B.C. farmer lectures a lynx after it attacked his chicken coop

A wild lynx got an earful from a farmer in B.C. after it attacked a chicken coop on Feb. 21.
Chris Paulson managed to grab the lynx by the scruff of its neck when it refused to leave the henhouse.
B.C. officials are reminding people that those kind of interactions with wildlife are dangerous and illegal.
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  1. Filipina Cringe

    Filipina Cringe13 hours ago

    "Khajiit will never regret this Please human, let go of this Khajiit's neck"

  2. A.A.G.

    A.A.G.Day ago

    She's very cute let her eat what she wants 😭😭

  3. I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!

    I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!2 days ago

    That night they had lynx soup

  4. ROCKaholic

    ROCKaholic4 days ago

    "Looook at all those dead chickens."

  5. SeraphsWitness

    SeraphsWitness4 days ago

    Enforcement actions??? Was that dude talking about possibly charging the farmer for taking the Lynx? Dude screw the federal government. That's a load of crap.

  6. Mack Lasit

    Mack Lasit4 days ago

    Here is the Canadian for you Mr Lynx 😁

  7. Rev Anders

    Rev Anders9 days ago

    He murdered the lynx...

  8. Juan Taylor

    Juan Taylor10 days ago

    "There could have been enforcement actions." LOL, because EVERYONE knows you never scold a lynx.

  9. Andrea Carvalho

    Andrea Carvalho18 days ago

    That's exactly what we should do to all meat eaters, forcing them to go inside a slaughterhouse to see the damages they cause each time they buy their decomposed flesh, including chickens. Oh wait, nobody is allowed inside a slaughterhouse, ay idea why?

  10. Jack Whyte

    Jack Whyte18 days ago

    Don't blame the hungry lynx correct the situation and shore up that hen house 👍🏻

  11. Rem

    Rem21 day ago

    It is like me and my sister She getting scolded and there me laughing at her

  12. Marke

    Marke22 days ago

    Ya, he came close to getting himself opened up like a Zip-Lock baggie! That was one unhappy kitty...

  13. Shaun Yap

    Shaun Yap22 days ago

    my mans just built different

  14. Glynis Morris

    Glynis Morris26 days ago

    Did Sir keep Kitty Kat as his pet? You Canadians puzzle me. No crime, so nicer, Never got COV19? How you all do it?


    CHUCKBALLER27 days ago

    REMEMBER Border is still Closed Americans

  16. Caty999

    Caty99929 days ago

    We're really not seeing how your controlling this wild cat mister. That part is blocked.

  17. Reset the Globalists

    Reset the Globalists29 days ago

    Only liberal feelings were hurt in the production of this video.

  18. Nikos

    NikosMonth ago

    How did you catch it?

  19. Jingeleg Jingelek

    Jingeleg JingelekMonth ago

    What did he to the lynx? Broke his spine or what? I mean it still living but not really moving I don't know but I think its called animal cruelty!

  20. Jingeleg Jingelek

    Jingeleg JingelekMonth ago

    @worst knightmayor your cougar not a wild cougar right? I seen it a lot and yeah they become dossile for a moment but after a while getting wild again when they have enough But a wild lynx trust me would going wild and ripping his face off

  21. worst knightmayor

    worst knightmayorMonth ago

    Pick up any cat by the scruff of the neck and they become dossile,it even works on my cougar

  22. Jingeleg Jingelek

    Jingeleg JingelekMonth ago

    What did he to the lynx? Broke his spine or what? I mean it still living but not really moving I don't know but I think its called animal cruelty!

  23. pipes 101

    pipes 101Month ago

    That's gangster

  24. RuleofFive

    RuleofFiveMonth ago

    This guy knows Lynx don't speak English right?

  25. warren kernot

    warren kernotMonth ago

    bang bang shovel shovel bye bye lynx

  26. Link of Hyrule

    Link of HyruleMonth ago

    Eric Cartman would say: No kitty, these are my chickens. No kitty! That's a bad kitty!

  27. A Marie

    A MarieMonth ago

    The chickens are screaming like dont bring it back here 😭

  28. Murgiteria. !

    Murgiteria. !Month ago

    It looked like he gonna beat the hell out of the lynx.

  29. That Bitch

    That Bitch24 days ago

    or it was tame already. I'd feed one if I was a little kid and lived near one.

  30. Ziggy Yiggz

    Ziggy YiggzMonth ago

    Bet he all ready did

  31. Marnie Bova

    Marnie BovaMonth ago

    Bad Kitty! Now you go and think about what you’ve done! Only in 🇨🇦

  32. K Forest

    K ForestMonth ago

    LMAO Caught With A Feather

  33. Mindy Widdowson

    Mindy WiddowsonMonth ago

    What a ridiculous video. Some moron trying to scold a wild animal what comes natural for them.

  34. N hun

    N hunMonth ago

    Should shoot it sell the fur and pay for your loss

  35. roxanne simpkins

    roxanne simpkinsMonth ago

    your mean and he was hungry . survival innocent rare cat. Shiuld of took care of your coop better wild life dummy its nature you should be in jail

  36. Jeffrey Sun

    Jeffrey SunMonth ago

    Cry more

  37. Ben Williams

    Ben WilliamsMonth ago

    Cry more

  38. Swigidi _

    Swigidi _Month ago

    I would have broken is neck with my bare hands if he touched my chickens

  39. paul sawczyc

    paul sawczycMonth ago

    You would lose your face.

  40. Jeff G

    Jeff GMonth ago

    Lynx is not impressed.

  41. Tallarico

    TallaricoMonth ago

    He isn't mad he's just disappointed

  42. Ashley Moore

    Ashley MooreMonth ago

    Please compassionately consider your future actions towards these beautiful living creatures and all others, there is no fault in the animals instinctive behavior to enjoy a meal just as you and I must do for nutriton and survival.Basic needs must be met. my own young daughter is named for the Lynx, please show love and work with nature in harmonious compromise

  43. Warren B.

    Warren B.28 days ago

    I harmoniously live with all wild predators. They eat wild critters thet live on. They eat my livestock, they meet the manure pile. Dead.

  44. Pat Fiumani

    Pat FiumaniMonth ago

    Is he alive? How is he not harming you?

  45. Elijah Phelps

    Elijah PhelpsMonth ago

    Scruffing works on all feline species provided it's done correctly.

  46. jose2883 pv

    jose2883 pvMonth ago

    And owl was?

  47. Johnny Nimble

    Johnny NimbleMonth ago

    Love how the news station has to be all pozzed up and throw in the "ooh there could have been enforcement actions taken ooOOOOoOoOOoOOooo"

  48. jean-yves Kauffmann

    jean-yves KauffmannMonth ago

    CCC approved' (comité contre les chats) (les gros aussi) ^^ Thx ^^

  49. Solveig Theresa Hansen Berg

    Solveig Theresa Hansen BergMonth ago

    Cat is a cat😂😂😂

  50. alfred baxter

    alfred baxterMonth ago

    I want a pet lynx

  51. TheRumblewagon

    TheRumblewagonMonth ago

    B.C. farmer lectures a lynx on how not to be a lynx.......

  52. A M

    A MMonth ago

    At least he didn't shoot the Lynx like many farmers or "conservation" officers would have.

  53. SeraphsWitness

    SeraphsWitness4 days ago

    I'd have shot it. No, I don't care what you think about that. lol

  54. HuskyGamersUNITE

    HuskyGamersUNITE4 days ago

    Anyone that works for the government is a pawn and brainwashed.

  55. USER 4574

    USER 4574Month ago

    your screwed if you do and screwed if you dont. He did the right thing.

  56. Billy Hill

    Billy HillMonth ago

    Phonier than a four dollar bill !

  57. Kevin Becker

    Kevin BeckerMonth ago

    That Lynx looked so mad with that pout.

  58. hangblague

    hangblagueMonth ago

    The lynx is REALLY sorry and promises to never do it again. Also, can he still have the car tonight?

  59. Mohamed Abdullahi

    Mohamed AbdullahiMonth ago

    The lynx was trying to say he was vegan

  60. rnelson299

    rnelson299Month ago

    Aw I want to pet that big kitty

  61. lev mikhaylov

    lev mikhaylovMonth ago

    Nobody is mentioining that they were about to take legal action for this? This doesn't bother anyone?

  62. jp allen

    jp allenMonth ago

    Now look here Kitty eh..... look what you done.. eh...( cat looks like he got the point)

  63. Michael Doucette

    Michael DoucetteMonth ago

    Remember Kids,don't try this at home.Or anywhere for that matter.

  64. nancybc74

    nancybc74Month ago

    What a beautiful animal.

  65. Ole Andrew Larson

    Ole Andrew LarsonMonth ago

    The face you make When you get caught and scolded about it

  66. TRichmond1964

    TRichmond1964Month ago

    You have to protect your chickens; you might want to tighten up your security a little- it appeared a little lax; btw, to lynx eat weasel? You think you could have hit a fast moving weasel? I 'll bet you, Lynx eat weasel; also the weasel would have killed a lot more of your chickens alot faster! But Iam probably telling you something you already know.

  67. SeraphsWitness

    SeraphsWitness4 days ago

    Predators will go to great lengths to infiltrate a chicken coop, trust me.

  68. Rens van der meijs

    Rens van der meijsMonth ago

    Ah an human, probably just gonna walk away like usual. *Grabs him at the spot that stops its ability to move* Oh no, oh noooooo

  69. jizzaymz

    jizzaymzMonth ago

    Get a better chicken coop cuz that lynx was only doing what he needed to survive. Hope that poor kitty is ok

  70. LooCuss

    LooCussMonth ago

    lol that's badass

  71. Mark Levy

    Mark LevyMonth ago

    He,s got to eat too.

  72. Terkevmeg1

    Terkevmeg1Month ago

    Dude is so lucky Lynx didn't tear him up. And farmer, predator proof your coop.

  73. cannabis and cars 33

    cannabis and cars 33Month ago

    I'll take the cat off your hands

  74. Nathan Gannon

    Nathan GannonMonth ago

    How the hell does this guy still have a clean face with no shreds or bleeding profusely.

  75. HuskyGamersUNITE

    HuskyGamersUNITE4 days ago

    Because if you knew anything about animals, specifically cats, its a natural reaction to freeze and become immobilized when grabbed by the neck, as that is what the mother cat does to them when they are kittens. Works the same with small and medium sized dogs too.

  76. Luc Chasse

    Luc ChasseMonth ago

    He is canadian! 😎

  77. Johnny Nimble

    Johnny NimbleMonth ago

    He found the pause button

  78. Elijah Phelps

    Elijah PhelpsMonth ago


  79. Sonda Randolph

    Sonda RandolphMonth ago

    I wonder is that cat is someone's pet. Hhmmmm.....

  80. No One's Innocent

    No One's InnocentMonth ago

    You're wasting your time Why're you lecturing the lynx?? Cat's dead, bro

  81. Ben Williams

    Ben WilliamsMonth ago

    it's eyes are moving and it's literally growling the entire video. It's not dead, bro

  82. Elijah Phelps

    Elijah PhelpsMonth ago

    All species of cats can be scruffed no matter the age.

  83. Barbra Kotovich

    Barbra KotovichMonth ago

    What did you do with the lynx?

  84. Elijah Phelps

    Elijah PhelpsMonth ago

    He released it.

  85. hangblague

    hangblagueMonth ago

    He told him that his behaviour made it harder for him to trust lynxes.

  86. No One's Innocent

    No One's InnocentMonth ago

    Chop it up and feed him to the rest of the chickens duh

  87. Michelle Enns

    Michelle EnnsMonth ago

    He's cool, that's 1 big kitty.

  88. Stephen Kenney

    Stephen KenneyMonth ago

    The thing I'm wondering about is the enforcement actions. Wouldn't this guy have been within his rights to shoot or severely injured the lynx?

  89. Warren B.

    Warren B.28 days ago

    100% legal to protect your livestock. Shoot it, 00buck works wonders.

  90. Elijah Phelps

    Elijah PhelpsMonth ago

    @Stephen Kenney He can grab it by the scruff of the neck apparently

  91. George Floyd 326 days sober

    George Floyd 326 days soberMonth ago

    @Stephen Kenney Yes liberals only care about being virtuous with their elitism. It could eat the guys one year old and Sheng would still say you can’t shoot the lynx.

  92. Stephen Kenney

    Stephen KenneyMonth ago

    @Sheng Huang So it could tear up his property and he could do nothing?

  93. Sheng Huang

    Sheng HuangMonth ago

    no he cannot shoot it. it is an endangered species.

  94. Take the cannoli

    Take the cannoliMonth ago

    Look at that face.. 🤗 🥰

  95. No One's Innocent

    No One's InnocentMonth ago

    It's dead

  96. Ruben Mejias

    Ruben MejiasMonth ago

    I think it was dead or tranquilized. No way on Earth. That lynx wouldn't have tore him up.

  97. unnamed channel

    unnamed channelMonth ago

    @Ruben Mejias The cat isn't dead (yet). You can see it's alive at 14.

  98. Ruben Mejias

    Ruben MejiasMonth ago

    @Jeffrey Sun the guy holding the camera making the noises. It's eyes and mouth tell the tale

  99. Jeffrey Sun

    Jeffrey SunMonth ago

    how tf would it be dead and making noises

  100. Anonymous Bystander

    Anonymous BystanderMonth ago

    @Joy B cats freeze when they’re grabbed by the scruff, he’s fine

  101. Joy B

    Joy BMonth ago

    I thought injured. Like spinal injury because of its neck

  102. Zulfburht

    ZulfburhtMonth ago

    He looks sooo disappointed, like a very scolded cat. How on earth did this mans even get the lynx by the scruff of the neck is the real question.

  103. Caty999

    Caty99923 days ago

    Zulfburht, if you look carefully, we are not getting a full picture of what's going on there.

  104. Luc Chasse

    Luc ChasseMonth ago

    Poutine can do it with a polar bear.

  105. Revuelta Roja

    Revuelta RojaMonth ago

    That's me after get yelled by momma for stealing her fried chicken.

  106. C k

    C kMonth ago

    Cat was dead

  107. No One's Innocent

    No One's InnocentMonth ago

    Yeah bro. Definitely

  108. Art Lover

    Art LoverMonth ago

    Maybe a big cat will grab him by the scruff of the neck and scold him lol. What was the point in him doing this?

  109. moonxshakti

    moonxshaktiMonth ago

    To make the cat realize his chickens come with a hassle and discomfort

  110. William Driscoll

    William DriscollMonth ago

    To make a video the wife & kids would be proud of 😁

  111. brittakneevt

    brittakneevtMonth ago

    My dad hunted cats for decades. I showed him this video, he just chuckled and said “there’s a reason the lower half of the cat isn’t filmed. It was either shot or got the axe. No wild cat can be grabbed or scruffed. It would be violently attacking the whole time”. There’s a reason there’s no footage of this cat being “released”. It was either finished off, or dropped off somewhere half-dead and suffering.

  112. Burt Reynolds

    Burt ReynoldsMonth ago

    We encroach on wild animal habitats more and more each year, and then we are furious when these animals hunt our stock or raid our trash cans. I'm not saying I have a solution, but it's hard to side with humans when you look at how we use the land compared to animals.

  113. James

    JamesMonth ago

    Chicken fed lynx is quite tasty. Makes a great BBQ.

  114. James Picklehead

    James PickleheadMonth ago

    Right now the lynx is plotting revenge with his friend, the bear.

  115. stilltoomanyhats

    stilltoomanyhatsMonth ago

    Canadian problems require Canadian solutions.

  116. jimbo

    jimboMonth ago

    This is the most a Canadian has been angry

  117. waterdragon 541

    waterdragon 541Month ago

    Bad kitty.

  118. Prince Lobu

    Prince LobuMonth ago

    This lynx is a lucky one. I'm pretty confident I would've shot it, no questions asked. There's no mercy in nature. Absolutely no mercy.

  119. George Floyd 326 days sober

    George Floyd 326 days soberMonth ago

    @Burt Reynolds Ok incel Reynolds

  120. Prince Lobu

    Prince LobuMonth ago

    @Burt Reynolds There's no mercy in either, to be honest. You're not going to be respected if you don't get rid of any threat to your territory.

  121. Burt Reynolds

    Burt ReynoldsMonth ago

    Using a gun is not "nature." There is no mercy in humanity.

  122. Lewis KA

    Lewis KAMonth ago

    Scooby lol

  123. Kylo S.

    Kylo S.Month ago

    Can't blame the lynx for being a lynx.

  124. Useless Man

    Useless Man20 days ago

    he just did

  125. G8tr

    G8tr21 day ago

    @Lord of Dragons Eclipsen He's Canadian that's why he's so calm and nice.

  126. Caty999

    Caty99929 days ago

    Kylo S, that's right.

  127. Lord of Dragons Eclipsen

    Lord of Dragons EclipsenMonth ago

    True, but at the same time he handled the situation better than anyone else could have. A little comeuppance for the lynx and it wasn't hurt or killed in the end. Plus I'd bet you'd be singing a very different tune if you were a farmer and you had two of your valuable chickens killed by a random wild cat. Some people's livelihoods hinge on chicken raising, so if anything he had an underwhelming reaction. Be happy the Lynx wasn't killed and go about your day.

  128. paul sawczyc

    paul sawczycMonth ago

    If you set the table for them, they will come - let him do that to the tax collector.

  129. Elizabeth Guy

    Elizabeth GuyMonth ago

    The lynx is doing what comes naturally, and no amount of "lecturing" is going to change that. YOU have to change your ways of protecting your animals.

  130. Jeffrey Sun

    Jeffrey SunMonth ago

    @No One's Innocent its alive read the article

  131. No One's Innocent

    No One's InnocentMonth ago

    Also, it's useless to lecture dead animals. So there's that, too 😏

  132. Big Me

    Big MeMonth ago

    Peta will be cancelling him...frankly the dude has a set of nards that swing between his ankles.

  133. Alijan Khan

    Alijan KhanMonth ago

    Why would they cancel him? Most farmers would have shot any predators threatening their livestock. He showed compassion for a lynx just doing what it's programmed to do. He even let it keep the chickens it killed.

  134. R.A Williams

    R.A WilliamsMonth ago

    Other farmers in the area won't be happy that he let it go. Now their livestock is at risk too.

  135. George Floyd 326 days sober

    George Floyd 326 days soberMonth ago

    @hhiippiittyy let it eat your livestock then smooth brain....

  136. hhiippiittyy

    hhiippiittyyMonth ago

    Lynx gotta eat.

  137. Kar3n

    Kar3nMonth ago


  138. Gear Scar

    Gear ScarMonth ago

    Someone needs to remake this video, but swap the dude out and put Eric Cartman in his place as the farmer, in the exact same setting, would be hilarious

  139. M P

    M PMonth ago

    Duuuuuuude. You need to make your chicken house stronger against predators. Falcons, eagles, hawks, owls, raccoons and foxes have all been fooled by our fortress. Unless of course they are free ranging, then its catch as catch can.

  140. The Cheese

    The CheeseMonth ago

    Whiz off, state goon

  141. j4d3 goat

    j4d3 goatMonth ago

    I can imagine this guy doing the same thing with a **moose**. "Hey moosie! See all of the damage to the flowers that your nom-nom-nom-ing did?"

  142. Sanuka Tharul

    Sanuka Tharul21 day ago


  143. WhatAshleyKnows

    WhatAshleyKnowsMonth ago

    That cats face and pouty gurgles hahaha he knew exactly what he did and he'd do it again haha

  144. Robert Elcock

    Robert Elcock26 days ago

    He hasnt seen the last of him

  145. Jimmie Leistiko

    Jimmie LeistikoMonth ago

    Dude really ....suffice to say I don't think this is appropriate

  146. Debsza Kormos

    Debsza KormosMonth ago

    Baaàad baad kitty 🤣 🐱❗😖😜

  147. wiskycoo

    wiskycooMonth ago

    Poor kitty

  148. Jacob Piercey

    Jacob PierceyMonth ago

    Wtf is the point of this. The lynx does not care about your stupid lectures and will probable murder chickens again at later date anyways

  149. FOWST

    FOWSTMonth ago

    Beautiful animal, I'm happy he didn't harm him, but still got his revenge.

  150. tammykriski

    tammykriskiMonth ago

    What a beautiful cat. So cute.

  151. david white

    david whiteMonth ago

    He's very lucky he only lost a few chickens, it could have been his face or worse!

  152. Tad Slow

    Tad SlowMonth ago

    Fish cop is on meth. Remember that

  153. Lionel Hutz

    Lionel HutzMonth ago

    Come again?

  154. Shawn's Maker Shop

    Shawn's Maker ShopMonth ago

    Oh look at the cute grizzly bear, OH! I was just decapitated and he's eating me now...he looked sooo cute and fuzzy.

  155. JenQ

    JenQMonth ago