Showing the Barber a Pic of Longer Hair and Saying I want That

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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Beautiful wakeboarding
0:23 Asking People if I can cut in line, holding one item
1:24 Chaining a bike high on fence
2:00 Ice cream cooler
2:35 Trying to start dirt bike
2:55 Balance board
3:11 A lot of exhausts
3:31 My lovely assistant
4:01 Catching a banana in mouth
4:29 Blinds
5:19 Showing barber a pic of longer hair
8:37 Hover boards
9:02 Apple trick
9:43 Stroller
10:02 Neighbor’s note
10:36 Pushing dirt bike
11:00 Trick shots
11:33 Dad trouble


  1. Vlog Creations

    Vlog CreationsMonth ago

    0:02 Beautiful wakeboarding 0:23 Asking People if I can cut in line, holding one item 1:24 Chaining a bike high on fence 2:00 Ice cream cooler 2:35 Trying to start dirt bike 2:55 Balance board 3:11 A lot of exhausts 3:31 My lovely assistant 4:01 Catching a banana in mouth 4:29 Blinds 5:19 Showing barber a pic of longer hair 8:37 Hover boards 9:02 Apple trick 9:43 Stroller 10:02 Neighbor’s note 10:36 Pushing dirt bike 11:00 Trick shots 11:33 Dad trouble

  2. Run The Highway

    Run The Highway18 hours ago

    I did the haircut joke, pulled up an afro and the barber laughed instantly

  3. SherlocK

    SherlocK8 days ago

    reminds of GTA SA

  4. President Elect El Chapo Guzman

    President Elect El Chapo Guzman8 days ago

    I want mustard infused mashed potato or margarine disguised as banana flavor ice cream and broccoli or spinach flavored sprinkles, maybe union or garlic, no 2 minute segments this time! I want sacrifices, victims, many victims, 5-10 minutes of victims, no victims, no glory.

  5. True KicKBacK

    True KicKBacK23 days ago

  6. Sadiya Akter

    Sadiya Akter28 days ago

    Jhmmukuyyhhjuuh blll

  7. Toaster

    Toaster16 hours ago


  8. Felix Legend

    Felix Legend22 hours ago


  9. Lenny Roman

    Lenny RomanDay ago

    That laddy is stupid she said I'm not following you

  10. John Lowell

    John LowellDay ago

    Does no one in Florida wear a fucking mask lol

  11. Light Yagami

    Light Yagami2 days ago

    That guy said you are looking at three months? Yeah three months Times three

  12. Skodewarde Tanteecloos

    Skodewarde Tanteecloos2 days ago

    5:38 this guy said three months to grow that??

  13. Felix Bech Jensen

    Felix Bech Jensen2 days ago

    try ordering a cheeseburger in drive in and drive back and say you are missing the top of the burger and then lay it on the roof of the car

  14. Zach Briggs

    Zach Briggs2 days ago

    buy grass sod peices and park on grass infront of signs that say not to

  15. Josh Greener

    Josh Greener3 days ago

    Cutting someone's hair and giving them a wig

  16. ShinruXL

    ShinruXL3 days ago

    Dude think he at a gta 5 barber shop

  17. Purple Yam

    Purple Yam3 days ago

    Put “try me” stickers on peoples asses

  18. Juan Fto

    Juan Fto3 days ago

    Just water the hair bro😂😭

  19. FordPlays

    FordPlays4 days ago

    I can send you a new shade for that winder (owner of a blinds and shutter business) just let me know :D

  20. Mari Anguis

    Mari Anguis5 days ago

    Order door dash and when the food gets to you, tell the delivery driver you bought it for them (but leave a good tip)

  21. Clay

    Clay5 days ago

    I'm really upset ross didn't catch the possible time/thyme pun at 6:40 . "Oh Thyme. so like oregano, basil, stuff like that will make it longer?"

  22. UrOnController

    UrOnController5 days ago

    I got a dirtbike I’m willin to give for the channel I’m here in Arcadia

  23. samir razik

    samir razik6 days ago

    How tf does he keep a straight face 😂😂😂

  24. TheDumbGuy

    TheDumbGuy6 days ago

    Huh, this works in gta 5 but not in real life? Weird

  25. Javier Palacio

    Javier Palacio6 days ago

    Can you do this In my brothers barbershop it’s in Bradenton it’s bossmens barbershop

  26. Frank Paul

    Frank Paul4 days ago

    I doubt he does the same prank twice.

  27. prime_ reflex58

    prime_ reflex586 days ago

    I love this you guys are so fucking funny I can't wait to see your newest vids

  28. Dahoo Gamer

    Dahoo Gamer6 days ago

    9:38 me when I forget to upload

  29. Mac Treveiler

    Mac Treveiler6 days ago

    flooded tf out that bike

  30. lilah

    lilah6 days ago

    ok but why doesn’t he ever wear a mask? we’re still in a pandemic

  31. Zman Sway

    Zman Sway3 days ago

    @Frank Paul true

  32. Frank Paul

    Frank Paul4 days ago

    Lol because the masks don’t do anything.

  33. Zman Sway

    Zman Sway5 days ago

    He's in Florida too lol

  34. Zman Sway

    Zman Sway5 days ago

    Lol mk

  35. Wiz Corn

    Wiz Corn7 days ago

    I would give my left nut to be able to do that kind of stuff with a straight face.

  36. Logert Gogert

    Logert Gogert8 days ago

    Did they ever go back for the bike?

  37. Dimitri Rice

    Dimitri Rice8 days ago

    “I don’t do women’s hair”


    KOUSHIK GAMING9 days ago

    Spitting in the mouth is a bit too much, cant unsee now

  39. Bob Plays Roblox

    Bob Plays Roblox10 days ago

    Just me or does Eli look the elf from Christmas chronicles 2 that became a human ;-;

  40. kiwi McDaniels

    kiwi McDaniels10 days ago

    He's got the best laugh 🤣

  41. Kobin Kuzmiak

    Kobin Kuzmiak10 days ago


  42. spafro101

    spafro10112 days ago

    Block my face because no one will recognize my tattoos.

  43. Matt Torres

    Matt Torres12 days ago

    Bro how do u not laugh 😭😭

  44. josh p

    josh p13 days ago

    What size computer monitor is that

  45. Alex Pendergrasd

    Alex Pendergrasd13 days ago

    Not gta5

  46. Hugo Chhoeu

    Hugo Chhoeu13 days ago

    The Apple trick was actually insane

  47. Jake Maybes

    Jake Maybes13 days ago

    U can get longer hair in gta when u go barber shop, maybe gta is partly better than real life 😂😂

  48. TTryler

    TTryler13 days ago

    He’s kinda got a Danny Duncan kinda vibe and it’s amazing

  49. vlad

    vlad13 days ago

    why evryone else is wearing mask and this one guy in the group isnt

  50. Garfield Lasagna

    Garfield Lasagna13 days ago

    “I mean I’m down 180 right now” “No not that weigh” This should not be funny but it is

  51. Brian Jordan

    Brian Jordan14 days ago

    Cole choking the motorcycle had me in tears bro, lmfao

  52. UndyingPlace814

    UndyingPlace81414 days ago

    POV: GTA hair stylist

  53. Phantom's Kit

    Phantom's Kit14 days ago

    I watched this

  54. Rory Shumate

    Rory Shumate14 days ago

    its crazy how i can feel the awkwardness through the video

  55. Zaid Khan

    Zaid Khan15 days ago

    Gta barbers are masters at this.

  56. Sr Julious

    Sr Julious15 days ago

    This isn't GTA he can't do that

  57. Kubaj CZ

    Kubaj CZ16 days ago

    GTA san andreas barber😂

  58. IronWolf 369

    IronWolf 36917 days ago

    How to make your barber cut ur hair longer, tell them you left ur wallet at home after they cut your hair.


    ROGI ROBLES17 days ago

    You guys the best

  60. Spiritual Warrior

    Spiritual Warrior17 days ago

    3:03 well...

  61. Austin Lane

    Austin Lane17 days ago

    ... Well.

  62. imagination astronaut

    imagination astronaut17 days ago

    The haircut part made me laugh so damn hard that’s hilarious

  63. Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL

    Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL18 days ago

    Why did you blurry the lady's face? What an Idiot

  64. Coffin Princess

    Coffin Princess17 days ago

    Bc she wanted her face to be blurred?

  65. Christopher Allison

    Christopher Allison18 days ago

    “What’s the opposite of scissors?”💀

  66. Joshua Amaral

    Joshua Amaral18 days ago

    just thr thumbnail made me allready click like . b4 watching video to funny ross your amazing 👏😄

  67. vauxx0

    vauxx018 days ago


  68. One Flesh Americans

    One Flesh Americans18 days ago

    These guys are the stupid friends I need Classic comedy lmao

  69. Nelson Espinal

    Nelson Espinal19 days ago

    WTF why does the barbershop of the tattooed girl they have Honduran lempiras on the back?? By the way lempiras is Honduras coin

  70. Chicken Little

    Chicken Little19 days ago

    Go to a barber shop and show them a picture of same style hair you have

  71. Angie

    Angie19 days ago

    What's the opposite of scissors 😂

  72. Erik Lutz

    Erik Lutz19 days ago

    what he should have done is show them a picture of his hair when it was long and say "I let it grow for too long and now its too short"

  73. Mango Madness

    Mango Madness19 days ago

    Go into a Tesla dealership, and refuse to believe the vehicles are electric.

  74. DatCheesyCactus

    DatCheesyCactus19 days ago


  75. Alex Wheeler

    Alex Wheeler19 days ago

    You need to leave the bike for a game please

  76. Kaila Jensen

    Kaila Jensen19 days ago

    Every time they show someone with their face blurred I’m always preparing for the worst cause they must have reacted badly or did something they don’t want people knowing it was them lol it makes me nervous idk why

  77. pancakefactory

    pancakefactory19 days ago

    I just want to point out that the staghorn fern on the tree at 4:00 is worth a pretty penny. Absolutely awesome plants to have inside too.

  78. emo haralampiev

    emo haralampiev20 days ago

    Woah I got recommended some older videos of yours, holy shit, you looked amazing with long hair. Too bad these barbers couldn't do it.

  79. Aaron Carver

    Aaron Carver20 days ago

    This guy 🤣

  80. Masons Dragon

    Masons Dragon20 days ago

    Osama Bon Jovi

  81. Durango

    Durango20 days ago

    Lol this was my video idea 😂

  82. CloudBurst

    CloudBurst20 days ago

    Damn how does he keep a straight face

  83. christen .ramos

    christen .ramos20 days ago

    Get girls numbers while having a girl on your Lock Screen/homescreen

  84. L M F A O L.O.L

    L M F A O L.O.L20 days ago

    6:20 I'm not following you... can you at least subscribed to me?

  85. MostDope 317

    MostDope 31721 day ago

    2:32 had me dying So you say you choked it? . puts the dirt bike in a sleeper hold :D

  86. SpazFamily

    SpazFamily21 day ago

    What kind of barber is that

  87. Aiden Aviation

    Aiden Aviation21 day ago

    Steal someone’s spot with a hover board

  88. NotAlike913

    NotAlike91322 days ago

    Can't fking wait until someone asks me for a push start

  89. NotAlike913

    NotAlike91322 days ago

    Me, myself, and Irene lmao

  90. Evan H

    Evan H22 days ago

    How does he keep a straight face every time

  91. Chirriz Wirriz

    Chirriz Wirriz22 days ago

    Lol amazing

  92. Mohammed Ehtesham

    Mohammed Ehtesham22 days ago

    Bruh, in those haircut scenes, I truly discovered the humour this man has. I never expected that he's so good. Hats off man.

  93. 2Kode

    2Kode22 days ago

    Dude thought he was at the barbershop in gta 5


    TOPENDSLIDE23 days ago

    Call a plumber to fix your computer.

  95. Michael Morin

    Michael Morin23 days ago

    How are you not masked up a year in the pandemic?

  96. BallisticFire

    BallisticFire23 days ago

    Maybe hes in a state that has low cases

  97. True KicKBacK

    True KicKBacK23 days ago

  98. Fritz DaCat

    Fritz DaCat23 days ago

    Walking into the barber shop like it's gta 5.

  99. Krissh Sawant

    Krissh Sawant23 days ago

    I wonder how he maintains a straight face 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  100. Democrats Are just nazis

    Democrats Are just nazis24 days ago

    “Make the top longer?” “Yeah” :/


    RYAN JIANG24 days ago

    top notch poker face

  102. Carie Farrenk

    Carie Farrenk24 days ago

    Good video idea put a no pets allowd sign in front of a pet shop

  103. Andi Leigh

    Andi Leigh24 days ago

    How you are able to keep such a straight face, I just don't know 🤣


    ALPHA CLAN24 days ago

    This guy needs to see a GTA barber.

  105. AHHDude

    AHHDude24 days ago


  106. SamDay

    SamDay25 days ago

    Alternative title: getting GTA haircut

  107. Syed Hasnain

    Syed Hasnain25 days ago

    Who else love the stupid things he do 🤚🤚

  108. Shio

    Shio25 days ago

    @Mike Oxlong suggested this 1 month ago

  109. JDLGaming

    JDLGaming25 days ago

    i have a great video idea you fake crash into a car in public (or scrape it) while people are watching and drive off or you take the script from there but u secretly own BOTH CARS LOL

  110. sparten law

    sparten law25 days ago

    How do you keep such a straight face I'm dying laughing at 7:47

  111. Bread Duck

    Bread Duck25 days ago

    try every ice creme flavor in a store, than leave

  112. Vivid!

    Vivid!25 days ago