Monster Lab - Bones in the Basement (Episode 3)


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  1. Dylan

    DylanHour ago

    I just think he should know that apparently this content is very advertiser friendly

  2. Maths with Luigi

    Maths with Luigi4 hours ago

    The god damned middle East!

  3. Looney

    Looney5 hours ago

    Bruh the end kinda felt like HELL RAISER lol with the whole resurrection through sacrifice.

  4. Hey_Its_Kev

    Hey_Its_Kev5 hours ago

    Love the shining reference when uno is at the bar. Same flooring and decor from the movie lol

  5. benjybopps_games

    benjybopps_games5 hours ago

    When is the next episode out?

  6. Peach Pie

    Peach Pie10 hours ago

    I feel like Henry will redeem himself in the end, hopefully

  7. TheFatMoth

    TheFatMoth13 hours ago

    2:10 I keep seeing him do a owo face

  8. Dylan Van der Kuij

    Dylan Van der KuijDay ago


  9. Hp- Playz

    Hp- PlayzDay ago

    it said try it ffs, yes i enjoyed, thanks man cant wait for the series

  10. Bliksem_Roamer

    Bliksem_RoamerDay ago

    love the art :3

  11. Mathias

    MathiasDay ago

    I forgot if I had seen this episode before. But this is good enough to rewatch over and over again. Fantastic show

  12. syrsyrmilner 1

    syrsyrmilner 1Day ago

    Wooooo weeeee we are feeling it now 😂 😂

  13. Taran Grover

    Taran GroverDay ago

    is the parole cop Ryan Magee?

  14. Cathy

    CathyDay ago

    the little mac tonight funko pop omg

  15. BluryXYZ

    BluryXYZDay ago

    Its funny bc my mom ran over a cat on her way yo pick up my sister like 1 1/2 hours ago

  16. Carter Moon

    Carter MoonDay ago

    Chris Kyle is my fucking hero.

  17. SneezeCenterMedia

    SneezeCenterMediaDay ago

    This isn't right they are using a real veteran's likeness and name for such horrible reasons. Chris Kyle was a real person who earned honors for her heroism. His family would be appalled to see his name used in this way. It's really disappointing.

  18. Mazuma Tech

    Mazuma TechDay ago

    Just watched a vid from MXR Plays, Bruh, please do try and do a skit with Genie:

  19. Degenerate #4072

    Degenerate #40722 days ago

    I like the dvd scene

  20. I want to die

    I want to die2 days ago

    i feel bad for king


    OOFMAN JONES2 days ago

    HeY gUyS, uNo KiNdA lOoKs LiKe An AmOgUs

  22. Gasit CourtBat

    Gasit CourtBat2 days ago

    where is episode 4

  23. NobodyCares

    NobodyCares2 days ago

    “Beepo ih cofused” sorry beepo

  24. George Missailidis

    George Missailidis2 days ago

    Beebo's rapid blinking 1:24

  25. The Impromptu Podcast

    The Impromptu Podcast2 days ago

    This series is legitimately amazing.

  26. Abeegirl

    Abeegirl2 days ago

    Anyone else notice that the skeleton had a bone hat? So is his hat a part of his head???🤐

  27. Chris G The Patriot

    Chris G The Patriot2 days ago

    This show is so good!! Amazing, well put together, definitely looks professional, 1000x better than the original ep3, good story line, fun, funny. I need more!!!!!

  28. Slowmofroggie

    Slowmofroggie2 days ago

    Is there a single video on this channel that was monetized? I mean this is stupidly good quality but I just died from being disturbed

  29. tony loco

    tony loco2 days ago

    Make ep 4

  30. Sambo Rambo

    Sambo Rambo2 days ago

    I dunno how to feel about the chris Kyle stuff. . . .

  31. Peach Pie

    Peach Pie10 hours ago

    why so?

  32. BubbaCrunchY

    BubbaCrunchY2 days ago

    Off the Chain


    ZACHARY KENNEDY2 days ago

    Uno looks like B.O.B from Monsters vs Aliens


    ESSTEE PHRESH2 days ago

    "Its the helping that counts"

  35. ulookcrusty dusty

    ulookcrusty dusty3 days ago

    watching while spinning makes the experience amazing

  36. Hell has no Happiness Stop motion

    Hell has no Happiness Stop motion3 days ago

    When dio Returns in JoJo part 9

  37. Raymon VanCampen

    Raymon VanCampen3 days ago


  38. AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

    AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES3 days ago

    The shackles appear from nowhere🤣

  39. JrBaconCheeseBurger Boi

    JrBaconCheeseBurger Boi3 days ago

    I like how you made the DVD animation on the screen realistic😁

  40. Smuckers T

    Smuckers T3 days ago

    I love this series, I hope it continues

  41. joshuamodell31

    joshuamodell313 days ago

    Meatcanyon, do you voice every character in this show?? I love it!

  42. Michael Negron

    Michael Negron3 days ago

    rip cat

  43. Bmille Plays

    Bmille Plays3 days ago

    This series kinda of reminds me of helluva boss in a way if u know what that is

  44. Uriel Septim

    Uriel SeptimDay ago

    Nope just a mad house. A life of a crazy scientist that is normal to him.

  45. Seth Mullins

    Seth Mullins3 days ago

    Make a video about party rock being in my house

  46. MythicMorph

    MythicMorph3 days ago

    Man this show should be on nick.Jr

  47. Glacyite Freez

    Glacyite Freez4 days ago

    God damn this is getting dark

  48. FunkyBloke

    FunkyBloke4 days ago

    5:05 I just noticed his skin changed color

  49. Noah Sanders

    Noah Sanders4 days ago

    Get this man a job with adult swim. Immediately.

  50. USNMelanie Daria

    USNMelanie Daria4 days ago

    When that picture fail and those little black figures ran across the floor I screamed so loud!! 😩🤣🤣🤣

  51. Daniel Edery

    Daniel Edery4 days ago

    5:07 why is not green

  52. Lyka Vergara

    Lyka Vergara4 days ago

    EWWWWWWWWWW but its cool👌👌👌

  53. Z3R0_Steam

    Z3R0_Steam4 days ago

    it's always the god DAMN middle E A S T

  54. MrCresix96

    MrCresix964 days ago

    When King said "This seems downright Jewish", Chris Kyle was doing the happy merchant pose.

  55. Seth Wright

    Seth Wright4 days ago

    "It's the helping that counts" - Joseph Stalin's last words

  56. The Scout

    The Scout4 days ago

    why is the term "dog eggs" used 14 times


    S.A.W FILM COMPANY4 days ago

    I wanna know is Kats and uno a couple. Because they take baths together, are always together, and Kats and uno just give off those vibes.

  58. Joseph Whitecrow

    Joseph Whitecrow4 days ago

    The gerd damn middle east

  59. Crimson_GB

    Crimson_GB4 days ago

    This reminds me of an adult cartoon Edit: ye this technically is one, but this reminds of an as cartoon

  60. Tokxic

    Tokxic4 days ago

    hey meatcanyon, any update on the 4th episode? me, along with everyone else is frothing at the mouth for your next excellent installment

  61. Whoofh

    Whoofh5 days ago

    This is like Leo and Satan and I love it

  62. GhouLish

    GhouLish5 days ago

    I realllllllly like Bebo lmao I pray to God he comes back in later episodes

  63. Super Fire 64 Gaming

    Super Fire 64 Gaming5 days ago

    It’s true, the best looking one is the most evil

  64. Cuyir

    Cuyir5 days ago

    I love the shinning reference

  65. Deanry Sath

    Deanry Sath5 days ago

    Chris Kyle *whispers* spin me *ending scene*

  66. Chef Hachier

    Chef Hachier5 days ago

    Episode 4 soon please, its epic 👏🏻👏🏻

  67. joel the non existent

    joel the non existent5 days ago

    Ewwww this is not a parody?

  68. shilego

    shilego3 days ago


  69. Muichiro OwO

    Muichiro OwO5 days ago

    I love how hoody kitten touches unos face with his bloody decapitated hand and touches unos face

  70. Stutzinator

    Stutzinator5 days ago

    I love how beebos hat is just his head but like an infected toe

  71. Esther Cho

    Esther Cho5 days ago

    This needs more views

  72. Lil tweeter

    Lil tweeter5 days ago

    I’ve watched to many videos of meat canyon 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🥴🥴🥴😪😪😮😮😧😯😯😧😧😲😖😫😩🥺☹️🙁😕😟😔😒😞🤣🤣😅😂. ❤️=1


    AHMED MOHAMED5 days ago

    lol the cat

  74. Taylor Zimmerman

    Taylor Zimmerman5 days ago

    This is so fucking funny

  75. Amaius Tom

    Amaius Tom5 days ago

    Make more

  76. conner thomas

    conner thomas5 days ago


  77. Jonn Soe

    Jonn Soe5 days ago



    FOUR AZTECAS5 days ago

    so ther gay it is june pride month i guess

  79. Dark Meizy

    Dark Meizy5 days ago

    please please please try to get a contract with like hulu or sum, i’d love to binge watch a bunch of episodes

  80. Ikeybones

    Ikeybones5 days ago

    Rest in piece happy kitten 2

  81. Jesus Meza

    Jesus Meza5 days ago

    I love your videos and I love mr beast

  82. Not Toxic RBX

    Not Toxic RBX5 days ago

    6:56 Was the hardest hitting line RIP howdy cat 2021-2021

  83. Arthur Farrand

    Arthur Farrand6 days ago

    I love and also hate you. Good Christ man

  84. Star Teriyucki

    Star Teriyucki6 days ago

    When I saw those purple hearts I was done. 🤣😭🤣😭

  85. Liam Mattis

    Liam Mattis6 days ago

    pls don't do camp cretaceous or sonic

  86. XO Tha Kid

    XO Tha Kid6 days ago

    I really enjoyed this series so far. I never watch stuff like this but I enjoyed it.

  87. max e

    max e6 days ago

    More monster lab

  88. AKA

    AKA6 days ago

    hahahaha, nice

  89. Jordan Keefe

    Jordan Keefe6 days ago

    This feels like a perverted version of Breaking Bad

  90. Tricia Libby

    Tricia Libby6 days ago

    Wait a min that sounds like Brody fox

  91. n 1ne

    n 1ne6 days ago

    that drink looks sus

  92. Manfres

    Manfres6 days ago

    the shinning reference?

  93. kristine uy

    kristine uy6 days ago


  94. Yosniel Arce

    Yosniel Arce6 days ago

    I don't understand nothing

  95. Yosniel Arce

    Yosniel Arce6 days ago

    what is this crap

  96. I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

    I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts6 days ago

    The blood on the bones for regeneration is giving me major Hellraiser vibes xD

  97. M .O. G. Swggaarr

    M .O. G. Swggaarr6 days ago

  98. Trouble Ent

    Trouble Ent6 days ago


  99. M .O. G. Swggaarr

    M .O. G. Swggaarr6 days ago

  100. Trouble Ent

    Trouble Ent6 days ago


  101. The Ram

    The Ram6 days ago

    The fuk did I watch

  102. M .O. G. Swggaarr

    M .O. G. Swggaarr6 days ago

  103. Reggie

    Reggie6 days ago

    “Wanna take a bath later?” That line was beyond adorable.

  104. David Wireman

    David Wireman6 days ago

    They only get better

  105. Finn The Cheese Lord

    Finn The Cheese Lord6 days ago

    glue man figurine! :D i like the lil easter eggs :)