Capitals @ Bruins 3/5/21 | NHL Highlights

Extended highlights of the Washington Capitals at the Boston Bruins


  1. Branden Hedderich

    Branden HedderichMonth ago

    Good job Tom helping your team out 😂

  2. Jackson Conley

    Jackson ConleyMonth ago

    I prey that Boston wins the Stanley Cup and NBA Championship.

  3. Simp Nation

    Simp NationMonth ago

    Where is the Chara vs Marchand fight?

  4. Randall Reed

    Randall ReedMonth ago

    Nothing better than watching my Bruins pick apart the Caps!!!🏒


    TJATAWMonth ago

    Cracks me up how the Massholes egg on their thugs and crow about how tough they are and their illegal hits, but then cry like pusses when someone dares even hit one of them. Such class.🙄🤣

  6. Insomniac

    InsomniacMonth ago

    You, obviously, are no better.

  7. William Clark

    William ClarkMonth ago

    Before the Bergeron goal not Eller pitchforking Chara back up the ice. Hilarious.

  8. Todd Robert

    Todd RobertMonth ago

    I've been watching the B's since the 70's. This is the most fun I've had since 2019-present. If only Fred Cusick were still on the play by play. Someone help Jack Edwards retire. Please.

  9. Justin Sullivan

    Justin SullivanMonth ago

    Given the fact that the league’s front office is a joke, I bet they only suspend Wilson like 8 games at the most (it’ll probably end up less). Given his history and the fact that he clearly targeted the head, he should be suspended at least 20 games. League won’t do it though. They’re not serious about hits to the head. Those refs last night sucked too.

  10. Artem Shportun

    Artem ShportunMonth ago

    Hahaha someone tell Jack Edward's to calm down before he has a heart attack .

  11. Adam Weith

    Adam WeithMonth ago

    Tom Wilson should be in prison.

  12. 1221Yonna

    1221YonnaMonth ago

    Погнали наши городских.

  13. trlprk

    trlprkMonth ago

    Jack Edwards is insufferable

  14. Todd Robert

    Todd RobertMonth ago

    literally terrible

  15. DerSkaBoss

    DerSkaBossMonth ago

    These recaps are embarrassing. The unpenalized hit, the response, and how the refs completely lost control of the game all absent.

  16. Defective Industries

    Defective IndustriesMonth ago

    Did Tom Wilson plan that this would work out differently?

  17. Aaron Adams

    Aaron AdamsMonth ago

    That third goal 🥵🥵🥵

  18. Aaron Adams

    Aaron AdamsMonth ago

    First goal was a thing of beauty from Bergeron to get that pass off to Marchand

  19. Tyler Brisbois

    Tyler BrisboisMonth ago

    How does that broadcaster still have a job

  20. Shark Dark

    Shark DarkMonth ago

    Jack the clown is obviously a big Wilson fan... I hate so much watching Bruins games

  21. Brett Morrow

    Brett MorrowMonth ago

    damn. the caps were actually playing pretty well until wilson decided to throw the game

  22. Kevin Moriarty

    Kevin MoriartyMonth ago

    The bruins were awesome last night

  23. Alykhan Shivji

    Alykhan ShivjiMonth ago

    Nice save win wSH

  24. B.

    B.Month ago

    I believe they did a disservice with these highlights when you show highlights you need to show the good the bad and the ugly and that non-penalty will send it should have been shown... And the fight should have been shown because this is hockey people and players will police up the game if the referees can't do it...

  25. Ian Mckinnon

    Ian MckinnonMonth ago

    Jack edwards is awful

  26. John Pollster

    John PollsterMonth ago


  27. foster larabee

    foster larabeeMonth ago

    Tom Wilson and the Caps totally deserve that loss after that dirty hit on Carlo.

  28. jwaynes71

    jwaynes71Month ago

    where's the highlight mcavoy tried to hit but got destroyed by a cap?

  29. SatansPooper

    SatansPooperMonth ago

    J A R O ! ! !

  30. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    Yeah, I like Jaro's play a lot. I was happy when I saw he was with the Bs. Jaro's a bit under rated if you ask me.

  31. Grady Gilman

    Grady GilmanMonth ago

    Terrible highlight reel. You don't show the Tom Wilson intent to kill penalty but you show a ton of "can of corn" shots, pathetic

  32. Brad Brown

    Brad BrownMonth ago

    This announcer is a grown man complaining like a child about one player , but if Wilson was on the bruins he would be signing his praises.

  33. Darrell Cass

    Darrell CassMonth ago

    Wayne Gretzky's dream of a skilled, exciting league is still just that until guys like Tom Wilson are eradicated. I was in So. Cal during the 88-89 season when Bernie Nicholls had 70 goals 80A , Gretzky 54G 114A and Luc Robitaille 46 & 52. A mind blowing 170 goals from that line. Even Defenseman Steve Duchesne had 25 & 50. It was perhaps the most exciting team ever and such a joy.

  34. gtacc02

    gtacc02Month ago

    How are these "extended" highlights without showing the wilson hit? They totally take any sort of life out of this game. I guess it's no longer socially acceptable to be promoting that kind of behaviour. God forbid someone gets offended and decides to cancel the NHL.

  35. Louis D.

    Louis D.Month ago

    Bruins are having fun . Tearing it up

  36. Дмитрий Пайп

    Дмитрий ПайпMonth ago

    Лучшим был только Tom Wilson, остальные сонные

  37. Tanner Wentworth

    Tanner WentworthMonth ago

    Suspend Wilson

  38. Angry Otter

    Angry OtterMonth ago

    That was some of the worst announcing I’ve ever heard I thought I was on the bruins network instead of the nhl network

  39. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    It's about time that the average NHL "fan" learns the way the NHL and broadcasting for it works. Edwards is employed by New England Sports Network. Not by the NHL. It's his JOB to broadcast for his employer's market.

  40. Todd George

    Todd GeorgeMonth ago

    Those were Bruin commentators. NHL showed the highlights from the NESN feed

  41. heavy gaming

    heavy gamingMonth ago

    Every one is talking about wilson but no one is talking abou frederic

  42. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    SICK goal from #11

  43. Otto MatiX

    Otto MatiXMonth ago

    The Crapitals return......😆😉😂

  44. Dennis Smith

    Dennis SmithMonth ago

    I'll find the Wilson hit somewhere else, but c'mon NHL. You're not doing anyone any favors by omitting the violence that is part of the game.

  45. ursdj17

    ursdj17Month ago

    Eastern division is best hockey being played in the NHL 1. East 2. South 3. West 4. North

  46. Eric Lucier

    Eric LucierMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is a waste of flesh.

  47. Brian Hildreth

    Brian HildrethMonth ago

    Not showing the hit by wilson on Carlo is ridiculous... That hit changed the game. How can you not show it?. Done with your highlights.

  48. Ben Schroeder

    Ben SchroederMonth ago

    Come on NHL u gotta atleast show the Carlo hit it was a huge turning point. If you didn’t know about the hit then your confused why Jacks j ripping on Tom Wilson😂

  49. TJATAW

    TJATAWMonth ago

    Show the damn hits and fights already, @NHL. Actual hockey is way more than just pretty goals and saves. 🙄

  50. Jitesh Ramakrishnan

    Jitesh RamakrishnanMonth ago

    Tom Wilson better get a lengthy suspension

  51. Steve V

    Steve VMonth ago

    This league's officiating is horrible. Worst it's been since the 90s, and probably even worse.

  52. Christian COLARUSSO

    Christian COLARUSSOMonth ago

    We finally got our revenge on ovi and for Tom wilsion taking out Carlo

  53. stewy meerkat

    stewy meerkatMonth ago

    I'm a Capitals fan. The B's put it into Stanly Cup mode last night. Great win for Boston. Caps still have their issues of letting their level of play drop at times and they couldn't afford that against the Bruins and get away with it and it showed.

  54. stewy meerkat

    stewy meerkatMonth ago

    @Justin Sullivan I didn't like the hit bc of the fact that his stick and hands where up. If his stick was down I'd wouldn't have anything to critique. Hope the player gets back soon.

  55. Justin Sullivan

    Justin SullivanMonth ago

    Taking your Caps hat off and being objective, how’d you feel about the Wilson hit? I mean if Marchand did that to Karlson your fan base would go crazy.

  56. Brian Dubowik

    Brian DubowikMonth ago

    ThE rEfS fAvOr ThE bRuInS

  57. Zachary Powers

    Zachary Powers2 days ago

    @Brian Dubowik tough crowd mate lol

  58. Brian Dubowik

    Brian DubowikMonth ago

    @TAYLOR HALL 71 I was being sarcastic

  59. TAYLOR HALL 71

    TAYLOR HALL 71Month ago

    How because we are the better team and the nasty hig by tom wilson never was called and that would have been a 5 minute major so actually its the other way around

  60. Merimerkki

    MerimerkkiMonth ago

    44 dislikes lol caps fans are absolutely pathetic and the worst in the nhl

  61. Greer Fried

    Greer FriedMonth ago

    I don't think it's Caps fans. I think it's mostly Bruins fans mad about the hit and fights not being shown.

  62. Will Mcneely

    Will McneelyMonth ago

    Zdeno chara- " why did I leave the bruins"

  63. Bhavik Patel

    Bhavik PatelMonth ago

    @Mr. Blutarsky Not really, the Bruins were a top3 defensive team the past three years and are still there (so far). Let's see it it continues without Lauzon and Carlo.

  64. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    @Bhavik Patel Well...not right now he couldn't. But yes of course, but Chara didn't want to accept the role management wanted him to step into. It wasn't just a case of management wanting Chara to leave. Chara went to a really good team and gets the minutes he still can play, and Boston got an overall better defense.

  65. Bhavik Patel

    Bhavik PatelMonth ago

    @Mr. Blutarsky Chara could literally play on the 2nd pair with Carlo.

  66. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    @Bhavik Patel they didn't want to keep him and unfortunately it was the right move. I love Big Z. He's also great for the community, never mind a sports team. But the Bruins defensemen have answered the call and I doubt very much that McAvoy would be playing this well if Chara were still on teh team. He's been forced to step up. Chara can still play but they wanted a different role for him in Boston, meaning less minutes.Chara wanted the ice teme and management disagreed.

  67. Bhavik Patel

    Bhavik PatelMonth ago

    Sweeney and Neely didn't want to keep him.

  68. Bruce Vrodoor

    Bruce VrodoorMonth ago

    Marchand for Hart

  69. Shane Cacks

    Shane CacksMonth ago

    3rd goal was offside

  70. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    Negative. Pause at 4:56 very, very clearly and obviously ONside. Linesman watching it carefully too.

  71. Thedude1983

    Thedude1983Month ago

    Lol Jack Edwards ribbing on Wilson

  72. Nigel Worwood

    Nigel WorwoodMonth ago


  73. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    Jack Edwards and Andy brickley are the announcers, if that’s the question

  74. zxzxzx190

    zxzxzx190Month ago

    Funny how nhl never shows what really goes on in a game when they show highlights garbage!

  75. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago you don't feel good saves, scorong chances, and goals are suitable for a highlight reel? Look. Pick up your guts and just say that you wanted to see the fight. Is that so hard?

  76. Mike F

    Mike FMonth ago

    Wilson is a pos.

  77. GoodGuyCameron

    GoodGuyCameronMonth ago

    NHL not showing the dirty hit in the highlight is a cover up. Caps play DIRTY. SHOW IT.

  78. Don Belenger

    Don BelengerMonth ago

    @TJATAW tough hockey if fine, dirty is totally different.wilson lastnight, then Ovechkin two nights ago spearing in grion.

  79. TJATAW

    TJATAWMonth ago

    Caps play actual hockey, not patty cake.

  80. Joel Schultz

    Joel SchultzMonth ago

    Congratz Bäckström. 700th assist 👏

  81. Matt Brahmer

    Matt BrahmerMonth ago

    I'm only sad that both teams can't lose at the same time.

  82. LoomPaTheOomPa

    LoomPaTheOomPaMonth ago

    We need to start disliking until they take notice and do a complete highlights

  83. NK029

    NK029Month ago

    Did you stay and watch the whole highlight? If yes, then their like to dislike ratio doesn't matter. They still got a view out of you and everyone else who watched the whole thing. The only way to affect their making of these videos is to not watch them. Sorry. You can thank YT for that gem.

  84. milo20060

    milo20060Month ago

    Should have been easy run for caps but the whole game they looked like they were destined to lose. Sad

  85. Sheila Walker

    Sheila WalkerMonth ago

    Can’t stand Boston team👎

  86. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    Attagirl. I hate it when people pretend.

  87. Stark Raven

    Stark RavenMonth ago

    Dear NHL: Please lengthen the videos to 10 minutes and show penalties. They are important for the context of the game. Power play that resulted in a goal, how did that team get on the power play?

  88. Gary Mifsud

    Gary MifsudMonth ago

    Look up the USloft channel PRO HOCKEY. You'll still miss certain things but this game on that channel is 14 or 15 minutes long

  89. Greer Fried

    Greer FriedMonth ago

    9 minutes is plenty of time to do that, they just don't want to. I've read that doing so could be seen as promoting fighting, which could hurt them in lawsuits. Everything is about legal liability in our litigious society nowadays.

  90. cmd156

    cmd156Month ago

    Agreed, how do you not show the hit on Carlo and the fight that basically got the bruins going from the 2nd period on? Definitely should be included in the highlights

  91. Adrian

    AdrianMonth ago

    @Somicification Is there somewhere I am supposed to go to PAY for proper highlights?

  92. Steve V

    Steve VMonth ago

    Yah, right. The league cant even do it's job right, do you think they care about youtube highlights?

  93. Jeff Saint

    Jeff SaintMonth ago

    The Caps are good but maybe not enough heart.

  94. Zaylas Pelt

    Zaylas PeltMonth ago

    The Boston Bruins just shows how great the team is. Such domination. Congratulations to the fans and Stanley Cup beast from the East. Go Bruins!!! A good game from the fans and 2018 Champions of D.C. ALL CAPS!!! Massachusetts ate District of Columbia alive in this game. Oh my word!!!

  95. Zaylas Pelt

    Zaylas PeltMonth ago

    @K M Okay......

  96. K M

    K MMonth ago

    This reads like an alien wrote it trying to fit in

  97. Michael Rojas

    Michael RojasMonth ago

    Absolute clinic by the Bruins!

  98. Pix Burgh

    Pix BurghMonth ago

    Tom Wilson needs to be expelled from the league before he ends someone's career. Carlo could've been paralyzed if he didn't have a helmet. Nice cross checks from vrana too. Dirtiest team in the league at it again. Yes I am a penguins fan, and yes Matt Cooke should've been banned too.

  99. Super Fizz

    Super FizzMonth ago

    @Carson Robertson **you're**

  100. Carson Robertson

    Carson RobertsonMonth ago

    Your dumb asf lol

  101. Garison Ciffolillo

    Garison CiffolilloMonth ago

    You guys have to show the dirty hit and the fight

  102. Nick Koestler

    Nick KoestlerMonth ago

    Classless Boston announcers

  103. Nick Koestler

    Nick KoestlerMonth ago

    @blizzleguy good thing jeopardy is in $200 increments, moron

  104. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    Yeah, when Brick pointed out a good play by the Caps I just seethed about his lack of class.

  105. Killerbeast 2508

    Killerbeast 2508Month ago

    Classless Washington grinder

  106. blizzleguy

    blizzleguyMonth ago

    I'll take people that didn't actually watch the game for $500 Alex

  107. Ryan N. 95

    Ryan N. 95Month ago

    “Tom Wilson has a tremendous view of it from the penalty bench”😂😂😂

  108. Erik David

    Erik DavidMonth ago

    "...After Jared Tinordi made a punching bag out of his head" 🤣🤣🤣 I laughed so hard

  109. dnasty312

    dnasty312Month ago

    Serves Biff right

  110. Brennan Walsh

    Brennan WalshMonth ago

    Breaking News: Brandon Carlo seen pouring water onto the Capitals ice surface.

  111. Brady Babineau

    Brady BabineauMonth ago

    Reference to Horton in 2011

  112. Killerbeast 2508

    Killerbeast 2508Month ago

    If we were in a playoff series with them we 100% win

  113. Jon Jensen

    Jon JensenMonth ago

    That was urine

  114. Josh Kavilkovitch

    Josh KavilkovitchMonth ago

    Here’s to hoping Wilson gets ball cancer in 5 years or less

  115. Philip Brodeur

    Philip BrodeurMonth ago

    This video is a joke. You leave out the Wilson hit and the fights that kicked off the scoring spree. Why do you leave the biggest events out of the game? Because they’re not hockey plays? Last time I checked fighting is allowed in hockey, therefore, it’s a hockey play. Grow up and put an actual “highlight” video together. SMH

  116. Gary Mifsud

    Gary MifsudMonth ago

    Look up youtube channel PRO HOCKEY, this game is 15 minutes there

  117. Most Hated

    Most HatedMonth ago

    I don't even know why people say "grow up". Ever. 😂

  118. callum loader

    callum loaderMonth ago

    Y’all some muppets

  119. Nattfog

    NattfogMonth ago

    Hilarious to hear tell them to "grow up" when you are whining like a little child about it. It takes less than 2 minutes to find that content elsewhere on USloft. Although, since you are obviously too incompetent to do so, I'll spoon feed you that content this time around.

  120. D Cons

    D ConsMonth ago

    We need a hero to make a compilation of no call Ovechkin slashes

  121. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @Sheila Walker how did he ask for it? He slashed him twice. That calls for a slash in the balls?

  122. Sheila Walker

    Sheila WalkerMonth ago

    Boston kid asked for it. Good for OVI

  123. wannabe rocker

    wannabe rockerMonth ago

    Richie is ballin this year and so many ppl were like "Hes garbage, trade him" last yr.

  124. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @wannabe rocker they scored two times I think. Also on top of that he kept taking penalties

  125. wannabe rocker

    wannabe rockerMonth ago

    @Saggy Supreme patty Trust me the B's didnt lose the series because of that one major.

  126. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @Justin Sullivan bruh he took a five min major in a key game last year.

  127. Justin Sullivan

    Justin SullivanMonth ago

    Because those people are idiots. So many casuals out there.

  128. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @wannabe rocker we were expecting him to play like he is now

  129. Joey Weidman

    Joey WeidmanMonth ago

    "tHe BRuiNs aRe THe DirTieST TeAm aNd ThE REfs ALwaYs FaVoR TheM"

  130. Revan Redeemed

    Revan RedeemedMonth ago

    Turn Wilson into the next Steve Moore.

  131. Earthling

    EarthlingMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is the dirtiest player in the league. He needs to get his face beat more often.

  132. Matt Hyer

    Matt HyerMonth ago

    How do you not show the Tom Wilson hit that directly led to 3 goals?! That’s what made this game so great!

  133. Salted Pumpkin

    Salted PumpkinMonth ago

    @MrHmg55 I agree 100% but I think they try to break up the action with regular hockey plays that aren't fights or goals

  134. MrHmg55

    MrHmg55Month ago

    @Salted Pumpkin The hit and at least a portion of the fight could have been shown instead of some of the routine saves that were included in this package.

  135. Salted Pumpkin

    Salted PumpkinMonth ago

    @wildwilie it's mainly because NHL highlights aren't allowed to go over 9 minutes

  136. Greer Fried

    Greer FriedMonth ago

    The fight led to 3 goals. The hit was in a different period.

  137. beermaker1100

    beermaker1100Month ago

    They never do on here. Follow sports net they do a much better job. The NHL thinks showing hits and fights might hurt somebody’s feelings

  138. Benjamin Stang

    Benjamin StangMonth ago

    If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Jack Edwards doesn’t like Tom Wilson very much.

  139. aya Qais

    aya QaisMonth ago

    @B Money Productions ص

  140. Brenden Kwan

    Brenden KwanMonth ago

    Maybe just a little

  141. Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Lynyrd SkynyrdMonth ago

    I don't either.

  142. Suzanne Frisch

    Suzanne FrischMonth ago

    @Earthling because tom did that hit on zach aston reese

  143. B Money Productions

    B Money ProductionsMonth ago

    The ref has to be stupid he probably gave Carlo a concussion no penalty then he calls a punch in the face

  144. Poverty Spec

    Poverty SpecMonth ago

    Destroy Boston. I don't care about wins or losses, just destroy them!

  145. Bruins Fan63

    Bruins Fan63Month ago

    Hello Canucks fan

  146. Michael Moldovan

    Michael MoldovanMonth ago

    @C M no he's Caps fan that whines every time his team loses

  147. C M

    C MMonth ago

    🧂 Canucks or leafs my guy?😂

  148. Luis Enrique Reyes

    Luis Enrique ReyesMonth ago

    Buenas noches NHL siempre lo mejor

  149. Paul Brunelle

    Paul BrunelleMonth ago

    WOW, first Bs goal, one handed from Bergie while getting hit. That's pretty...

  150. Michael Moldovan

    Michael MoldovanMonth ago

    What a shame to be a Caps fan😂😂

  151. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @TJATAW thanks man

  152. TJATAW

    TJATAWMonth ago

    @Saggy Supreme patty thanks...didn't think resigning Holtby would be the right call...and thought Samsanov would be more durable...we'll see where we go...good luck to your team as well.

  153. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @TJATAW right now you guys probably will. You guys are a great team. Just need a tendy

  154. Hangroverreach 67

    Hangroverreach 67Month ago

    @TJATAW And Tampa bay will go further than Washington

  155. TJATAW

    TJATAWMonth ago

    Guarantee Caps will go further this year in the playoffs than the Boston Pretty Boys will.

  156. kevin white

    kevin whiteMonth ago

    Wilson is a PLUG....

  157. Lizzy The Punk Princess

    Lizzy The Punk PrincessMonth ago

    Bruins did great tonight!!! Though, as a Bruins fan myself, I can't stand Jack Edwards

  158. Casual Observer

    Casual ObserverMonth ago

    Can we just see a collection of Ovi's whiffs ? Should be 9 from tonight & about 14-16 from the previous game. Nothing like chasing a record & forgetting the prime reason you're playing is playing as a team to win the cup.

  159. Sheila Walker

    Sheila WalkerMonth ago

    WHAT? Did u just wake up from coma lol

  160. Kermitt Hezmuth

    Kermitt HezmuthMonth ago

    that's his M.O.

  161. Evan Greeley

    Evan GreeleyMonth ago

    imagine criticizing a commentator for being biased on the “new england sports network” feed...

  162. Andrew Pariseault

    Andrew PariseaultMonth ago

    @Jesse Manley the point of his job is to report what’s going on during the game WHILE providing entertainment for those who watch NESN (which, btw, stands for the NEW ENGLAND Sports Network). He’s passionate about the Bruins because he’s allowed to be. There’s nothing in a contract between a network and reporter that says you can’t be biased, unless I’m assuming you work for NBC or ESPN. Relax Jesse, if you have problems with Jack Edwards, don’t watch.

  163. JoeMama Mama

    JoeMama MamaMonth ago

    Or here's a crazy concept, maybe what he's pointing out is...ya know...true?

  164. Jesse Manley

    Jesse ManleyMonth ago

    @Joseph Smith he doesn't have to get "more" excited for opposing teams goals... he should try to call the game objectively and unbiased in relation to penalties and on the ice incidents. The issue is he is often biased in his opinions on what happens on the ice...there are multiple examples of him blatantly misrepresenting what happened on the ice.

  165. Joseph Smith

    Joseph SmithMonth ago

    Jesse... you mean the Boston Bruins EMPLOYEE cares more about the Bruins them say.... the Rangers or Sharks. The Bruins own the network you F-ing moron. Why oh why doesn’t Jack Edwards love the San Jose Sharks! What a biased announcer!

  166. Brian Dubowik

    Brian DubowikMonth ago

    @Jesse Manley he often gets more excited for opposing goals than some other announcers get for their own teams goals. Ignore that part though

  167. Bruins Fan63

    Bruins Fan63Month ago

    Great win tonight boys!

  168. Caleb Childs

    Caleb ChildsMonth ago

    hey guys the refs favour the bruins btw hahah yes the refs love the bruins and every call goes their way am i right?

  169. Caleb Childs

    Caleb ChildsMonth ago

    @Killerbeast 2508 it's the internet they never do

  170. Killerbeast 2508

    Killerbeast 2508Month ago

    I don’t think they get the sarcasm

  171. Caleb Childs

    Caleb ChildsMonth ago

    @Cathy Melistas cathy you're using the wrong "your" and now you've made yourself look like an idiot. You're a silly gal cathy!!!

  172. Caleb Childs

    Caleb ChildsMonth ago

    @Paul Brunelle wait who?

  173. Cathy Melistas

    Cathy MelistasMonth ago

    Your an idiot

  174. D S

    D SMonth ago

    you HAVE to show the cheap hit to the head by Wilson and the fights too

  175. Jacob Schwartz

    Jacob SchwartzMonth ago

    they never show fighting. its a shame

  176. Kahnzilla

    KahnzillaMonth ago

    It will never happen on the NHL's page they are too scared to show it.

  177. Caleb Childs

    Caleb ChildsMonth ago

    Bruins pummelled the caps but jack lowkey ruins it with the bias calls sometimes and this is one of those times but i love his passion

  178. Daniel Bentall

    Daniel BentallMonth ago

    What else do you expect from a New England sports commentator? He supposed to be biased

  179. SpaceAgent 15

    SpaceAgent 15Month ago

    I would like the bruins a lot more if they got rid of Jack he’s good for the sport but my god is it annoying

  180. Overwatch Maniac 2.0

    Overwatch Maniac 2.0Month ago


  181. Trent Bean

    Trent BeanMonth ago

    Bruins announcers are straight pigeons. Might be why their fan base are also so classless. But both teams are dusters. Sussy coming for Wilson

  182. Rob Manfred

    Rob ManfredMonth ago

    @killerbeast sure, I’ll give you he’s better at sounding excited when the opposing team scores a goal, but that takes how much of the game? You’re telling me he’s a better commentator solely based on that? He’s waaayyyyy more biased throughout the game. He consistently sounds like a random bruins fan plucked from the street to call these games. So again, I understand why bruins fans would like him. Also, to be clear, I have no problem with a commentator being biased toward their team, they all are which is completely understandable, but Jack Edwards is often over the top to the point where it’s very hard to watch if you aren’t a bruins fan. Also, yes I know the context, even if a Bruin pulled a Wilson on a caps player, I still cant see the caps commentators acting like this.

  183. Parizar

    ParizarMonth ago

    @Trent Bean Marchand hasn't been suspended in well over 3 years. Hes cleaned up his act. You can't use the same excuse every single time. It gets old and eventually you can't use it anymore. Wilson hasn't cleaned up his act clearly.

  184. Trent Bean

    Trent BeanMonth ago

    @Michael Moldovan not defending Wilson. He’s getting the book thrown at him. Dirty player his whole career. However Boston have more than their fair share of dirty players.

  185. Killerbeast 2508

    Killerbeast 2508Month ago

    @Rob Manfred I’m not sure you get the context of the game if you think that. The thing that Jack does way better than any other homer commentator is displaying excitement for both sides when a goal happens. Washington’s announcers are the exact opposite of that. Whenever the other team scores on the Caps they sound depressed af

  186. Rob Manfred

    Rob ManfredMonth ago

    @killerbeast absolutely NOT. I hate the caps but their commentators are way better than Jack Edwards. He’s roasting my least favorite player in the league and I still can’t stand watching the highlights with the volume on, he’s so bad. I mean I get why you’d like him if you’re a bruins fan, but if you’re a fan of any other team it’s almost impossible to stand him

  187. Peter Simunic

    Peter SimunicMonth ago

    These commentators are a something lol. Worst ever, I feel for the Boston fans having to listen to those clowns.

  188. Peter Simunic

    Peter SimunicMonth ago

    @Killerbeast 2508 so first of all, sorry if I don't make sense to you, not really sure if it's your lack of understanding or my poor English level as my 4th language, but hey let it be what it is. Second, of course the bs'ing is coming from from both sides but see there is a way to do it professionaly maintaing it low and use double senses or so, play with the words a bit.... About the caps play right now, I agree that if they play like the other night in the second game 1-5 they actually hardly make the playoffs.... But they are like that, it's not the first year that it happens and there is still time to make the right adjustments. Oh and about the Wilson hit, just got suspended 7 games, it was a bad hit and he deserves a suspension for it...but I don't really think he went to hurt him, but that's just my opinion... He likes to crunch people but not to injure, he's not Avery class psychopath lol My point is, you people in Boston really deserve someone better to comment your hockey games you have a great team and a great history. (And like it or not Big Z my big country man and a future NHL Hall of famer was a great loss for your team, he may not be like 10 years ago but what he brings to the team as a player and person is admirable)

  189. Killerbeast 2508

    Killerbeast 2508Month ago

    @Peter Simunic You managed to type 3 paragraphs on a USloft comment and made zero sense in any it. Tell me why someone who works for New England Sports Network should not be biased towards New England. And you can’t tell me the Washington announcers aren’t biased because they are. Congrats on “stealing” our 43 year old defenseman and not managing a single regulation win over us in 4 games. We would destroy you come playoff time when there’s no shootout to save you.

  190. Peter Simunic

    Peter SimunicMonth ago

    @Killerbeast 2508 Joe and Craig have more hockey knowledge in their foot pinky toe than the Boston duo all together. See they are supposed to not take sides/ favorites or at least don't make it so obvious.... U can tell whatever U want but ours sound better, know better and we even taken Chara from U 🤣🤣

  191. JoeMama Mama

    JoeMama MamaMonth ago

    @Killerbeast 2508 I dont even care about the bias, they're just obnoxious. Their color commentator has an annoying steve urkel voice, like he has a peanut m&m lodged to his nose.

  192. Killerbeast 2508

    Killerbeast 2508Month ago

    @Peter Simunic Yeah I gotta say Washington’s announcers are also atrocious. They may not be as loud as Jack but they are 100% biased when you listen to the tone of their voice when the caps score vs when the other team scores

  193. Jacob Schwartz

    Jacob SchwartzMonth ago

    dont see why tom wilson wasnt punished for that hit to the head, and why ovechkin only got a 2 minute roughing call for hitting someone in the groin with his stick. I dont wanna hear anybody saying that the refs love and favor Boston because they dont.

  194. Caleb Childs

    Caleb ChildsMonth ago

    yeah it's quite the opposite if you look at it with unbias eyes.

  195. Armand B.

    Armand B.Month ago

    i think they didn't gave 5min ovi cause before that frederic dropped gloves on ovi which should be instant 5min and refs didnt gave him anything.

  196. Caleb Jennum

    Caleb JennumMonth ago

    As a Caps fan GGs to the Bruins

  197. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @Max Cinelli it’s ok, Carlo doesn’t seem to be out to long. You guys are a good team, just need some offense and a good goalie like fleury and you’ll be rolling. Gg

  198. Todd Robert

    Todd RobertMonth ago

    at least you aren't like the haters that hate on BOS so much. Looking forward to a great playoff matchup between we and thee

  199. Thomas Mackey

    Thomas MackeyMonth ago

    i think both sides can agree that officiating was embarrassing for the NHL so many missed calls on both sides

  200. Kairin Sylvia

    Kairin SylviaMonth ago

    @Max Cinelli it's cool, Marchand was/is like that from time to time. I hope the rest of the team can pick it up. Your guys only problem seems to be some offensive inconsistency, once that starts clicking you guys will be great

  201. Max Cinelli

    Max CinelliMonth ago

    @Kairin Sylvia I’m a caps fan as well, that first line is nasty, their unstoppable. Sorry about Tom, he has to discipline himself man

  202. D WS

    D WSMonth ago

    Brad worx every ounce of his being to compete..Brad #1.

  203. Evan

    EvanMonth ago

    Jack Edwards has no chill lol love that man even if you don’t like him you gotta admit he’s good for the sport

  204. Saggy Supreme patty

    Saggy Supreme pattyMonth ago

    @Greysen Gagne he’s great, wouldn’t rather have anyone else

  205. Greysen Gagne

    Greysen GagneMonth ago

    I can understand why opposing fans hate him, but his energy is great. I feel privileged to have listened to Jack for the past 15 or so years. He's hilarious, and pumps you up.

  206. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    I also note that Edwatds actually does play by play while we watches the game, a trait that several of his colleagues utterly lack. Some of those jokers are unaware they are even at the rink, to hear them call a game..

  207. Seamus Andrew

    Seamus AndrewMonth ago

    He says what bruins fans are thinking

  208. Shawn Beaudoin

    Shawn BeaudoinMonth ago

    I hate him. He’s the best.

  209. Farming

    FarmingMonth ago

    Announcers seem a bit biased lol

  210. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. BlutarskyMonth ago

    @Farming don't worry about it. It makes you no different from fans who have been watching for decades. Way too many NHL 'fans' are vocal idiots who don't know what they talk about. Cheers!

  211. Farming

    FarmingMonth ago

    @Thomas Mackey im from Australia and im relatively new to hockey, and I mainly watch the Canadian division at the moment so I was really just making an observation about the highlights I was watching bud I dont know the broadcasters or stations or networks or anything like that. You came in hot and made some assumptions there lol

  212. Jacob Schwartz

    Jacob SchwartzMonth ago

    they work for nesn. New England Sports Network lol

  213. Thomas Mackey

    Thomas MackeyMonth ago

    wait what?!?!?! Biased announcers on NEW ENGLAND SPORTS NET!?!?! how.... how could that possibly be allowed??!?!?!!? stfu every regional commentator is biased you just like to hate on the bruins.

  214. Nate L

    Nate LMonth ago

    Yeah that’s the Boston feed. NBCS Boston commentators.

  215. JoeMama Mama

    JoeMama MamaMonth ago

    Cant stand that caps team. They're about as dirty as they come.