Family identifies 16-year-old girl killed in east Columbus police shooting

Family identifies 16-year-old girl killed in east Columbus police shooting


  1. Eiichiro Oda

    Eiichiro Oda14 hours ago

    its sad because the people protesting are white people and most black people were not even offended. the girl was trying to kill another girl and then she got shot and now there are protests

  2. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    How many of these white protesters would be protesting on behalf of the girl in tank if she was stabbed to death by another black girl?

  3. cubanangel1985

    cubanangel19853 days ago


  4. Calvin jr Spotted Bear

    Calvin jr Spotted Bear3 days ago

    It wasn't unjustly or racist

  5. Calvin jr Spotted Bear

    Calvin jr Spotted Bear3 days ago

    Sorry it was justified. She would have killed another person

  6. Steve Ross

    Steve Ross7 days ago

    And the split seconds before this cop did the right thing what I see is a stupid out of control girl trying to stab somebody in the face or the neck this cop did the right thing he had a split second decision to make and it was the right decision.

  7. Das Wunder von Bernd

    Das Wunder von Bernd9 days ago

    And the white little girls, protesting for criminals. Uff, they are so brainwashed, lost generation.

  8. Mr t

    Mr t9 days ago

    This is a catastrophic event but unfortunately due to the circumstances

  9. Y

    Y10 days ago

    The only guilty in this event was the parents of the teenager Not a kid not a baby. She know what she was doing at that moment. Disgusting parents. Who is the authority in or home parents if the parents don't take actions at first she will still a live.

  10. Chic P

    Chic P11 days ago

    He did not have to shoot her 4 d@m times😒🤨

  11. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had to shoot someone who is literally less than a second away from committee murder? If the answer is no you need to shut the fuck up about how many times he did indeed need to shoot somebody. Thank you and have a good night

  12. Asusa Susa

    Asusa Susa11 days ago

    Why don’t they ever protest the killings in their neighborhoods among black on black crime? The hypocrisy of the mainstream media it’s so shameful and disgusting what they’ll say and do for a fake story.

  13. TheSnoozeFox

    TheSnoozeFox12 days ago

    The media buried this one REAL QUICK lol

  14. Eddie oquendo

    Eddie oquendo12 days ago

    My son was killed stabbed in the Heart by an animal where was the cop I wish you would have been there 24 years old October 11th 2019

  15. Eddie oquendo

    Eddie oquendo12 days ago

    Give the officer a Purple Heart

  16. therealJj

    therealJj12 days ago

    If she's jus a kid y tf u let yur daughter try to stab sb?

  17. Truth Time

    Truth Time12 days ago

    It's ridiculous all the people talking negative about what the shooting victim was doing after being provoked at her home when disrespectful girls came on her turf. Many of us have youngsters in our family who react because dealing with haters is new to them. There are very old mature adults who would shoot someone for having the nerve to pull up in front of their home with disrespect.

  18. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    If so I can see why your community is failing

  19. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    Are you black by chance

  20. kolim jone

    kolim jone12 days ago

    As a black man I can live with the decision of the Officers reaction, although she was a teen, she was armed and super reckless.

  21. Gerardo Flores

    Gerardo Flores12 days ago

    Quit acting like victims stupid people, She had a knife and was willing to kill the girl, the cop did his job!!! To the cop: if you need a house, money or food get in touch with me.

  22. Syth Verza

    Syth Verza12 days ago

    Let’s get her a badge of honor and make her a hero

  23. Jam Dias

    Jam Dias12 days ago

    America has a lot of idiots.

  24. David Green

    David Green12 days ago

    What are they protesting for? There is no reason to protest. The officer did his job.

  25. kolim jone

    kolim jone12 days ago

    These are not reporters journalist, these are agitators.

  26. Caraoke Songs

    Caraoke Songs13 days ago

    Get a job

  27. Caraoke Songs

    Caraoke Songs13 days ago

    Go to work

  28. Tarik Beydoun

    Tarik Beydoun13 days ago

    I understand how other cop related shooting can be interpreted as not necessary to shot to kill. Most of the could’ve ended with out live ammo. But this is the one time where it’s just straight forward necessary. There’s no if ands or buts about it. Cop did the right thing.

  29. EricaYE6

    EricaYE614 days ago

    One less killer walking around. Thanks, Officer!

  30. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt14 days ago

    terrified to shoot any "poc". I'd have to just sit back...

  31. Jawan Bates

    Jawan Bates14 days ago

    If Ma'Khai stab the girl in pink and killed her. Will you still have the same feeling then?

  32. LovemyKLR

    LovemyKLR14 days ago

    So confusing???

  33. Sigourney Adjako

    Sigourney Adjako14 days ago

    Okay who is here is black and says that the fight could have been stopped earlier , that the cop did what he could,it was a moment of thinking fast ,that she was trying to stab the girl infront of the cop He could have used a taser🤔 ,He could have shot her is the leg but could not because it's hard when you are really fast Now is not the time to bring race in it for some people It didn't have to end this way but RIP

  34. John Q

    John Q14 days ago


  35. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt14 days ago

    Misguided people out in the streets protesting against the unfortunate shooting of Makhia Bryant...that was justified. The people should be celebrating the life that was saved.

  36. Yusuf G.

    Yusuf G.14 days ago

    Do these idiots not watch the body cam footage? That situation was completely justified, go home you clowns, stop looting the streets at a moments notice

  37. Yard Dog

    Yard Dog14 days ago

    This is proof that cops have been placed in an unmanageable position. All cops should resign.

  38. seavpal

    seavpal15 days ago

    There's no better propaganda possible for the extreme right, than holding a BLM march for a person who was shot while (seemingly) attempting to murder another black person and the media discribing an enraged knife wielding attacker as a straight-A honor roll student/16 yo girl.

  39. mbross

    mbross15 days ago

    One less idiot thanks Columbus police...

  40. Ave Aguila

    Ave Aguila15 days ago

    These are not reporters journalist, these are agitators.

  41. kathy mcallister

    kathy mcallister15 days ago

    those people protesting this shooting has proven what i have said time and time again blm only care about people killed by police. dang this gril was in the process of trying to stab another black girl

  42. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish15 days ago

    A JOKE!

  43. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty15 days ago

    Dad- she was the best kid I ever had also Dad - stomping kids head on video

  44. Aight Boi

    Aight Boi15 days ago

    Police should have the right to shoot anyone joining that insurrection, all of them are traitors

  45. isacc brown

    isacc brown15 days ago

    This is stupid it was her fault she was about to stab people the officer told her four times to stand down she got shot she paid for it and no you can't call me racist it's how the US work sick people called the cops on her even if she is black and she trying to stab someone and the officer told her to stay down she gets shot does it matter she doesn't need this entire protest the cop was in the right and I don't need to say it again

  46. David Grable

    David Grable15 days ago

    taser isn't always affective. It's a shame she had to die but those are facts. Cop did the right thing. He saved the girl in pinks life. People like you can easily say use a taser cuz your not there it's different. If the cop didn't use force and the girl in pink died you'd protest the cop didn't do enough to stop the girl with the knife but now you say no they should disregard that and protect the girl who's the aggressor. Either way most of you would just complain.

  47. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty15 days ago

    think he could have talked sense into the girl with a knife?? And no it was not self defense once the cop arrived period! She knew he was there and she still tried to stab the gi

  48. note book

    note book15 days ago

    Good for the officer he put down a rabid dog

  49. A W

    A W15 days ago

    I'm all for Black Lives Matter, HOWEVER, let's NOT pretend the young lady that was killed didn't have a knife and was not about to slice and dice the other young black girl like some tomatoes. It is so sad and unfortunate that another young person was killed, but COME ON NOW...he saved another life in the process. This is an ACTUAL JUSTIFIABLE shooting 🤷🏽‍♀️

  50. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    Anyone who is all for black lives matter is an idiot

  51. Stanlyn

    Stanlyn15 days ago

    Misguided people out in the streets protesting against the unfortunate shooting of Makhia Bryant...that was justified. The people should be celebrating the life that was saved.


    ROGER DAVID SMITH15 days ago

    What if the girl with the knife was WHITE????

  53. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    What if she waz?

  54. chris882211

    chris88221114 days ago

    It wouldn't be national news. THAT is the difference


    ROGER DAVID SMITH15 days ago

    Of course she would get shot,if with only seconds to save another life. Cop probably didn't have time to look at her baby pictures,

  56. Waidens

    Waidens15 days ago

    she would get shot too. dont be hypocrite here. someone's life was in danger and someone jst got killed because of their stupid action. stop this whataboutism

  57. AnthonyRay Slaughter

    AnthonyRay Slaughter15 days ago

    America must take responsibility for broken families do to slavery . Help black families become more educated , management of emotions an economics . Don’t point help , we need a United America

  58. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    Right any family that has been broken up due to slavery the US should take responsibility for.. Fortunately slavery ended in 1865 and there are no living former slaves or direct And immediate family members

  59. Crazy Larry

    Crazy Larry15 days ago

    Cops and city officials are concerned about a handful of Black protestors. Just know that you’ll have an army of White protestors if they indict this cop

  60. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    I wish that were true but you and I both know it's not

  61. Crazy Larry

    Crazy Larry15 days ago

    Black Knives Mattee

  62. Felix Bama

    Felix Bama15 days ago

    You guys should go home educate,raise the kids properly..honestly did you guys watch the video?that lady was about to kill more than one person.Rip to that little girl

  63. Dr. Dumbfinger

    Dr. Dumbfinger15 days ago

    How about let the girl stab 2 other girls first? DeFuND tHe P0liCE!!!!!!!

  64. thedepositor

    thedepositor15 days ago

    Legitimate shooting by the police.

  65. Danny F

    Danny F16 days ago

    That is a racist gathering, shame on their anti white gathering.

  66. Loser Gaming

    Loser Gaming16 days ago

    “She had some kind of device in her hand” this dude dumb as hell. Like what you mean a knife is some alien device. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Lynnette Dixon

    Lynnette Dixon16 days ago

    Y he don’t have her age right🤷🏽‍♀️. She was 16 not 15 & what about that arrogant cop stating BLUE Lives matter to the family members after she was shot 4 times which that’s too many shots to her🤷🏽‍♀️😡. Why so many 🤷🏽‍♀️😡

  68. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    Ask for it being too many I will ask you this period have you ever had to shoot someone who was literally a split 2nd from committing murder? If the answer is no you should probably shut the fluck up

  69. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    When did a cop's a blue lives matter. Yeah that never happened

  70. Morris Jordan

    Morris Jordan16 days ago

    Some ppl say that she had the knife for self defense. But self defense only to use a weapon if someone gotta weapon on you, an you fighting them, an over power them & take the weapon from them. Then you have right to use the weapon to protect yourself, an to kill that person.


    RTNBRAT16 days ago

    Apparently the fact that he saved the black girl wearing pink is nothing to all the cop haters. Her life didn’t matter to any of you huh?! Doesn’t matter that he saved a black life to anyone?? The knife girl was already swinging the knife to stab that girl. Officer had already verbally been telling everyone to stop and they ignored him. What makes any of you think he could have talked sense into the girl with a knife?? And no it was not self defense once the cop arrived period! She knew he was there and she still tried to stab the girl. Is your eyes broken? Your brain broken? You are all completely insane if you think for a second that this wasn’t justified. Maybe don’t try to stab someone in front of the cops and you live. Better yet, maybe don’t try to stab anyone at all!

  72. Raquel Torres

    Raquel Torres16 days ago

    Why did he shoot her 4 times though! Regardless if she had a knife, why shoot her 4 times!!???? THIS WAS AN EXECUTION!!!!

  73. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    I won't ask you the same question I ask every other idiot who said it was too many shots. Have you ever had to shoot someone who was literally 2nd away from committing murder? If your answer is no you should probably shut the fluck up

  74. c minor

    c minor16 days ago

    you want defunding?defend yourselves. you are going to stab each other to death? let them kill each other then! police should not be called by people who try to assault one another and then try to blame the officer who tried to stop this mentally ill, murderous individual. protect yourself. stop calling the police!

  75. 아줌마하와이

    아줌마하와이16 days ago

    Please share with us exactly what was “so confusing” and “so hard to understand” about the video? She was literally mid-stab and that’s why she was shot or no? 🤷‍♀️

  76. Душан Ристић

    Душан Ристић16 days ago

    Officer did what he needed to do to protect a BLACK girl holding a puppy. Makiya Bryant wasnt in self-defence, she was attacking others. Officer maybe didnt cary a taser, some officers dont carry tasers, pepper spray and other bullshit that doesnt work, so a pistol was his only option. Mothers arent credible at all, their kid could kill someone and mothers will say: "Oh he was such a good boy just about to finish doctor school." Mothers=Not credible at all. And if Makhiya Bryant called the police wich i dont think so, it wouldn't be the first time an agitator called the police. Stop making everything about race, color, religion or what bathroom you use.

  77. Glennia Milonich

    Glennia Milonich16 days ago

    The officer was justified in doing his job....

  78. jamie stagg

    jamie stagg16 days ago

    Cop stops attempted murder in progress Honor student acts with out honor end up dead- title fixed

  79. Mr. Cool

    Mr. Cool16 days ago

    She was going to stab another girl. Wtf are they marching about?

  80. Bob Simpson

    Bob Simpson16 days ago

    All lives matter. When another person is going to commit bodily harm and or take the life of another person/persons, guess what?, they have nobody else to blame but themself. People have excuses for their ignorance and stupidity 🤮.

  81. Jeffrey Warren

    Jeffrey Warren16 days ago

    Watch the neighbors video. Officer had to do it. They should be arresting the people that stood by and let her attack the girl. They aided an attempted murder. The news is not telling the whole truth again.

  82. Batko10

    Batko1016 days ago

    The police officer who shot Ma'Khia Bryant is a hero who saved the life of Bryant's intended victim. The buffoons who are allowing themselves to get fired up and going into the streets to demonstrate are just useful idiots of the Marxists of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

  83. JR N

    JR N16 days ago

    Black people!! Next time you call for police help--DEMAND a black cop!!

  84. L M

    L M16 days ago

    Adam Zaborowski fired once in the air twice at a clerk because he didnt want to wear a mask. He also fired shots at police with a AK, police fired back and shot him in the buttocks and leg and he recovered. Don't tell me the trained police in this case couldn't do the same! This white man shot at police and is alive today. Police officers shoot to kill black people! PERIOD!

  85. candie0404

    candie040416 days ago

    I’m so confused as to why this protest going on. This was a justify shooting.

  86. Brian V

    Brian V16 days ago

    There's new video/audio from a neighbor's security camera. Ma'khia Bryant can be heard screaming "I'm gonna stab the f**k out of you bitch" before she clearly attempts to do so. I can't post a link because USloft keeps removing it.

  87. Are We The Sheep

    Are We The Sheep16 days ago

    NBC4 COLUMBUS there is nothing hard to understand. SHE was actually in the process of swinging the knife into the woman in pink. Why would BLM be mad about a policeman saving a black woman? What a bunch of idiot's.

  88. Ayan702

    Ayan70216 days ago

    blm, where’s the money?

  89. Anthony Ragsdale

    Anthony Ragsdale16 days ago

    They love protesting over stupid people!!

  90. GINNA G

    GINNA G16 days ago

    This is dum! The girl straight went to harm the other girls. They keep given them power over things that obviously is seen she is not inocent. What is there reason of their protest now!

  91. kevin coffey

    kevin coffey16 days ago

    I hope the cops walk off the jobs in cities that dont want them let them kill ,rob , and burn their own cities down . A cop saves a life and he gets his life threatened by lebron James ,. Fuck em

  92. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris16 days ago

    Rule number 1. When the Police release the Video within 2 days... it's not the officers fault

  93. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris16 days ago

    Racism doesn't get just get filmed. So do clear evidence against it

  94. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago


  95. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin16 days ago

    The cop is a hero and BLM protestors are calling him a racist murderer.

  96. raljame

    raljame16 days ago

    NBC4 when was the last time you reported on a white person be shot by a cop? Stats: 50 whites shot by cops vs 30 blacks this year. But you still want to make it about race, because you stupid.

  97. Akinbobola

    Akinbobola16 days ago

    They guys are an embarrassment. We just got George Floyd justice and now we are going to take two steps back to defend this 16 year old that tryed to murder someone. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  98. Sherrell H

    Sherrell H16 days ago

    Let’s marching in our community on Black on Black killing. But it’s ok to kill each other,


    JZ INVESTIGATIONS16 days ago

    This is a JOKE. When are we going to go out and meet these idiots in the street and support cops that aren't guilty of anything!!!!!!? There is nothing more important than standing up for truth.

  100. The Hobo Hunter

    The Hobo Hunter16 days ago

    Look at all those people who wouldn't mind getting stabbed in the neck by a sweet little 160 lb 16 year old angel with a knife. Aweeeeee it's so beautiful 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  101. Bob E. Midnight Poet

    Bob E. Midnight Poet16 days ago

    MF’ers think this GTA like time slows down so you can pick what weapon to use!!!! Come on now people it didn’t “look” like a knife, IT WAS and she was getting ready to stab that girl that cop responded to a deadly threat with deadly force, y’all throw they age around like a cop is suppose to know how old a person is

  102. Bee

    Bee16 days ago

    The media is a joke!!!! What about the life the cop saved ??!!! No one speaks of that!! Yyyyyyyyyy

  103. dutchman dave

    dutchman dave16 days ago

    That mayor is a piece of shit. He should be commending his police officer, not foing far left and acting like it was another blameless victim

  104. wrayman 69

    wrayman 6916 days ago

    Why are they protesting it was self defence

  105. HAL

    HAL16 days ago

    8-inch knife is not a weapon, it's a toy. Question, which BL more matter? It would be better for cops to come a little later. Time to loot shops (fight for the rights)

  106. 100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV

    100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV16 days ago

    My understanding is why they call police and who call police for help safety reasons????

  107. 100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV

    100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV16 days ago

    Officers saved another teen gril life because that not safety,,my think is police doing the right thing and he doing his job for all safety

  108. 100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV

    100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV16 days ago

    My understanding is police doing the right thing for safety our American citizens because they are just helped another teen gril life for safety reasons dangerous knife attacks

  109. Justin Phan

    Justin Phan16 days ago

    Yeah, next time let them kill each other and let only protect other people

  110. gamer

    gamer16 days ago

    Can yall stop spinning this to be a race thing. Pretty sure that the cop saw a girl coming at another girl with deadly force and shot. If you want to debate the use of deadly force vs if he should have used non deadly go for it.

  111. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    If you want to debate the use of deadly force versus the non use of deadly force in this case the new are an idiot

  112. Brandon Marshal

    Brandon Marshal17 days ago

    It’s like this yea, he shot the little girl for trying to stab another(which is actually legally correct under the self defense statute. “Stand your ground” you have the right to meet force with force as long as you didn’t start it. And u also have the right to step in if someone is being or about to be harmed by someone else). What the officer did do wrong was that he should’ve grabbed his taser instead of his gun. Taser would’ve locked the young lady dead in her tracks. Furthermore he an officer, he was supposed to shoot to disable her not kill her. He’s trained to do so.

  113. Gsdfan too

    Gsdfan tooDay ago

    You don't understand the stand your ground statute. You don't get to use a weapon against an unarmed person so long as you are not the one who started the fight. Also the myth the other girl started the fight is just that a myth. Please tell me what threat the girl in the pink standing still while holding a puppy post to the knife wielding maniac?

  114. xM xH

    xM xH16 days ago

    So much wrong with this comment. First off A taser 40% of the time will fail for one reason or another and is also slower than a bullet. They are not 100% effective. A gun is 100% effective and will end a dangerous threat. So when someones life is in the balance yes a gun is appropriate. Second officers are never taught to shoot to disable. If they are using a gun its because their or someone elses life is in immediate danger and you shoot to neutralize the target. No officer is taught to shoot legs or arms. Also how was it self defense when the women in pink was no where near her when the cop arrived. In fact she was not even on the womens property when the cop showed up. She shoved a women down and then sprinted towards someone who was not doing anything to her. Thats not self defense.

  115. Arminius

    Arminius17 days ago

    The only thing confusing you is how you're going to make this story fit the narrative!

  116. Topsy Kretz

    Topsy Kretz17 days ago

    If they can release this video so early, they should have the same motivation to release videos when the footage is not in their favor, which is most of the time.

  117. J

    J17 days ago

    She got bodied lol

  118. nemonucliosis

    nemonucliosis17 days ago

    If the cop didn't shoot and kill Bryant and Bryant stabbed and killed the other girl, BLM, CNN and other shit networks like this one wouldn't care...because they didn't care when 13-year-old Nyaira Givens was stabbed and killed by another black girl two days ago. Because black on black violence isn't important and doesn't fit the narrative.

  119. Matthew Neil

    Matthew Neil17 days ago

    REAL PEOPLE DONT WANT YOUR MEDIA FUELED RACE WAR! you have no credibility. Before anything, the old media should be defunded and dismantled.

  120. AcemanX Ace Wolf™

    AcemanX Ace Wolf™17 days ago

    She had a fking knife these protestors are fking clueless, fml