This is the WORST Prop Hunt map ever (Witch It)

We discovered you can download and play custom maps on Witch it. We played de_dust2 and some other map I can't even describe.
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  1. Alley Cat

    Alley Cat15 hours ago

    4:56 dat mans tiddy juggled to a freakin cannon ball, that’s what I was invincible

  2. 343 Guilty Spark

    343 Guilty Spark7 days ago

    8:53 its the next level of the backrooms.

  3. 343 Guilty Spark

    343 Guilty Spark7 days ago

    Medieval de_dust_II

  4. Jace McCloud God of Luck

    Jace McCloud God of Luck9 days ago

    12:40 Smii7y x Kryoz fangirls are going fucking crazy rn man👀

  5. Joshua McDonald

    Joshua McDonald11 days ago

    The way he said ac 130 above

  6. STFU cookieman

    STFU cookieman17 days ago

    Took swagger 3 weeks to upload this lol

  7. Gacha_ Xenoblade_Gaming

    Gacha_ Xenoblade_Gaming19 days ago

    8:02 Smii7y:Goddamn its windy! Me:*Left lung just gave up because i laughed to hard*

  8. Stephen 675

    Stephen 67522 days ago

    5:32 “ac130 above” that sounds so close

  9. CJ Long

    CJ Long23 days ago

    7:30 I don't know I think Smitty is being a loose Cannon with that play

  10. Alexander Davis

    Alexander Davis23 days ago

    how do you control the clone

  11. Omi P

    Omi P24 days ago

    Warowl's Second Rule of FPS Games: If you can build a custom map, there IS a Dust2.

  12. Adrian Stjärnfäldt

    Adrian Stjärnfäldt26 days ago

    well its swagger so yeah not a smart idea if you wanna keep it family frendly :P

  13. Sean Davis

    Sean Davis27 days ago

    Does he stream any apex?

  14. Oddi-Bun

    Oddi-Bun27 days ago

    'it's windy' merch???

  15. Oddi-Bun

    Oddi-Bun27 days ago

    1:14 actually made me flinch so hard

  16. Ari wahyu

    Ari wahyu27 days ago

    When germany lost WW2 Hitler: 6:09

  17. DeadMei

    DeadMei27 days ago


  18. Josh Church

    Josh Church29 days ago

    Imma be honest, smii7y checking pit at the beginning made me drop my phone I scare

  19. Xx Okamii xX

    Xx Okamii xX29 days ago

    *I love the "it's windy!!" joke* xD

  20. CeeJ22

    CeeJ2229 days ago

    Panda and swagger in the same room is something I never thought I see

  21. Emily O.R

    Emily O.R29 days ago

    He's so beautiful yet so violent.☹

  22. Ghost Apple Toonz

    Ghost Apple ToonzMonth ago

    That "GODDAMN IT'S WINDY" will never fail to absolutely kill me

  23. Fallout Guy

    Fallout GuyMonth ago

    Smi77y and Swagger are dangerously funny together.

  24. ???

    ???Month ago

    When swagger foubd smit7y i got scared fr

  25. Mr. Bubbles

    Mr. BubblesMonth ago

    swagger on cid

  26. MyBad Anxiety

    MyBad AnxietyMonth ago

    Nobody, absolutely no one: Smii7y: God damn it’s windy out here

  27. Soulless

    SoullessMonth ago

    That "SO DAMN WINDY" gag is making me laugh so hard, that is actually genius.

  28. Anthony Peaks

    Anthony PeaksMonth ago


  29. Ramunade

    RamunadeMonth ago

    Lmao im pretty sure this got age restricted

  30. Cyphen Rozulus

    Cyphen RozulusMonth ago

    696 comments hmm, clipped that

  31. Dean Ferreira

    Dean FerreiraMonth ago

    Swagger's the only one who can make Smii7y bleep his video more than 5 times

  32. Cute Fish

    Cute FishMonth ago

    Play don't starve together

  33. UwU-nus OwO-nus

    UwU-nus OwO-nusMonth ago

    I think swagger's bleep section got it age restricted. Oof.

  34. Ray Jones

    Ray JonesMonth ago

    so.. age restriction.. didn't see that coming

  35. Wzi_spartian

    Wzi_spartianMonth ago

    666k views oh no

  36. Gracie Davis

    Gracie DavisMonth ago

    we were really waiting for this to get age restricted

  37. Rocky Ingram 3

    Rocky Ingram 3Month ago

    Booray, my favorite content creator playing my least favorite game

  38. Tiaki Gaming

    Tiaki GamingMonth ago

    1:15 literally shat myself and jumped lmaoooo

  39. Kuki

    KukiMonth ago

    Tf why is this age restricted lol

  40. Ainsley Latimer

    Ainsley LatimerMonth ago

    The hunters nightmare looks beautiful tbh

  41. Aaliyah Schiller

    Aaliyah SchillerMonth ago

    I got a content warning on this video 🤣

  42. Speckface // OllieBish

    Speckface // OllieBishMonth ago

    Age restricted?

  43. EXport Gaming

    EXport GamingMonth ago

    I dunno but everytime swagger swears i literally laugh .....

  44. Perhe Räsänen

    Perhe RäsänenMonth ago

    please play rounds its like stick fight but C I R C L E

  45. Paranoid Panda

    Paranoid PandaMonth ago

    wondered why it was age restricted, and within the first second I already knew why

  46. Hunter Smith

    Hunter SmithMonth ago

    Swagger sounds like triggered from sumatto


    BIGIN_CHUNGUSMonth ago

    The next time you play warzone you guys should try out the 10 round mags for the modern warfare M4

  48. PudgTastic !

    PudgTastic !Month ago

    Damn it's windy out here

  49. n_h .15

    n_h .15Month ago

    When Swagger found them for the first time I got scared so much that I physically yeeted myself out of bed 😭😭😭

  50. hannah Copeland

    hannah CopelandMonth ago

    You know iys going to be a good vid when it starts with beeeeeep

  51. ZzyzxOptic

    ZzyzxOpticMonth ago

    Man said sword not cannon

  52. Buggy Spider96

    Buggy Spider96Month ago

    12:50 ship it

  53. Sylas

    SylasMonth ago

    Big jiggly an swaggers make a good combo

  54. Mohammad Amin Valizadeh

    Mohammad Amin ValizadehMonth ago

    10:38 John was really holding that wasn't he XD

  55. Teller Of Tales

    Teller Of TalesMonth ago

    Fucking Swagger appearing jump scared me so hard I nearly dropped my pizza on my keyboard omfg

  56. senna

    sennaMonth ago

    this showed up in my recommended early in the night, and i had planned on watching it when i was certain i wasn’t going to fall asleep. so like, tomorrow. it’s now 5:31AM.

  57. Sven V

    Sven VMonth ago

    Please do some horror games 🥶😂😂

  58. Devil Kitty

    Devil KittyMonth ago

    1:14 scared me so bad

  59. Toast_Fairy1

    Toast_Fairy1Month ago

    i havent played this game since it came out miss those days

  60. explosion2008

    explosion2008Month ago

    Play subnautic

  61. Kiefer Hu

    Kiefer HuMonth ago

    WarOwl was right If there's a game with maps, there's Dust 2

  62. Tron the Miner

    Tron the MinerMonth ago

    I love to see that strat roulette finally came back.

  63. Kara Khats

    Kara KhatsMonth ago

    Hi everyone!!🤍

  64. Dawg

    DawgMonth ago

    The ac130 line killed me😂😂

  65. El_Buen_Benja

    El_Buen_BenjaMonth ago

    3:36 actually #1 name was smitty werbenjagermanjensen... What a coincidense huh?

  66. i am a simp for hawks

    i am a simp for hawksMonth ago


  67. Aiden Sanchez

    Aiden SanchezMonth ago

    smii7y you need to play stick it to the stick man its hilarious

  68. El'Roc

    El'RocMonth ago

    Swagger's scream at the clingy is every new player getting hit by that ability for the first time lol

  69. dabi / touya todoroki

    dabi / touya todorokiMonth ago

    did not know smii7y knows swager and panda cool

  70. VacuumCleaner_21

    VacuumCleaner_21Month ago

    i feel like there's going to be a 'smii7yequal' eventually

  71. OvvU

    OvvUMonth ago

    The first game when Smitty gets jump-scared, I actually jumped...

  72. Josh

    JoshMonth ago

    1:13 f*ckin jumpscare me dude

  73. noredine

    noredineMonth ago

    I thought he was joking when he said dust2

  74. divine narisa

    divine narisaMonth ago

    did swagger say the retard word

  75. Martin Teece

    Martin TeeceMonth ago

    Why swagger sound like raccoon eggs.?

  76. M. Austin Netherton

    M. Austin NethertonMonth ago


  77. M. Austin Netherton

    M. Austin NethertonMonth ago


  78. Pepso8P

    Pepso8PMonth ago

    I always burst out laughing when it gets windy. :D

  79. Jonah Boyd

    Jonah BoydMonth ago

    5:22 would be a good smii7y minus clip

  80. G.D. Dodgeconverse

    G.D. DodgeconverseMonth ago

    Smi77y werban yeagerman jenson.


    RAINING TIKIMonth ago

    1:13 I looked away for a second and looked back and got jumpscared, i was ready to throw hands at nothing lol im dead bro



    Any school or college students watching here ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. Hannes Minecraft

    Hannes MinecraftMonth ago

    i legit got scared at this part lol 1:14

  84. Karin G

    Karin GMonth ago

    Am I the only one who wants more Dead by Daylight?

  85. chris oakes

    chris oakesMonth ago

    Swagger is content 😂

  86. Ronny307

    Ronny307Month ago

    8:02 i just waited for this moment the whole video. Always this stupid wind making SMii7Y visible to others as a lamp

  87. Jagged Gaming

    Jagged GamingMonth ago

    Smii7y today’s my birthday and that means it’s an eight year anniversary of me watching the channel and that’s great that you made it this far in life also I can’t wait till the next video 🙂

  88. MrTurtle

    MrTurtleMonth ago

    10:44 damn that wheeze was so intense it made me cough at the end

  89. CHAOS

    CHAOSMonth ago

    best collab ever. now all we need is schlatt.....

  90. Hunter Henscey

    Hunter HensceyMonth ago

    did anyone else jump at 1:13 of is it just me

  91. Unmatched rex

    Unmatched rexMonth ago

    The next F E 4 R Errrrrrrrrrr

  92. Samantha Reed

    Samantha ReedMonth ago

    I literally spit out my noodles when he said “damn, it’s windy.”

  93. Intensional Disasters?

    Intensional Disasters?Month ago

    Fun facts: The hat reference to Smitty werbenmanjensen. Also Smii7y

  94. Nobless Oblige

    Nobless ObligeMonth ago

    Swaggers not a bad idea, don't be intimidated by the Communist C10 bill pussy

  95. Travis Veteto

    Travis VetetoMonth ago

    yo this didnt show up in my sub page sad face

  96. David The Grizzly Ross

    David The Grizzly RossMonth ago

    I'd like to apologize. I managed to scroll through insta for like an hour and didn't watch your vid

  97. Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron RodgersMonth ago

    You have bear fist

  98. Rumble

    RumbleMonth ago

    “Damn it windy!!” Never gets old

  99. breadsmeme

    breadsmemeMonth ago


  100. Sad-Emo Fembois YT

    Sad-Emo Fembois YTMonth ago

    Why do Swagger and Jschlatt sound so similar? Or is it just me-

  101. Montgomery Watkins

    Montgomery WatkinsMonth ago

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