ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Marathon

Catch up on all your favorite Attaway General moments! What was your favorite part of season 1?
When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.


  1. Triana Phillips

    Triana Phillips7 hours ago

    Omg jack is my favorite his voice is so soft and funny I always catch myself giggling when he speaks it's just so cute 😚❤️✌️💅

  2. Stefania Corbu

    Stefania Corbu14 hours ago


  3. Dalbir Singh

    Dalbir Singh15 hours ago

    I want to be a doctor tooo a surgical doctor detarmalogist

  4. Claire Clark

    Claire Clark15 hours ago

    I jUsT nEeDeD a EcUs To GeT yOu In HeRe

  5. •Candy_Apple •

    •Candy_Apple •18 hours ago


  6. KpopiieARMY

    KpopiieARMYDay ago

    This sounds like a terrible voice over 😭

  7. Edison DeLaCruz

    Edison DeLaCruzDay ago

    "Im really worried right now because im losing alot of blood😐", "You should be fine, if you hit an artery you would have passed out😐", "Thats really comforting😐" The acting is impeccable

  8. Dominika Dominika

    Dominika DominikaDay ago


  9. Alex and olly Fidget fam and music

    Alex and olly Fidget fam and music2 days ago

    The guy who was in jail he’s kinda cringe

  10. alorxia

    alorxia2 days ago

    i only watched this to cringe and it worked

  11. Aliarna Kemp

    Aliarna Kemp2 days ago


  12. Meryem Stabil

    Meryem Stabil3 days ago

    Offf wann kommt es auf deutsch 🙄

  13. anano qristesiashvili

    anano qristesiashvili3 days ago

    This show is a joke

  14. Kozume.mp3

    Kozume.mp34 days ago

    This is my 13th reason why

  15. Aanya Rai

    Aanya Rai4 days ago

    The comment section is more entertaining than the whole show. 🙄

  16. David Palmer

    David Palmer4 days ago

    This is the mean girls 2 of Greys Anatomy

  17. fidget toy with bridget

    fidget toy with bridget4 days ago

    Poor man

  18. fidget toy with bridget

    fidget toy with bridget4 days ago

    Omg madi and dixie ahh

  19. cxralshells

    cxralshells4 days ago

    LMAO they’re so bad at acting no offense 🥶🥶🥶

  20. Disgusted Trevor

    Disgusted Trevor4 days ago

    I’ve heard middle school rumors with more depth and character development than this show

  21. Disgusted Trevor

    Disgusted Trevor4 days ago


  22. Ruby Lawson

    Ruby Lawson5 days ago

    Maddie being the only half decent actress

  23. Emilia Muscalu

    Emilia Muscalu5 days ago

    seson 2 pls



    the old man is the only good actor

  25. Cyril jevic Francisco

    Cyril jevic Francisco5 days ago

    I feel like after watching this imma be having depression no cap 😭🙏

  26. Kaila Gilmore

    Kaila Gilmore5 days ago

    this is good

  27. Daylight Plays

    Daylight Plays6 days ago

    Haiiii Dixie

  28. Kélya Alcocer

    Kélya Alcocer6 days ago


  29. Wavy 999

    Wavy 9996 days ago

    Man I feel cringed out for watching this 😬

  30. Lynia West

    Lynia West6 days ago

    Swear I didn’t know that was Dixie at first

  31. diba farsian

    diba farsian6 days ago

    I cringed so much I formed a double chin DTFHKGTYEDFGHJTRTEDTFYUI

  32. Dog lover

    Dog lover7 days ago

    I know two people in this one Dixie and one's Maddie

  33. maia moo

    maia moo7 days ago

    thisis litteraly a crappy american show copying nz shortland street

  34. Household Business

    Household Business7 days ago

    am i the only one from quackity-?

  35. paranormal lover and beleiver

    paranormal lover and beleiver7 days ago

    This acting is worse than my first grade plaay

  36. betty hamalova

    betty hamalova7 days ago

    literally everything is so wrong about this... whatever this is

  37. Unathi Dandala

    Unathi Dandala7 days ago

    Its not good but its not bad Idk what it is 😂

  38. Ev

    Ev8 days ago

    "wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg DoNt CoMe AnY cLoSeR"

  39. millie low

    millie low8 days ago

    BO IS SO MUCH LIKE KVOR btw i love s2 for brat love you brat

  40. Ana Maria Medina Calvo

    Ana Maria Medina Calvo9 days ago

    Los subtítulos Español latino América no funciona

  41. Lee Lee x

    Lee Lee x9 days ago

    14:42 she just cried one tear out of nowhere lol

  42. Japneet Dhaliwal

    Japneet Dhaliwal9 days ago

    So sad

  43. Marie Van denbempt

    Marie Van denbempt9 days ago

    Im sorry but this is really bad the acting omg

  44. Randomly Anna

    Randomly Anna9 days ago

    I LOVE THIS 😍😍😍

  45. Lilly’s Life

    Lilly’s Life9 days ago

    This is just likeee idk what happened but I can’t stop watching it

  46. Lana Ahmed

    Lana Ahmed9 days ago

    Can u make season 3 pls with dixie pl

  47. Mya Agee

    Mya Agee9 days ago

    Y’all switch up really fast for?

  48. Hind Oonk

    Hind Oonk9 days ago

    This made me selftrust I wanna be a docter later in the hospital

  49. Isabella Gallegos

    Isabella Gallegos9 days ago

    The acting is soo bad

  50. Daze

    Daze9 days ago


  51. Ava No

    Ava No10 days ago

    This hurts my eyes.

  52. soggy teabag

    soggy teabag10 days ago

    40:38 Not them doing tiktok dances instead of doing their job...

  53. Aesthetic Vlogs

    Aesthetic Vlogs10 days ago

    𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚌


    LEXGGVS10 days ago

    What the actual what is this I- this is

  55. lily Potter

    lily Potter10 days ago

    Lol dixie and in a movie 🤣👋

  56. hellothere

    hellothere10 days ago

    Respect to all the ppl who actually watched the whole thing. But honestly, who else came here to comment how bad this is and didn't even watch it because you've already seen a bunch of other ppls reactions of the show???

  57. Martin Jensen

    Martin Jensen10 days ago

    One word...tacky boiiiiiiiiiiii

  58. Martin Jensen

    Martin Jensen10 days ago

    Also why did they give the grandpa orange colored water for food!?!??!

  59. Martin Jensen

    Martin Jensen10 days ago


  60. Cedrica Lindsay

    Cedrica Lindsay10 days ago

    These comments is hilarious

  61. tirxm_ miiseung

    tirxm_ miiseung10 days ago


  62. Emma Sahagun

    Emma Sahagun10 days ago

    Benny ?

  63. Lacey Hogue

    Lacey Hogue10 days ago


  64. Rebeca

    Rebeca10 days ago

    never thought I would be this bored

  65. laura horan

    laura horan11 days ago

    its a no for me

  66. Imma Banana

    Imma Banana11 days ago

    Sandy: Attaway General. **3 seconds later** No that is not a disease. **Hangs Up**. Molly: wHerE iS tHE PEdiacTric WaRd? XD

  67. Gabe Bell

    Gabe Bell11 days ago

    God this is the worst acting I've ever seen. It makes the Room look like The Godfather.

  68. Trang Ly

    Trang Ly11 days ago

    How else notice that theirs Dixie d'amelio in the show😂😂

  69. Kiki Fordyce

    Kiki Fordyce11 days ago

    I'm only here for Dixie

  70. Ghalia Barghout

    Ghalia Barghout11 days ago

    I'm just so sorry for all the doctors and nurses watching this 💀

  71. *ShyJUSTFINE*

    *ShyJUSTFINE*12 days ago

    4:16 that’s a big yikes right there

  72. Nomvelo Khwela

    Nomvelo Khwela12 days ago

    Is that Dixie

  73. I AM The Senate

    I AM The Senate12 days ago

    Don't worry med students, you're not alone. Us kids and teens who are studying writing are also cringing so hard right now.

  74. Meghan Chi

    Meghan Chi12 days ago

    Is that Dixie?

  75. Samantha Mcdowell

    Samantha Mcdowell12 days ago

    I love seon 1

  76. Unicorn Pug

    Unicorn Pug12 days ago

    Uh the machine just has a bunch of squiggly lines no numbers like are they even trying

  77. Unicorn Pug

    Unicorn Pug12 days ago

    Wow this sucks

  78. Elle

    Elle12 days ago

    maybe just me, but im here bc i saw quackity watch this uhm

  79. Cadyn Pitts

    Cadyn Pitts13 days ago

    The acting 😂

  80. TomRiddleIsSoHot

    TomRiddleIsSoHot13 days ago

    pov: everyone is hating on this show. me: OMG IM OBSSESED

  81. Cristina Luna Dunch

    Cristina Luna Dunch13 days ago

    madi in the start looks alot into the camera kinda bad acting

  82. weird things

    weird things13 days ago

    chile what is this

  83. Alexandra Gargas

    Alexandra Gargas13 days ago

    Why is this not bad😂 I Actually rlly like this is it on Netflix?

  84. OHT GraffBoy

    OHT GraffBoy6 days ago

    That’s called having poor taste, and no it’s not on Netflix.

  85. Elyn Procreate art

    Elyn Procreate art13 days ago

    Is anyone watching this after watching dr mikes rating video

  86. Melisa Akdag

    Melisa Akdag13 days ago


  87. flowxy .chrqls

    flowxy .chrqls13 days ago

    Off Madi

  88. flowxy .chrqls

    flowxy .chrqls13 days ago

    Queen Dixie

  89. taylar sweft

    taylar sweft13 days ago

    when the side character can act better than the main one

  90. Jodee AKA

    Jodee AKA13 days ago

    19:42 "Bitter much?" GIRL THATS SALT 😭😭😂😂

  91. Lonely. Vibëz

    Lonely. Vibëz13 days ago

    “Oooooo who’s “blahhhh” “The cute guy she likes” *molly falls* “mOlLy” Me: Oh dear is she dead?

  92. Makayla Lewis-Mines

    Makayla Lewis-Mines13 days ago

    I can’t believe dixie and Maddie is in this, btw first time watching😀😃

  93. Santos Nica

    Santos Nica13 days ago

    I’m not that bored yet, lasted till 7:21 It’s too painful to watch 😅😅😅

  94. Jailyne sessou Kayemba

    Jailyne sessou Kayemba14 days ago


  95. Gloria Mwangi

    Gloria Mwangi14 days ago

    ok but dixie is a good actor

  96. I AM The Senate

    I AM The Senate14 days ago

    They need to turn the comments off because I'm laughing at it more than I'm laughing at what a horrible shitfest this show is.

  97. Tamara Kačič

    Tamara Kačič14 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes attaway general?

  98. Tamara Kačič

    Tamara Kačič14 days ago

    @ANASTASIS KAL I would rather have bad taste than no taste at all 😉😘


    ANASTASIS KAL14 days ago

    You have a bad taste, a really bad taste. Please reconsider your choices

  100. addison.x.x. sunrae.123

    addison.x.x. sunrae.12314 days ago

    I love dixie but However Dixie talking I fell like she just wake up lol😂

  101. Lyfa Thach

    Lyfa Thach14 days ago

    their is charli sister

  102. Viki Sliwinska

    Viki Sliwinska14 days ago

    Pov: U want to skip the boring bits but then think that there is good bit in the bit u have missed!😅

  103. Perfect Puppets

    Perfect Puppets14 days ago

    Not me just watching Bc of dixie

  104. flashy

    flashy15 days ago

    When kids try to make a medical drama and fail miserably