Friday Night Funkin' Mod Showcase: Wii Funkin' (Vs. Matt) [2.0 UPDATE]

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THIS MOD IS CRAZYYYYY!!! Who knew it would have harder songs than before and even recharts lmaoooo. I wonder if there's gonna be a wiik 3 for Matt in the future, but only time will tell lol
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0:00 Intro
0:35 Light-It-Up (w/ Dialogue)
2:11 Ruckus (w/ Dialogue)
5:21 Target-Practice (w/ Dialogue)
8:14 Victory Screen Wiik 1
8:28 Sporting (w/ Dialogue)
11:26 Boxing-Match (w/ Dialogue)
15:00 Victory Screen Wiik 2
15:07 Outro
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  1. Zaina Moussa

    Zaina Moussa15 minutes ago

    my favorite is sporting

  2. dread

    dread16 minutes ago


  3. Horter Astv

    Horter AstvHour ago

    What's the intro song

  4. JojoYouTuber

    JojoYouTuber2 hours ago

    Wiik 3: Matt thinks your are a biitch

  5. RainbowOfBlock_YT

    RainbowOfBlock_YT2 hours ago

    11:58 *Matt starts speaking enchantment table*

  6. Derick Gaming

    Derick Gaming3 hours ago

    who else saw AMOGUS

  7. Sunny Dneo

    Sunny Dneo3 hours ago

    These ppl have no arms

  8. Cord

    Cord3 hours ago

    When wiik3 is there, you always know that he will destroy the world

  9. 1 1

    1 14 hours ago

    Find the among us character

  10. cutman. 1203

    cutman. 12034 hours ago

    minuto en que dice 1 2 3 4 13:04

  11. Jaiden Smith

    Jaiden Smith4 hours ago

    So everyone gonna ignore that Matt sings so fast to the point where you can see his afterimages?

  12. crazyson the paps e boi

    crazyson the paps e boi5 hours ago

    Warning health and saftey and words press a to continue

  13. PeetahAnimates

    PeetahAnimates6 hours ago

    The best song in here ( my opinion ): Sporting!

  14. Gael Ríos Merás

    Gael Ríos Merás7 hours ago


  15. Aydin Morris

    Aydin Morris7 hours ago

    hol up why does matt say that TP *used* to be the final exam if he didn't know that bf would come challenge him again?

  16. Dread Must Ride

    Dread Must Ride8 hours ago

    2:25 - 2:30 sans

  17. Sharinn

    Sharinn9 hours ago

    Matt absorbed the power of Wahoo Mario and Melee Fox? Because its stupidly fast, holy shit.

  18. Mashirao Ojiro

    Mashirao Ojiro9 hours ago


  19. Becky -Chan

    Becky -Chan10 hours ago

    Gf on the speaker about to have brain damage for all that bouncing-

  20. Will Leonard

    Will Leonard10 hours ago

    The people in the back round I see Whitty

  21. Loomy Legacian

    Loomy Legacian11 hours ago

    *vietnam flashbacks*

  22. AlanElGatoGamerXD

    AlanElGatoGamerXD11 hours ago

    I can see an Among Us character :v

  23. Banana Man

    Banana Man12 hours ago

    Average Matt hater👎 Average Matt enjoyer ‘insert cool emoji’

  24. Random account Zak

    Random account Zak12 hours ago

    Someone sus in the audience when it boy friends turn

  25. CarNacho 15

    CarNacho 1513 hours ago

    I love the fact when bf makes a mistake his arms are back and he's holding a Wii remote😂

  26. The Dark Arts

    The Dark Arts13 hours ago

    11:48 what is the backround sample from? It sounds so good

  27. •sky_ yoshida•

    •sky_ yoshida•14 hours ago

    13:05 "um, dois, três, quatro"

  28. Benjaman Alexander

    Benjaman Alexander14 hours ago

    If matt mod was ddr, that would be deadly

  29. PURO GUN

    PURO GUN15 hours ago

    Guess we discovered what would happen if he wasent training boyfriend

  30. Imran Kujo

    Imran Kujo16 hours ago

    Whats the intro song

  31. Jycobie Hawthorne

    Jycobie Hawthorne18 hours ago

    I will win with my song sporting wait I lose 😔

  32. Jycobie Hawthorne

    Jycobie Hawthorne18 hours ago

    He said I'm done

  33. Jycobie Hawthorne

    Jycobie Hawthorne18 hours ago

    Man's turned on the fnf bot to maximum overdrive

  34. Girlfriend FNF

    Girlfriend FNF18 hours ago

    why is amogus in the background-

  35. Jaedyncg

    Jaedyncg18 hours ago

    if u didn’t know already the song in the intro is the wii boxing results

  36. visponekk _

    visponekk _19 hours ago

    9:30 driller be like:

  37. Azam Zahid

    Azam Zahid19 hours ago

    when you find out that your dad is cursing even though he said no cursing argument: 14:44

  38. Azam Zahid

    Azam Zahid19 hours ago

    matt:↔↕↔↕↔↕↔↕↔↕↔↕ *adds more arrows*↙⤴↖⤵⤴⤵↖↙⤴⤵⤵↖↙⤴↔↙⤵↖↕⤵↔↙⤴↖↙⤵↔⤴↗↘↖↕⤵⤴↗↘⬆↘↗↘↘↗↘↗↘↗↘↗↘↗↘↗↘↙↖⤴↖⤵⤴↕⬅⬇↗⬆⬆⤴↙➡⤵↖⤵⤵↖⤵↖↖⤵↖⤵⤵↖⤴↗⤵↙⤵

  39. Azam Zahid

    Azam Zahid19 hours ago


  40. Farid Hisham

    Farid Hisham19 hours ago

    Whitty at the background: how dare he use my technique

  41. A weird Account

    A weird Account19 hours ago

    Fun fact:if you type in the USloft link at the health and safety screen of this mod it sends you to a rick roll

  42. Masterpugz Pugay

    Masterpugz Pugay20 hours ago

    Whitty:how is He THAT STRONG

  43. zhianzayel Dela cruz

    zhianzayel Dela cruz22 hours ago

    0:37 Light It Up 2:21 Ruckus 5:30 Target Practice 8:40 Sporting 11:36 Boxing-Match

  44. Ezra Agbeko

    Ezra Agbeko20 hours ago

    Thx but its in the desc

  45. top4ik Toxic

    top4ik Toxic23 hours ago


  46. •Aypixl•

    •Aypixl•23 hours ago

    Nobody: ENA, Pico, and Whitty in the background: 👀👅👀

  47. Elmothepiggy

    ElmothepiggyDay ago

    Poor matt

  48. Arzen Yu

    Arzen YuDay ago

    I swear I'm totally not there waiting for the perfect moment to kill cyan

  49. cheese

    cheeseDay ago

    *[**6:39**]* *Ballistic got me like:*

  50. A Google account

    A Google accountDay ago

    Wii Fsnkin'

  51. kiyokore

    kiyokoreDay ago

    matt coppied whittys flow like twice

  52. Deron Bouie PG3D and Roblox!

    Deron Bouie PG3D and Roblox!Day ago

    13:05 uno DOS *T H R E S E*

  53. Deron Bouie PG3D and Roblox!

    Deron Bouie PG3D and Roblox!Day ago


  54. Epicgamer Dubs

    Epicgamer DubsDay ago

    Matt: *does tennis Matt 2.0: does basket ball Matt 3.0: breaks the note app with his boxing

  55. Hal

    HalDay ago

    when the backround sus1!!!1!+!+!1!+!1!1!1!1!1

  56. Bøøster

    BøøsterDay ago

    Mad Matt: what the funk is wrong with you BF: “eat my nuts ni$$a Me: “ψ(`∇´)ψ YEAH BF FLAME HIM UP LIKE SOME COOKED BEEF

  57. Unknown_Project 626

    Unknown_Project 626Day ago

    Bro the fact you’re a real person against Matt AND won (because you can see them missing on some notes etc) like bro what the? Like it shatters my brain mad respect hope your fingers are alright

  58. Hwk3r

    Hwk3rDay ago

    I knew from the moment I looked at that USloft link in the Health and Safety screen that it was gonna be a rickroll without even going and looking it up

  59. The V1rus

    The V1rusDay ago

    Put boxing match at 2X speed its heck

  60. DyscrimYT

    DyscrimYTDay ago

    Matt mod is kinda 🗑️

  61. Amogus

    AmogusDay ago

    do you think I would let that amogus character slide?

  62. Axelplayz

    AxelplayzDay ago

    Amogus in the background

  63. Axelplayz

    AxelplayzDay ago

    Wii meme

  64. SegaTheVyonder 2012

    SegaTheVyonder 2012Day ago


  65. Gamer TR YT

    Gamer TR YTDay ago

    Pa pa pa pari roro papá rrroo

  66. Mister Mee

    Mister MeeDay ago


  67. K J

    K JDay ago

    Fun fact: Matt was only using 0.000001 percent of his power.

  68. lolitsjay_13

    lolitsjay_1313 hours ago


  69. NotElchamo

    NotElchamoDay ago

    Everybody gangsta till matt starts speaking Spanish numbers

  70. Caiubi Yamasaki

    Caiubi YamasakiDay ago

    oh man 😫me ears

  71. Zyon Studios

    Zyon StudiosDay ago

    *E A T M I I N U T S*

  72. Isaac Of The Ice

    Isaac Of The IceDay ago

    It’s cute that Matt decided to use 0.1% more power to make boyfriend feel good

  73. kanal

    kanalDay ago

    Circle hand

  74. kanal

    kanalDay ago


  75. Evan’s Fun house

    Evan’s Fun houseDay ago


  76. Random Zergling

    Random ZerglingDay ago

    10:33 Phase 3 matt is just gonna be a whole song of this.

  77. Lightning Gamer

    Lightning GamerDay ago


  78. dino piggy

    dino piggyDay ago

    Find the backgroud with among us

  79. -/ Røse_playz /-

    -/ Røse_playz /-Day ago

    That one part on baxing match....

  80. Violet Wright

    Violet WrightDay ago

    I see icic witty and Pico and among us and roblox I see every game a play and mod

  81. bobi14x PRo

    bobi14x PRoDay ago

    The song is fire,now im need to life with my family 🗿

  82. Dom Jaramillo

    Dom JaramilloDay ago

    The greatest roast ever is using there entire race ‘’miis’’

  83. Peter Chibugo

    Peter ChibugoDay ago

    I saw whitty among us and pico in backgroound

  84. Peter Chibugo

    Peter ChibugoDay ago

    And roblox

  85. Tom Frankenberger

    Tom FrankenbergerDay ago

    Oh I have hands

  86. Carlos Eduardo Dartibali

    Carlos Eduardo DartibaliDay ago


  87. Kit-Catt

    Kit-CattDay ago


  88. Kit-Catt

    Kit-CattDay ago


  89. Kit-Catt

    Kit-CattDay ago


  90. Kit-Catt

    Kit-CattDay ago


  91. Kit-Catt

    Kit-CattDay ago


  92. Kit-Catt

    Kit-CattDay ago




    I like this part: 12:45

  94. ChloeSuperpuppy12

    ChloeSuperpuppy12Day ago

    Girlfriend the head bobeler

  95. Parker Matthews

    Parker MatthewsDay ago

    When boxing match happened: My thumb that is my autoclicker:ight ima help After the thumb:ight ima go ded cuz that was so hard me:

  96. Becker L.E.

    Becker L.E.Day ago

    10:33 this part is fire

  97. Abraham Lopez

    Abraham LopezDay ago

    I like it how no one is talking about this dude beating Matt without bot

  98. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoDay ago

    “If someone can do it I can do it” my last words Before I smashed my monitor

  99. Shakeel Malik

    Shakeel MalikDay ago

    Was the bot used

  100. abueno Cub versión bruh

    abueno Cub versión bruhDay ago

    AMOGUS 🤠👊

  101. slicky sticky

    slicky stickyDay ago

    my fingers hurt

  102. Tex Tio312

    Tex Tio3122 days ago

    Imagine replacing Matt with ruv

  103. ForeverQUp’s Daycore

    ForeverQUp’s Daycore2 days ago

    Did anyone notice to gf and bf’s hands

  104. HydroOxide2

    HydroOxide22 days ago

    i dont really like this mod. Its hard just for the sake of being hard.

  105. Daily

    Daily2 days ago

    I like how in WiiK 2 matt doesnt even try so sing, he just wants to beat BF.

  106. Marc Leonard Bonoan

    Marc Leonard Bonoan2 days ago


  107. AWildEncounter

    AWildEncounter2 days ago


  108. Hack8rui5 Exp6rt0

    Hack8rui5 Exp6rt02 days ago

    Stop matt 14:37

  109. Distribucion Usa

    Distribucion Usa2 days ago

    Jesús ya difícil ala se me parten los dedos si lo intento