Impractical Jokers - Sal (flirty moments)

Some of my favourite clips from Impractical Jokers


  1. Raj MN

    Raj MN3 days ago

    "My girlfriend having sex with my Boyfriend". this cracked me up.

  2. Vince Yang

    Vince Yang4 days ago

    How bout that name though

  3. Brett George

    Brett George4 days ago

    Laura kinda thicc tho 👀

  4. Jamie Love

    Jamie Love7 days ago

    Hese actually writing the code to run the machine

  5. isma

    isma9 days ago

    She's beautiful

  6. Harriet Ramos

    Harriet Ramos9 days ago

    "It's all about me and you, Michelle." "Linsy" "Hey, I'm Sal"

  7. Steve Magic

    Steve Magic15 days ago

    Bruh that girl fine!

  8. RoxyStoxyTV

    RoxyStoxyTV16 days ago

    The first girl is the definition of gorgeous

  9. 2X & Slump

    2X & Slump17 days ago

    i need that first girls @ 😌

  10. MiketheYung God

    MiketheYung God21 day ago

    The first one. Wow! Adorable. 🤗.

  11. Abdullah Abdulhameed

    Abdullah Abdulhameed22 days ago

    The last one actually was interested

  12. The Skid God

    The Skid God22 days ago

    Bro I swear this is the best show of all time

  13. Jack Bynum

    Jack Bynum25 days ago

    Ain't that sal's sister on first video

  14. Marco v

    Marco v26 days ago

    Could we get more of the first girl lol

  15. Maitrik P

    Maitrik P27 days ago

    Callin out Sal on the Swag, LOL.

  16. Daniel Nicholas

    Daniel Nicholas27 days ago

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  17. My49 Vzak49

    My49 Vzak4927 days ago

    fkin gold!!! also that first girl warms my heart. so pretty in a unique way

  18. BlastnCruise

    BlastnCruise28 days ago

    first girl is actually an actress, a bit disappointed that first one was pretty much staged

  19. Dany Sheply

    Dany Sheply28 days ago

    He’s not really flirting it’s just all the hot chicks he pranked😂

  20. Siggelkow

    Siggelkow29 days ago

    Oh my god the 2nd clip hahahah! Was waiting for him to break out in full Goonies mood yelling "Heeeey yoooou guuuuuys!"

  21. Saadman Sakib

    Saadman SakibMonth ago

    First lady name: Nancy Prisco Thank me later:3

  22. Matthew Orihuela

    Matthew OrihuelaMonth ago

    mandy muse first girl?

  23. Jatin Jaiswal

    Jatin JaiswalMonth ago

    "It's all about me and you, Michelle." "Linsy" "Hey, I'm Sal"

  24. Harriet Ramos

    Harriet Ramos9 days ago

    Sal and that first girl would make a great couple

  25. slayer 1990z

    slayer 1990zMonth ago

    2:37 he sounds like zed from police academy 2

  26. Paul Fisher

    Paul FisherMonth ago

    sals the biggest nerd n laughs quick all the time!!

  27. Lawrence Fairweather

    Lawrence FairweatherMonth ago

    The First Lady looks delicious

  28. mayank panchal

    mayank panchalMonth ago

    Is that belle knox?

  29. chrisid lupisan

    chrisid lupisanMonth ago

    I always loose it everytime i watch the last scene sal acting all cool stick his back at the wall and bounce back 😂

  30. Storm Shadow

    Storm ShadowMonth ago

    The First Girl Very Lovely

  31. Michael Santillo

    Michael SantilloMonth ago

    Omg the first girl was so hot anyone know her @?

  32. SovanDai

    SovanDaiMonth ago

    Beautiful girls are kind and down to earth, but ugly gurls are always angry and loud

  33. Derek

    DerekMonth ago

    She's was yummy looking

  34. D_John32

    D_John322 months ago

    Laura looks like Katie Lee from the Food Network 😂😂😂

  35. Adee Liyanage

    Adee Liyanage2 months ago

    hey lauraaaaaaa!!!!! #Sub ME2

  36. Naman Jain

    Naman Jain2 months ago

    I literally am in love with the first girl. She is so pretty and calm seems so niceeee. I just wanna meet her 😭😭

  37. poopley

    poopley2 months ago

    I like how all of these aren't even flirty moments just him interacting with attractive girls

  38. Fezark Music

    Fezark Music2 months ago

    what kind of cheese would you like miss? ChEdDeR

  39. Rachel Reichert

    Rachel Reichert2 months ago

    how about your name? how bout that name though? XD

  40. Patrick Kanas

    Patrick Kanas2 months ago

    That fucking voice kills me every time

  41. VLKsnitch

    VLKsnitch2 months ago

    That's sad 5 million views but 2000 subs

  42. mc do

    mc do2 months ago

    Hes gay tho

  43. Kasie Horan

    Kasie Horan2 months ago

    Love this

  44. Saadman Sakib

    Saadman Sakib2 months ago

    Just to let you people know her name is Nancy Prisco yeah I am talking about the first girl...and she is my girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Its amazing

    Its amazing2 months ago

    Isn't the first girl sals sister? Looks alot like her

  46. Jorge A. Aguilar

    Jorge A. Aguilar2 months ago

    Is the girl from 3:30 Joe's wife

  47. Minesh Mandia

    Minesh Mandia2 months ago

    going down while hands are on buttons what sal is trying to show

  48. Aakash Puri 9623

    Aakash Puri 96232 months ago

    First girl is a whole snacc

  49. aidan connors

    aidan connors2 months ago

    first girl was bad af

  50. Lazy Spidey

    Lazy Spidey2 months ago

  51. Bigtits Mcgee

    Bigtits Mcgee2 months ago

    “Just found out my girlfriend had sex with my boyfriend” it took me a moment to realize how bad that sounds

  52. Na Da

    Na Da2 months ago

    Wait Sal isn’t gay *Surprised Pikachu*

  53. Bends95

    Bends952 months ago

    Lindsay's cute

  54. Kenny Matthews

    Kenny Matthews3 months ago

    Sadly the one where the girl at he restaurant that turn's Murr down by saying she's got a bf and then agreed to go out with Sal later is missing.

  55. Jim

    Jim2 months ago

    really? are you able to show me like an article about it or something

  56. avinash

    avinash3 months ago

    What do you guys think of my new ringtone, it's called "Lindsay says cheddar"

  57. sebybass

    sebybass3 months ago

    Bitalium Email

  58. Lalremruatkima

    Lalremruatkima3 months ago

    whats her name...

  59. Heartcell Island

    Heartcell Island3 months ago

    just the one avocado?

  60. Another Way

    Another Way3 months ago

    I wonder what happened with the first girl after

  61. Lucky B

    Lucky B3 months ago

    Well she thought he's a bisexual weirdo that for sure changed her mind! Otherwise most women would give Sal their number if ofcoz they're single and available!

  62. сержант Фоли

    сержант Фоли3 months ago

    It isn't as cringe when Sal says weird stuff to girls because he's more feminine than the others

  63. Napoleon4778

    Napoleon47783 months ago

    Except him asking for the number and his unusual body language with her, I do not find any of this flirtatious. The pants section was a bit too inappropriate, but I still won't call it flirty.

  64. Adam Sobczak

    Adam Sobczak3 months ago

    haha she aight

  65. Alex LeBon

    Alex LeBon3 months ago

    Lindsey bring her back

  66. Sebastien Fulga

    Sebastien Fulga3 months ago

    First girl looks like Mandy Muse ifykyk

  67. Viral Funny Clips

    Viral Funny Clips3 months ago

  68. Lazy Genius

    Lazy Genius3 months ago

    I think she actually liked him.

  69. avinash

    avinash3 months ago


  70. andromeda

    andromeda3 months ago

    these are flirty? 🤨

  71. The black kid from Norway

    The black kid from Norway3 months ago

    NOT ARIANA MARIE..........

  72. Your Mother

    Your Mother4 months ago

    2:19 this is an inside joke, check out sal on comedy central he explains it

  73. Arun Keshavadas

    Arun Keshavadas2 months ago

    Can you link the video?

  74. steve eat the sun

    steve eat the sun4 months ago

    chedar ! yes !

  75. Jewish Great

    Jewish Great4 months ago

    title should be: *sal interacting with females*

  76. BugVall

    BugVall4 months ago

    All these girls are so pretty

  77. Ashley Silk

    Ashley Silk4 months ago

    4:01 I laughed at when he leaned on the wall. The music just fit hilariously

  78. lisa sallin

    lisa sallin4 months ago

    Not opes

  79. Christopher Rodriguez

    Christopher Rodriguez4 months ago

    Red bandana girl is the prettiest in the world

  80. Subject Delta

    Subject Delta4 months ago

    Also that episode where Sal was recording some girls conversation and they started flirting with him.

  81. Bill Warner

    Bill Warner4 months ago

    She’s a keeper

  82. Jehan Wadiwalla

    Jehan Wadiwalla4 months ago

    This was the funniest.. sal is truly the best one !!

  83. Christopher Murry

    Christopher Murry4 months ago

    Camera guy at 3:28 is an og

  84. Barun Majee

    Barun Majee4 months ago

    God she is cute

  85. The Indigo Child

    The Indigo Child4 months ago


  86. Chaim Falkowitz

    Chaim Falkowitz4 months ago

    I didn't know anything could be this cringy.

  87. gabriel Rivera

    gabriel Rivera4 months ago

    I love this show so much 😭

  88. Sharan Pujar

    Sharan Pujar4 months ago

    He's gay

  89. Ranjit Singh

    Ranjit Singh4 months ago

    Lindsey must be ballin thats like a $1000+ jacket

  90. Zakir Murji

    Zakir Murji4 months ago

    Omg this is pure gold.

  91. st n

    st n4 months ago


  92. It'sAnnika Fallyn

    It'sAnnika Fallyn4 months ago


  93. venomwise 4321

    venomwise 43214 months ago

    Lol Sal sounded like Bob Goldthwait

  94. Chris Voight

    Chris Voight4 months ago

    First lady is the same as the second lady. These are all set up and improved unfortunately :/

  95. Danny Sykes

    Danny Sykes4 months ago

    What's her Instagram?? First girl!???

  96. Meosh

    Meosh4 months ago

    Sal got killed while chanting "White lives matter more" in a BLM protest so he can't compete anymore, making him tonight's big loser.

  97. Muhammad Faraz

    Muhammad Faraz4 months ago

    First girl is cute

  98. Puma4454

    Puma44544 months ago


  99. RainingOnRoses

    RainingOnRoses4 months ago


  100. How to Factory

    How to Factory4 months ago

    She’s so cute

  101. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor4 months ago

    The fact she played along says a lot Edit first Lady

  102. Prod Mercenary

    Prod Mercenary4 months ago

    sad that they can’t do this rn because of corona

  103. Homero RK

    Homero RK4 months ago