I Survived 500 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

This 100 days of hardcore minecraft was a ton of fun to film, other than the power outage.... But we got a lot done, and still have a lot of things to do. So drop a like on this video if you want a 600 day video!
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Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea
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  1. Khawaja Mahd Farid

    Khawaja Mahd Farid17 minutes ago


  2. Anainas Santiago

    Anainas Santiago21 minute ago

    More like you grind-ded on the ded grind-er, get it?

  3. Pranav Yashika

    Pranav Yashika57 minutes ago

    21:00 u could have just killed the elder guardian and would have been able to mine lol

  4. HakuHashi Originals

    HakuHashi Originals5 hours ago

    tip for ya paul: find an island with grass, you can silk those

  5. TheXEventKazuya

    TheXEventKazuya7 hours ago

    1:59 don't do that! I thought my thing actually crashed!

  6. gangsta my g

    gangsta my g10 hours ago

    Pls do a 600 day vid

  7. Morella Továr

    Morella Továr11 hours ago


  8. Jacob Cohen

    Jacob Cohen11 hours ago

    Dude we need a 600 days

  9. Andrew Antoon

    Andrew Antoon12 hours ago


  10. The Dog Cooper

    The Dog Cooper15 hours ago

    600 days?

  11. Jackson Rosenthal

    Jackson Rosenthal15 hours ago

    Bild a water breathing thing

  12. Jackson Rosenthal

    Jackson Rosenthal16 hours ago

    Bone meal the dirt

  13. Fallout 4 Nube

    Fallout 4 Nube16 hours ago

    I am a god at fallout 4

  14. Ha Lol

    Ha Lol17 hours ago


  15. Mind blowing roblox

    Mind blowing roblox17 hours ago

    i have been following the day since day 1, I'm an OG fan. I really hope you see this

  16. Wojciech Pabisz

    Wojciech Pabisz17 hours ago

    use milk in ocean monument

  17. Wojciech Pabisz

    Wojciech Pabisz17 hours ago

    and use shaders all the time

  18. Elise cloudsten

    Elise cloudsten21 hour ago

    Make 600 Days pls

  19. reema

    reema23 hours ago

    Make a freakin cobblestone generator dude

  20. Henrik Jansson

    Henrik JanssonDay ago

    how do you make it just water?

  21. Jigar Parmar

    Jigar ParmarDay ago

    We want 600 days

  22. Bunkership Sverige 2018

    Bunkership Sverige 2018Day ago

    you could maybe use bamboo as fuel, not sure if it works

  23. Nicκ GœS / Bs

    Nicκ GœS / BsDay ago

    600 days PLZ

  24. CBT 2.0

    CBT 2.0Day ago

    Last time I watched was 300

  25. Kendall capia

    Kendall capiaDay ago

    And you bone meal Next to the podzol

  26. Kendall capia

    Kendall capiaDay ago

    This video is hilarious

  27. Heitor Bueno

    Heitor BuenoDay ago

    Where is 600 days?

  28. nath9491 nath9491

    nath9491 nath9491Day ago

    get 1000 experience (challenge)!!!

  29. Meg Foged

    Meg FogedDay ago

    You have to tame the llama to get it to not despawn (I also recommend putting your own carpet on it so you don’t kill it on accident)

  30. Kanen Price

    Kanen PriceDay ago

    Are you making another one

  31. Tommy Blackstone

    Tommy BlackstoneDay ago


  32. NastyPanther

    NastyPantherDay ago

    Add some coral blocks to the tank

  33. Briton McAlexander

    Briton McAlexanderDay ago

    Imagine he goes on to make like a 1300 day video only to die in the middle of it :(

  34. sempre

    sempreDay ago

    Hey Paul!Why don’t you make a lodestone and connect an compass to it so you will never get lost from ur base?

  35. Patricia Mansfield

    Patricia MansfieldDay ago

    I thank you should do a sponge bob house in survival and finish the game that would be awesome 100 days

  36. Patricia Mansfield

    Patricia MansfieldDay ago

    Get to the nether and get ancient derberi

  37. Tracy Yuan

    Tracy YuanDay ago

    Try to make a zombie piglin farm for your 600 days! I heard you can get tons of xp. Btw, slabs as floors prevent mob spawning.

  38. mccann93

    mccann93Day ago

    So basically he’s actually going to visit cookies island

  39. Carson Hayter

    Carson HayterDay ago

    You have to tame the llama so it doesn’t despond

  40. Melissa Burkard

    Melissa BurkardDay ago

    Please don’t take offence. I have a better fishing rod. No mending lol. Unbreaking lll, luck of the sea lll, luri lll lol.

  41. Melissa Burkard

    Melissa BurkardDay ago

    You should’ve named him (eee RRr R or

  42. Rayden Cross

    Rayden CrossDay ago


  43. McKendan Outdoors

    McKendan OutdoorsDay ago

    I can’t wait for 600 days

  44. Eric Larocque

    Eric LarocqueDay ago

    Yes yes yes yes please please 600 days

  45. Yoni Davidov

    Yoni DavidovDay ago

    7:55 joks on you i dont love pizza

  46. Harrison Bradshaw

    Harrison BradshawDay ago

    Hey Paul, try turning an ocean monument into a giant library or dungeon or something 😃

  47. canned chezz nut

    canned chezz nutDay ago

    Technoblade fans Potato bubble Potato dome

  48. Duns Swe

    Duns SweDay ago

    "I Survived 69500 Days Of Mincraft, In an Ocean Only World." Day 69420: 😮 OHHH

  49. Seymour Gale

    Seymour GaleDay ago

    Hey guys ... Read more

  50. Jamie O'Connor

    Jamie O'ConnorDay ago

    600 days 100%

  51. Antonia Castillo

    Antonia Castillo2 days ago

    600 look good

  52. Baxter Graham

    Baxter Graham2 days ago

    Put. Bonemeal on the bad gras

  53. Mr Kraken

    Mr Kraken2 days ago

    Why you don't use the shader while playing the game instead of using in the end of the vid

  54. Yong-Jin Soh

    Yong-Jin Soh2 days ago

    redesigning the base will be cool

  55. Rebeca Costea

    Rebeca Costea2 days ago

    You should make a guardian farm that gives you prismarine shards with that you can make dark prismarine and normal prismarine

  56. xX0Rob0Xx

    xX0Rob0Xx2 days ago

    How did you do this? I would like to aswell

  57. Steven Wang

    Steven Wang2 days ago


  58. Steven Wang

    Steven Wang2 days ago


  59. Jinlan Wu

    Jinlan Wu2 days ago

    U add meme

  60. phoenix latimer

    phoenix latimer2 days ago

    yo paul i would love to see 600 days

  61. nathan reebenacker

    nathan reebenacker2 days ago

    When day 42069?

  62. Levine April

    Levine April2 days ago

    Have a good day😁

  63. Bullearth Barrett

    Bullearth Barrett2 days ago

    i want 600 days please

  64. Hyunjun Kim

    Hyunjun Kim2 days ago

    600 DAYS PLSS

  65. der cattu

    der cattu2 days ago

    I want 600 days. Please!!! I love them!

  66. Ezra Henry

    Ezra Henry2 days ago

    Yes give us more!!!!

  67. Thefortnite_bot 6523

    Thefortnite_bot 65232 days ago

    We need a 600 days please

  68. MagicWizurd

    MagicWizurd2 days ago

    C'mon 100K likes tells me we need a part 6

  69. YOUTUBE_ Zâhq

    YOUTUBE_ Zâhq2 days ago

    When he said “you can’t put loyalty on a hoe.” I was literally 🤨🤨 the first time then I watched it again then I was like 😅😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😅🤣😂😅😂😂😂😅😂😅

  70. Pog

    Pog2 days ago

    Please do 100 more days

  71. Irasesha Balki

    Irasesha Balki2 days ago

    600 plssssssssssssssssssssss

  72. John Eden Armecin

    John Eden Armecin2 days ago


  73. NCR Veteran Ranger

    NCR Veteran Ranger2 days ago

    We need another

  74. Misuki_Nagashika

    Misuki_Nagashika3 days ago

    Bonemeal the podseal

  75. Cars are awsome

    Cars are awsome3 days ago


  76. Ho Ho

    Ho Ho3 days ago

    Go fo 1k likes ok , pls.

  77. totally not William Afton

    totally not William Afton3 days ago

    Why are you so good at mincraft i can't even build a mob farm

  78. Pabloo __

    Pabloo __3 days ago

    Do 500 - 600

  79. Hope Hope

    Hope Hope3 days ago

    Can you please do a moded 100day vudeo

  80. Nikoloz Mgaloblishvili

    Nikoloz Mgaloblishvili3 days ago

    dose this guy likes circles

  81. Lachlan Pugh

    Lachlan Pugh3 days ago


  82. Koray Gamer

    Koray Gamer3 days ago


  83. Matthew Edelman

    Matthew Edelman3 days ago

    Paul you should make a kelp farm it gives you sooo much xp

  84. matthew benedict

    matthew benedict3 days ago

    New subscriber!

  85. luke jensen

    luke jensen3 days ago

    Yess 600 days

  86. ThePixelGamingX_YT

    ThePixelGamingX_YT3 days ago

    its funny his world got corrupted

  87. nishixa _

    nishixa _3 days ago

    If you wanna make the cobble farm even more automatic then you should put buttons on a line of blocks on the same level on where the cobble generates and but hoppers underneath the buttons and once the cobble touches the buttons it should break just like the enderdragon egg (if this doesn’t work I am not responsible for you insurance xD)

  88. Pedro Madeira

    Pedro Madeira3 days ago

    600 days... we're waiting

  89. BSLG2802

    BSLG28023 days ago

    Wait you should try make an enderman farm in the over world because from what I know I think some endermen spawn with grass blocks

  90. Omid Jahanbakhsh

    Omid Jahanbakhsh3 days ago


  91. Aaron Del Bosque

    Aaron Del Bosque3 days ago

    Make a part 6 or 7

  92. Petar Pavlovic

    Petar Pavlovic3 days ago

    cand you bild a roller coaster

  93. Iulian Zureanu

    Iulian Zureanu3 days ago

    You need to temeate lama for dosen't desepon

  94. Doller

    Doller3 days ago

    Just get a Silk touch shovel and Go to a Island that haver grass

  95. L megahed

    L megahed3 days ago

    If you put a dirt under another dirt it will be grass

  96. Tbug

    Tbug4 days ago

    Can’t you use milk to remove effects? That would be good to remove mining fatigue if you can find a cow

  97. SimSim SimSim

    SimSim SimSim4 days ago

    I think you must remember the cordenets of your home so that next time if you get lose you can get back!

  98. Shaq U

    Shaq U4 days ago

    600 days

  99. Shaq U

    Shaq U4 days ago


  100. you suck

    you suck4 days ago

    8:15 that's like 2 slices dont get greedy🙄✋