GTA 5 Races but a hacker joined our lobby

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As if Maka's map playlists weren't enough. We had to deal with hacker on top of that. Can't have sh*t in GTA 5 man.
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  1. Heather Whitman

    Heather Whitman8 hours ago

    "THIS IS THE THING YOU NEED" ‍‍‍‍‍‍ *"**B.KdHn.BaR**"* ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ *"**B.KdHn.BaR**"* ‍‍‍‍ *"**B.KdHn.BaR**"* ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Certified Classic ‍‍

  2. Blizzard30211

    Blizzard3021112 hours ago

    Lemme guess the maps name: WTF 1000% IMPOSSIBLE MAP

  3. Two of us

    Two of usDay ago

    10:00 wirus KEKW

  4. Hunter Patrick

    Hunter Patrick2 days ago

    1:39 every day insert amount of people die while texting and driving

  5. Belva Naoma

    Belva Naoma2 days ago

    The vulgar mistake broadly whip because mom anteriorly expect per a last ostrich. orange, somber raft

  6. SharkMuffinVlogz

    SharkMuffinVlogz2 days ago

    Bro I cant be the only person that saw the cheeked up milkbag on the taxi at 0:31

  7. Mimi A

    Mimi A3 days ago

    Currently happened 1 Month ago, and to this day SMII7Y still homeless

  8. Rawaa Khan

    Rawaa Khan3 days ago

    Smi7y: this looks like LAX Irl: GTA V is based on California


    DABABY3 days ago


  10. Saiko

    Saiko3 days ago

    you'r computer has wirus

  11. Kai

    Kai4 days ago

    What map is that

  12. Trey Jacobson

    Trey Jacobson4 days ago

    10:37 he has become Doug Dimmadome!!

  13. Vanetooth

    Vanetooth5 days ago

    Everyone talkin bout how funny this video is, but no ones talkin about the fact that the hacker was able to track his group across sessions and crash their game. Gotta love rockstar lol. P.S. Video was fire tho, and the hackers in this case didn't seem to have a malicious intent.

  14. Sithira Ramarishnan

    Sithira Ramarishnan3 days ago

    yeah he put the palestine flag(my country) to

  15. Hai KaaaLL_

    Hai KaaaLL_5 days ago

    I think smii7y needs a cpr after this

  16. Zexpray

    Zexpray6 days ago

    10:09 Smii7y: This looks just like Lax Yeah… I wonder Why…

  17. Atticus Crevatin-Gunn

    Atticus Crevatin-Gunn7 days ago

    18:37 ok this shit got me

  18. michel guilmain

    michel guilmain7 days ago

    ”EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.”..."B.KDHN.BAR".....”DID IT HELP YOU TOO?”.... 完璧 "28:20""20:31""59:29""2:18""12:52""16:58""9:48""50:05"

  19. JJay VR

    JJay VR8 days ago

    most woman think there is only anger playing games well look at this there is more fun then anger if u have great friends to play with

  20. I’m Friends with my FBI agent

    I’m Friends with my FBI agent9 days ago

    Y’all have gotta be the only people that enjoy having a hacker in your game

  21. Haven Goin

    Haven Goin9 days ago

    So we not gonna talk about the sexy Smii7y at the start

  22. projectionist014

    projectionist0149 days ago

    Gotta say I have watched this 7 times for the past few days it is that funny XD

  23. DurpMusic

    DurpMusic10 days ago

    More...? Please

  24. DangerDoggo3247

    DangerDoggo324710 days ago

    Did anyone else immediately realize his level was 69?

  25. x1-800-dropshot

    x1-800-dropshot10 days ago

    The shake and bake made me tear up Ricky Bobby’s my best friend - cal

  26. Luke Craig

    Luke Craig10 days ago

    17:35, just gonna leave this here

  27. David Jones

    David Jones11 days ago

    What is this car game and is it available for the PS4 PRO.

  28. Daysi Hernandez

    Daysi Hernandez12 days ago

    The large unit really ruin because bagpipe daily worry via a overconfident galley. furry furtive, male tadpole

  29. SlimeSkillz

    SlimeSkillz13 days ago

    This video made my day :D

  30. Rhys

    Rhys13 days ago

    17:01 i gotta see Maka's perspective bro

  31. Helephant Music

    Helephant Music13 days ago

    5:43 🤣 priceless 😂

  32. J D

    J D14 days ago

    This video is so great 😂😂😂😂

  33. Michael Wolfe

    Michael Wolfe14 days ago

    Bro I'm crying. Haven't laughed this hard in so long.

  34. Rayyan A

    Rayyan A14 days ago

    Please tell me why there are two 20sec non skip ads at the beginning

  35. SPAK 4

    SPAK 414 days ago

    The sound he made at 11:05

  36. Masked Gamer

    Masked Gamer14 days ago

    This is the hardest is laughed in months my chest and face hurt from laughing so much

  37. Josh Rodriguez

    Josh Rodriguez14 days ago


  38. da dae

    da dae15 days ago

    i never laugh soo hard when smiity hit brian..

  39. jghost 0720

    jghost 072015 days ago

    10:41 when you realize you’re in the drunk commercial with the hammer and the nails🤣🤣🤣

  40. FreakycrownV

    FreakycrownV15 days ago

    Where can I find this playlist?

  41. Emil Skenhall

    Emil Skenhall16 days ago

    Wait, Smii7y watches F1 AND he holds on Lando? Really? Big up!

  42. Deppreso-expres

    Deppreso-expres17 days ago

    “Yellow flag” yep that’s nascar lmao

  43. fearthereaper58 ???

    fearthereaper58 ???17 days ago

    This shit had me crying XD

  44. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda18 days ago

    6:46 The game didn't crash but everybody else did!

  45. Ginger M00n

    Ginger M00n19 days ago

    I laughed for a solid 20 minutes with tears

  46. Huels Lacy

    Huels Lacy19 days ago

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  47. bappo

    bappo19 days ago


  48. Lord death Of murder mountain

    Lord death Of murder mountain19 days ago

    Byzes rocket take a whole new meaning to pocket rocket

  49. TheLegendaryD

    TheLegendaryD19 days ago

    I laughed so hard that I'm seeing spots of light haha the whole time I'm sitting here saying "It's me, Doug Dimmadome" lmao

  50. First Name First Name 2:Electric Boogaloo

    First Name First Name 2:Electric Boogaloo20 days ago

    smii7y has a big ween

  51. Deathly Doll

    Deathly Doll20 days ago

    Me: *refreshing my page like 6 times cause I thought my headphones broke suddenly* Smii7y: *you're probably wondering why there's no audio-* Mfw (¬_¬)

  52. Daniel G.

    Daniel G.20 days ago

    More like: "GTA 5 but its GTA 5"

  53. Trynos

    Trynos20 days ago

    omg i could not breath when u were driving in the tube and he just passed whit this big tower on the car omg the sound

  54. DaMarcus C

    DaMarcus C20 days ago

    I'm drinking sierra mist on my bed and I swear to god it takes every muscle in my body not to do the world's stickiest spit take Edit: 14:25 I had to fucking suck in my laugh dude what the hell did you do to me

  55. Deutsche Hierarchie

    Deutsche Hierarchie20 days ago

    1:40 *trying to figure out how to fly plane* "nope that's my phone. fuck" *kersplosion!!*

  56. daB0t

    daB0t20 days ago

    Doug Dimmadome moment

  57. Venom

    Venom20 days ago

    none of this is funny

  58. MelodyIV

    MelodyIV20 days ago

    Dude I deadass fucking turned the volume up because I thought the video volume was just low then when he spoke I earraped myself thanks

  59. Belva Naoma

    Belva Naoma21 day ago

    The tedious beginner microscopically interfere because bite medicinally thank towards a dizzy rowboat. spooky, hallowed slip

  60. Moonlightshadow910

    Moonlightshadow91021 day ago

    You should add the whole silent bit uncut on smitty minus

  61. kareem mushasha

    kareem mushasha21 day ago

    Me : peacefully watching amii7y Also me a palistanian who saw paliatine flag : 👁👄👁

  62. Ace Gaming

    Ace Gaming22 days ago

    Why is this so funny

  63. Moth

    Moth22 days ago

    The first 5 seconds were a legit jumpscare- it's 2am rn bro

  64. -EMPTY-

    -EMPTY-22 days ago

    5:05 - He turned into I’m suda...kinda

  65. Ronnie Shires

    Ronnie Shires22 days ago

    I'm just dying that Snedgie turned into Nobface randomly

  66. Ronan Fleming Jr

    Ronan Fleming Jr23 days ago

    The best part is that SampleText is lvl 69 :)

  67. LaszyKeroen

    LaszyKeroen23 days ago

    Using the Palestinian flags was wrong timing from the hacker lmao

  68. FullmetalCloud7

    FullmetalCloud723 days ago

    What A Flag Josh Is!!!

  69. Potato Sex

    Potato Sex23 days ago

    the word is capri

  70. failure

    failure23 days ago

    You are computer has wirus

  71. sxzwqa

    sxzwqa23 days ago

    What’s the map on 14:53

  72. Vince Cook

    Vince Cook24 days ago

    One of your best smitty I was crying I was laughing so hard

  73. Isaiah Spencer

    Isaiah Spencer24 days ago

    I thought my ear puds was off

  74. FBI

    FBI24 days ago

    0:06 yes actually my laptop speakers are broken

  75. Nick S.

    Nick S.24 days ago

    This shit gives me life

  76. alexx mesulama

    alexx mesulama24 days ago

    This man has less than a million subs and yet, Most of his videos has more than a million views.

  77. Arencen

    Arencen25 days ago

    I haven’t laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂

  78. Masq

    Masq25 days ago

    I swear all gamers are connected to eatchother. as soon as you and your friends go back to a game there is always brand new content about that exact game and everybody starts playing it the second you hop on.

  79. Zombiekilla

    Zombiekilla25 days ago

    At least the load times are fast

  80. Noodls

    Noodls26 days ago

    "Accurate F1 racing first person Lando Norris POV"

  81. Heavenlyking

    Heavenlyking26 days ago

    Sample text I love ya

  82. Le_mustardman43

    Le_mustardman4326 days ago

    very funny more please

  83. DragonMaster485

    DragonMaster48526 days ago

    I dont think I've ever heard Smii7y wheeze like he did at 18:40 before

  84. NoAimin CS Go

    NoAimin CS Go27 days ago

    Dont call those one Hackers, they are called cheaters for a reason. A hacker knows stuff a cheaters just paid or downloaded a already finished product.

  85. Brandon Lewis

    Brandon Lewis27 days ago

    That bike look like the pizza slices you get at the end of 4 th grade

  86. Flare Dark

    Flare Dark27 days ago

    When byze fell off the pizza cutter car he fell like a toy and that made me crack up so hard

  87. Sinter

    Sinter27 days ago

    Me: starts watching video after after sitting down to the computer while my other headphones on the tables next to me. Switches headphones after a few seconds of silence thinking i got the wrong one on my head. sound stars on the headphone ive just taken down.... AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  88. Zayd Cerrato

    Zayd Cerrato28 days ago

    Plot twist: your speakers are actually broken

  89. Maronmikhail Soriano

    Maronmikhail Soriano28 days ago

    The responsible rub quickly treat because croissant correlatively clean till a acceptable representative. quick, absorbed trumpet

  90. Nibba Skittle

    Nibba Skittle28 days ago

    I didnt even know smii7y knew what F1 was or who Lando Norris is

  91. Bij Bij

    Bij Bij28 days ago

    We need more GTA!!

  92. yungyeet

    yungyeet28 days ago

    I love how he says lando Norris pov but at that time of F1 cars (1980) his parents were still in school or not born yet.

  93. Mohammed L. Mansour -ArabHawk

    Mohammed L. Mansour -ArabHawk28 days ago

    Palestine Flag, noice what server was that?

  94. thedregonhunt3r

    thedregonhunt3r29 days ago

    No I think I speak of behalf of everyone when I ask this, is there a part 2?

  95. GalCreator

    GalCreator29 days ago

    I was having a good time until I saw 15:00... Yikes I’m in tears

  96. Omar Perez

    Omar Perez29 days ago

    I haven't cried laughing in so long

  97. Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan29 days ago

    I can't even imagine playing GTA with mouse and keyboard. Like, how?

  98. Embernet0

    Embernet029 days ago

    It’s been awhile since I laughed this hard

  99. Halen 2001

    Halen 200129 days ago

    Can we please get that headache plushy. That would be goated

  100. Linus Schneider

    Linus SchneiderMonth ago

    i like how smiity only know lando norris and yellow flags means everything is going to go wrong but you don't know what the fuck f1 is

  101. Jc the Reaper

    Jc the ReaperMonth ago

    I was dying the whole vid XD