahon2 days ago

    your hous looks lik a bank

  87. slayerxdxvils

    slayerxdxvils2 days ago

    he found pigstep PIGSTEP

  88. Sinker119

    Sinker1192 days ago

    Why does he have night vision?

  89. animalking183

    animalking1832 days ago


  90. DEL3TE0

    DEL3TE02 days ago

    "Having trouble making beds" few days later he has a line of beds

  91. Saracho Lugo Carlos Manuel

    Saracho Lugo Carlos Manuel2 days ago

    speed run

  92. ThunderWolf101

    ThunderWolf1012 days ago

    That was a lot of amathist

  93. Senx

    Senx2 days ago

    sb in every hardcore world: business is BOOMIN

  94. Miss faithy K

    Miss faithy K2 days ago

    you are awsome

  95. Elvys Lima

    Elvys Lima2 days ago

    Guys,he got full diamond armor in day 2. RESPECT HIM

  96. Squiddabeast Gaming

    Squiddabeast Gaming2 days ago

    SB: laver Me: you mean lava


    GALAXY GAMING2 days ago

    How did u Make a bed with no animals or wool? Also u had a bed before you said you didn’t know sheep could spawn

  98. Stephan Nijmeijer

    Stephan Nijmeijer2 days ago

    wich seed is this?

  99. UGgaming

    UGgaming2 days ago

    And yes in the new cave and cliff update there are tons of diamonds

  100. UGgaming

    UGgaming2 days ago

    Oh wait your using mods nvm

  101. UGgaming

    UGgaming2 days ago

    What seed is that!!