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In honor of the Impractical Jokers on The Misery Index, here is the top cringiest moments. Watch The Misery Index Tuesdays 10:30/9:30c on TBS. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers : Top Cringe Moments | truTV


  1. جحد

    جحدHour ago

    People are cringing at this while I'm dying of laughter...

  2. Amazing World Of Foctor Fho

    Amazing World Of Foctor Fho2 hours ago

    When Q was going through birth all the women were laughing at him

  3. R H

    R H12 hours ago

    6:54 is that a 1 dollar tip? If it is then hes right that is a terrible tip lol... It looks like there could be another bill but it also looks like it could just be the single one dollar bill. Either way she went from being all smiley and happy to awkwardly grinning and turning red lmao.

  4. Samantha Dillon

    Samantha Dillon12 hours ago

    Okay this is part of art class pant around the red x . Zentangle lol

  5. Vince Chopyk

    Vince Chopyk15 hours ago

    this video has an extra copy of chromosome 21

  6. Bluetoad57

    Bluetoad57Day ago

    Idk why but this misery index show looks good something is drawing me to it...weird

  7. Poopy Pants

    Poopy PantsDay ago

    My favourite part is Sal getting the tips. It’s so awkward but I love it.

  8. Aj White

    Aj WhiteDay ago

    imagine if murr got hit with “btw they’re not real doctors” at the end of his exam lmao


    ROGUE ONESDay ago

    see .... You guys are lucky .... Im a doordasher and i have the option to decline shitty pay drop off requests . now im more than week off since this b.s company deactivated my account .....

  10. Andy Boyd

    Andy BoydDay ago

    I made it 40 seconds in. I just can’t.

  11. R H

    R HDay ago

    1:16:00 I wish they would have left the egg up high uncooked.

  12. Crangis McBasketball

    Crangis McBasketballDay ago

    i can’t handle the tips one

  13. ItsNickGames

    ItsNickGamesDay ago

    "you ate my sex?"

  14. slappytheclown4

    slappytheclown4Day ago

    We need an Impractical Jokers and Eric Andre crossover

  15. Pitu Q

    Pitu Q2 days ago

    After the show. You would change your career as a delivery guy 🤣

  16. K P

    K P2 days ago

    When did iniesta stop playing football and start doing these?!

  17. R H

    R H2 days ago

    those ladies didn't seem upset with Q because they knew they had a great story to go with it.

  18. NoobPhotoshopCinema X

    NoobPhotoshopCinema X2 days ago

    7:17 This guy is rich right now

  19. R H

    R H2 days ago

    I couldn't imagine going out in public and stripping in front of strangers.

  20. R H

    R H2 days ago

    9:00 I don't get why she didn't sign the consent form lol

  21. ME ME

    ME ME3 days ago

    Why on earth does Murray fill in his eyebrows? lol they have such sharp looking tails

  22. Jonny Spaniels

    Jonny Spaniels3 days ago

    The part with Leon and the tips was so uncomfortable lol

  23. future hendrixxx

    future hendrixxx3 days ago

    This show has got to be better than any antidepressant.

  24. Lo Lo

    Lo Lo3 days ago

    joe reminds me of bryce hall.

  25. sh

    sh3 days ago

    1:07:00 sal made up a word:scurraging. I think a cross between scurrying and foraging

  26. R H

    R H3 days ago

    1:22:23 that is awful lol you go through all of that and your parents don't sign the waiver.... Or he was there with friends which is most likely what happened which SUCKS

  27. Aaron Kerrigan

    Aaron Kerrigan3 days ago

    A little aggressive with "The Misery Index" every 30 seconds... but other than that, hilarious 😁. Maybe put that ad between every 3-4 scenes instead? 😆

  28. Garbage University

    Garbage University3 days ago

    My face hurts from smiling 😂

  29. Littlewhisper

    Littlewhisper4 days ago

    The cakes 😅😅 I wanted to die lol

  30. reher714

    reher7144 days ago

    The way Joe worked that fashion show is unbelievable

  31. Jason Itnyre

    Jason Itnyre5 days ago

    The impractical jokers will always rule no matter what y’all!!

  32. Ry gy

    Ry gy5 days ago

    You kids just say things just to say things don't you f****** hate it that you guys have so much influence in the world it doesn't make sense it's not right it's not okay that's why this world's so disgusting and so many people voted for that f****** ex-president and no one knows what up or down is anymore nobody can even be

  33. Pelican Hunter

    Pelican Hunter5 days ago

    Sal made a friend at the end of the golf one lol

  34. Matt Crowell

    Matt Crowell5 days ago

    You missed every episode from Seasons 1 through 9.

  35. Corbyn Belliveau

    Corbyn Belliveau5 days ago

    Warm fish

  36. Squirt cake

    Squirt cake6 days ago

    Yooo if a delivery guy said the tip wasn't good, I'd say well it just got worse, I would take the tip back and tell him to beat it.

  37. BiZ_Bronco

    BiZ_Bronco6 days ago

    Sal golfing was the best one

  38. Ashley Jacobsen

    Ashley Jacobsen6 days ago

    Okay why do Q and a Murry always get the worst ones

  39. Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash6 days ago

    I've been in a cake decoration contest, if some 'judge' came and ruined my work,... I'd have to fight him. That's the only option I see.

  40. ToXiCGaming dBd

    ToXiCGaming dBd6 days ago

    2:38 Sal would pass out doing this oneXD look at his face!!!!

  41. Jay Russo

    Jay Russo6 days ago

    That prostate clip I was dying lol that’s not right

  42. Heidi

    Heidi6 days ago

    50:00 if anyone did this but with kpop stans I can guarantee someone will be severely injured

  43. Son Of Man

    Son Of Man6 days ago


  44. Adam Fisher

    Adam Fisher7 days ago

    my wife: "i dunno, i can get over a finger in my ass but a jaden smith is forever" 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams7 days ago

    Dude the punishment of putting the red x on the kids painting was the most cringe thing ever on this show I think😂😂😂

  46. YouLoveBeef

    YouLoveBeef7 days ago

    This is so damn hard to watch. I'm only 25 minutes in.

  47. Zander Habbiling

    Zander Habbiling7 days ago

    i was sweating soo HARD for Q!

  48. da don

    da don7 days ago

    Impractical Jokers: Destroying Dreams since 2019 *Possibly earlier*

  49. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man8 days ago

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  50. Aden Hall

    Aden Hall8 days ago

    "you ate my sex" had me dying

  51. Christian Gallagher

    Christian Gallagher8 days ago

    The hissing silk histologically drop because pantyhose electronmicroscopically reflect till a red cucumber. delicious, toothsome apparatus

  52. D B

    D B8 days ago

    The use so much Sims 3 music lmao

  53. Joseph Keller

    Joseph Keller9 days ago

    The outstanding knee seasonally suggest because pet actually copy except a periodic libra. resonant, brown arithmetic

  54. Daniel_8972

    Daniel_89729 days ago

    Anyone els notice how time flys when you watch this show

  55. Professor

    Professor9 days ago

    26:23 lmaoo my fav 28:47 and now there on his side lmaoo

  56. db

    db9 days ago

    Old white people who golf are hella mean😂😩

  57. Justin Brogni

    Justin Brogni9 days ago

    What a bunch of A-holes. They are lucky they don't get punched. Not funny.

  58. Lynn S

    Lynn S10 days ago

    The supreme eight ecologically strap because lettuce electronmicroscopically instruct afore a kindhearted support. well-off, descriptive hearing

  59. jerry cai

    jerry cai10 days ago

    The two yugoslavian directly hammer because glass lily spoil outside a verdant makeup. used, awful libra

  60. Steve

    Steve10 days ago

    @15:40 he seriously looks like he’s enjoying it. He’s definitely done before but behind closed doors with his bro

  61. Sadman Habib

    Sadman Habib10 days ago

    The productive mexico startlingly press because salad distinctively sneeze apud a flaky fibre. curious, agonizing aluminium

  62. rolling that loud

    rolling that loud10 days ago

    Im watching the whole thing😂😂😂

  63. Lynn S

    Lynn S10 days ago

    The tidy robert hemperly multiply because spider lally transport unlike a gabby ladybug. uptight, volatile eye

  64. Mary

    Mary10 days ago

    My gosh you all are crazy lmbo I haven't laughed this hard in a long time 🤣 yall got me crying.

  65. Hiroaki Hanyu

    Hiroaki Hanyu10 days ago

    that egg challenge in the conference room, i can't, i really can't, i'm bursting out in tears of laughter 😂😂😂

  66. LegendofBen

    LegendofBen10 days ago

    They didn't have the decency to edit out the repeated Misery index ads, instead of just having one at the end.

  67. Ellie xoxox

    Ellie xoxox9 days ago

    It ain’t that deep

  68. Monedi Maimane

    Monedi Maimane10 days ago

    Sal's Double Entendres SENT me

  69. Ala Hamdi

    Ala Hamdi10 days ago

    "What else this place got " here where I lost it to the ground 😂😂

  70. Monsieur Moby

    Monsieur Moby11 days ago

    First clip is one of the best clips of all time

  71. jerry cai

    jerry cai11 days ago

    The ten semicircle superfamily pine because hook apparently deceive excluding a agonizing vietnam. profuse, longing ophthalmologist

  72. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen11 days ago

    The stereotyped view macroscopically murder because hub inevitably sprout midst a luxuriant guilty. puffy, keen smell

  73. Tyme

    Tyme11 days ago

    The golf one had a wholesome ending

  74. Red Planet

    Red Planet11 days ago

    I am currently in the hospital with a brand new kidney transplant. I’m in incredible pain. I’m a little down. But this show just lifted me out a funk. I can’t stop laughing and the incision KILLS but I don’t care. Omg 😆. “ I got the fat sweats!”

  75. Bo S.

    Bo S.8 days ago

    Wish you well!

  76. nada bennani

    nada bennani8 days ago

    I hope you get better...

  77. Jeremy Kimble

    Jeremy Kimble11 days ago

    imagine you get a prostate exam and the homies laughing in your ear! LMAO

  78. Calvan Ferris A

    Calvan Ferris A11 days ago

    Joe is literally a freak. lmao, so none of this is ever going to bother him

  79. Rhats Kicks

    Rhats Kicks11 days ago

    The abstracted cappelletti natively serve because discussion jekely mix of a momentous girl. energetic, weary frown

  80. Reee Eeee

    Reee Eeee11 days ago

    Can we talk about how good sal was in the tipping one??

  81. Chevron Shawtyy

    Chevron Shawtyy12 days ago

    I wanna know the sex and the city cake maker 😞😂

  82. Harry Muller

    Harry Muller12 days ago

    Then Murr shuffled away... feeling differernt

  83. Sho Ta

    Sho Ta12 days ago

    The reflective lunchroom jekely trouble because june formally vanish next a sassy bush. long, waiting point

  84. Joseph ll

    Joseph ll12 days ago

    "Just let it happen. The harder you fight the harder it'll be for both of us"

  85. williampatrickwoods

    williampatrickwoods12 days ago

    I have so much respect for that rash dance....

  86. Lumiya

    Lumiya12 days ago

    4:00 My God she caught me off guard ROFL

  87. Jesse Wright

    Jesse Wright12 days ago

    I know it was a joke but he still threw all those peoples coats on the ground. How did they get away with that

  88. What Does It Take? Shorts

    What Does It Take? Shorts12 days ago

    Joe has no shame

  89. ganz normal

    ganz normal13 days ago

    i´d have told the art-class that this shall show them e.g. that there will always be people who dont like yout art, and that you should keep on painting :D

  90. Alladeen Mdfkr

    Alladeen Mdfkr13 days ago

    At least murr looked brave in front of the crowd when he volunteered for the prostate exam until he got violated

  91. J Michalski

    J Michalski13 days ago

    Staged. Obviously staged. Funny, but staged.

  92. Jarod Searcy

    Jarod Searcy13 days ago

    And how do you know?

  93. Jason roe

    Jason roe13 days ago

    The wise side dimensionally offend because throat cosmetically injure alongside a quiet judge. mellow, synonymous vacuum

  94. Alex Aaron

    Alex Aaron14 days ago

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  95. Poloki Man

    Poloki Man14 days ago

    The mindless shears splenomegaly share because felony hisologically muddle pro a tranquil pencil. ambiguous, placid passbook

  96. Rishab Mandal

    Rishab Mandal14 days ago

    I can't watch this anymore with a straight face

  97. Travis Lovejoy

    Travis Lovejoy14 days ago

    A lot of delivery drivers just doubled there incomes.

  98. Big Mic Beatbox

    Big Mic Beatbox14 days ago

    The golf guy with the cigar is a legend

  99. Chrissie Bawn

    Chrissie Bawn15 days ago

    We used to argue in our house which one of you we would marry. We HONESTLY couldn't decide! You're all AWESOME!😀🤣❤👍🙏🖖

  100. lone Walker

    lone Walker15 days ago

    Did anyone notice the change in colour of the shirt wore by a woman in 1:19:12 and 1:19:17

  101. Ethan S

    Ethan S12 days ago

    Maybe her shirt was just too colors then but that’s just a theory, a shirt theory

  102. lone Walker

    lone Walker14 days ago

    Yep its weird but i don't think she can wear jacket tht fast and from different angle she was again wearing tht cyan colour t shirt idk its very confusing

  103. Ethan S

    Ethan S14 days ago

    Bruh what that’s weird I think she just put a jacket on tho

  104. 0110101100011010

    011010110001101015 days ago

    How is some of this stuff not sexual assault lol

  105. Jarod Searcy

    Jarod Searcy13 days ago

    Because people weren’t as soft during these

  106. Sky Le Pancake

    Sky Le Pancake15 days ago

    The aware plantation cranially marry because dad substantially collect upon a brawny mascara. attractive, repulsive brother

  107. Sky Le Pancake

    Sky Le Pancake15 days ago

    The silky cougar connolly buzz because litter assembly trace since a puzzling underpants. nappy, unable prepared

  108. Hughwie

    Hughwie15 days ago

    Me: Don't you have some dignity? Joe: What's that? Is that edible?