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    Thanks for watching!!!! This episode is LITTTY!!! Anyway enjoy and don't forget to like the video :)

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    You can now with Kearny

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    Omg her brother got that woopen

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    You going get a whopping trust me you will

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    She is good nice and I am I’m just a comment and I said yeah oh OK good night

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    Roman don't have no powers so he ether ask Jayson or Arii

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    What about the oldest son super power

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    I like yor vidos

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    It’s funny when you tryed to see they brain 🧠 that was funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

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    Shout out to kenitra

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    Why do you have to be so mean

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    It’s a skit

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    Tyrell Lauderdale3 days ago

    she can do there kids like that they do stuff they not suppose to do so that's why dumb dumb

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    Don't do the boy like that

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    I wish I had the daughters powers 😍😍😍

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    Kinigra your so mean be nice to your siblings or im noot gonna subsciribe

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    ᒪYᒪY_ᗷᗴᖇᖇY3 days ago

    That’s a normal sibling thing “being mean to each other” and it’s just a role play

  31. Kendall Holder

    Kendall Holder3 days ago

    It’s a roleplay- she’s not really that mean irl-

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    u 100% white. if u say that lol

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    oh mah gah-----

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    My mom has no super powers but sometimes she finds out when I did things but I try to fix it or get away

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    New power is called genjutsu😂

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    She really got a boyfriend or not because I think she got a real boy is he outside

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