Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #152

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  1. SnobbyLion

    SnobbyLionHour ago

    1:23:32 me in 2021 😶😶

  2. S M

    S M2 hours ago

    I’m so glad everyone in this has grown since this was filmed. Ethan was such a condescending dick in this. Hila wasn’t much better which is really disheartening.

  3. dark moon

    dark moon4 hours ago

    Why this recommended to me lol

  4. Nav0nod

    Nav0nod5 hours ago

    Ooohhh how things have changed lol

  5. Ghoulfriend5

    Ghoulfriend510 hours ago

    The way trish said “you can be a lesbian and a gay man” so quietly I died

  6. W W

    W W12 hours ago

    So she's a dude? Makes it even worse

  7. W W

    W W12 hours ago

    What a bimbo.

  8. Benji

    Benji16 hours ago

    Damn it went from hating to loving so freaking weird LOL

  9. Benji

    Benji17 hours ago


  10. Zion Perkins

    Zion PerkinsDay ago

    does anyone else think Trisha looks so different in this? Not in a bad way love my queen but I just think she looks different

  11. ethan neal

    ethan neal2 days ago

    Trish on frenemies doesnt even seem like trish here, idk what it is but its scary. The growth between this trish and the trish on frenemies, its scary. the facials the reponses the thoughts, she really has grown. 2021 trish

  12. mars girl

    mars girl3 days ago

    Thinking about how far all of them have progressed. I feel like all of them have become better people since becoming good friends. So many good feels

  13. Wyatt Franzen

    Wyatt Franzen3 days ago

    trish and ethan were so skinny

  14. cwtie

    cwtie3 days ago


  15. Carly Boyd

    Carly Boyd4 days ago

    Its still just rude to a make the decision for her. It would be one thing if Trisha said it first.

  16. silverjetplane

    silverjetplane4 days ago

    IT'S FUNNY found a sound bite!!!!

  17. Lil Jay

    Lil Jay4 days ago


  18. Alberte

    Alberte4 days ago

    Honestly the only reason got into the transgender drama is because they didnt know the word nonbinary and im so glad they finally atleast partly understand their gender

  19. Mezza Tazza

    Mezza Tazza4 days ago

    I agree: tons of Trisha offensive stuff is due to ignorance, not malice

  20. Dhmne1

    Dhmne14 days ago

    شفت هالحلقه ثلاث مرات ولا امل منه

  21. supchase

    supchase5 days ago

    1:27:56 "i wanna be friends, awww im so excited!!!" - trisha wow i love them so much

  22. Wolf 144x

    Wolf 144x5 days ago

    Finally someone who calls Trisha on her bull to her face.

  23. Alana Hall

    Alana Hall5 days ago I watch Trisha flourishing on her recent upload on @frenemies celebrating her birthday 💪👑❤lovee

  24. frank woods

    frank woods5 days ago

    why is Trisha's voice so different here than frenemies?

  25. ErinGray

    ErinGray5 days ago

    1:05:04 Iconic

  26. Rachel Martinez

    Rachel Martinez6 days ago

    ... I feel like Hila and Ethan were so far off on their points ..."its okay to make fun of fat girls, because I think its funny, loosen up" ..."its not okay for Trisha to express her sexuality because she didn't struggle enough" Its like picking and choosing when its ok or not okay to be PC based on their personal preferences.... I'm glad we had Dr. Drew on Friememies because Hila and Ethan are so invalidating of people and their struggles instead of trying to understand. yikes.

  27. Osinigwe Ibekie

    Osinigwe Ibekie6 days ago

    the way hila just sits there and lets ethan say sexist things as long as he doesn't say them about her... disgusting and pathetic in my opinion.

  28. SdragonflyS

    SdragonflyS6 days ago

    Gender isn't only how you dress or look. People know that right? right?

  29. Linniken

    Linniken6 days ago

    Trisha kind off sounds like Britney spears here

  30. Ted Mosby

    Ted Mosby6 days ago

    Racist, hypocritical, bigotted, insanely disrespectful and childish Who doesn’t love Trisha paytas

  31. Lash86

    Lash867 days ago

    Trish says “I can make fun of fat girls because I’m a fat girl.” Next breath: “I’ve never considered myself a woman.” Trish: I’m a man. I’ve always hated having a vagina. Boobs are gross.” Also Trish: *gets boob job* Me: TF? She always talks about how she’s a narcissist and how “hot” she is. Also me: she’s been doing this shit for attention, no doubt. The worst liar.

  32. Aurora Bell

    Aurora Bell7 days ago

    i want them to react to this

  33. Akio Aslan

    Akio Aslan7 days ago

    So this is how all started lmaaaooo and the fact that Trisha told him broke when he has like $20 millions lol

  34. Tweety Cat

    Tweety Cat7 days ago

    Where it all began

  35. Fish Sticks

    Fish Sticks7 days ago


  36. Bandar bk

    Bandar bk8 days ago

    this is straight up bullying

  37. Bandar bk

    Bandar bk8 days ago

    wtf did i just watch .. as a fan of frenemies this is painful to watch they were too aggressive on Trisha

  38. Rural Juror

    Rural Juror8 days ago

    He was really being toxic with her, it was too hard to watch at times ... Not good content at all. And Hila was really acting weird in this video, i thought she was going to be more compassionate. You can see from this video how people can be dissmisive of people with mental illness.

  39. MrMarinaMalina

    MrMarinaMalina7 days ago

    She feels like she’s too good for Trisha

  40. MrMarinaMalina

    MrMarinaMalina8 days ago

    You guys really sucked not so long ago

  41. stay b

    stay b8 days ago

    Trish an ethan, SKINNY LEGIONS

  42. Ivan

    Ivan8 days ago

    1:19:09 when you manifest moses

  43. Katherine 906

    Katherine 9068 days ago

    Ethan looked so skinny in this

  44. Pearl Meredith

    Pearl Meredith9 days ago

    the amount of transphobia from both of them towards trisha in this video, I cant. half the video, they are just grilling trisha about their gender, you don't have to medically transition, go by he/him, 'look' male to be trans masc. let them be what they are. furthermore, trisha doesn't 'identify' as a man, they WERE a man at this time. whether trish has gender dysphoria or not, they were still a man. not only that, before ethan was saying he identifies as a woman to justify his fatphoia? as a joke? and then went on to preach with the help of his wife about transphobia and how trisha was being transphobic and saying they were 'cheapening other's experiences' by coming out as trans. being transgender isn't a black and white thing, it is different for everyone, how people present themselves doesn't determine their gender, it can be gender expression but them wearing a dress doesn't make them a girl. anyways do better, this entire video made me very uncomfortable.

  45. Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy

    Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy9 days ago

    I’m so glad Trisha finally came out as non-binary! Hearing them describe their gender, I understand now that they were just confused at the time and not trolling like I thought they were.

  46. PH IK

    PH IK9 days ago

    I used to dislike H3 so much until they opened up with Trisha, now they're the sweetest people and my fave youtubers

  47. CarlangasChangas

    CarlangasChangas9 days ago

    This was hard to watch tbh, Ethan was sort of a major asshole

  48. g gi

    g gi9 days ago

    i hope hila and ethan apologized for the "why cant i fatshame?" bit. they kept either using strawman arguments, splitting hairs and making fun of trisha while they (trisha) were a 100% right

  49. MrMarinaMalina

    MrMarinaMalina8 days ago

    Yea kind of gross to watch this now

  50. Britney Sawulski

    Britney Sawulski10 days ago

    Damn Ethan and hila are assholes in this

  51. Ana Danny

    Ana Danny10 days ago

    Trisha; I dated a gay man The reality: she didn’t kno he was gay at the time and outed him cuz she was mad

  52. Raul's Corner

    Raul's Corner10 days ago

    Trisha is right

  53. katie ccc

    katie ccc10 days ago

    I am new to the podcast and have been loooving it and thought I would watch the first Trisha episode and it kinda made me sad! Ethan and hula were not cool at all for this :(

  54. Kelsey

    Kelsey10 days ago

    This made me uncomfortable

  55. Kelsey

    Kelsey10 days ago

    Ethan with the questionable takes 🤨

  56. Kelsey

    Kelsey10 days ago

    Oooo Hila too I’m kinda shook

  57. Avery Lennon

    Avery Lennon11 days ago

    I miss the humble hila

  58. sexyliltiger

    sexyliltiger11 days ago

    Ethan 2019: WHY CAN'T I FATSHAME???? Ethan 2021: ...Welp. Karma's a bitch

  59. Eloise Katherine Georgia Hogan

    Eloise Katherine Georgia Hogan11 days ago

    I think a lot of the issues with this debate come from the idea that you have to look "masculine" or "feminine", your appearance does not have to have anything to do with your sexulity or gender. no certain look should be pinholed as female- it should just look like YOU and how you wish to look regardless of anything else

  60. Janessa Alonzo

    Janessa Alonzo12 days ago

    It’s sad to see them try to denounce trisha’s identity but really that’s how the world was thinking then bc people like Blaire White, I’m really glad that most people have evolved from that way of thinking & that they completely understand her now.

  61. Pretty Kitty

    Pretty Kitty12 days ago

    3.1 million views later......💥💥💥💥

  62. y yg

    y yg12 days ago

    her look here is forever iconic

  63. Jordan Sonneveldt

    Jordan Sonneveldt12 days ago


  64. Brizar 35

    Brizar 3512 days ago

    this entire video is foreshadowing

  65. ZooWeeMama

    ZooWeeMama13 days ago

    trisha: “idk if we’ll make it through this” a year later: is ethans literal sister in law.

  66. adrianalynnn

    adrianalynnn13 days ago

    1:19:07 foreshadowing Moses 😻

  67. Tay Rey

    Tay Rey13 days ago

    “Wow I like really love you” “Ok..” “ “Ok”

  68. Marrwayy

    Marrwayy13 days ago

    Trisha hitting on Ethan so hard and Hila laughing knowing Ethan worships her 😎

  69. Marrwayy

    Marrwayy13 days ago

    Holy crap this episode was a train wreck, with peace and love. So wild to see their growth with each other.

  70. Elizabeth Ham

    Elizabeth Ham5 days ago

    with peace and love 😂

  71. imjstar

    imjstar14 days ago

    From hating eachother to admitting that they're best friends now, so amazing to see how far they've come.

  72. Mads Effect

    Mads Effect14 days ago

    Watching this seeing where they’re at now is so cringe but it’s amazing to see how far both Ethan and Hila have become much more open minded, as well as seeing that Trish has gotten so better at explaining herself and understanding her trauma. It’s really amazing to just look at how they really hated each other and now they’re family 😭❤️

  73. Mariah Horton

    Mariah Horton14 days ago

    it’s sad that no one could even think to explain gender neutrality to trisha. she didn’t know what she was trying to explain.

  74. 0Flow0

    0Flow014 days ago

    Ethan has grown so much from this.

  75. Josh Desjard

    Josh Desjard15 days ago

    Lmfao she went from hating TF outta Ethan and think him Hila didn't match, to frking Loving him and thinking Hila and him agreat together in the span of an hour.... lmfao wtf bro😂

  76. Josh Desjard

    Josh Desjard15 days ago

    1:07:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣NOOOOOOO😭😭😭💀💀☠

  77. Elyse Dole

    Elyse Dole15 days ago

    44:43 a compulsive liar caught in a lie. A face I've seen many times.

  78. Ella's Journey

    Ella's Journey16 days ago

    I love Ethan, Hila and Trish, their evolution is how friends grow fall apart, reconcile, grow up, respect and appreciate each other, and they are now all blessed with the right people in their lives to help them keep evolving for greater things

  79. a h

    a h16 days ago

    ahhh back where it all started......

  80. therobbyclarin

    therobbyclarin16 days ago

    Trisha looks GOOORRRGGGG

  81. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez17 days ago

    Trish totally took Xanax to prepare for this episode her eyes look so relaxed lol

  82. Alondra Guadiana

    Alondra Guadiana17 days ago

    ethan was gaslighting her omg

  83. MrMarinaMalina

    MrMarinaMalina8 days ago

    Both Ethan and Hila

  84. Paul

    Paul17 days ago

    Isnt it weird how life works?

  85. mia Wallace

    mia Wallace17 days ago

    Was that “fuck you Dan” a sound bite of was it the moment she really said it ?! Anyone have any idea ? Lol

  86. Rafa Velas

    Rafa Velas14 days ago

    It was the original time she said it

  87. Katy Woo

    Katy Woo17 days ago

    It’s so crazy to see how much society has changed, you can tell here that Trisha hasn’t considered or found non-binary and so everything they say sounds contradictory. But when you watch back at this, everything just clicks. I’m recently out as non-binary but i still don’t care about my pronouns and still dress/present feminine. Ethan and Hila have also changed, all of them understand more and it makes me so happy. Watching this is kinda tough as i can see Trish feels awkward, but i think it’s great to look back at how much we have learnt.

  88. Redd Bloo

    Redd Bloo17 days ago

    who woulda thought theyw ould be calling eachother besties now

  89. Toallín-Lumostark

    Toallín-Lumostark17 days ago

    Trisha was kind of a skinny legend here.

  90. Christian Mattos

    Christian Mattos18 days ago

    I love Hilas reaction to this. She's loving it!!!

  91. rupexo

    rupexo18 days ago

    56:05 wholesome shy moment from ethan

  92. Jasmine Kirkman

    Jasmine Kirkman18 days ago

    Trish has never switched it up! Ethan disagrees with every thing he says in this video now.

  93. reptar_blues

    reptar_blues18 days ago

    Wow Ethan was a total dickweed in this video.

  94. Eh Fly

    Eh Fly18 days ago

    Jesus christ the hard core victim blaming...unsubscribed

  95. Eh Fly

    Eh Fly18 days ago

    My god, they are awful bullies to Trish in this video. I really lost all respect for them

  96. Fernando Diaz

    Fernando Diaz14 days ago

    Yoy have to understand that this is a while ago and all of them have changed for the best, also they had beef and trisha also said a lot of awful things to Ethan

  97. Crystal Martinez

    Crystal Martinez18 days ago

    Ethan saying this is the perfect conclusion had no idea what the future would intel.

  98. alannah jules

    alannah jules18 days ago

    so much anxiety watching this but now its few yrs later and ur going by they them ((:

  99. Rachael Deck

    Rachael Deck19 days ago

    I am a huge fan of h3 as of recently and watching this is genuinely upsetting. The way ethan and even hila are treating her is hard to watch.

  100. Dan E

    Dan E19 days ago

    She used to squeak a lot

  101. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae19 days ago

    Honestly they need all three of them on there she balances trish and Ethan out 📢📢

  102. Madison E.

    Madison E.19 days ago

    “I think this episode will do well too” 1.5 years, an engagement, a podcast and 3.1 million views later... they’re besties

  103. Eliazm

    Eliazm20 days ago

    I've been watching for 13 minutes and im so annoyed by ethan and hila like i don't understand how trisha could keep the podcast meanwhile they were just making jokes in a serious matter and not letting trisha explain themselve. I'm a big frenemies fan tho and i know they are family and they are okay now but still... it wasn't that long ago that ethan was such a jerk

  104. Sergio Paramo

    Sergio Paramo20 days ago

    Wait, Trisha identifies as a man?

  105. mburst

    mburst18 days ago

    what kerissa said. trisha is non-binary

  106. kerissa

    kerissa19 days ago

    she’s non binary I think

  107. Sergio Paramo

    Sergio Paramo20 days ago

    Character development

  108. mya z

    mya z20 days ago

    Ahhh look how far they’ve come

  109. poppy wheeler

    poppy wheeler20 days ago

    i nearly threw up when u mentioned eating a squid live and it moved. I have a vivid imagination and now feel un well. ahhah but im not judging you

  110. Cailynn Johnson

    Cailynn Johnson20 days ago

    The chicken nugget era hahahsnxnxjxkx

  111. Cailynn Johnson

    Cailynn Johnson20 days ago

    I cannot believe how much trish has grown in a year I’m so happy for her that she finally understand her gender and sexuality that she is non binary because you can see how hard it is for her to explain because at the time she didn’t know what non binary was , just so happy for her and ugh love the friendship between them now

  112. Blake1720

    Blake172020 days ago

    Haha I’m watching rn to see the change.