VENT MONSTER Mod in Among Us

We add a VENT Monster Impostor in Among Us
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  1. Charlie and Sunnymcfunny

    Charlie and Sunnymcfunny55 minutes ago

    why did you go OOOWAAA OOOWAAA OOOWAAA when you got sucked into the vent

  2. Twentyone 2021

    Twentyone 202158 minutes ago

    Every second round in his vidoe's he always be imp

  3. Zachari-Cruz Pantos

    Zachari-Cruz Pantos58 minutes ago

    Is it me or like every time he makes a new video he's the imposter every second round?

  4. KeireneJohannaLevellyn

    KeireneJohannaLevellynHour ago

    do a shape shift mod

  5. Aris 123

    Aris 1233 hours ago

    is fun😂

  6. Clarice Chee

    Clarice Chee3 hours ago

    The grass role:grass will appear in a random room every 10 seconds,if any of the crewmates are in that room,they will die.The impostor can blind crewmates with grass.The impo can also be a grass monster and eat crewmates. Like this so ssundee can see:)

  7. Feesh animator

    Feesh animator3 hours ago


  8. Georges Angelo Muncal

    Georges Angelo Muncal4 hours ago

    You can only report regular bodies not modded ones

  9. Guardian Kraken

    Guardian Kraken6 hours ago

    this one is tied with stranger things for favorite you should combine them

  10. Tamyra LeCompte

    Tamyra LeCompte7 hours ago

    Cyan:hey! Brown:hEy~ Cyan:OH

  11. Crazy4Christ 417

    Crazy4Christ 4178 hours ago

    It’s horrible when’s the last time you brushed your teeth

  12. Big Bike Dad McCann

    Big Bike Dad McCann9 hours ago


  13. Big Bike Dad McCann

    Big Bike Dad McCann9 hours ago

    I did this mod and it went wrong and graded ten times

  14. Jimmy Ruiz

    Jimmy Ruiz9 hours ago


  15. Jimmy Ruiz

    Jimmy Ruiz9 hours ago

    I love Sundays

  16. Jimmy Ruiz

    Jimmy Ruiz9 hours ago


  17. Jimmy Ruiz

    Jimmy Ruiz9 hours ago


  18. Joanne Erriker

    Joanne Erriker10 hours ago


  19. Ægir Ágústsson

    Ægir Ágústsson11 hours ago

    How do you get those mods

  20. Josh Hayat

    Josh Hayat11 hours ago

    SSundee be like: Can we stop playing thi- IMPOSTER SSundee: :o

  21. Caysen Franklin

    Caysen Franklin12 hours ago

    Notch mod Zoom out Gold apple throw Diamond rain Sword minigun And Herobrine is in it to Once notch kills both imposters he can get command block to kill Herobrine

  22. Kerry Davis

    Kerry Davis12 hours ago

    Ben ten more

  23. Alden Rose-Foster

    Alden Rose-Foster13 hours ago

    or a van mod were the imposter could run crewmates over

  24. Alden Rose-Foster

    Alden Rose-Foster13 hours ago

    do a sea monster mod,the sea monster could be like the vent monster mod

  25. Nour Alhasan

    Nour Alhasan13 hours ago

    Is it imposter

  26. MilkManKarl009

    MilkManKarl00915 hours ago

    1:52 When the plant is sus 😳

  27. Smiling

    Smiling16 hours ago

    My friend did.

  28. Smiling

    Smiling16 hours ago

    Anybody see the Blood in the corner?

  29. Eros Alvarez

    Eros Alvarez18 hours ago

    Mas + Sam = sanns

  30. Aleaha Senkyrik

    Aleaha Senkyrik19 hours ago


  31. Nathan Kyle Agapay

    Nathan Kyle Agapay19 hours ago


  32. Krishnaraj KU

    Krishnaraj KU21 hour ago

    ahhhhhh vent monster really scary

  33. Managala Borase

    Managala Borase21 hour ago

    Can you make MHA mod please

  34. Jheyanna Jean Tacaisan

    Jheyanna Jean Tacaisan22 hours ago

    when u spit lookumz infront of mas it's like u get ready he's food🤣

  35. PJ LEE

    PJ LEE23 hours ago

    Is the monster is a kraken?

  36. VK S4

    VK S4Day ago

    Poor ssunde

  37. ꧁ ÅçrylïçΠCrêëd ꧂

    ꧁ ÅçrylïçΠCrêëd ꧂Day ago

    4:00 am I the only one who realized the game code automated to lookum-

  38. Daily dose of shorts

    Daily dose of shortsDay ago


  39. Gabriel Boaghie

    Gabriel BoaghieDay ago

    plz do thor mod

  40. zainab aljishi

    zainab aljishiDay ago

    Sundee what is the app that your in please tell me the app’s name

  41. Trystian Fox

    Trystian FoxDay ago


  42. The Gameur

    The GameurDay ago

    Why are you always impostor at the game 2

  43. William Lee

    William LeeDay ago

    you are always the second imposter

  44. Severn Forward

    Severn ForwardDay ago

    There's a USloftr and a USloftr

  45. Lynette Hampton

    Lynette HamptonDay ago

    The imposter is now scare to go in the vent 😄😄😄

  46. Leftovur

    LeftovurDay ago

    Impostor Mod Idea: U.F.O Mod. You can abduct crewmates and kill them. You can summon aliens around the map to kill crewmates. And finally, you can take over a crewmates brain and they will die.

  47. JJ Trotter

    JJ TrotterDay ago

    Battlebots mod😉

  48. Tre'z Wayz

    Tre'z WayzDay ago

    I love your vids

  49. Sara Hamblin

    Sara HamblinDay ago

    Well loaf and who ever else

  50. Sara Hamblin

    Sara HamblinDay ago

    Bro ssundee your my number 1 favorite USloftr you inspired me to get back into among us thanks bro you make good content and mods

  51. Keith Bicking

    Keith BickingDay ago

    SSundee I'm new

  52. Jason 7

    Jason 7Day ago


  53. Kristin Rector

    Kristin RectorDay ago

    the toxic goo is toxic lol

  54. DaddyOfTheYear

    DaddyOfTheYearDay ago

    mega gega

  55. Kata Jancso

    Kata JancsoDay ago

    cool video

  56. Ella N

    Ella NDay ago

    Do a Karen mod please

  57. Bridget king

    Bridget kingDay ago

    Discarding You want to have a good game together

  58. Arivalaky Jeevathasan

    Arivalaky JeevathasanDay ago

    Imagine misclicking and venting Infront of everyone 😂

  59. Nathan Kyle Agapay

    Nathan Kyle Agapay20 hours ago


  60. Bubblyxbored

    BubblyxboredDay ago

    Among us mod idea:flying mod

  61. Master Killer

    Master KillerDay ago

    The code is lookum

  62. Jeremiah Robertson

    Jeremiah Robertson2 days ago


  63. Jeremiah Robertson

    Jeremiah Robertson2 days ago

    Stop saying bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  64. 8BP Pool

    8BP Pool2 days ago


  65. h i

    h i2 days ago

    SSUNDEE play fanf

  66. Fnafbeast 10

    Fnafbeast 102 days ago

    13:09 wait a minute.... A dead body + a dead body poop thingy and died at the goo and died from abduct 2 bodys!????

  67. Katherine Macaraeg

    Katherine Macaraeg2 days ago


  68. Jacob Kane

    Jacob Kane2 days ago

    Bruh everyone in da comments typing SSundee wrong

  69. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith2 days ago

    You know what that means

  70. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith2 days ago

    He said chewed up and spit out

  71. Robert Stone

    Robert Stone2 days ago

    Fortnite in among us

  72. stickmanPL

    stickmanPL2 days ago


  73. rome warner

    rome warner2 days ago

    *mocks* he got chued up and sput out

  74. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley2 days ago

    OMG 😲is 🤯🥳🤑🤗🤩😍

  75. Djthegamer2

    Djthegamer22 days ago


  76. Flower Channel Do

    Flower Channel Do2 days ago

    SO mean

  77. Bailey Roper

    Bailey Roper2 days ago


  78. Sitlhou Ethan

    Sitlhou Ethan2 days ago


  79. Sumaya Kassim

    Sumaya Kassim2 days ago


  80. Nosleidy Ramirez Barzaga

    Nosleidy Ramirez Barzaga3 days ago


  81. Nosleidy Ramirez Barzaga

    Nosleidy Ramirez Barzaga3 days ago


  82. Leanora Brown

    Leanora Brown3 days ago

    I got a new number that you can do the snail mod the snail mail is where you can go around really slowly you can throw shells at people and there’s more you can trap them in years and you’re still stupid dumb out of your shell and another thing that you can do is where you can speed up and there’s the last line you can please do everywhere so if you think this is a good mind please put it in a game I’ll be so happy I never got this before

  83. RSR

    RSR3 days ago

    hit the like button and make it turn blue XD

  84. Pizza Monster Gamer

    Pizza Monster Gamer3 days ago

    who disliked this i loved it!!!!

  85. khati choun

    khati choun3 days ago

    Like it

  86. CrayCray BeanieBoos

    CrayCray BeanieBoos3 days ago

    When I watch you you make me smile

  87. Amir Aboulesounoun

    Amir Aboulesounoun3 days ago


  88. Mila Ayoubi

    Mila Ayoubi3 days ago

    The vent monster is cool but not the chewing part

  89. Christina Barr

    Christina Barr3 days ago


  90. Like your cut G

    Like your cut G3 days ago


  91. LKI-Division

    LKI-Division3 days ago

    Is that the first time that Ssundee lose a game?

  92. Kiy Mills

    Kiy Mills3 days ago

    Wow that is a funny thing

  93. Sara Kinhikar!

    Sara Kinhikar!3 days ago

    Teachers on zoom: * Puts on we will we will rock you song* Me: they prob put this on because they really do rock us Me: why not watch sundee when he rocks us when we watch his vids lol Ik so confusing lmao

  94. Im Whitt

    Im WhittDay ago

    So much confusion

  95. Im Whitt

    Im WhittDay ago

    What the f*ck are yoo talking about

  96. Esmee Versteeg

    Esmee Versteeg3 days ago


  97. Xingyue 888 YY

    Xingyue 888 YY3 days ago


  98. Luciana Langham

    Luciana Langham4 days ago

    3:24 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐮𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐝.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*

  99. Violent Sponge

    Violent Sponge2 days ago

    Shut up.

  100. John Skinner

    John Skinner4 days ago

    It's atoms to get off your face you're not dumb

  101. Louigrace Fontanilla

    Louigrace Fontanilla4 days ago


  102. BabyBeast

    BabyBeast4 days ago

    1:22 ssundee:”someone just got chewed up and spit out right there” Tilt:”wait where?!?!”


    ZARA GUERRA4 days ago

    This is like one of the ONLY times on camera we see SSundee LOSE as the imposter-

  104. manar saqr

    manar saqr4 days ago

    You sundae