Impractical Jokers: The Best Season 8 Moments to Watch at Home | truTV

Season 8 was a blast! Relive the best moments here and let us know which one was your favorite in the comments! #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers: The Best Season 8 Moments to Watch at Home | truTV


  1. A google user

    A google user10 hours ago

    im still tryna figure out what 14:53 is. is that even a human ?

  2. James Smith

    James Smith14 hours ago

    The Dave Jacobs bit is the best lmao!!

  3. domdom

    domdomDay ago

    bro imagine if murray pulled the did u get that in prision card out and had to say it to that women.. that wouldve been toooo funny lmfaoo

  4. Ralyjah Carter

    Ralyjah CarterDay ago

    I stopped watching this show just because I stopped having cable but good do I miss this show. This has made me literally laugh my ass off ❤️

  5. Also Not Tom

    Also Not TomDay ago

    17:30 even as someone who was a waiter for a year in South Africa dam.... that was painful to watch lol

  6. kylan L

    kylan LDay ago

    it would be really funny if an entire episode was just sal, and like every time it switched to the other guys it was a empty room

  7. Pourya S

    Pourya SDay ago

    I really loved the part where Dave Jacobs was surprised and quite happy. It gave me a sense of satisfaction :)))

  8. Heath Detweiler

    Heath Detweiler2 days ago

    I can not believe that sunscreen skit.

  9. Amrit Uppal

    Amrit Uppal3 days ago

    Why I think that you guys are Australian

  10. Penny Jerkins

    Penny Jerkins3 days ago

    I carry around with me a lanyard and a clipboard just incase i ever see these guys shooting. I'll approach whoever turn it is and ask him for his signature and pledge to never stop doing the show.

  11. Orange

    Orange4 days ago

    2:10 Yea Sal i gotchu

  12. Steven Hernandez

    Steven Hernandez4 days ago

    @26:54 WOW LMAO

  13. Corbyn Belliveau

    Corbyn Belliveau4 days ago

    One of the few shows that actually make me belly laugh, I laugh like sal when I watch this show


    KARIM DOUKKANA5 days ago

    lil uzi vert

  15. Erik Åstedt

    Erik Åstedt5 days ago

    37:00 what is he saying?

  16. Erik Åstedt

    Erik Åstedt3 days ago

    @Farah Mili You da real mvp

  17. Farah Mili

    Farah Mili4 days ago

    "did you tell her that you're a holistic doctor?"

  18. Joeysevengames

    Joeysevengames6 days ago

    arrest him? For what dropping coats on the ground?

  19. Jolie Potter

    Jolie Potter7 days ago

    I was like "who's the new guy?'.. It's Q

  20. SweDawgTv

    SweDawgTv7 days ago

    18:40 sal should have asked to be tipped with Bitcoin lol

  21. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man8 days ago

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  22. Jimmy Chen

    Jimmy Chen8 days ago

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  23. QC Booyah

    QC Booyah8 days ago

    8:11 what with all the people wearing a plastic bag , is this covid measures

  24. Farah Mili

    Farah Mili4 days ago

    maybe raining outside?

  25. Slow_ inernet

    Slow_ inernet8 days ago

    I just got an add about lolli a bitcoin reward app

  26. Tinashe Muhlauri

    Tinashe Muhlauri8 days ago

    this show can cure depression

  27. Lynn S

    Lynn S8 days ago

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  28. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen8 days ago

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  29. Ba Rua

    Ba Rua8 days ago

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  30. manga scroller free

    manga scroller free9 days ago

    52:27 I think he noticed le camera

  31. airkuna

    airkuna9 days ago

    8:12 why the hell are they wearing plastic jackets in the cinema????

  32. bluntes

    bluntes8 days ago

    Prolly raining outside, maybe the place gave them to em

  33. Tonya 1028

    Tonya 10289 days ago

    I'm looking up Dave Jacobs now on USloft 😆

  34. Justin Last 2: Last Harder

    Justin Last 2: Last Harder9 days ago

    "There's one, that girl right next to you." Bruh...I don't think that was a girl.

  35. Mistaken Integration

    Mistaken Integration9 days ago

    THIS is the first thing that brought a smile to my face... IN YEARS

  36. Terry Mclaughlin

    Terry Mclaughlin9 days ago

    Imagine if Murr said " i thought only chicks had tattoos like that" to the woman

  37. Louis Marte

    Louis Marte10 days ago

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  38. Lynn S

    Lynn S10 days ago

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  39. Thasin Noor

    Thasin Noor10 days ago

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  40. Thịt Bò Khô

    Thịt Bò Khô11 days ago

    omg the sex and the city girl was so nice and cute how can they do this to her :(

  41. TemporaryName

    TemporaryName11 days ago

    It was great seeing that guy so happy at the end there. He just couldn't believe that after all these years... He got to meet THE Dave Jacobs.

  42. Poopy Pants

    Poopy Pants11 days ago

    I laughed for wayyy too long

  43. Justin Tena

    Justin Tena11 days ago

    Its so hard to watch this. Im getting second hand embarrasment😂😂

  44. Debbie Petrick

    Debbie Petrick11 days ago

    It to

  45. Maxwell Mgadi

    Maxwell Mgadi12 days ago

    When she said "you ate my sex" LOL

  46. Jerome Jerrmy

    Jerome Jerrmy12 days ago

    “I’m gonna need you to look in my eyes and fart” 💀💀

  47. Whitten Green

    Whitten Green12 days ago

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  48. Artem.-

    Artem.-13 days ago

    Who’s the girl at 31:48?

  49. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez13 days ago

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  50. DominatorxHokie 1

    DominatorxHokie 113 days ago

    the guy that did the sunscreen was either very happy or extremely embarrassed when he saw this episode

  51. Matty Brown

    Matty Brown13 days ago

    41:24 Genius😂

  52. shubham purohit

    shubham purohit13 days ago

    Man that Ankit guy is the representative for all Indian fans of the show, I mean any of us would have done the same if we had seen any of the joker out there in public😂😂

  53. shubham purohit

    shubham purohit10 days ago

    @shubham parab 48:37 that's who😂

  54. shubham parab

    shubham parab10 days ago

    who is ankit??

  55. shubham purohit

    shubham purohit12 days ago

    @Linda Veswuh and that's Ankit's normal.

  56. Linda Veswuh

    Linda Veswuh12 days ago

    Joe drives Ankit like a crazy man🤣🤣🤪👌

  57. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen13 days ago

    The cheap alloy exclusively wobble because siberian visually scream circa a bright notify. pale, axiomatic ukraine

  58. Ben Parton

    Ben Parton13 days ago

    I'm honestly surprised that all 4 off them are still alive 🤣🤣🤣

  59. pamela mitchell

    pamela mitchell14 days ago

    "You didn’t deliver the line though , you didn’t deliver the line , you never delivered the line 🤣🤣"

  60. Flup Flup

    Flup Flup14 days ago

    I love Q. He plays a prick really well but in charming way!!

  61. Tom

    Tom14 days ago

    Bro wtf are these new comments

  62. Hunter Glotz

    Hunter Glotz15 days ago

    That tattoo one is so uncomfortable

  63. Alex Aaron

    Alex Aaron16 days ago

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  64. KingXno

    KingXno16 days ago

    I like how Sal is wearing The Bludgeon Brothers Shirt, wasn’t he also there when the Hardy’s won the tag team gold. SAL IS WWE!!!

  65. Tacitah Bentley

    Tacitah Bentley16 days ago


  66. Bernie B

    Bernie B16 days ago

    Send me a picture of you and Haiti guy

  67. Spooky Ghost

    Spooky Ghost16 days ago

    Now that I've noticed Sal pulls everyone down with him when he laughs, I can't stop laughing whenever it happens. Just tugging on their shirts as he wheezes out his soul.

  68. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man17 days ago

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  69. stillcold

    stillcold17 days ago

    Dave Jacobs is way too wholesome.

  70. stillcold

    stillcold17 days ago

    What kind of weirdos downvote Impractical Jokers episodes lol.

  71. Beth Fleming

    Beth Fleming17 days ago

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  72. Percy Olken-Hunt

    Percy Olken-Hunt18 days ago

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  73. supra angel

    supra angel18 days ago

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  74. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb Wedh18 days ago

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  75. Spaced Out

    Spaced Out18 days ago

    That guy who was putting the lotion on Joe probably had the best lunch break 😂

  76. Pariksha Sutra

    Pariksha Sutra15 days ago

    Ikr....that was so awkward

  77. John Constable

    John Constable16 days ago

    Weirdest thing ever.

  78. Reshma Chithra Vinod

    Reshma Chithra Vinod19 days ago

    @adithsatheesh go to sleep if you are watching this now

  79. All love Here

    All love Here19 days ago

    3:00 that woman my God

  80. tychief cooks

    tychief cooks19 days ago

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  81. tychief cooks

    tychief cooks19 days ago

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  82. t2p

    t2p19 days ago

    Sals face when he’s holding all the bread ....bruh I’m done 😭

  83. MrJamal657

    MrJamal65720 days ago

    Lmaoo the Q ruining cake punishment is the funniest plot twist

  84. Aiden Dirt Bikes

    Aiden Dirt Bikes20 days ago

    2:27 Joe from Madea- thats a dude

  85. Ryan Braff

    Ryan Braff21 day ago

    The way Q just shook his head when joe showed up😂

  86. Austin Drez

    Austin Drez21 day ago

    Imagine if the “I thought only girls got those tattoos” got used on that huge chick lol

  87. Marah Reiser

    Marah Reiser21 day ago

    The actress in super market with murr was on vampire diaries. I love her!

  88. sultaa86

    sultaa8622 days ago

    2:50 the way Sal is standing there, was exactly my same reaction o.O

  89. Call_Me_ Cupid

    Call_Me_ Cupid22 days ago

    10:22 Had me DEAD

  90. Danielle Dugas

    Danielle Dugas22 days ago

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  91. fullmetalleon

    fullmetalleon22 days ago

    Girl with the sex in the city cake is beautiful

  92. Slug 33

    Slug 3322 days ago

    it hurts so much to watch this show i cringe so much but it’s so hilarious

  93. aladin_asd

    aladin_asd23 days ago

    31:20 funniest part ever ( you ate my sex) ............hahhahahahahaha

  94. Bird's Word

    Bird's Word23 days ago

    When Q threw the trash cans out of the bathroom I lost it

  95. Talal タラルさん

    Talal タラルさん24 days ago


  96. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb Wedh24 days ago

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  97. ChampTheGod 123

    ChampTheGod 12324 days ago

    Joe could play the remake of the grinch

  98. wildwoodflower

    wildwoodflower24 days ago

    "My wife has the same birthday as you" lmao murrrr

  99. Bill the Fifth

    Bill the Fifth24 days ago

    2:28 How P.C. for them to refer to that man as a girl. Of course she's ripped, she's very clearly a man. Haha

  100. Bill the Fifth

    Bill the Fifth23 days ago

    @Syd Birkbeck Clearly breast implants. They look like air bags.

  101. Syd Birkbeck

    Syd Birkbeck23 days ago

    la look at them knockers she's clearly a women

  102. Declan McManus

    Declan McManus24 days ago

    Jackie has an 'i' in it

  103. Kyle Mecca

    Kyle Mecca24 days ago

    They all think he has special needs

  104. Hiro Beats

    Hiro Beats24 days ago

    I really want to know if they get a chance to apologize to the people that they interact with afterwards. Some of these are so freaking painful.

  105. 12endit

    12endit22 days ago

    @Hiro Beats in the pod cast they have said that it's mostly either trying to explain the show and the joke or people being relieved that the guys aren't insane or just jerks, and its usually pretty dull.

  106. Hiro Beats

    Hiro Beats22 days ago

    @12endit Ah yeah they must, they would have to have permission to use the footage afterwards.

  107. 12endit

    12endit23 days ago

    They do

  108. Lungisa Mapuma

    Lungisa Mapuma24 days ago

    The hardest part about this show. Is watching it without lookin away here and there. Im not brave enough

  109. Wait Forit

    Wait Forit8 days ago


  110. OoroO

    OoroO25 days ago

    I wonder what would’ve happen if murr got the first note for the buffed chick instead

  111. Terry Manly

    Terry Manly25 days ago

    Those pompous assholes at 12 minutes lmaoo I felt kinda bad but a lot of them need to get over themselves by the 3rd walk people should’ve realized it was a joke

  112. Michael Martin

    Michael Martin25 days ago

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  113. Jacob Pierson

    Jacob Pierson25 days ago

    That one guy was so lame, not peeing on Sal after the girls showed up.

  114. Marlon Ludy

    Marlon Ludy26 days ago

    You guys are awesome

  115. Chevron Shawtyy

    Chevron Shawtyy27 days ago

    I just wanna know who the “You ate my sex” girl is