That's Why Bees Can Only Sting Once

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You've heard bees only sting once because they don't survive after stinging you. But why is that? The answer to that and more animal facts you didn't know!
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  1. Dark Crystal

    Dark CrystalMinute ago

    The starting part tho- 😂😂😂

  2. Shadow-Fusion

    Shadow-Fusion31 minute ago

    I like when bright side using “bee” pun lol

  3. have goodtime

    have goodtime38 minutes ago


  4. have goodtime

    have goodtime38 minutes ago




    i got stol by a bee

  6. sleepyneko gamingtube

    sleepyneko gamingtube55 minutes ago

    0:01 zzzzzzzz tong!

  7. Krishna Kansara

    Krishna KansaraHour ago

    So she stings us to protect herself but she ultimately dies...sad

  8. sxᴍᴘʟʏ_ ᴀᴋɪ

    sxᴍᴘʟʏ_ ᴀᴋɪHour ago

    Ik i am late- And like don't they die after that?

  9. Dipti Das

    Dipti Das2 hours ago

    I was stung by a bee just in my head

  10. Smooting Relaxing ZONE

    Smooting Relaxing ZONE3 hours ago

    who wanna get hurt from this one?

  11. Fancee snek

    Fancee snek3 hours ago

    I dont like the new Narrator

  12. Sabrina Lambdin

    Sabrina Lambdin4 hours ago

    me when a bee lands on my arm i am going to die

  13. Communism

    Communism4 hours ago

    Bee's: I gave him pain but at what cost...

  14. chad marlo

    chad marlo8 hours ago

    Why queen bees has a mark on there back? Is these an power or survival?

  15. Hoshi Nova

    Hoshi Nova10 hours ago

    Imagine jollibee sting you 😂😂

  16. Leah Fried

    Leah Fried13 hours ago

    Even pigeons are smarter than me 🧠

  17. Leah Fried

    Leah Fried14 hours ago

    Goal 🥅 ⚽️ Lionel Messi really impressive 😒

  18. Leah Fried

    Leah Fried14 hours ago

    I’ve never 👎 BEEn stung by a 🐝 get it 😂

  19. Inferno Playz

    Inferno Playz17 hours ago

    I like honey and bees

  20. Ethan Gabriel Caridad

    Ethan Gabriel CaridadDay ago

    Ive been watching many insects videos and bees look cool

  21. Snxw_bxnnies X

    Snxw_bxnnies XDay ago

    Imagine if 1,000,000,000,000 bees stung u😳😳😳😳

  22. Maria Francisco

    Maria FranciscoDay ago




    a bees sting me

  24. Babygirl Suzzy

    Babygirl SuzzyDay ago

    I’m scared of bees

  25. Adam The Purrfect YT

    Adam The Purrfect YT2 days ago

    Wait, you guys are getting stung by bees?

  26. Kaden Anderson

    Kaden Anderson2 days ago

    They could survive, if you let them get out all by themselves, they could get out with the stinger and live.

  27. LiZer0

    LiZer02 days ago

    I have never been sting by a bee what dose it feel like

  28. Kion123

    Kion1232 days ago

    i destroyed a bee hive with my friends before

  29. Abz Ahmed

    Abz Ahmed2 days ago

    Umm I never been stung but I’m scared of them XD

  30. Natalia Slugocki ( Student )

    Natalia Slugocki ( Student )2 days ago

    because of this video I don't care if i get stung by a bee XD

  31. Jack Kelly

    Jack Kelly2 days ago

    Me:*watching video* My brain:T R Ö N K

  32. Blake Wang

    Blake Wang2 days ago

    I been stung by a bee before

  33. Endless Jai

    Endless Jai2 days ago

    did he said bees are annmails

  34. Westbury Stream

    Westbury Stream2 days ago

    That makes no sense because you said “thats why bees can only sting once” and this is not about insects it’s about bees

  35. sptheban

    sptheban3 days ago

    my favrete is the bumble bee

  36. Albeeda Ali

    Albeeda Ali3 days ago

    I am allergic to bees ants and jep

  37. Angelyn Teo

    Angelyn Teo3 days ago

    bee! kv-44

  38. Saul Savelis

    Saul Savelis3 days ago

    video about 1 min info, but he managed to bulshit for almost 7 min..unsubscribed

  39. Ofelia Dionela

    Ofelia Dionela3 days ago

    Bee 🐝 is friendly it sting you if you hurt .It make honey by taking polen in flowers 🌷

  40. Gian

    Gian3 days ago

    Then cartoon bees would be invincible

  41. Adarsh Katariya

    Adarsh Katariya3 days ago


  42. Biolumen the catfox

    Biolumen the catfox3 days ago

    Guys we should protect bees!!!! 🐝 they are important! Without them we will have no more juicy fruits or healthy O2! Don’t get bees mad!! If they sting you they’ll die! 🐝 ❤️🌹 🌸 🌺

  43. Debra Dagnan

    Debra Dagnan3 days ago

    1:14 Mmmmmmmmm Chheeeeese :D

  44. Kev Diamond

    Kev Diamond3 days ago

    Bees can technically sting infinite times if you don’t move while it spins and removes its stinger

  45. Suheeb Isman

    Suheeb Isman3 days ago

    Even bees flap their wings 200 times per second

  46. ThunderShadowBreaker

    ThunderShadowBreaker4 days ago

    ______________________ ______________________

  47. ThunderShadowBreaker

    ThunderShadowBreaker4 days ago

    ° ° ______________

  48. Caryn Siminoff

    Caryn Siminoff4 days ago

    Mosquitoes are just big bully’s

  49. Abigail Allen

    Abigail Allen4 days ago

    Mine stung I needed ice 🧊

  50. Ghost Tree

    Ghost Tree4 days ago

    not me

  51. King of Football

    King of Football4 days ago

    I’m never gone mess with a bee with again I want them to live

  52. lollkiz

    lollkiz4 days ago

    I knew that from the start!

  53. MineMasterAjay Gaming

    MineMasterAjay Gaming4 days ago

    He’s just trying to say that the stinger has barbs and the stinger falls off because the barbs

  54. kakay Ney

    kakay Ney4 days ago


  55. Kerry Moore

    Kerry Moore4 days ago

    i love cats i love cats

  56. Fio Diaz

    Fio Diaz4 days ago

    When I was playing on the swimming pool, my bro got stung by a bee and had some honey on his scrape

  57. Emmanuella Marseille

    Emmanuella Marseille4 days ago


  58. Pelaelo Sesi

    Pelaelo Sesi4 days ago


  59. Jason YJS_xoxo

    Jason YJS_xoxo4 days ago

    I see, so that's why Adam's stinger from Bee movie dissappeared...

  60. AntonioS 24726

    AntonioS 247265 days ago


  61. Piggy Master

    Piggy Master5 days ago

    I have never been stung bye a bee

  62. Gamer Kesler

    Gamer Kesler5 days ago

    nice ont i didnt know that i was great you are bee ing a legend

  63. Tiara's World

    Tiara's World5 days ago

    I never go stung by a bee.

  64. Marten Raudemetsa

    Marten Raudemetsa5 days ago

    Luke Davidson facts explsined same thing in 19 seconds.

  65. rexhep sherifi

    rexhep sherifi5 days ago


  66. Dy1an_bro_ gaming

    Dy1an_bro_ gaming5 days ago

    The thumbnail is not a bee

  67. Skye Martinez

    Skye Martinez5 days ago

    never been stung

  68. Wh1teLeaf

    Wh1teLeaf5 days ago

    Bee-fore I say this, I want you to bee yourself and you don’t have to bee anyone else. Bee-ware!

  69. Chili Boy

    Chili Boy5 days ago

    ok how do the killer bee live when they sting if they see people they have one Sting only???

  70. dionBG

    dionBG5 days ago

    I love bee but they hurts me😭

  71. Tim Lucher

    Tim Lucher5 days ago

    Have been stung once

  72. Tritin Davis

    Tritin Davis5 days ago

    tell me this playing with your freinds then get stung would you care if they die

  73. Jamie Donnenfeld

    Jamie Donnenfeld5 days ago

    I been stung by 31 bees a bee hive 31 times stung

  74. Sejdi Mecani

    Sejdi Mecani5 days ago

    Mabye squirrels run away from their enemies on zic zac beacuse they want to confuse the enemey I dont know

  75. Sudden_sup

    Sudden_sup5 days ago

    Are u going through puberty?

  76. Thea Umotoy

    Thea Umotoy5 days ago

    squirrels not trying to get sniped :D

  77. gamemer

    gamemer5 days ago

    I saw all of this in just 20 seconds, I don't need a 7 minute video

  78. M4NRXJ

    M4NRXJ5 days ago


  79. Jimmy the bee And Timmy the earthworm

    Jimmy the bee And Timmy the earthworm5 days ago

    Ded bee

  80. Jimmy the bee And Timmy the earthworm

    Jimmy the bee And Timmy the earthworm5 days ago


  81. Jimmy the bee And Timmy the earthworm

    Jimmy the bee And Timmy the earthworm5 days ago


  82. Louis Khor

    Louis Khor6 days ago

    Poor bee ☹️

  83. demoman gaming

    demoman gaming6 days ago

    If dani became 50 stronger than his bones he could carry YOUR MOM

  84. Garry Balahadia

    Garry Balahadia6 days ago

    bee stings hurt

  85. TexTube

    TexTube6 days ago

    the puns

  86. Steven Grant

    Steven Grant6 days ago

    Remember!!!! This article is not correct. Left alone a honey bee can and will pull it’s stinger out to keep living. I do wish people who publish articles like this would consult experts on the subject before posting this to millions.

  87. Steven Grant

    Steven Grant6 days ago

    Furthermore, without the Queen the hive would perish. The colony must be “ Queen right”

  88. C&C MlBB Gaming

    C&C MlBB Gaming6 days ago

    I did not know this i have not seen a real bee yet but they are annoying and this video makes me sad :(

  89. pabitra das

    pabitra das6 days ago

    Air ship in among us

  90. Siddhant Mulay

    Siddhant Mulay6 days ago

    We Saw Your Video In School. We Were Learning About Bees My Teachers Liked It.

  91. Zach OA

    Zach OA6 days ago

    He keeps on getting new voices not in a bad way

  92. Lander Vrijdaghs

    Lander Vrijdaghs6 days ago

    Its a sucuide mission

  93. linda he

    linda he6 days ago

    for the bee?

  94. Anthony

    Anthony6 days ago

    Dem fax doe

  95. IxZiX 98

    IxZiX 986 days ago


  96. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue6 days ago

    "We've all been there before" Me: ;-;.... I've only been bitten by mosquitoes-

  97. Ella Corgi

    Ella Corgi6 days ago

    Thank you captain obvious

  98. Andria Allen

    Andria Allen6 days ago

    😗😗😗😗 now I know whats on my forehead 😗😗😗😗

  99. Tochi Anthony

    Tochi Anthony6 days ago


  100. Neyani Youngdeer

    Neyani Youngdeer6 days ago

    I’m not

  101. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue6 days ago


  102. Michael Robbel

    Michael Robbel6 days ago

    I got atacked by 20 Bees