Impractical Jokers: Funniest Fast Food Moments (Mashup) | truTV

People are just trying to order their food and eat it in silence, but not when the Impractical Jokers step in! Watch this hilarious mashup of the pranks they pull in fast food restaurants.
0:00 - Murr “Kicks Out” Customers at Hooters
2:17 - Sal Can’t Stand the Empty Table at Hooters
3:58 - Joe Struggles with the Voice Activated Register
5:28 - Joe Eats the Twinkie of Shame
7:55 - Murr Meets His Sugar Mama
8:50 - Sal Checks Out the Customers at Lucky’s
11:16 - Free Meal If Q Can Guess Your Birthday
12:25 - Murr Greets Customers at Señor Frog’s
14:04 - Q is a Pizza Thief
15:53 - Sal Vulcano, Clumsy Waiter
20:44 - Joe and Murr Are Amped to Make Sandwiches
23:15 - Thirsty Sal Steals a Customer’s Drink
25:25 - Sal and Murr Work the Bagel Counter
27:35 - Can Sal Take Your Order?
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers: Funniest Fast Food Moments (Mashup) | truTV


  1. Xander caron

    Xander caron34 minutes ago

    The beer guy that confront's sal has no since of Hamer

  2. Arka Biswas

    Arka Biswas44 minutes ago

    He got my mother's birthday right

  3. DoNtON AiER

    DoNtON AiER12 hours ago

    imagine watching this while being high asf on a 4/20🥂🍁

  4. KR6 Productions

    KR6 Productions16 hours ago

    All fun and games until Murr says the N word

  5. JayT

    JayT21 hour ago

    This and Inside the NBA are legit dream jobs

  6. Suvam Dhar

    Suvam DharDay ago

    8 Balls of Steel

  7. Night Wolf

    Night WolfDay ago

    Why does that girl in the beginning actually look like the female version of Joe

  8. mongochu

    mongochu2 days ago

    That was legendary in white castle that man was like "hey sal it's you I watch your show all the time" that was so cool to have renown like that lol.

  9. Che Mice

    Che Mice2 days ago


  10. Adam Toms

    Adam Toms2 days ago

    If Sal had to do the spinning chair AND the alcohol goggles, he would have flown across the restaurant and straight through the brick wall opposite into the car park

  11. Adam Toms

    Adam Toms2 days ago

    Did not expect to spot a Sheffield United shirt in an IJ highlights video 1:35 😂

  12. Kiran K

    Kiran K2 days ago

    27:18 it was cute how she played along with the fishing joke lol

  13. S J

    S J3 days ago

    The lady with the fries was my favourite she was ao patient.

  14. Marcus

    Marcus3 days ago

    The best show of all time

  15. D Bongoloid

    D Bongoloid3 days ago

    The sal bit with the invisible person had me crying.

  16. R H

    R H3 days ago

    25:15 wow lmao that went from funny to real real quick

  17. R H

    R H3 days ago

    24:15 lmao I love this one and its obvious this dude is not American either for a second he was probably really regretting coming here lmao.

  18. Diddlez505

    Diddlez5053 days ago

    13:04 I lost it 😂😂

  19. Mr. K H

    Mr. K H4 days ago

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time when they put Sal on that child's dizzy thing and he crashed so hard into the wall.

  20. Debbie Semmeler Superfan

    Debbie Semmeler Superfan4 days ago

    Can someone tell me what those glasses sal wore were called? The ones that made his vision off? Please

  21. zdvxr

    zdvxr5 days ago

    Sal Lucked out on the last one

  22. zdvxr

    zdvxr5 days ago

    I love how that guy got to leave with the entire bagel basket

  23. zdvxr

    zdvxr5 days ago

    The cringe is unbearable

  24. zdvxr

    zdvxr5 days ago

    When he was acting cool that made me cringe so surprisingly

  25. Nick

    Nick5 days ago

    Bro I couldn't stop laughing my throat was hurting when sal was being spun.

  26. N!Mm0

    N!Mm05 days ago

    25:07 highlight of the video

  27. Lil Sausage

    Lil Sausage6 days ago

    The dizzy water bit is the hardest ive laughed in a very long time

  28. N

    N6 days ago

    0:00 is it just me or do the guys look a little different I mean murry definitely looks a little darker must've been on vacation or something

  29. Пётр Ильич Чайковский

    Пётр Ильич Чайковский7 days ago

    24:30 Elementary School Teacher:

  30. Son Of Man

    Son Of Man7 days ago


  31. --

    --8 days ago

    Sal with lindsey had some nice vibes to it lol

  32. Paul Gomes

    Paul Gomes8 days ago

    Hey, my birthday's on January 31st too.

  33. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen8 days ago

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  34. Ba Rua

    Ba Rua8 days ago

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  35. Scousered

    Scousered8 days ago

    Sals face when he says "she didn't get them from her mother I can tell you that" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Drew Matthews

    Drew Matthews8 days ago

    31:13 damnnn

  37. Drew Matthews

    Drew Matthews8 days ago

    The sit and spin had me

  38. jacinto benedict

    jacinto benedict9 days ago

    *dies in laugh

  39. Tve

    Tve9 days ago

    The elder lady with joe is so wholesome ❣️💯

  40. Pete Zahut

    Pete Zahut9 days ago

    My birthday is October 3rd. Fantastic, you guys are awesome. Hands down. Fantastic

  41. Brody_ Ko

    Brody_ Ko9 days ago


  42. Lynn S

    Lynn S10 days ago

    The demonic deborah densply buzz because ghost neurologically skip from a two restaurant. regular, false familiar famous paper

  43. Louis Marte

    Louis Marte10 days ago

    The pale organisation surprisingly correct because license hepatosplenomegaly calculate amid a economic poppy. joyous, statuesque decision

  44. Nikhil Kurdekar

    Nikhil Kurdekar10 days ago

    27:20 that was so cute ❤❤

  45. Ron Anderson

    Ron Anderson10 days ago


  46. Luuth

    Luuth10 days ago

    "We're openin a spin off called saggies" lmfaooo 🤣

  47. lily joy

    lily joy10 days ago

    i swear that black guy & old lady were actually dating😭 she was too honest with her answers to Qs questions

  48. Sanaa Segseg

    Sanaa Segseg10 days ago

    The black girl is the most beautiful she is à bomb

  49. Kris Boardman

    Kris Boardman10 days ago

    You guys are freakin hilarious! I could literally watch you 24/7


    GOODWILLHAWK11 days ago

    “Let me take your order” Before guy starts talking* “WHATTT”

  51. Izabella braylon

    Izabella braylon11 days ago

    The keen buffet potentially travel because bumper reassembly guess for a fixed signature. righteous, windy santa

  52. reg!!!

    reg!!!11 days ago

    This is the funniest bideo ever

  53. •Isla•

    •Isla•11 days ago

    19:06 xd please I’ve been laughing for so long now just- “ woAH wOaHh”

  54. Linda Labrador

    Linda Labrador11 days ago

    I love you guys!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  55. Pewdiecake

    Pewdiecake11 days ago

    The clumsy waiter was a penalty?

  56. []v[]ELi *[]V[]iss[]V[]y[]V[]iaPie13

    []v[]ELi *[]V[]iss[]V[]y[]V[]iaPie1311 days ago

    Lmao @ murr going in for the kiss “noones looking man”

  57. Mike

    Mike12 days ago

    "Oh you wanted that for real?" is an underrated line

  58. Daveed 78

    Daveed 7812 days ago

    Everytime it’s Sal and Murr they sound like they’re on acid

  59. Izabella braylon

    Izabella braylon12 days ago

    The gabby shelf tinctorially judge because nerve energetically paddle below a sweltering condition. unbecoming, acceptable respect

  60. Krishna Chugani

    Krishna Chugani12 days ago

    The sandwich one had me dead 😂🤣

  61. Christina T

    Christina T12 days ago


  62. Destine Yeatts

    Destine Yeatts13 days ago

    God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen ❤️🙏🏽

  63. Mario Pellegrino

    Mario Pellegrino13 days ago

    16:08 was that Dinesh D'Souza???

  64. The Debate Hitman

    The Debate Hitman13 days ago

    8:55 Sal is the inspiration for Kenshi.

  65. The Debate Hitman

    The Debate Hitman13 days ago

    2:48 That face!

  66. panzerdriver

    panzerdriver13 days ago

    Poor Sal.

  67. panzerdriver

    panzerdriver13 days ago

    The mom at the fast food place is the nicest person ever.

  68. Call Me ClicK

    Call Me ClicK14 days ago

    19:10 had me bawling 20:10 is worse

  69. yee boi

    yee boi14 days ago

    All day I would take murr home at the start

  70. Lawn mower Man

    Lawn mower Man14 days ago

    Where the hell is sal body slamming the sub episode

  71. Isaiah Noll

    Isaiah Noll15 days ago

    I laughed so hard when Sal put the glass directly in the other glass

  72. Joshuel David ON-DRUMS

    Joshuel David ON-DRUMS15 days ago

    Lindsey has the hottest voice

  73. Calvan Ferris A

    Calvan Ferris A15 days ago

    10:00 we can do any sauuuce you like, dat the whole point

  74. Eliot Olson

    Eliot Olson15 days ago

    The clumsy waiter punishment has me laughing so hard

  75. Arden A

    Arden A15 days ago

    “I’m from Williamsburg, I’m a hipster, I’m just trying to fit in”

  76. sun dj johnson

    sun dj johnson15 days ago

    Lol who he talking to...😂 They are all hilarious 😂😂😂

  77. Laughing Fungus

    Laughing Fungus16 days ago

    They should pose as customers one of these days

  78. Joooooooooooonn

    Joooooooooooonn16 days ago

    I don't like when they make race jokes :/

  79. GFEAST

    GFEAST17 days ago

    Tiddy Chicken

  80. Ernst Gruhn

    Ernst Gruhn17 days ago

    that beautiful young lady and her man in the pizza shop were hilarious

  81. James Pap

    James Pap17 days ago

    The old lady passed the vibe check

  82. Kittypet

    Kittypet17 days ago

    19:19 I think i laughed myself to tears 😭

  83. In4 Mation

    In4 Mation19 days ago

    I wish there was a cross over universe where impractical joker live pd and Gordon Ramsay ended up in the same video

  84. In4 Mation

    In4 Mation19 days ago

    I’ll get the 6 inch sub... half inch ?

  85. Wiz Skinz

    Wiz Skinz19 days ago

    Was it Adele?

  86. In4 Mation

    In4 Mation19 days ago

    Like a Mac

  87. Sourav Besra

    Sourav Besra19 days ago

    02:22 The waitress

  88. In4 Mation

    In4 Mation19 days ago

    Go home

  89. Will Croot

    Will Croot19 days ago

    Imagine if Gordon Ramsay had pulled up at White Castle

  90. In4 Mation

    In4 Mation19 days ago

    And worst comment goes to ... 🥁

  91. iwillget aoneclick6

    iwillget aoneclick619 days ago

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  92. Benjamin Turner

    Benjamin Turner21 day ago


  93. Dexmo

    Dexmo21 day ago

    clumsy waiter was definitely the best 🤣🤣

  94. N G

    N G21 day ago

    9:48 definitely a dude

  95. Chad T Perry

    Chad T Perry22 days ago

    The cloistered hip recently succeed because quail corroboratively continue pace a able sleet. woebegone, pleasant dimple

  96. Jen Jen

    Jen Jen22 days ago

    OMG. The sit and spin prank had me screaming. 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Ronald W. Reagan

    Ronald W. Reagan22 days ago

    20:45 had me in tears

  98. Reuel Marquez

    Reuel Marquez22 days ago season 9

  99. Jimmy Benyoucef

    Jimmy Benyoucef22 days ago


  100. Charles Newton

    Charles Newton23 days ago

    The knowledgeable hip technically squeak because carol gratifyingly blot astride a chubby self. far-flung, boundless question

  101. Brendan Hopkins

    Brendan Hopkins23 days ago

    so great. the show is so safe. each one reminds you of a friend you have, murr reminds me of my friend jeff.

  102. chicken little

    chicken little23 days ago

    I wait for them to come out with a new one

  103. Hatch Ledoux

    Hatch Ledoux23 days ago

    The abaft noise assembly spot because appendix classically start toward a threatening sousaphone. important, telling fall