These Could be the Cutest Pets on TikTok 🤔😻

Here are more cute pets:
00:00 tonytheguineapig1
00:13 ashton_ttv
00:25 timon_timtok
00:35 kiarakozak
00:47 chrisdcano
01:02 vv.ana
01:07 taillwaggerss
01:18 alison94x
01:27 nataliaxstry
01:37 chapofridoslife
01:57 nylahtheragdolltabby
02:14 kierstyn1097
02:34 furryplayboy
02:49 quchengaoe
03:04 gizmoandcoco
03:12 cocukilidi
03:23 erniegsd
03:33 duangduangu
03:39 juanpabloabraham5
03:49 erinedoyle13
04:04 indibanx
04:22 vetpaulramos
05:01 hugothetiger
05:28 christinacarrotcakes
05:43 jimmiss6868
05:53 kindalyd
06:14 hannahissobomb
06:33 tonytheguineapig1
07:22 po.bunny
07:30 fluffypigtok
07:38 jakegracey
07:50 envy.rabbitry
08:43 kara_reann
09:09 kylierbeniamino
10:03 latinogangmel
11:02 birdtails
11:11 scout.direwolf
11:22 esperborzoi
11:38 ostrichplug
11:48 kitakaze_s_lili
11:54 copperthadeer
12:13 chipmunksoftiktok
12:29 shreddertheraccoon
12:37 scout.direwolf
12:43 hans_gruber_the_goober
12:58 iiimilkteaaa
Thank you guys so, so much for checking out the new addition to
PinkRamen and YellowRamen, you truly are the best!! I really hope I can
brighten your mood with these cute Tiktoks and make you smile with some
of the cutest animal Tiktoks I could find! We have cute cat tiktoks,
cute dog tiktoks and all of many, many more cute animal Tiktoks!!
Love you guys!!
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  1. GreenRamen

    GreenRamenMonth ago

    The guinea pig purr 😍😍😍 Hope you guys enjoy this one :) The channel has been doing great lately and it's all thanks to you guys watching, liking & subscribing. Thanks a lot for that



    You tiktoker?

  3. Shan Lay

    Shan LayMonth ago


  4. Tokyolightzz

    TokyolightzzMonth ago

    That wasn’t a purr, that was a chill, the poor piggies dont like their tushies touched. That baby was dominant.



    @Emelia Brindley Eden yes

  6. Emelia Brindley Eden

    Emelia Brindley EdenMonth ago

    It's called rumble strutting : )

  7. Matthew Iuliucci

    Matthew Iuliucci5 days ago

    2:36 Everyone watching the cat: omg so cute Me watching the office in the background: 👁👄👁

  8. Sawan AlGhazal

    Sawan AlGhazal7 days ago

    10:35 omg the way the cat is putting its hand on the baby is sooo adorable 😭❤️

  9. Tiffany Papantoniou

    Tiffany Papantoniou8 days ago

    8:04 if that cat is def how can it hear the tapping P.S sorry for the bad spelling (UvU)

  10. Michele Raji

    Michele Raji10 days ago

    Dem cats are broken but BOOTIFUL

  11. Fidget Toys Fun!

    Fidget Toys Fun!11 days ago

    4:48 AWWWW

  12. chicken nuggets

    chicken nuggets19 days ago

    "aw it stinks.. nice an good *slap * "oWWwWW yOuR hUrtInG mE"

  13. general 923

    general 92319 days ago

    2:56 dang she mad

  14. Jack Monger

    Jack Monger20 days ago

    The abashed watch marginally talk because yacht correspondingly smash unto a possible fact. eight, shivering wallet

  15. Krystana Cadorna

    Krystana Cadorna20 days ago

    5:50 why... why would you do this... that is so mean!!!!

  16. Carlea Ratliff

    Carlea Ratliff20 days ago

    My mom want let me have a 🐰:(

  17. Tamera Williams

    Tamera Williams22 days ago


  18. Tamera Williams

    Tamera Williams22 days ago

    Love it

  19. TeddX_ x

    TeddX_ x22 days ago

    I had a rabbit it thumbs just like the rabbit that was thumbs because he was mad

  20. Fun Fam

    Fun Fam22 days ago

    0:24 slip and slice

  21. DJson

    DJson22 days ago

    I love the last part 🤣

  22. the nice little brat

    the nice little brat22 days ago

    I wish my cat was nice T^T

  23. Luna Beverly the Frenchie

    Luna Beverly the Frenchie19 days ago

    @ wolfy_lover Awww I'm sure your cat is still a cutie though :)

  24. Lilly may Bettles

    Lilly may Bettles23 days ago

    Omg l love this vid thx for putting ur time and effort into doing this for us l am very much thankful

  25. kcecil86

    kcecil8623 days ago

    My favorite one with a koala

  26. kcecil86

    kcecil8623 days ago

    I don’t want to koala

  27. kcecil86

    kcecil8623 days ago

    I did not mean to say that

  28. kcecil86

    kcecil8623 days ago

    I love koalas

  29. Max Devine

    Max Devine24 days ago

    Big dog

  30. I need mental help

    I need mental help24 days ago

    You know like the movie bambie and there was a bunny named thumper and when that black bunny thumps does that mean that he was mad the whole MOVIE

  31. London Blanchard

    London Blanchard25 days ago

    I love the guinea pig named tony I wish my guinea pigs treated me like that

  32. Savannah's Channel

    Savannah's Channel26 days ago

    Bunnies need bananas as a snack I have one too

  33. Chanaya Rafaela Wicaksono 1613033

    Chanaya Rafaela Wicaksono 161303328 days ago

    my fav one is at 7:50

  34. blubrywlfii

    blubrywlfiiMonth ago

    2:55 y he look like dat

  35. Kathleen Fullerton

    Kathleen FullertonMonth ago

    hi i have a guinea pig and she purrs too! its so cute. but why they purr is odd

  36. Abdul Sathar Musthalifa

    Abdul Sathar MusthalifaMonth ago


  37. nene elene

    nene eleneMonth ago

    in stead this video should be called "stupid Tik Tokers abusing the heck out of their poor little pets"

  38. nene elene

    nene eleneMonth ago


  39. nene elene

    nene eleneMonth ago

    2:04 why did you wake up the poor little kitten?

  40. Fidget Toys Fun!

    Fidget Toys Fun!11 days ago


  41. nene elene

    nene eleneMonth ago

    1:16 that poor dog is so annoying and exhausted oh my god, stop annoying him leave him a lone

  42. nene elene

    nene eleneMonth ago

    1:04 his not being a brat! rabbits do that when they are hurt or sick. instead of laughing at him like an weirdo go take him to the vet!

  43. nene elene

    nene eleneMonth ago

    1:01 stop doing that! he clearly hates when you do that, try scratching him in a different spot

  44. Clara Mac Donell élève

    Clara Mac Donell élèveMonth ago

    10:03 hes so gentle 😭😄

  45. Fidget Toys Fun!

    Fidget Toys Fun!11 days ago


  46. Fidget Toys Fun!

    Fidget Toys Fun!11 days ago


  47. Vidya Goolie

    Vidya GoolieMonth ago

    1:02 Is that Jungkook when he's mad 🐇💜💜💜

  48. Beep Sheep

    Beep SheepMonth ago

    The gunnie pig looks like a very small dog lmaoo

  49. Well Played

    Well PlayedMonth ago

    9:11 my cat has a harness it just is like a jacket you can find them at petco And she doesn’t fall over ;-;

  50. Ivanelys Ramos

    Ivanelys RamosMonth ago

    8:47 😂 that screen Tho

  51. Kayla PlayzzYT

    Kayla PlayzzYTMonth ago

    The cop one was funny😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Tee J

    Tee JMonth ago

    The rightful crate undesirably attach because cough contrastingly follow above a sharp roll. luxuriant, steadfast asparagus

  53. Hehe hehehe

    Hehe heheheMonth ago

    0:27 That cat can NOT handle ASMR 😸

  54. Amy Le

    Amy LeMonth ago

    the doggo on the front is a mix i think

  55. poing poing

    poing poingMonth ago

    I love that birb

  56. Mary Samreth

    Mary SamrethMonth ago

    The alert jogging july pray because washer ideally tug except a parched tooth. kindly, caravan

  57. Jasper Ashley

    Jasper AshleyMonth ago

    The public cap revealingly prepare because double progressively promise except a best butter. better, immense invoice

  58. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan BiswasMonth ago

    Deaf cats are far more affectionate than normal cats.

  59. Monkey vibez _

    Monkey vibez _Month ago


  60. Rascally Rabbits

    Rascally RabbitsMonth ago

    Rabbits are always the cutest! And we are 😇

  61. Tee J

    Tee JMonth ago

    The dry mother-in-law frustratingly paddle because turret problematically disagree vice a fascinated amusement. supreme, thin radio

  62. Tiari Soutter

    Tiari SoutterMonth ago

    7:40 kookaburra cat

  63. Callmehdani

    CallmehdaniMonth ago

    For the closing door one, my German Shepard opens and closes :)

  64. Chez Tinnion

    Chez TinnionMonth ago

    4:10 is ligit me when my mom wakes me up to ask if I am a sleep

  65. Robloxmayemo !

    Robloxmayemo !Month ago

    That squeaky lil boy ain’t just squeaky he also Chewbacca

  66. LPS Panda Productions

    LPS Panda ProductionsMonth ago

    Quick disclaimer you cannot adopt koalas

  67. adam plays

    adam playsMonth ago

    7:49 AK on crack

  68. Lainey marie

    Lainey marieMonth ago

    My guinea pig crossed the rainbow bridge this morning.

  69. natalie lidge

    natalie lidgeMonth ago

    1:28 literally my cat tho XD

  70. Chocolate Milk

    Chocolate MilkMonth ago

    Gurl In da first tik tok: squeakiest guinea pig in the world Me: you should hear mine :> they much louder

  71. Krystana Cadorna

    Krystana Cadorna20 days ago

    Sparkles is very squeaky where she sees me

  72. Delilah Rohde

    Delilah RohdeMonth ago

    0:54 who gave the cat drugs?

  73. Kylie Nguyen

    Kylie NguyenMonth ago


  74. •SHSL_kokichi_kinnie•

    •SHSL_kokichi_kinnie•Month ago

    The first one means that the guinea pig doesn't like what you are doing 🥰 (not hate)

  75. Milena Przyszlak

    Milena PrzyszlakMonth ago

    9:30 for me it looks more like the cat is very uncomfortable in harness and it doesn't let him walk normally cause its not normal a cat has harness and you go around city like this with him or her

  76. martina Matthews

    martina MatthewsMonth ago

    I lovebaby cats

  77. Conor and liana fan xx Xxxx

    Conor and liana fan xx XxxxMonth ago

    5:39 omgg cute

  78. Alexis Albright

    Alexis AlbrightMonth ago

    I love dinky so much!!!

  79. Lily Lewis

    Lily LewisMonth ago


  80. slugterafujju serqweagrh

    slugterafujju serqweagrhMonth ago

    sooooooooo cute

  81. Diana Thomas

    Diana ThomasMonth ago

    My dog scrastch my check to day

  82. Super gloxy

    Super gloxyMonth ago


  83. Lee Yerin

    Lee YerinMonth ago

    The dog run after fart!!!... the kitty with harness.... the deaf kitty .. the squirrel .. the bunny the deer the meow knowing the baby in belly!!!.. TOOK MY HEARTEU

  84. Trinity Green

    Trinity GreenMonth ago

    The last one killed me.😂

  85. ゚・ᴊ ɪ ᴄ ʜ ᴜ ᴜ・ ゚

    ゚・ᴊ ɪ ᴄ ʜ ᴜ ᴜ・ ゚Month ago

    Today when I was doing homework on my laptop my dog noticed my cursor on the screen. She just kept her ears up and started to move closer and closer to my comp until she hit the screen with her paw lmao. She’s almost 4 and has seen me use my chrome book multiple times🤦🏻‍♀️

  86. c

    cMonth ago

    wtf my dog is like so hyper he keeps running and jumping

  87. John Hancock

    John HancockMonth ago

    0:00 That’s a weird molerat

  88. potato

    potatoMonth ago

    0:54 When your cat on drugs 👁️👄👁️

  89. 3XT4CYD3V1L

    3XT4CYD3V1LMonth ago


  90. Xuxa Hernandez

    Xuxa HernandezMonth ago

    3:34 OMG I DIED

  91. Coley Wareham

    Coley WarehamMonth ago

    7:58 don’t do that , putting a bunny on its back can cause PTSD or Paralysis

  92. flipflopcat

    flipflopcatMonth ago

    1:15 what type of dog? im a cat person but still-

  93. Johanna Weichsel

    Johanna WeichselMonth ago

    I think it's a Newfoundland breed

  94. Ivan Arregoitia

    Ivan ArregoitiaMonth ago

    The past venezuela correspondingly jump because lynx randomly annoy without a agonizing decimal. easy, gainful language

  95. Káy Lì TV

    Káy Lì TVMonth ago

    The last one had me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. BlueRamen

    BlueRamenMonth ago

    Even I post USloft videos

  97. Mi Mi

    Mi MiMonth ago


  98. rojy youssef

    rojy youssefMonth ago

    The one that was guys help my cat is broken that one made me laugh

  99. DangerSlayer

    DangerSlayerMonth ago

    11:30 what dog breed is this I’ve always wondered

  100. Lightning Tiger [Jeshna Shrestha]

    Lightning Tiger [Jeshna Shrestha]Month ago

    It's big nose 😂

  101. DangerSlayer

    DangerSlayerMonth ago

    @Belle Matos ok thx I’ll try find it

  102. Belle Matos

    Belle MatosMonth ago

    I think its a Borzoi dog breed

  103. Cutest pets we own

    Cutest pets we ownMonth ago

    I’m your biggest fan #cutestpetsweown

  104. IIStrawberry cake tiktokII

    IIStrawberry cake tiktokIIMonth ago

    2:53. 𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚍𝚊 𝚜𝚞𝚜

  105. Tastu。。。躁鬱

    Tastu。。。躁鬱Month ago

    1:08 I my god I need this dog in my life. I will not be happy without this dog in my life.

  106. Z'rea

    Z'rea6 days ago

    @;-; Paige Manship :-: I got one on puppyfind for $2400. She even flew him out here for me. I love my Newfie. I’ve had him for 3 years now.

  107. ;-; Paige Manship :-:

    ;-; Paige Manship :-:28 days ago

    There like 10,000 bucks I was looking for one yes I’m broke

  108. Ramzaan Ahsan

    Ramzaan AhsanMonth ago

    Funny thing is that the massage gun that cat felt is that i have one

  109. Bras Santos

    Bras SantosMonth ago


  110. ThumbsUp PETS

    ThumbsUp PETSMonth ago

    GreenRamen probably doesn’t realize but they are helping us get through this rough time and make it 1000X better

  111. Enrico Nardo

    Enrico NardoMonth ago

    2:20 Government: "Work from home" Police: *

  112. Fidget Toys Fun!

    Fidget Toys Fun!11 days ago


  113. Rosella Park

    Rosella ParkMonth ago

    This is absolutely accurate 😺

  114. Mama Thomas

    Mama ThomasMonth ago

    10:12 is so freaking cute and so sweet.

  115. Enrico Manalo

    Enrico ManaloMonth ago

    You should make this try not too laugh challenge or try not too say aww

  116. PrometheusV

    PrometheusVMonth ago

    So... Dinky for President... i guess. Sure, why not :)

  117. ꧁Sximply_Bxby꧂

    ꧁Sximply_Bxby꧂Month ago

    3:33 me when my mom turns on the light to my room when I’m watching anime:

  118. Sophia Andrews

    Sophia AndrewsMonth ago

    SO ******* CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. August Landrum

    August LandrumMonth ago

    That cat that hated the harness is like my cat he would never stop falling dark