NHL "This Is Why You're Hated" Moments

NHL "This Is Why You're Hated" Moments! I hope you guys find this interesting! I don't hate any of the players in the video, but they're all very despised around the league.


  1. Delta Highlights

    Delta HighlightsMonth ago

    If I make a part 2 of this video, who should I include?

  2. pointmansf

    pointmansf8 days ago

    @Justin Grenier When did Chris Kreider ever do anything remotely nasty? He's a class act, sometimes his brute strength makes hits look brutal but dirty player? No.

  3. RJ Bean

    RJ Bean9 days ago

    Robert Bortuzzo

  4. Knockback_Stick

    Knockback_Stick24 days ago

    @roxanne0802 people don’t hate o I lmao

  5. Vinny G

    Vinny G24 days ago

    ​@lil_bubz 42 You can be a Bruins fan, or you can be a Masshole. Liking the Bruins and knowing Marchand is a piece of shit makes you a Bruins fan. Turning a blind eye to that piece of shit and pretending he's a hockey player just makes you just another Masshole. Your choice.

  6. Vinny G

    Vinny G24 days ago

    @Manuel Elliott Nice lolol

  7. Rob .Knightly

    Rob .Knightly19 hours ago

    That Wilson hit on Schenn is fucking bullshit.

  8. lei ni

    lei niDay ago

    What drives me up the walls every time is people saying that when guys like Cooke, Avery or Claude Lemieux are in your team, you'd love them. I'm sorry, but did I miss something? So it is OK to injure and hurt people as long as they are your opponents in a hockey game? I have played hockey for over 20 years. Never in my life would I stand up for team"mates" like those guys I mentioned, and are featured in these videos. Who gives a shit which team you're on, you just tried to break another person's neck.

  9. Steven Denny

    Steven Denny2 days ago

    Dude stop let me go

  10. Matthew Wade

    Matthew Wade3 days ago

    Raffi Torres & Matt Cooke should have been thrown out of the NHL - just no respect for the safety of others. Tom Wilson is getting into that territory too, but the suspensions being determined by a goon doesn't help things

  11. Norbert Skokan

    Norbert Skokan4 days ago

    The Infomous Rat 🐀🐀

  12. backcheck31

    backcheck318 days ago

    Marchand is an asshole and a disgrace to the sport.

  13. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby10 days ago

    “look at the look on this guys face”😂

  14. Gio Beast

    Gio Beast11 days ago

    I hate avery

  15. Infinite Wisdom

    Infinite Wisdom13 days ago

    Western dirty filthy scum it's in their DNA. Fact.


    BRANDON DAVYDOV15 days ago

    The first Tom Wilson one what he did was so dangerous

  17. Northern HillBilly

    Northern HillBilly16 days ago

    bread & circus for the sleepy sheep while treasonous communist politicians run our country in a tyrannical totalitarian state . remember DON CHERRY a true canadian patriot

  18. Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega17 days ago

    Marchand is that little bitch boy whose entire team hates him, but his dad's company sponsors the team.

  19. TallahassZ Remington

    TallahassZ Remington17 days ago

    If someone ended that hobbit's career, I'd be happy.

  20. Christopher

    Christopher19 days ago

    You could spotlight Marchand again in part 2 if you have clips of that queermo licking players during the games.

  21. Delta Highlights

    Delta Highlights19 days ago

    There are 4 parts to this series and Marchand's in every one

  22. Ja Ce

    Ja Ce19 days ago

    They should just have pylons set up on the ice and players skate around them. Everyone is too soft to take a hit anymore, remove the players outright, league saves money and the “stars” get their chances to score. Ya NHL!

  23. jim cowan

    jim cowan19 days ago

    It's the NHL! They like this kind of garbage. If they didn't, these goons wouldn't be playing. Disgraceful!!

  24. James Brooks

    James Brooks21 day ago

    The Marchand slew foot playing over and over while Edwards and Brickley keep talking about the offsides is so fitting and perfect

  25. Dane Morgensen

    Dane Morgensen23 days ago

    This is why you need fighting in hockey, adds consequences to dangerous hits and sticking

  26. Asedrftopjikopjknp Saedrftoujikopkhn

    Asedrftopjikopjknp Saedrftoujikopkhn23 days ago

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  27. Nate Collins

    Nate Collins23 days ago

    brad is the only one that is actually bad the rest are just hard hits throughout the years that where on the back it a bit high

  28. SgtPrice1000

    SgtPrice100024 days ago

    God damn... watching Schenn take that hit from Wilson at 1:26 and then fall back to the ice several times after trying to stand up and skate. That's tough to watch and that kind of hit REALLY needs to be an auto ejection and a far heavier suspension than what it currently is. That's the kind of hit that can screw with a player's brain years after it happens. Hockey players shouldn't have to worry about whether they're gonna be able to fucking walk the next day every time they take the ice.

  29. Dave Reynard

    Dave Reynard25 days ago

    I love the use of euphemism in American sport - 'caught him in the mid-section'! Commentating on a sport with so much violence, the audience, I'm sure, would be more than happy to hear 'oooooh, right in the balls'!!

  30. Nekaa

    Nekaa25 days ago

    The first Tkachuk clip wasn't his fault but at the second one I almost yelled out loud "CHECK YOUR BACK YOU FUCKIN TWAT" and then he proceeded to try to fight the goalie

  31. Thetreeboy

    Thetreeboy25 days ago

    I feel like there are some rules you can add to make this happen less, like if you check someone so hard that they are out of the game, you should be too fair is fair

  32. Matronix

    Matronix26 days ago

    was hoping for no sharks players, forgot about torres, he fucked some people up

  33. Dailyyy Dangles

    Dailyyy Dangles26 days ago

    2:07 Wilson hits the dude in the back right shoulder yea open ice from behind might of been a angle change at the last second but the devil guy reached for his head like he was head hunted

  34. Trenton Ghorley

    Trenton Ghorley26 days ago

    Matt cook is such a dirtbag...Btw Hockey gives penaltys for embellishing an injury, that is too perfect of a rule but good luck being accurate with your calls on it

  35. Boolin Ncoolin

    Boolin Ncoolin27 days ago

    Nhl is so toxic

  36. LessCommonKnowledge

    LessCommonKnowledge28 days ago

    Any one of the players on this list could be redeemed by just beating the shit out of Marchand in my eyes.

  37. John Blze

    John Blze28 days ago

    As a penguins fan. I truly can't stand tom Wilson I dont know why hes still in the nhl hes a head hunter and hits people when there not looking

  38. Josh Levesque

    Josh Levesque29 days ago

    Tkachuk is so funny bc his clips are all him acting childish like he’s playing with his friends

  39. Edward stuff

    Edward stuff29 days ago

    Tom Wilson is the goat

  40. JD

    JD29 days ago

    I hate Marchand... Even looks like a prick

  41. Russ Devine

    Russ Devine29 days ago

    Sounds like Sean Avery misses his sloppy seconds. What a dork and not much of a man.

  42. Ryan King

    Ryan King29 days ago

    The Corey Perry walk of shame in the winter classic is fucking hilarious

  43. Alex Taylor

    Alex TaylorMonth ago

    marchand the goat

  44. M B

    M BMonth ago

    Ugly. You don't see this in any other team sports. I love hockey but I hate this crap

  45. Chris Laverick

    Chris LaverickMonth ago

    Was Tom Wilson really that dirty? Just look like the guys a freight train on skates

  46. Syritis

    SyritisMonth ago

    brad marchand is the biggest piece of shit in the nhl. fuck that guy

  47. Cam S

    Cam SMonth ago

    Averys a beast. He is hilarious lmao.

  48. KickAHobo

    KickAHoboMonth ago

    Some notes: you need to indicate where the action is going to be. I had to jump back on 90% of the clips because I missed the important part. Second, you need to start the reply further ahead of the action. When. The reply starts less then a second before the incident the viewer has to scramble to find we he is supposed to be looking at then skip back to actually see what happened.

  49. alexmini123

    alexmini123Month ago

    Who else is not surprised the Bruins are on here twice lol

  50. Kolya Zanozin

    Kolya ZanozinMonth ago

    There’s wayyyy more clips of tkachuck. Watch the USloft video on him and drew doughtys rivalry, aswell had him and Kassian.

  51. Jacob E

    Jacob EMonth ago

    I'm glad they made knee hits illegal to the point where you can be sued and face jail time

  52. Jacob McGinnis

    Jacob McGinnisMonth ago

    you could get a whole video with just marchand lol

  53. Chewy Gaming

    Chewy GamingMonth ago

    Has anyone died?

  54. Shon De Vet

    Shon De VetMonth ago

    Scott Stevens was the dirtiest player but for his sake it was all just hockey back then.

  55. Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal JacketMonth ago

    instead to play they're fighting …

  56. Ryan Rutar

    Ryan RutarMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is better than Mcdavid

  57. Tim Gainnes

    Tim GainnesMonth ago

    Marchand and Avery = arrogant and lame players who set the worst examples of how the game should be played. paid to do what they do.....pass the opportunity onto better players NHL.

  58. Mac Rolfing

    Mac RolfingMonth ago


  59. Dylan Lucy

    Dylan LucyMonth ago

    What's wrong with playing the body I thought that was allowed in hockey

  60. Heroes' Quest

    Heroes' QuestMonth ago

    Uhhh really Tkachuk?? The clips of him were absolutely nowhere near the same level of crap these other guys are doing.

  61. Goonerboy 1886

    Goonerboy 1886Month ago

    So many of these are worst than Marchand’s but the comments as always is full of people crying about him 😢😂

  62. Josh Armour

    Josh ArmourMonth ago

    Wilson and The 🐀 Marchand are the 2 dirtiest player in the league right now.

  63. pooper dooper

    pooper dooperMonth ago

    The first two Tkachuk clips looked purely accidental, that may be just me, but I feel like he should've just owned up to it. Instead of getting mad at the people who are already mad at him, he shouldve understood why they were angry and just backed off. I could definitely be wrong though, I have never watched NHL before today, and I know none of these people.

  64. Hotshotlevi 25

    Hotshotlevi 25Month ago

    It must be hard being a ref

  65. Mike Fabs

    Mike FabsMonth ago

    Brad Marchand is a total tool can't stand him what an absolute loser

  66. Austin Loach

    Austin LoachMonth ago

    Lmao there's people with the clear intention to cause pain and injury then there's Tkachuk causing irreversible life-altering damage to the feelings and egos of a few guys.... 😂😂😂 close, but not quite the same

  67. NteRidr

    NteRidrMonth ago

    can we all agree that Marchand should be kicked out of the NHL for all the shit he's put his team and other teams through? please tell me im not wrong

  68. rj denomme

    rj denommeMonth ago

    Those torres hits were something else though.... it’s like he woke up and was like, “ I’m gonna hit someone’s head today” yikes.

  69. mosasaurus the irish hunter

    mosasaurus the irish hunterMonth ago

    Compared to the rest tcachuk really fell most the time

  70. Graig Knowlton

    Graig KnowltonMonth ago

    All of tkachuk’s clips were him getting pushed or tripped into the goalie and then shoving a player who has his stick hooked under his arms

  71. Hayes NSNG

    Hayes NSNGMonth ago

    Goalies are the biggest pussies stop acting hard when ur team does the fighting for u

  72. A Quiet Place

    A Quiet PlaceMonth ago

    Classic hockey, a player is brutally hit, nobody bothers to check if he’s okay, they just want to kill whoever did it

  73. Ryder Kalaris

    Ryder KalarisMonth ago

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  74. Scott Colegrove

    Scott ColegroveMonth ago

    LMFAO notice all the guy are the ones who get in the other teams head? Getting into your head too, 🤣🤣🤣

  75. Ivan Krištof

    Ivan KrištofMonth ago

    Fokin' idiots 😘

  76. TDG 13

    TDG 13Month ago

    That Barrie hit pissed me off when i first saw it

  77. Bretware 7

    Bretware 7Month ago

    The only reason the trolls hate Brad Marchand is because he's not on your team. Plus trolls don't like winners, it reminds them of everything they're not🤣

  78. Harles5000 Chembetrayals

    Harles5000 ChembetrayalsMonth ago

    That was a long walk of shame in the Stadium Corey!

  79. Idk Idk

    Idk IdkMonth ago

    No Brooks Orpix?

  80. MABAL Smith

    MABAL SmithMonth ago

    I honestly wouldn’t say Tom Wilson is hated at all, actually Tom Wilson is a much liked player, but it’s ok it’s a very common thing to think.

  81. Pop Clutch Co.

    Pop Clutch Co.Month ago

    i use to skate around in pee wee’s and check the shit out of people😂 coach use to be so happy, we made alot of plays off my checks😂

  82. Troy Witkowski

    Troy WitkowskiMonth ago

    Marchand is a f***ing 🐀!

  83. Hunter Guethling

    Hunter GuethlingMonth ago

    Tbh I forgot about Cooke

  84. AnimalMother

    AnimalMotherMonth ago

    Avery was such a grimey player. But I like that...I like that

  85. Forgotten Lands

    Forgotten LandsMonth ago

    As a Caps fan, you always know something fun is gonna happen when they put Wilson on the ice.

  86. i94bandit -

    i94bandit -Month ago

    Idk if I'd be able to not hit Tom Wilson in the face with my stick if he hit my teammate like that.

  87. BrendanPanFlautist

    BrendanPanFlautistMonth ago

    As a Flames fan, I'm surprised you didn't put the Tkachuk and Doughty drama lmao.

  88. Wiolentgrap

    WiolentgrapMonth ago

    All them out and never again not even in beerleague level..... Waste of highlights.

  89. Suneele oberoi

    Suneele oberoiMonth ago

    Make goalie fights

  90. Deano Wakeman

    Deano WakemanMonth ago

    They need hit squads on some of those weak dogs

  91. Andrew Haus

    Andrew HausMonth ago

    Tom Wilson. Come on. Must be a gay penguins can. Bithc

  92. Joulu Pukki

    Joulu PukkiMonth ago

    I was 100% sure marchand and wilson was in this before clickin

  93. Kyle Craven

    Kyle CravenMonth ago

    Yeah I believe no one really likes Marchand

  94. Harles5000 Chembetrayals

    Harles5000 ChembetrayalsMonth ago

    Embellishment penalties should only be a penalties against the embellisher! Corey Perry is another hacK!

  95. Harles5000 Chembetrayals

    Harles5000 ChembetrayalsMonth ago

    All these players are nothing more the cowardly disrespectful hacks! Marchand should have been barred from the league years ago!

  96. Ray Robinson

    Ray RobinsonMonth ago

    Only thing I can give Marchand credit for, atleast in these clips, is that atleast he doesnt appear to go out of his way to genuinely injure some one. Seems more like hes just being a prick to get under peoples skin and in their heads.

  97. pezit

    pezitMonth ago

    Looks like they are all hated for good reason.

  98. Phil Selmys

    Phil SelmysMonth ago

    That hit to the Achilles tendon was brutal, jeezuz man

  99. James Stewart

    James StewartMonth ago

    I got into an internet fight with Sean Avery when I was 16. The dude is definitely unhinged

  100. Luc P.

    Luc P.Month ago

    Don’t think Matty T was that bad also I think everyone likes Corey perry now

  101. Mr Cow579

    Mr Cow579Month ago

    Say what you want about marchand; wilson has taken his crown of being the dirtiest player in the league.

  102. Johnny21

    Johnny21Month ago

    Marchand and Wilson are a shame for the NHL!!

  103. Racer14 Guinness Lounge Racing

    Racer14 Guinness Lounge RacingMonth ago

    Torres was a disgrace. Cooke and Avery, garbage. Brad the Rat is so hateable

  104. Liam Ahlborg

    Liam AhlborgMonth ago

    Matt Cooke is the dirtiest player ever

  105. Aaron Boyle

    Aaron BoyleMonth ago

    Great stuff man!,,

  106. Chase N

    Chase NMonth ago

    Needs more Crosby and Chara.