David Dobrik’s Lawyers Go After Trisha & Cooking Competition - Frenemies # 25

Thank you to Moses, Hila, and celebrity judge Mac DeMarco for their food judging expertise!
Trisha's channel - @blndsundoll4mj
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  1. letizia -

    letizia -8 hours ago

    10:40 i cannot deal

  2. catraow

    catraow12 hours ago

    pls don’t make the steamys tickets so expensive pls🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. María Valeria Pérez Solis

    María Valeria Pérez SolisDay ago

    wasn´t Mac demarco like a predator???

  4. Daphna Eremina

    Daphna Eremina16 hours ago


  5. Maximus Storm

    Maximus Storm2 days ago

    I swear, Trisha is going to end up causing Ethan to have a mental breakdown due to her toxicity and blaming others/I can never be wrong personality.

  6. Hamiana Grande

    Hamiana Grande2 days ago


  7. Morgan H

    Morgan H2 days ago

    Ethan "now if you think I'm being stupid -" Trisha "yeah"

  8. Michelle Gallardo

    Michelle Gallardo2 days ago

    Jewin and jivin😂 “im jewin your jivin” I love rewatching frenemies

  9. Kris

    Kris3 days ago

    You don't have the exact same DNA as your sibling, unless you're identical twins. So just because Moses is 14% Italian, it doesn't mean that Hila is as well. She probably has some Italian, but it might be much lower or much higher than her brother. I inherited more from my father's side, so I'm 29% Ashkenazi. (My paternal grandfather was Jewish.) My brother inherited more from my mother's side, so his DNA is more Western European.

  10. Bronson Rodriguez

    Bronson Rodriguez3 days ago

    I love this channel. I hate how Trisha is cut off a lot. I get the whole frenemies thing and then I see she is cut off a lot... it’s followed by...”finish what you said....I’m listening....” it just comes off very rude. And we really appreciate hearing what she has to say... in a fluid fuckin sentence....this is not to bully y’all. Just an observation. I’m probably just an asshole who doesn’t know the ins and outs of this but I’m just calling what I see.

  11. candii yadigg

    candii yadigg3 days ago

    Ethan loves that rkelly clip way too much🤣❤️

  12. elena

    elena3 days ago

    trishas laugh is contagious

  13. Olivia Prest

    Olivia Prest3 days ago

    the fact ethan knew the r.kelly song

  14. Olivia Marie

    Olivia Marie4 days ago

    idk why there videos get taken down... litterally there calling out people nothing wrong with it

  15. Splorp Me

    Splorp Me4 days ago

    I fucking love this shit.

  16. Nopixel Tea

    Nopixel Tea4 days ago

    You guys should do more cook offs but with everyone blindfolded, or just unaware of who’s food it is

  17. blairedemort

    blairedemort5 days ago

    Doesn't Mac Demarco have allegations against him?

  18. Jay C

    Jay C5 days ago

    I’m confused why did James win a kids Choice award

  19. The Mindless consumer

    The Mindless consumer6 days ago

    Can we please get another one

  20. Miriam Codreanu

    Miriam Codreanu6 days ago

    I'm writing this as a request for tickets to the 2022 Steamies. Thank you. 😊

  21. Savannah Summers

    Savannah Summers6 days ago

    I love Trisha 😂❤️

  22. Andrea Bridges

    Andrea Bridges6 days ago

    😭 there is no way there can be 2 episodes a week right? (Asking for a friend) (third time watching this episode)

  23. MrSlyxx

    MrSlyxx7 days ago

    OMG. i thought he was Dog the Bounty Hunter. LOL

  24. Sunnie D

    Sunnie D7 days ago

    Back for a rewatch because no one else interesting posted today 😂

  25. Abby Abraham

    Abby Abraham8 days ago

    Its so insane that mac was on here omg!! Seems Ethans response to telling Trish could get anyone on the show is coming true. So proud!!

  26. ᴀʟʏssᴀ ʟᴀᴜʀᴀ

    ᴀʟʏssᴀ ʟᴀᴜʀᴀ8 days ago

    "Jimmyinnit" I laughed when he called Tommy Jimmy lol

  27. Sofie Valle

    Sofie Valle9 days ago

    did he say jimmy innit BAHAHA

  28. Cera Way

    Cera Way9 days ago

    Me being a 24 old-year-old woman casually enjoying a game of Minecraft👀

  29. jadee lara

    jadee lara9 days ago

    How are you guys going to talk about groomers flashers and all that dobrik shit when mac demarco got cancelled for literally that

  30. JTL

    JTL9 days ago

    Americans: omg 20 year old people drinking!!! This is so bad!!! Europeans when a 13 year old is drinking: oh okay

  31. Axica

    Axica9 days ago

    Mac DeMarco being on Frenemies feels like a fever dream. I always get so surprised when I hear him talk.

  32. Blondnbaked

    Blondnbaked9 days ago

    Am I the only one who IMMEDIATELY thought "Dixie Damelio" when Ethan was talking about picking noses being gross because it always ends in their mouth?? lmaoo

  33. Camas Robinson

    Camas Robinson10 days ago

    Why did I get so happy when Trish won.

  34. Niconorge

    Niconorge10 days ago

    Wow! Ethan Literally said everything I was thinking and the cringe of Trishas’ misinterpretation of Jewish culture and religion. It’s great that she is fascinated about being Jewish. Ethan trying to explain that you are considered Jewish if your mother is a Jew, that said it is Talmudic law not necessarily culturally. Trish should listen more instead of arguing maybe listen to what Jews say and definitely seek out people from different levels of observance ie.reform, conservative, orthodox to understand the nuance of what being Jewish means to them otherwise it feels argumentative. Also, YIDDISH European Jews Are NOT FAKE JEWS or those from other parts of the world for that matter. Trisha please stop spreading misinformation

  35. Ty Marek

    Ty Marek10 days ago

    so mac demarco filmed his friend touching himself in front of underage girls while almost completely undressed and he’s a guest on here??? considering how much they (rightfully) rip on james charles...... make it make sense ethan

  36. Lucas

    Lucas10 days ago

    Trisha: I think this ones sinking a little bit today *3.3 million views*

  37. Bryan Soumetho

    Bryan Soumetho10 days ago

    Being 32 and having triggers is not an issue trisha. Im a huge trisha stan cause sge so real and when shes being"fake" sges even real about it

  38. Brandy Smith

    Brandy Smith10 days ago

    Trisha don’t say the comments are ethans people, I came here for you 💓 I didn’t even know what h3 was but now I do and ethans so funny

  39. Toy Knives

    Toy Knives11 days ago

    Bro don’t do NFTs...

  40. Adrianna Thomson

    Adrianna Thomson11 days ago

    honestly I get playing Frenemies and get doing whatever I'm working on, and I will burst out laughing at something they said as if I'm there with them. I absolutely love this show.

  41. Alison Williams

    Alison Williams12 days ago

    i would 1000% buy a ticket for the Steamys

  42. malena rivera

    malena rivera12 days ago

    “jimmy” innit💀

  43. Juni Waterstone

    Juni Waterstone12 days ago


  44. Natalie Rose

    Natalie Rose12 days ago

    Okay so like clearly Trisha was aware of what happened at that "party'' and they were trying to get these young girls drunk. If she was aware and knew this was wrong and knew they were underage, why didn't she offer to get them away from that situation? Why didn't she go up to the girls and offered to take them home? As a women and I have seen girls at clubs getting taken advantage of I have immediately interjected myself in the situation to make sure they are safe and even take a taxi with them. So Trisha...I really don't understand why you saw all this happen and even said you felt bad for them yet you didn't try and help these young girls

  45. Baby Ghoulz

    Baby Ghoulz13 days ago

    Ticket event?!?? I’m down.

  46. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith13 days ago

    Ethan: Didn't she kill her husband? Trisha: Ummmm. We haven't gotten to that part yet. Moses: *Nervously turned on

  47. Madi D

    Madi D13 days ago

    I died when trish tried cutting the garlic like an onion LOL but it's so adorable that she was so proud about the cooking results

  48. Christine Caballes

    Christine Caballes13 days ago

    hopefully everything goes well and ethan and hila have another kid... another h3 baby!

  49. Madi D

    Madi D13 days ago

    Trisha gave me such Baskin vibes when she introduced herself that my husband went missing

  50. Kameryn Heidrich

    Kameryn Heidrich14 days ago

    Wait wasn’t there accusations by multiples people that mac demarco did weird shit with minors?

  51. monkeytellsthefuture

    monkeytellsthefuture15 days ago

    Trisha has been fucked over too many times, I feel bad everytime she thinks Ethan wont give her a cut 😔

  52. maggie irving

    maggie irving15 days ago

    didn't mac literally expose himself to children

  53. Rachel Thomas

    Rachel Thomas15 days ago


  54. Ella MayoXOXO

    Ella MayoXOXO15 days ago

    That R Kelly clip did not age well 😬😬🤨😆😆😆

  55. Olising

    Olising15 days ago

    Deadass called TommyInnit Jimmy lol

  56. Strawchene

    Strawchene15 days ago

    is this cristali person the furry animator or

  57. Kaitlyn Jean

    Kaitlyn Jean16 days ago

    NFT’s are horrible for the environment. I would be disappointed to see Frenemies make NFT’s.

  58. hbh Tcr

    hbh Tcr16 days ago

    Everyday it makes more and more sense that Jenna marbles said “fuck it” and left the internet lol . Peace and love ❤️

  59. Henna Romero

    Henna Romero16 days ago

    Omg of Trisha paytas went on Bobby lee that would be crazzzyyyy their crazy nature would either decimate the whole world or solve world peace

  60. dana oct

    dana oct17 days ago

    "unalive"?????????/ god what is happening like literally god unalived so many, ALLEGEDLY

  61. Brooklyn Richardson

    Brooklyn Richardson17 days ago

    I love how every episode they find a new way to say “binging with babish” wrong

  62. natalia

    natalia17 days ago


  63. miumiu :D

    miumiu :D17 days ago

    i can’t believe moses is on reddit lol

  64. Pinkshadow 4444

    Pinkshadow 444418 days ago

    Trisha looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  65. Tracey Berkowitz

    Tracey Berkowitz18 days ago

    I love seeing Trisha so happy with her family. No one is ridiculing her. Or making her a joke They’re all just so loving and supportive. So happy for your Trisha. You deserve it

  66. Isabel Peterwas

    Isabel Peterwas18 days ago

    I would 100% be at the Steamy's

  67. Madeleine Gabriel Lemay

    Madeleine Gabriel Lemay18 days ago

    I’ll absolutely will come to the Steamys 2021

  68. Meg Monstera

    Meg Monstera18 days ago

    I can’t watch this anymore. Listening to Trisha fetishize Jewish people & not be able to grasp why the shit she says can be offensive is exhausting. Every time you try to explain to her why she shouldn’t say something, she has some kind of defensive explanation that leaves you like....Trisha wtf? The fact that she doesn’t understand and can’t accept the fact that she’s saying things that are offensive really bothers me. With peace and love, Trisha stop fetishizing Jewish people

  69. Sara Shohoud

    Sara Shohoud19 days ago

    trisha's antisemitism makes me physically ill

  70. Alexxa Standifer

    Alexxa Standifer19 days ago

    olives are a big no

  71. sillymissylissy

    sillymissylissy19 days ago

    I’m a collector so the cards are making me so hype!

  72. georgia mae

    georgia mae20 days ago


  73. rayan abuz

    rayan abuz20 days ago

    8:04 Trisha: “So there is hope for James Charles to get his justice served one daymmm”

  74. Ana

    Ana20 days ago

    This show is 40% food and the other funny content so imma subscribe just for the funny content

  75. F Geno

    F Geno20 days ago

    I thought Ethan was Dog the Bounty Hunter util I realized who Trish was

  76. F Geno

    F Geno20 days ago

    Never thought I would hear Trish talking about Coco Melon Also Huge Grant runs England

  77. AndyGM05

    AndyGM0520 days ago

    The hila meeting David skit was top tier 😂

  78. Jessie j Turner

    Jessie j Turner20 days ago

    Trisha really wants Ethan to join onlyfans really badly 😂

  79. Alexandria Lewis

    Alexandria Lewis20 days ago

    I thought the celeb judge was the h3 cameron man participating. LOL

  80. Alexandria Lewis

    Alexandria Lewis20 days ago

    that one guy reminds me of john mayor


    IT'S JUST JOSH20 days ago

    Compared to James and David is Shane that bad

  82. Renata Navarrete

    Renata Navarrete20 days ago

    Hila and David fighting is iconic ✨😭💀🔪

  83. Renata Navarrete

    Renata Navarrete20 days ago


  84. Aubrey Long

    Aubrey Long21 day ago

    the elf and chipoltle collab was actually not sponsored so i hope that brings you joy lol, btw i watch this podcast religiously

  85. Xoxo Xoxoxo

    Xoxo Xoxoxo21 day ago

    it is so easy to ask for ID. I did it once because they looked young & described their house location as close to a high school. Turns out he was like 11 months older than i was but i don’t regret it. The only ppl who would get upset about being ID’d are children.

  86. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica Wilson21 day ago

    does james not know that there’s a literal app for people to be able to take screenshots on snapchat without the person knowing? i’m sure EVERYTHING he’s sent is saved

  87. Venus

    Venus21 day ago

    Mac demarco interacting with trish may be one of the best things I’ve ever seen

  88. Sydney Strasser

    Sydney Strasser22 days ago


  89. kait b

    kait b22 days ago

    Trisha looks so pretty in this one !!!!!!

  90. Mad Mike0082

    Mad Mike008222 days ago

    This was the first challenge thing that was watchable.

  91. Mad Mike0082

    Mad Mike008222 days ago

    I’m 40. I’m a cook. I’ve never ever once seen olives in scrambled eggs. Never.

  92. Presley Berry

    Presley Berry22 days ago

    My dad is a 50 year old man and even he knows about James Charles. I’m glad it’s gone mainstream

  93. Lieutenant Lyka

    Lieutenant Lyka22 days ago

    I can't believe Mac Demarco is on the show :sob: :sob: :sob: (yes i use discord emotes on everything. it's a habit) :pensive: :v:

  94. bakeface !

    bakeface !22 days ago

    why is it 4:30 in the morning, birds are chirping, people are working and I am LIVING for this shit

  95. ganjabong master420

    ganjabong master42022 days ago

    ethan if you knew trisha you’d know her chipotle burrito is white rice & chicken 💅🏼 she may get queso on the side

  96. It’s V

    It’s V23 days ago

    James is defo getting people to report your videos on tiktok ew what a creep

  97. Brad

    Brad23 days ago

    Exactly right, if the victims were women this would be totally different

  98. Hayley Parham

    Hayley Parham23 days ago

    how does no one care about trisha's blatant antisemitism? like babe you can't fetishize jewish men if you aren't gonna even try to understand jewish issues

  99. Froggy June

    Froggy June23 days ago

    BRUH RINGO IS 80???? now i have another person to the hot 80s club

  100. ganjabong master420

    ganjabong master42023 days ago

    ummm mac demarco has HUGE accusations about being a predator/predatory behavior. rethink that friendship ethan!!!!!!!!

  101. Justin Opossum

    Justin Opossum23 days ago

    Ethan: “we have here a beautiful cut of center piece fillet. salt and pepper is the vehicle of all the flavors, but the art itself is: timing, execution, know-how” Trisha: “it’s butter for me”

  102. Kaitlin

    Kaitlin23 days ago

    Trish needs to regularly wear flower crowns 😍❤❤