Try Not To Laugh Challenge #68 - Mystery Props!

If Try Not To Laugh and Chopped had a baby, it would be this video.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox: ianhecox
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Olivia Sui: oliviasui
Noah Grossman: noahgrossman214
Tommy Bowe: tomeybones
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: OnJonet Williams
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
Assistant Director: Garrett Palm
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Andrew Harmon
PA: Austin Barrett
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  1. Smosh Games

    Smosh Games19 days ago

    if you saw this... no you didn't 😅

  2. Chrisjen Vizzuso

    Chrisjen VizzusoDay ago

    @T Duiker the bonless is gold every time lmao

  3. Red Lasagna

    Red Lasagna2 days ago

    🎶Hello hello. I'm not where I'm supposed to be... 🎶

  4. Sadie S

    Sadie S6 days ago

    Oh ok

  5. Sofie Anni

    Sofie Anni9 days ago

    I think it would be fun to see you guys try some improv inspired by The Playbook from How I Met Your Mother... I'm from Norway btw. Thought it would be cool knowing that someone "far away" likes what you ladies (I mean all of you) do. Hope you can make that work. You are great!

  6. Colin_Russell

    Colin_Russell9 days ago

    I dont think I saw it

  7. Aidan Xavier

    Aidan Xavier2 hours ago

    Is Tommy a furry

  8. Aidan Xavier

    Aidan Xavier2 hours ago

    I like that Olivia and Courtney vibe so much that Courtney's mere presence makes Olivia laugh

  9. Aidan Xavier

    Aidan Xavier2 hours ago

    I want to see a tntl with BDG

  10. Matheus Souto

    Matheus Souto5 hours ago

    Man... I cant find Ian nor Olivia funny at all... While Shayne is really missed on every TNTL

  11. Introverted Asian

    Introverted Asian5 hours ago

    Boi can we appreciate the 50FPS Quality at 480p?

  12. Nickelodeon Gaming

    Nickelodeon Gaming8 hours ago


  13. Storm Boy

    Storm BoyDay ago

    all I want to say is Hygnougha -Noah 2021


    DAWN’S PROGRAM2 days ago

    Next episode is TNTL episode 69........nice

  15. Rene Puffs

    Rene Puffs3 days ago

    Tommy is amazing 🤩

  16. Kailey

    Kailey3 days ago

    I love the fact that they are all wearing hats except Damien. He must have missed the memo.

  17. Zahra Kete

    Zahra Kete3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice they didn’t sensor Damien swearing hahaha

  18. Mya

    Mya3 days ago

    I don’t know y’all, this episode didn’t do it for me

  19. Chris Given

    Chris Given4 days ago

    Damien took a direct scene from my favorite book, How the Grinch Developed Dilated Cardiomyopathy

  20. Kaby Yabby

    Kaby Yabby4 days ago

    At 2:02 Courtney says Pump shar Like and share for more moment where Courtney says "Pump shar"

  21. Sara Himes

    Sara Himes4 days ago


  22. Laura Mongarli

    Laura Mongarli4 days ago

    Shouldn't this video be on smosh pit instead of games?

  23. Aria Marie

    Aria Marie5 days ago

    I thought this was supposed to be on Smosh Pit?


    FUZZYKITTYTM JEB5 days ago

    no shane no watch

  25. Morten Asphaug

    Morten Asphaug5 days ago

    Plz stop with the damn harmonicas

  26. Tora Fraser

    Tora Fraser5 days ago

    13:45 PLS I GOT A TURTLE ADD RIGHT AFTER SHE SAID "A pregnant turtle roams the streets" I FUCKIN LOST IT

  27. Splinks

    Splinks6 days ago

    Imagine if the Whose Line is it Anyways cast came onto this show

  28. Jon Acuna

    Jon Acuna6 days ago

    Only Noah can pull off that fit

  29. Lo Renee

    Lo Renee6 days ago

    Try not to laugh hard mode while drunk or high winner gets either like munchies or a big dessert

  30. Dylan Resnick

    Dylan Resnick6 days ago

    So when does Ian step down

  31. Sadie S

    Sadie S6 days ago

    Bro I was waiting for them to post this how did I not see it when it originally uploaded?

  32. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo6 days ago

    please only do these when Shayne is there...

  33. Curious Savagery

    Curious Savagery6 days ago

    i would die of laughter if one of them walks in in a fursuit

  34. Curious Savagery

    Curious Savagery6 days ago

    then just acts all normal about it

  35. Tricky Trey Perfected

    Tricky Trey Perfected6 days ago

    I can't tell if Noah spelling the word with his foot is a reference to 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee or if it's actually a legitimate tactic some people use.

  36. Greedy person

    Greedy person6 days ago

    this is basically my humor, i dont have funny things to say i just act weird and hope someone laughs

  37. Chardonneret sauvage

    Chardonneret sauvage6 days ago

    nice game great

  38. Carrie Adcock

    Carrie Adcock6 days ago

    the guys are hilarious but im SO SICK of hearing about FUCKING ACADEMY OF WEIRD SOUNDS?!?!??!!! Whyyyyyyyy? its not even funny lol never was

  39. JaySmithwood

    JaySmithwood7 days ago

    The only thing more ridiculous than Olivia’s attempts at being funny is the amount of ads on this video.

  40. KrC Nu

    KrC Nu7 days ago


  41. jjaapp18

    jjaapp187 days ago

    Strip poker, please.

  42. Grace Russell

    Grace Russell7 days ago


  43. jonathon mendoza

    jonathon mendoza7 days ago

    I couldn’t tell if Damien was trying to be the grinch or Al Pacino lol

  44. BeatBoxu Samurai!

    BeatBoxu Samurai!7 days ago

    Wy are they revealing them they should keep the props secret would be alot funnier!

  45. BrandonSaldias Vlogs

    BrandonSaldias Vlogs7 days ago

    It’s my birthday today and I’m Australian lmao thanks for making my day 🤩

  46. Bagel

    Bagel7 days ago

    0:57 thank you for that

  47. Grace Russell

    Grace Russell7 days ago

    What ?

  48. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze7 days ago

    Ian is down with the sickness

  49. Anthony Barnett weightlifting

    Anthony Barnett weightlifting7 days ago

    You guys gotta get back black in the try not to laugh videos! That would be such a good video

  50. Nathan Vaughn

    Nathan Vaughn8 days ago

    I personally hate the prequel type intro that the editors do for the video. It ruins what is to come for me, but I get that it might get some newcomers hooked so if I have to keep skipping the first 15 seconds or so that's fine. But, could you at least make it 10 so I don't skip into when the video starts maybe please possibly ????

  51. Adam Abogush

    Adam Abogush8 days ago

    Water made it way funnier,bring it backk plzzzz

  52. Adam Abogush

    Adam Abogush8 days ago

    It’s waaaay better with water

  53. Adam Abogush

    Adam Abogush8 days ago

    Bring back water

  54. Celestina Garcia

    Celestina Garcia8 days ago

    I'm happy "Oh fuck, not snakes again" wasn't bleeped out. I needed to hear Damien say the words

  55. Corbin Colvin

    Corbin Colvin8 days ago

    Love that Damien is the only not hat wearer

  56. Ethan Santiny

    Ethan Santiny8 days ago

    OMG episode 69 is up next

  57. Raphael Muhammad

    Raphael Muhammad8 days ago

    really looking forward to episode 69.

  58. William Borchardt

    William Borchardt8 days ago

    I think it would be funny to see you guys go against the whose line guys 🤣🤣

  59. Charlotte Suarez

    Charlotte Suarez8 days ago

    The next try not to laugh will be the 69th 😳

  60. GameBoyGuy Vids

    GameBoyGuy Vids8 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Ian looks like a 40 year old trying to convince teens to stop doing drugs in the cringe-iest way possible?

  61. Strawberry Madison

    Strawberry Madison9 days ago

    0:57 look at Damien *did anyone notice he and some staff members laughed at him?*

  62. kate s

    kate s9 days ago

    ngl at the start of the video when Damien opened up his mouth it looked like Olivia‘s hat came out of it

  63. Jubbano

    Jubbano9 days ago

    Wait why is this video on the smash games channel? 💀💀?

  64. Jubbano

    Jubbano9 days ago


  65. Raymond Conner

    Raymond Conner9 days ago

    I love how Tommy makes a story with his bits

  66. Zac Hogg

    Zac Hogg9 days ago

    I loved charlie the giny pig

  67. The Awesome Game Box

    The Awesome Game Box9 days ago

    I wanna see Sage on the next one!

  68. Dakota Dad

    Dakota Dad9 days ago

    Fire whoever uploaded this to SMOSH games, they went too far

  69. 123 420

    123 4209 days ago

    what about skimpy jiggles senior

  70. Deja Entendu

    Deja Entendu10 days ago

    Why is Tommy so gd funny? Lol

  71. Khan F

    Khan F10 days ago

    Surprised 😮 😯 😲 🙀

  72. Atla Fan 7

    Atla Fan 710 days ago

    Can't wait for episode 69

  73. llanimay

    llanimay10 days ago

    Is TNTL gonna be on smosh games from now on ?? Somebody let me know so I can turn on the notifs 🤣

  74. hollirichards

    hollirichards10 days ago

    I like this so much better than the gauntlet. Also when you guys play off each others bits.

  75. hollirichards

    hollirichards10 days ago

    Courtney's first one was so funny

  76. Llamaplanet

    Llamaplanet10 days ago

    When it was Oliver’s turn in the chair Courtney dident even get to start😂😂

  77. Vain King

    Vain King10 days ago

    Any time I see 1. Shayne 2. Ian 3. Damian I know imma laugh my ass off during try not to laugh we are missing one in this one but hey Damian and Ian are fun af as well so let’s see lmao

  78. CrystalE8ght

    CrystalE8ght10 days ago

    6 ads for a 20 minute videos is freaking outrageous!!!

  79. F. Mvson

    F. Mvson10 days ago

    btw, hearing the crew distantly in the background (@Sarah) laughing makes the smosh videos 10/10

  80. F. Mvson

    F. Mvson10 days ago

    LMAO AYOOO????? 2:04 Ian said "you would go for that one" anD TOMMY OMGGGGGG. he must be protected at all costs

  81. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi10 days ago

    your order?" Lol

  82. Amani5576

    Amani557611 days ago

    OMG. You guys did so well this time ! I literally laughed in each new improv... Just perfect guys ❤❤❤

  83. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi10 days ago

    No Shayne no game

  84. Marceline Vampire Queen

    Marceline Vampire Queen11 days ago

    Smosh really gets me out my depressive state. I laughed so much in this video 😂

  85. King_Of_The_North

    King_Of_The_North11 days ago

    Wow, didn't realize I clicked on a ads compilation.

  86. Elliott Setter

    Elliott Setter11 days ago

    Damien killed it he’s so funny

  87. ValPal N

    ValPal N11 days ago

    Where are Keith and Shayne?

  88. Joe Splot

    Joe Splot11 days ago

    So much funnier when they had the water

  89. Nick Foleta

    Nick Foleta11 days ago

    TNTL without shayne feels wrong

  90. Alison Smith

    Alison Smith11 days ago

    This is one of the best ones to date.

  91. jakem guizar

    jakem guizar11 days ago

    watchin cortney do these never gets easy lol

  92. jadedrg

    jadedrg11 days ago

    Damien makes me cry every time

  93. muscatiellon

    muscatiellon11 days ago

    I think Olivia is capable of making actual coherent jokes but I believe that she’s just committed to an extremely long running bit of doing incoherent nonsense every single time

  94. The Divine Nerd

    The Divine Nerd11 days ago

    You should try changing boxes each round, might be interesting

  95. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui11 days ago

    Dude.... Tommy knocks it out of the park every time. And afaik, he's like the only one that gets a laugh out of Shayne consistently too

  96. Daniel Viscione

    Daniel Viscione11 days ago

    No Shayne no game

  97. vampireXdemonXgirl

    vampireXdemonXgirl11 days ago

    When I saw the preview of Ian doing the Ring impression in the beginning, I was really hoping the punchline was him popping up and saying, "Welcome to Wendy's, can I take your order?" Lol

  98. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui11 days ago

    You should keep the mystery box contents a secret from each other but still show the audience

  99. Ella Storm

    Ella Storm11 days ago

    18:24 did anyone notice the MAGIC FOOOOOOT

  100. Thepaneater _

    Thepaneater _11 days ago

    isn't this usually on the smosh pit?

  101. chris baynard

    chris baynard12 days ago

    The fake abs shirt thing

  102. MxzyR6

    MxzyR612 days ago

    Someone should drop kick a baby doll saying it was billy anyway

  103. Nightfoxcub

    Nightfoxcub12 days ago

    Why do they sound like kids trying to act happy about shitty gifts on Christmas Day

  104. icy

    icy12 days ago

    Please bring Anthony on for one of these🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  105. Alexandra Geissinger

    Alexandra Geissinger12 days ago

    Like and share for them Hi my name is payton and I am 10 years old I love your Show😁😂😂😂😂😂

  106. Alexandra Geissinger

    Alexandra Geissinger12 days ago

    First time to text you 😃😃

  107. Liv Em

    Liv Em12 days ago

    what happened how did this end up here

  108. Lauren Stuart

    Lauren Stuart12 days ago

    Loved the video. An idea for a try not to laugh is “pause button mode” at any point the laugher can say pause or press a stop button and the person freezes and another actor takes over the scene in their place oooooor replaces their prop with something else and then they continue

  109. Sashya

    Sashya12 days ago

    Are we ever gonna get a Best of Weird Sounds Academy? I'd love a WSA lore compilation

  110. Orangejuice

    Orangejuice12 days ago

    1-Noah 2- Shayne 3- Courtney 4- Keith 5- Bowl-cut Ian 6- Anthony 😭😭 7- Tommy 8- Damien 9- Courtney freaking Miller 0- Emo Hair Anthony (You know what to do)

  111. DavidsWeirdMedia

    DavidsWeirdMedia12 days ago

    You guys should get Mythical Chef Josh on an episode of Try Not To Laugh! Please! That would be awesome!

  112. An Imbecile

    An Imbecile12 days ago

    I totally forgot you existed 💀