Jacksepticeye Plays Minecraft with his girlfriend! (Twitch Stream)(#2)

Part 2 of Jacksepticeye playing minecraft with his girlfriend!
Streamed on March 19 2021 at www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
Gameplay starts at 6:40


  1. Totally Real Name

    Totally Real Name16 days ago

    I hate watching these because Twitch chat is so stupid, especially when it comes to Minecraft, Sean/Jack I have well over 3k hours in Minecraft throw me in a discord when you stream it next time I'll give you straight forward simple correct answers. It's frustrating tbh

  2. Emery907

    Emery90717 days ago

    He just said kaka she

  3. koda schrader

    koda schrader20 days ago

    Big brain Idea : Jack's jokes with gabs. All they do do is read jokes on yt. Big brain out.

  4. cannedcrap

    cannedcrap21 day ago

    5'9 is not tall lmao

  5. Mónika Zayas

    Mónika Zayas26 days ago


  6. HCICapalot

    HCICapalot29 days ago

    Can someone telling me what shader pack jack uses, I would like a link if possible

  7. Leo's Universe

    Leo's UniverseMonth ago

    you dying to the lava :)

  8. GhostStryker666

    GhostStryker666Month ago

    Every time Seán calls her gabbers I think of Marzia and Felix

  9. XGK Iluzionz

    XGK IluzionzMonth ago

    I never really watch live streams but this was very entertaining

  10. Tristen P

    Tristen PMonth ago

    *portal sounds intensifies*

  11. Muddauber 56

    Muddauber 56Month ago

    Until jack said rail copyright strike

  12. Chaos Says Hi

    Chaos Says HiMonth ago

    Having this on in the background makes bad days easier ❤

  13. Chaos Says Hi

    Chaos Says HiMonth ago

    We need short people to make tall people cool is a idea that makes so much sense



    17:40 Jack:I got four diamonds out of that Me:LOOK UP Jack:*looks up* Also Jack:oh that was one right above me *mines it*

  15. Chaos Says Hi

    Chaos Says HiMonth ago

    Glad it wasnt just me yelling 😂

  16. Willy Aleksander Wiksaas

    Willy Aleksander WiksaasMonth ago

    20:37 wait, so... if There Are "solar powered redstone, then what if you hooked it up to a door so that it can only be opened at day? Omg, that’s friggin’ GENIUS!!😆

  17. Willy Aleksander Wiksaas

    Willy Aleksander WiksaasMonth ago

    13:50 oh god! My mom just went by!😨 And if she saw THIS, she would have a LOT of questions!😅

  18. Willy Aleksander Wiksaas

    Willy Aleksander WiksaasMonth ago

    11:45 oh god, sean’s face!😨

  19. Willy Aleksander Wiksaas

    Willy Aleksander WiksaasMonth ago

    10:40 oh~ so we’re stripping, shafting AND railing.😉 EDIT: oh! And we’re exploring the "nether?" 🤣

  20. Zayyy

    ZayyyMonth ago

    i ate this

  21. TheB Man

    TheB ManMonth ago


  22. Jake Wilson

    Jake WilsonMonth ago

    17:51 he missed a diamond and it bothered meeeee

  23. AGR

    AGRMonth ago

    I want to see Sean grow a big Beard

  24. Kole Madigan

    Kole MadiganMonth ago

    ur reasoning about being tall is not true i am my grade weird kid nobady likes me BUT i have about a half a foot taller than them all (i am 5 10)

  25. Chris Kazunga

    Chris KazungaMonth ago

    Let’s appreciate the beat the seeds make

  26. Muddauber 56

    Muddauber 56Month ago

    Jack I get that cake Reference

  27. ItsDarthChaos

    ItsDarthChaos2 months ago

    Not gonna lie. If they wanted to do a minecraft series, I kinda wish they waited to do it in 1.17. But I won't complain if they decide to do another then, as well. ^^;

  28. Charlie Denley Spencer

    Charlie Denley Spencer2 months ago

    jack says it's great that delay though

  29. Narrator Kruger

    Narrator Kruger2 months ago

    Jack: how did we get here. Me: do you have 90 minuets

  30. Skylar Hartley

    Skylar HartleyMonth ago

    I literally say that out loud whenever I hear/read that

  31. Reese marino

    Reese marino2 months ago

    What graphics does jack use cuz his game looks real nice

  32. NotXSco

    NotXSco2 months ago

    The moron who said Sean needed 500+ nuggets for 16 rails lol.

  33. Dakota Barnes

    Dakota Barnes2 months ago

    Jack idk how you did it but u helped me get a girl but I also have school so I'm giving away my phone so ig this is the end I was here for like 4 years and you changed me for the better

  34. The Grimm Reaper

    The Grimm Reaper2 months ago

    The biscuit or cake reference was Father Ted!

  35. Extra Jas

    Extra Jas2 months ago

    2:17:59 i don’t want to lose my place don’t mind me

  36. Extra Jas

    Extra Jas2 months ago


  37. Thunder

    Thunder2 months ago

    17:40 my anxiety level when jack left the last diamond block lol

  38. Lulu B

    Lulu B2 months ago

    wait wait wait wait jacksepticeye plays....... AMONG US with his girlfriend

  39. Jasmijn :%

    Jasmijn :%2 months ago

    Seán saying he doesn’t like One Direction hurt me on another level💔😂

  40. zoe smith

    zoe smith2 months ago

    U sound like my mum

  41. zoe smith

    zoe smith2 months ago

    When did jack get a girlfriend

  42. Waffle Sauce

    Waffle Sauce2 months ago

    He should call the rail way “The Shaft” because it’s like the way to the mine shaft

  43. Marcus Schoeman

    Marcus Schoeman2 months ago

    Why does 20% of all comments and replies have the dumbass laughing crying emoji, seriously I hate all emoji'sbut but that one is the worst off them all, the only good one is the nose emoji

  44. james ruckman

    james ruckman2 months ago

    Dose the ore in the neither not go boom anymore or is jack just lucky

  45. Jayden Wilson

    Jayden Wilson2 months ago

    Jack to sheep; Who want's to make babies Sheep; Help us

  46. Karter Thebest

    Karter Thebest2 months ago

    #two Directions

  47. James Adkins

    James Adkins2 months ago

    I watched as he passed so many diamonds

  48. Arctic_Death

    Arctic_Death2 months ago

    17:00 Diamonds

  49. Luca Pegrucci

    Luca Pegrucci2 months ago

    He be simpin'! Lol.

  50. Ben KI6WBH

    Ben KI6WBH2 months ago

    I always do Rail activator Then powered rail then Then rail activator that way you don't need to have the lamps

  51. Ben KI6WBH

    Ben KI6WBH2 months ago

    3 redstone enhanced rail will Propelle the vehicle 12 spaces at it's maximum speed. A minecart will not activate the powered rail Unless there is something in it

  52. Untouchable Gamer

    Untouchable Gamer2 months ago

    The frantic success joly water because sparrow inferiorly x-ray around a annoying balance. stupendous, ubiquitous quill

  53. Damian Harris

    Damian Harris2 months ago

    You could use a furnace cart to push another cart instead of powered rails

  54. Ashley Root

    Ashley Root2 months ago

    Wait u have a gf-

  55. Skylar Hartley

    Skylar Hartley2 months ago

    This isn’t him but yes he’s had a gf for a few years I think, doesn’t mention her that much though

  56. James Kim

    James Kim2 months ago

    The gabby radar ironically preach because cost surgically pinch like a uptight soy. gainful, chubby bead

  57. zach attack

    zach attack2 months ago

    man you really should change the title of this video

  58. Glenn Games

    Glenn Games2 months ago

    jack if you want to not use coal use a bucket of lava it smelts up to 100 blocks i believe unless that changed

  59. Skylar Hartley

    Skylar Hartley2 months ago

    This isn’t him

  60. Zoe Sella

    Zoe Sella2 months ago

    I feel like Sean and gabs relationship is that one tik tok audio where it's like: *gab who is tall pretty Dutch lady goddess* *Sean in the corner hugging his Sam and farming his potatoes like a good little Irish boy* Gab sees sean:I wanna keep that one he made a cute face at me.

  61. Chaos Says Hi

    Chaos Says HiMonth ago

    100% sure this is how it happened

  62. Oisin O'Neill

    Oisin O'Neill2 months ago

    jackseptichive was right there

  63. DiabeticJesus

    DiabeticJesus2 months ago

    God damn it, all I want to do now is see the baby. She makes him sound so cute and all I can look at is Jack.

  64. Spark ADHD

    Spark ADHD2 months ago

    Nobody: My gf: finding my tech deck and using it as a nail file

  65. Yisrael DeKoven

    Yisrael DeKoven2 months ago

    He literally never lights up his shit😅

  66. Annie Landry

    Annie Landry2 months ago

    i love that they say thank its so cute

  67. Angel Mayer

    Angel Mayer2 months ago

    i press c and you say a bad word and i saw this [--]

  68. Skylar Hartley

    Skylar Hartley2 months ago

    It censors often and this isn’t him

  69. Kellan Stokes

    Kellan Stokes2 months ago

    I always destroy everything needed to for a project so I can make the right amount of resources for it and all i gotta do is fill in is faster and more resource efficient so you don't over calculate.

  70. Kellan Stokes

    Kellan Stokes2 months ago

    also i believe if you crouch then you can place blocks directly on top of workblocks, furnaces, and chests, torches is touchy.

  71. Angel Mayer

    Angel Mayer2 months ago

    singing jack is dumub its 1 up there so damn it

  72. the wolfs of supernatural

    the wolfs of supernatural2 months ago

    You should play on Emerald I'll in Irland

  73. The angry German Lad

    The angry German Lad2 months ago

    Lava is better then coal one bucket smelts 100 blocks

  74. Beautiful Moments

    Beautiful Moments2 months ago

    My fiance and I made a rail system that went to all different biomes. It's took SO long and so much material but so worth it in the end

  75. Erik Blarg

    Erik Blarg2 months ago

    Jack: I break my knees so they know who's Boss! Me: And they do know who's Boss... Gravity: I am Boss, this has been known for many years.

  76. Mel G_200

    Mel G_2002 months ago

    The way Jack pronounced Kakashi kinda makes me angy

  77. Mason White

    Mason White2 months ago

    From 50:31 to 51:05 Jack spits out true facts facts facts facts

  78. The Annihlator27

    The Annihlator272 months ago

    What texture is he using

  79. Dean Maney

    Dean Maney2 months ago


  80. Peter Wei

    Peter Wei2 months ago

    Best quote 2021 reserve: Dick-tators - Jacksepticeye

  81. varietygamer77

    varietygamer772 months ago

    can you imagine if the closed captions took in player noise to all the closed captions would be is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH creeper noises AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH chat: jack was blown up by a creeper

  82. Edward Mallon

    Edward Mallon2 months ago

    Me: oh so these will be shorter episodes the next episode about four hours. I don’t have a problem with that just surprising.

  83. MooTube Belle Parado

    MooTube Belle Parado2 months ago

    Me seeing lava bellow jack Me: DONT FALL Jack 2 seconds later: falls Luckily he didn’t die

  84. Frank Obrien

    Frank Obrien2 months ago

    Mincraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaft pt2

  85. Dale Summers

    Dale Summers2 months ago

    Well, good to know we can't trust Jack's taste in music now. Anyone who thinks that One Direction is anything other than absolute garbage doesn't know what music is.

  86. Justice Hunter

    Justice Hunter2 months ago

    Why you got black nails

  87. Skylar Hartley

    Skylar Hartley2 months ago

    Cuz he can and it suits him

  88. Mighty Mokiao

    Mighty Mokiao2 months ago

    1:17:12 sildures shaders

  89. Lance of Dance

    Lance of Dance2 months ago

    I was about to wreck my own shit if he didn't get that last diamond XDDD

  90. Sage Brighton

    Sage Brighton2 months ago

    I’m playing a game at the same time and when jack laughed at the roof of the house a little girl laughed at the same time so jack had a little girl laughing over him

  91. Sage Brighton

    Sage Brighton2 months ago

    The frustration of not being able to just tell him how to put the button. It’s so hard to type and explain wish u could just ring him and be like this is what we mean

  92. Linette Dillon

    Linette Dillon2 months ago

    Jack dieing in the Netherlands

  93. jj Todhunter

    jj Todhunter2 months ago

    I refuse to believe that Evelien is 32

  94. Fiona Gerckens

    Fiona Gerckens2 months ago

    1:21:30 hello. I'm german. And no.

  95. Ethan Dobbs

    Ethan Dobbs2 months ago

    If you hear a mincart on a rail then there is a mineshaft near you

  96. Shannon Pridmore

    Shannon Pridmore2 months ago

    Jack is a walking, talking vine and it honestly makes my day every time I notice it

  97. Phree 2bJetta

    Phree 2bJetta2 months ago

    Like ya cut g

  98. Kelsi Davis

    Kelsi Davis2 months ago

    Anybody know what texture packs he's using?

  99. sad :c

    sad :c2 months ago

    daylight detector is a redstone object that u can use to automatically turn on lights when its night and turn off when its day - so like a solar panel

  100. Mister Doc

    Mister Doc2 months ago

    I love the slight difference between their chats. Jack's has trolls while Gab's is filled with everyone helping her lol

  101. Frostee Fyre

    Frostee FyreMonth ago

    "slight" more like night and day :P

  102. call6450 call6450

    call6450 call64502 months ago

    usloft.info/will/o52k1Zi3Z5-qcpU/video. Hello Sean mcloughlin this a video of a upgrade of your house in minecraft with your girlfriend I hope you like it. P.S love your vids and thanks for all the great content

  103. Dan Weinstein

    Dan Weinstein2 months ago


  104. Dan Weinstein

    Dan Weinstein2 months ago


  105. Dan Weinstein

    Dan Weinstein2 months ago


  106. NSuccb Beudch

    NSuccb Beudch2 months ago

    The brawny captain reversely deserve because raincoat aditionally attach by a nice curtain. rambunctious, warm parrot

  107. Giada N

    Giada N2 months ago

    If you’re looking for the scream it’s at 1:06:00

  108. Mighty Mokiao

    Mighty Mokiao2 months ago

    What mod packs did they use

  109. Starspangledkiwi

    Starspangledkiwi2 months ago

    They're stinginess with torches amazes me!

  110. Zoya Blythe

    Zoya Blythe2 months ago

    can someone paste the link for the shaders he is using.

  111. Darnell Wheaton

    Darnell Wheaton2 months ago

    They are ready for modded Minecraft start with the newest crazy craft

  112. Joe Hulcoop

    Joe Hulcoop2 months ago

    He's so lucky to have such a nice girlfriend