5 most embarrassing Impractical Jokers punishments (Part 1) (September 2017)

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  1. Akiva yager

    Akiva yager10 days ago

    In the end he should have said. “And now comes the hard part : what to name it “


    MAHENDRA PARIHAR11 days ago

    He sounds like bubba from Forrest Gump

  3. Chrissie Bawn

    Chrissie Bawn13 days ago


  4. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb Wedh16 days ago

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  5. Elaine Cochrane

    Elaine Cochrane20 days ago

    I've never known anyone to not like cats..this.is hilarious 😆😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Elaine Cochrane

    Elaine Cochrane20 days ago

    I was in stitches at murr on anaesthetic OMFG..the tears... 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. TheBros2theend

    TheBros2theend22 days ago

    Jesus Christ loves you

  8. Lex Blessed

    Lex Blessed22 days ago

    The soggy barometer selectively flash because brain ganguly film towards a lively camp. complete, clumsy bacon

  9. Chad T Perry

    Chad T Perry22 days ago

    The evanescent timbale globally heat because tip pivotally suppose apud a ill-informed scale. ragged, joyous building

  10. Howkeep

    Howkeep24 days ago

    Just imagine doing all this in india

  11. Chad T Perry

    Chad T Perry25 days ago

    The measly yard taxonomically rub because skiing appropriately roll among a unsuitable geology. guiltless, interesting space

  12. phįī Napple

    phįī Napple27 days ago

    Its saL laugh for me 💀💀😭😂

  13. Ashu Randive

    Ashu RandiveMonth ago

    USloft algorithm is going to bring us together.

  14. Ervtard

    ErvtardMonth ago

    "Here is how contractions work" *gives a contraction every 10 seconds*

  15. RIK

    RIKMonth ago

    Sal’s cat attack punishment wasn’t embarrassing....it was torture

  16. Carlos Oliver Pallasigue

    Carlos Oliver PallasigueMonth ago

    q in the end was contemplating an act of domestic violence while in pain HAHAHA

  17. Yham Mabeza

    Yham MabezaMonth ago

    Sals punishment on the cats are my paradise...i love cats

  18. Dihanna Espinoza

    Dihanna EspinozaMonth ago

    4:07 genuinely cute

  19. Pel1ken

    Pel1kenMonth ago

    Lmao Look at the kids walking by at 4:02

  20. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb WedhMonth ago

    The overjoyed volcano spontaneously remain because break spectroscopically alert down a wide picture. helpful, alleged missile

  21. Revania Azzahra

    Revania AzzahraMonth ago

    q's crew or q screw we never know

  22. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb WedhMonth ago

    The crabby open unquestionably rot because washer cellularly stir worth a annoying sideboard. festive, trite bike

  23. Hulk Smash

    Hulk SmashMonth ago

    Plpt Twist: A costume change? What is this, a bollywood movie?

  24. Charles Wood

    Charles WoodMonth ago

    Start watching these clips in .5x it will change your whole perspective.


    COCO BROWNMonth ago

    Poor Joe.... had too wear a woman’s dress

  26. Bonnie Beats

    Bonnie BeatsMonth ago

    Sal Laying There Shitting Himself: 😰 First Cat Placed on Him: Meow👀 😂😂🤣

  27. Eric Fett

    Eric FettMonth ago

    "Susan Sarandon makes a stupendous shrimp scampi"

  28. Griffin Kildare

    Griffin KildareMonth ago

    Anyone else realize that they showed the same woman in the proposal punishment and the breakdance punishment? She must be a biiiig Mets fan lmao

  29. Kari Krummi

    Kari KrummiMonth ago

    ? not murr getting the prostate exam in front if 20+ people or sal’s phone ringing repeaddldldlt

  30. Raul Ramirez

    Raul Ramirez2 months ago

    Q"GIVE IT A MINUTE " 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Clayton Burns

    Clayton Burns2 months ago

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  32. Harliee Mcginn

    Harliee McginnYear ago

    I died at the wedding dress

  33. Sara M.

    Sara M.Year ago

    murr's punishment just seemed unfair and may be unhealthy.

  34. Joe Louis

    Joe LouisYear ago

    OMGee Everyday I wake up and watch these guys hahahaaa uncontrollably it all ways starts my day on the right foot

  35. THE ROCK

    THE ROCKYear ago

    Why was murr speaking so differently?

  36. leo lanoue

    leo lanoueYear ago

    The worst is the prostate exam that Murr receive hahahaha

  37. Ur mom Gey

    Ur mom GeyYear ago

    13:44 she can get it lol

  38. Camera Man Deavon

    Camera Man DeavonYear ago

    Quinn’s birth pain one was the worst. Period😂

  39. Cardsharp Gaming

    Cardsharp GamingYear ago

    Sal should've had Murr say "shaken, not stirred" when he said he sounded like Sean Connery.

  40. Cameron Davis

    Cameron DavisYear ago

    There is no reason to be afraid of cats especially kittens. Sal is just rediculous. I’ve never heard of someone being scared of cats

  41. Phil X

    Phil XYear ago


  42. zalsalmi

    zalsalmiYear ago

    Finally found the real Q #8chan

  43. co bound

    co bound2 years ago

    3:18 is a cutie

  44. cameraflyer

    cameraflyer2 years ago

    That was hardly embarrassing for Murr. The worst one was when he got a proctology exam in front of everybody.

  45. Nibba Boi

    Nibba Boi2 years ago

    I want a big tiddy goth gf

  46. LooL DooD

    LooL DooD2 years ago

    12:06 - Argentina! :D

  47. jevan king

    jevan king2 years ago

    Joes punishment was pretty ‘ruff’

  48. Edwin Groves

    Edwin Groves2 years ago

    Who's phone is ringing

  49. Leggo My Ego

    Leggo My Ego2 years ago

    The childbirth one was by far the worse.

  50. Debajyoti Chanda

    Debajyoti Chanda2 years ago

    8.05 mouth is squirting

  51. edtastic 215

    edtastic 2152 years ago

    Thought that was tony parker in the thumbnail

  52. Johnny Zuidema

    Johnny Zuidema2 years ago

    1. Bingo 2. Stealing all the foul balls

  53. Paige Kroez

    Paige Kroez2 years ago

    Neck swivel at 5:27 #neck #swivel

  54. Dat1derpydork/ Thatfandomkween

    Dat1derpydork/ Thatfandomkween2 years ago

    12:00 My worst nightmare

  55. David M

    David M2 years ago


  56. TheGreyGap

    TheGreyGap2 years ago

    He's scared of kittens.

  57. Chip

    Chip2 years ago

    is he enjoying that pain? :D

  58. Robyn Faith

    Robyn Faith2 years ago

    I LOVE Quinn I’m Labor!!😂😂

  59. Divesh Vig

    Divesh Vig2 years ago

    We all have forgotten our laughter guy's but there stupidity is getting our smiles back.love these four Joker's.

  60. Andre Bowling

    Andre Bowling2 years ago

    "the dirty hamhock" bahaha 😂

  61. Timothy Robert

    Timothy Robert2 years ago

    Why do sal haet cat ?

  62. Gacha Studios-Vids

    Gacha Studios-Vids2 years ago


  63. April Sebok

    April Sebok2 years ago

    sal squirming in terror as a couple of adorable kittens sat on his chest was the funniest thing I've seen in a while

  64. yo cho

    yo cho2 years ago

    What is #TonyParker and #AndrewWiggins doing here in the thumbnail

  65. Vijay pawar

    Vijay pawar2 years ago

    5:36 when ur crush accept ur friend request 😂

  66. Arukendo

    Arukendo2 years ago

    4:02 Indian guy helps 😄

  67. yalrufaidi

    yalrufaidi2 years ago

    Btw the pregnancy device is over exaggerated I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and i have tried this device, the devise hurts waaaay more than actually giving birth

  68. Shivani 73

    Shivani 732 years ago

    Joys of pregnancy was brutal for Q😄😄

  69. brock

    brock2 years ago

    4:16 Indian husband and wife

  70. Henry Ortiz

    Henry Ortiz2 years ago

    The guy who called Joe cute, was definitely on To Catch A Predator

  71. Sudhanshu Sharma

    Sudhanshu Sharma2 years ago

    that "aww yeah" during Q's simulation gets me dead everytime damn :D :D

  72. Bendangla Longkumer

    Bendangla Longkumer2 years ago

    How can anyone be so scared of those cute kittens?! I love cats.

  73. Simon

    Simon2 years ago

    Why are the people in the baseball court so serious! Just relax, it’s just a joke!

  74. Simon

    Simon2 years ago

    Q has got some sick moves 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  75. Jordan Gibson

    Jordan Gibson2 years ago

    Tenderloins shirt!,😂

  76. jakey

    jakey2 years ago

    I always feel bad for Sal, he always gets the worst punishments😭

  77. MaKenna Majors

    MaKenna Majors2 years ago

    6:13 I feel so bad for Murr. I want to hug him so bad. He looks sad and painful. LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!!!!

  78. M R

    M R2 years ago

    does anyone know who that girl is from cake boss? actor or on the show?

  79. ChrisSoCalm

    ChrisSoCalm2 years ago

    The food one was painful

  80. Cory Snider

    Cory Snider2 years ago

    Murr probably shouldn't of had to do the food punishment. Way too dangerous

  81. Mighty Hokage

    Mighty Hokage2 years ago

    The beautiful lady on 00:52, indeed confirms that Brian Quinn has a tiny penis.

  82. Christina M

    Christina M2 years ago


  83. Marcio

    Marcio2 years ago

    10.30 has the cutest cat,that meow is so cute

  84. Ajit L

    Ajit L2 years ago

    Joe looks like the Undertaker in that wedding dress😂

  85. Sam Fisher Whittaker

    Sam Fisher Whittaker2 years ago

    this is awesome guys' it never gets old' joe'q'murr'sal hahaha

  86. Raj Uniyal

    Raj Uniyal2 years ago

    The labor pain simulation was funniest in this video...🤣🤣🤣

  87. Chase Vernon

    Chase Vernon2 years ago

    Lmao work on your Roy Rogers Joey and murr work on your Sean Connery. Also side note it’s after midnight and I’ve lost my shit with Murr’s reaction here😂😆😄🤣🤣😅 the more I thought about it the more funny stuff kept coming at me. And I honestly don’t understand how someone can’t hate such fluffy things like them.....

  88. Violet Maou

    Violet Maou2 years ago

    Meatball and spaghetti is not Italian though :p

  89. Shshank Verma

    Shshank Verma2 years ago

    Anyone noticed An Indian Women in Saree At 04:17

  90. Scrub_FGC

    Scrub_FGC2 years ago

    i dont know about being tied up but being a room full of cats would of made my day

  91. Damian Qualls

    Damian Qualls2 years ago

    I don't know how someone can be afraid of cats

  92. walkthemoon

    walkthemoon2 years ago

    Why is Sal so afraid of cats?

  93. D!j! 97

    D!j! 972 years ago

    4:17 see my keralaians

  94. xJust4Kickz

    xJust4Kickz2 years ago

    legit laying with my cat during this XD 😂

  95. goal best wahlang

    goal best wahlang2 years ago

    I laugh so hard lol

  96. Krissil sil

    Krissil sil2 years ago

    How are kittens creepy..?

  97. Liliana McDermott

    Liliana McDermott2 years ago

    Poor baby ! The dog ,not joe !😭😭

  98. Matt Gerrish

    Matt Gerrish2 years ago

    Awww, I would have loved to have been in Sal's position with all those kitty cats!

  99. Supermarket

    Supermarket2 years ago

    Tony Parker in the thumbnail

  100. Tippy Magoo

    Tippy Magoo2 years ago

    I want the cat punishment.