TommyInnit makes Minecraft 100000% Funnier..

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tommyinnnit joined be in completing minecraft using the lucky blocks minecraft mod
Thanks for playing Tommy :
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  1. Z3r0 Tw0

    Z3r0 Tw037 minutes ago


  2. Foxy Games

    Foxy GamesHour ago

    Tommy is the last person I thought Dan would ever play with

  3. TanTan

    TanTanHour ago

    12:34 is the best part of the vid

  4. TheElite Slaughter

    TheElite SlaughterHour ago

    Your being pimped out by an endermen Drug up This is the goood stufff 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂oooooh it’s funny

  5. Degastone Plays

    Degastone Plays2 hours ago


  6. Degastone Plays

    Degastone Plays2 hours ago


  7. Eduardo Torres

    Eduardo Torres3 hours ago

    I have been playing sense i was 5

  8. Anna Nguyen

    Anna Nguyen3 hours ago

    Imagine a man, specifically a British man, doesn't know how old you are in year 4

  9. Israel Hernandez

    Israel Hernandez3 hours ago

    Only the Ogs know about that outro

  10. Deku

    Deku3 hours ago

    So I came back to Dan 1-2 years later and- did he curse once 😀 congrats for cursing

  11. DylanBrawlStars

    DylanBrawlStars3 hours ago

    5:52 All right let's get back home I guess 😅

  12. Вадим блять

    Вадим блять5 hours ago

    I haven't watched DanTDM for years, and seeing his new stuff is so weird for me

  13. Oh_Poppy's

    Oh_Poppy's5 hours ago

    Oh no I'm gonna start simping for a og minecraft player- Oh nooo

  14. Carter Hayashi

    Carter Hayashi6 hours ago

    4:14 Dan says H. E. Double hockey stick

  15. Matt Martinez

    Matt Martinez6 hours ago

    if it was Dreamit would be more cooler

  16. Hu tao -No One-

    Hu tao -No One-6 hours ago

    lol 1000% funnier

  17. Verified Jerry

    Verified Jerry8 hours ago

    He said a swear 😨 10:24

  18. Big Muffin

    Big Muffin11 hours ago

    The new meth for meth busters is Tommy in it the son of DanTDM?!! Lol

  19. sam novelo

    sam novelo11 hours ago


  20. sam novelo

    sam novelo11 hours ago

    I love how Tommy keeps swearing and Dan is just the cool dad

  21. I'm Bored

    I'm Bored14 hours ago

    That was, again, unpog -dan


    LAMA STUDIOS15 hours ago

    Do not play with tommyinit ever agian

  23. IHaveAGachaPfp

    IHaveAGachaPfp5 hours ago


  24. Ether-eleven

    Ether-eleven16 hours ago

    I watched him from year 9 lol

  25. Elijah Benigno

    Elijah Benigno17 hours ago

    Your the pro im the b*tch the nob

  26. WeakLink GT

    WeakLink GT18 hours ago

    Can I have the link for it pls

  27. Shiro-Chan :P

    Shiro-Chan :P18 hours ago

    Suddenly in depressed. I grew old with dan tdm watching hes vids makes me always happy but i started ignoring him now im sad:')

  28. Aj Middleton

    Aj Middleton19 hours ago

    danTDM + tommyinnit= danInnit (NO HOMO)

  29. Julius Espinoza

    Julius Espinoza20 hours ago

    Imagine dream and Dan play Minecraft together

  30. jasmin barrios

    jasmin barrios21 hour ago

    i’m actually crying i’m so proud to support dan for so long

  31. HyperR

    HyperR22 hours ago

    DAN IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS SINCE I'VE WATCHED YOUR VIDS OMG. You sound so different and much older. You have a beard and glasses now

  32. The Regular Hippogrif

    The Regular Hippogrif23 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Tommy: *Daniel... Daniel, Daniel.* **demon laughs**

  33. Spacey

    Spacey23 hours ago


  34. Spacey

    SpaceyHour ago

    @Jaiden Cracknell I really really hope you know this is a joke lmaooo

  35. Jaiden Cracknell

    Jaiden Cracknell8 hours ago

    bruh humanity is just now cancel culture

  36. Ava's Tactiles

    Ava's TactilesDay ago

    You should meet up with tommy irl and vlog

  37. Mornin Flamingo

    Mornin FlamingoDay ago

    Dan: I’m actually doing alright! Dan right after!p: HELP MEEE

  38. ilythia henderson

    ilythia hendersonDay ago

    I have inhaled febreze

  39. Sara Bence

    Sara BenceDay ago


  40. Sara Bence

    Sara BenceDay ago


  41. WhatUp GameZ

    WhatUp GameZDay ago

    The OG Music

  42. ꧁{]SHADOW_GHØŠT[}꧂

    ꧁{]SHADOW_GHØŠT[}꧂Day ago

    not being mean but im nine and im in year four

  43. Trickster Hub

    Trickster Hub22 hours ago

    How is that being mean?

  44. Pudzie Was Here

    Pudzie Was HereDay ago

    10:24 yes.... Tommy is the one.

  45. Gamer Force Bros165

    Gamer Force Bros165Day ago

    I’m tired of people complaining about the swearing. If you’re offended by swearing stay off the internet or even better don’t leave your house because most people on the internet and in real life swear. And I guess that in the end of the day they are just words

  46. Violexia TnT

    Violexia TnTDay ago

    It's funny hearing all the blurred bad words, and Dan saying "he's already born and named, sorry." Also, did Dan almost say that he would name his NEXT child after Tommy XD

  47. Silverclaw

    SilverclawDay ago


  48. brynnlorre

    brynnlorreDay ago

    im 9 and im in 3rd grade

  49. Megan de Anda

    Megan de AndaDay ago

    TDM stands for The dumbest Minecrafter

  50. Trickster Hub

    Trickster Hub22 hours ago

    You uncultured swine

  51. Spyro Gaming

    Spyro GamingDay ago


  52. Zach

    ZachDay ago


  53. waanjaii

    waanjaiiDay ago

    It's so funny how Tommy was getting bleeped in the beginning but the beeping eventually stops and the editor just left the swearing in 😭

  54. Jared isaac Celestino

    Jared isaac CelestinoDay ago

    Dans full name is daniel robert middleton

  55. Evan Soloman

    Evan SolomanDay ago

    I watched Dan when I was 5 years old...

  56. DanPlayz Roblox

    DanPlayz RobloxDay ago

    Wait Dan allows the s word?

  57. Hen Reee

    Hen ReeeDay ago

    only ogs will know the end music

  58. Lily Rogers

    Lily RogersDay ago

    It’s very weird to see Tommy and Dan play Minecraft together is great so now I will be binge watching DanTDM woahhh

  59. PessimisticDiabetic

    PessimisticDiabeticDay ago

    The outro hit different 😌

  60. Blake Duncan

    Blake DuncanDay ago

    im mostly innit to see tommyinnit

  61. Roland Francis Badiola

    Roland Francis BadiolaDay ago

    i thought dantdm would just say "LANGUAGE!"

  62. Glizical Gladiator

    Glizical GladiatorDay ago

    4:20 (lol) An uncensored swear

  63. Jaiden Cracknell

    Jaiden Cracknell8 hours ago

    bruh hes allowed to have swearing in his videos if he wants

  64. TopaxAnimatez

    TopaxAnimatezDay ago

    Now we need dream

  65. TopaxAnimatez

    TopaxAnimatezDay ago

    Or george

  66. María Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir

    María Hrönn KristjánsdóttirDay ago

    i haf a bat kejs of dieria

  67. lonely potato

    lonely potatoDay ago

    oh my god oh my god oh my god- dabtdm was my childhood istg-

  68. Scepter

    ScepterDay ago

    well im 9 in 3rd grade but im in egypt and i was in texas

  69. Gerard Knott

    Gerard KnottDay ago

    10:24 does tommy sware

  70. Raymond Crittenden

    Raymond CrittendenDay ago

    yeah he does. Why do you need to tell people?

  71. Gerard Knott

    Gerard KnottDay ago

    10:24 does tommy sware

  72. Deathex

    DeathexDay ago

    Play rec room

  73. Forever AndEver

    Forever AndEverDay ago

    Omg praise my brother for telling me about this video

  74. Declan M

    Declan M2 days ago

    I’m 8 and I’m watching this that’s offfensive!

  75. IHaveAGachaPfp

    IHaveAGachaPfp5 hours ago

    You are a example of a Karen but kid vrison and if your offended by this leave you fricking toddler

  76. Jaiden Cracknell

    Jaiden Cracknell8 hours ago

    @Raymond Crittenden you are correct, also how tf is it even offensive to them?

  77. Raymond Crittenden

    Raymond CrittendenDay ago

    Dan told the viewers that dark mode was being turned on, and there is nothing wrong with swearing.

  78. Ethan Es

    Ethan Es2 days ago

    No swearing Tommy

  79. Ethan Es

    Ethan EsDay ago

    @Raymond Crittenden l min

  80. Raymond Crittenden

    Raymond CrittendenDay ago

    It's near impossible to get him to stop. Dream was able to get him stop once in a 1.16 1v1 video but he was only 1v1ing Tommy for a few minutes and Tommy was so quiet because he couldn't swear.

  81. The epic gamer lu

    The epic gamer lu2 days ago

    do a sequel

  82. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay2 days ago

    I’ve been watching Dan since I was 7 and I’m so proud of how he has grown, I’m now 15 and I still love this man he practically raised me because my mother was hardly home due to work so if your reading this Dan then thank you for everything you’ve done for me, thank you for raising me, taking me on amazing adventures, just thank you. I hope life is treating you well.

  83. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay4 hours ago

    @IHaveAGachaPfp plus my sister reversed my keys so now seven is five I have to fix it

  84. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay4 hours ago

    @IHaveAGachaPfp huh did I put five god dammit sorry state testing is messing my head I lmao

  85. IHaveAGachaPfp

    IHaveAGachaPfp5 hours ago

    ... bruh you have been watching Dan channal for 10years and Dan oldest vid is from 8years old

  86. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay5 hours ago

    @Big Smoke jail

  87. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke6 hours ago

    and what about your father?

  88. Harvey Johnson

    Harvey Johnson2 days ago

    Oh my god in the outro the old mod showcase music played

  89. TaurusJack

    TaurusJack2 days ago

    Popularmmos would be proud!

  90. Banna Potato

    Banna Potato2 days ago

    Now it ruins the vibe of Dans vids cuz he swears and it’s not the perfect duo

  91. Lexia Werewolf

    Lexia Werewolf2 days ago

    4:14 listen closely to what Dan says

  92. Raymond Crittenden

    Raymond CrittendenDay ago

    I don't get why you need to say anything about that.

  93. StephinPlayz

    StephinPlayz2 days ago

    Me hearing dan say what the hell (lol)

  94. TheLixeingNightmare

    TheLixeingNightmare2 days ago

    i feel sad for dan he lost his hardcore world :(

  95. swe FSM Gaming

    swe FSM Gaming2 days ago

    The persons who dislike this video can't speak english

  96. Demonic SaberZ

    Demonic SaberZ2 days ago


  97. Aidan

    Aidan2 days ago

    old outro is back lets gooo

  98. Lincoln Colt

    Lincoln Colt2 days ago

    17:37 the og sound

  99. acromantulo tapias

    acromantulo tapias2 days ago

    "i just watched my childhood hero get burnt to death" XDD

  100. •Tinted Vanilla•

    •Tinted Vanilla•2 days ago

    0:22 well tubso

  101. EnderPlays

    EnderPlays2 days ago

    I wish tommy didn't swear so much basically 74% of the video is *bleeeeeeeeep*

  102. Raymond Crittenden

    Raymond CrittendenDay ago

    Well you can only get him to stop for a few minutes in a day and when he stops he is super quiet.

  103. Dorito King Games!

    Dorito King Games!2 days ago

    Your 8 or 9 in year 4 dan

  104. Mmmsoda

    Mmmsoda2 days ago

    I did not have an account, but I’ve been here since 14 million.

  105. Irene Wilcox

    Irene Wilcox2 days ago


  106. •Cherri Bunnz•

    •Cherri Bunnz•2 days ago

    dan love the outro man

  107. Hamada 447

    Hamada 4472 days ago

    tommy: why does it fly me: its using /fly you bot

  108. jojothe littlebowbow

    jojothe littlebowbow2 days ago

    phil technoblade no dan how many baby sitters will tommy ruin until he's dead


    WILCYR GAMING2 days ago

    It was uploaded in March 7 that was my birthday

  110. augustina animations

    augustina animations2 days ago

    It makes me so happy seeing my childhood idol play mc with my now idol 🥺 I love em both equally bc dan made me who I am today and raised me, since I never had a dad figure for a very long time in my life and dan helped me through a lot, and I swear I wouldn't even be who I am now without both of them :)

  111. Roblox and me !!

    Roblox and me !!2 days ago

    i watched him in year 2

  112. grzegorz LADNIAK

    grzegorz LADNIAK2 days ago

    OG vs new

  113. misscool

    misscool2 days ago

    just a kid with a fully grown man

  114. Duval Peterson

    Duval Peterson2 days ago

    4:14 help me

  115. KK_BOT

    KK_BOT2 days ago

    He's an Xbox 360 man yaaas

  116. KK_BOT

    KK_BOT2 days ago


  117. Swggydxniel

    Swggydxniel2 days ago

    Dad plays with child 🤣

  118. Whiekwu_Gamer

    Whiekwu_Gamer2 days ago

    mate after he said dark mode all the f words and the s words werent censored

  119. eno nellaf

    eno nellaf2 days ago

    DanTDM you are my favorite

  120. Wept Lazer

    Wept Lazer2 days ago

    now play with dream

  121. GDSlayer5278 YT

    GDSlayer5278 YT2 days ago