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0:00 - Introduction
5:01 - The KarJenners and the deglamorization of the wealth gap
10:59 - Lana Del Rey and the end of celebrity immunity from criticism
16:45 - Musicians and the depreciation of artificial exclusivity
25:48 - The Hype House and the of idealization of rebellion
31:50 - Sway House and the retaliation against law enforcement
38:42 - Charli D’Amelio and the trivialization of the pandemic
44:46 - PART 3: COVID VS USloftRS
46:42 - NELK, Jake Paul, and the glorification of anti-intellectualism
54:22 - David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad, and the unraveling of authentic collaborations
58:41 - Doctor Mike and the hypocrisy of interclass sermonizing
1:04:36 - Outro


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  68. soggy banana

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  91. coffeemilks

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    START GAME YT3 days ago

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  95. Bean W

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  96. Mikudayoo

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  101. Dayana Yusof

    Dayana Yusof3 days ago

    One of my mother's best friends lost her mother, three of her children, her son in-law, her baby grandson, her older distant relatives and a few of her colleagues to Covid-19. They didn't go out unless it's necessary, and they had no existing health problems. I understand going out to get groceries and stuff, yes. What I don't understand, however, is how people find it hard to not party and have breakfast with friends and shit. You lived without them before, you can surely live without them now. I hope they get some sense knocked into their heads before someone does it with force 😕

  102. Mika Kick

    Mika Kick3 days ago

    i can NOT be the only one getting bourgeois vibes from this. i know i'm several months late but holy shit, how am i just now realizing the parallels. -rich people not giving a shit about those struggling at the bottom (the majority) -throwing parties they do NOT need -receiving little to no repercussions despite this effecting the masses -not caring about the economy tanking even though they hold a lot of wealth

  103. Talana Jordan

    Talana Jordan3 days ago

    as someone who lost both her grandparents to covid-19, this video hits so hard. thank you for talking about this and being an influencer that deserves a platform after this pandemic.

  104. kitty

    kitty3 days ago

    people like this anger me so much i just lost a close family member to covid and more than half of my friends have aswell. the cases are moore than theyre saying, and theres no way its "1%" thats actually stupid

  105. Jasmine Page

    Jasmine Page3 days ago

    I didn't know about Dr Mike... I'm really disappointed, I liked his videos :(

  106. Ash Volcano

    Ash Volcano3 days ago

    I recently lost my grandmother- and by recently i mean a couple days ago, and coming back to see how they acted and some STILL act like just, it hurts so much how selfish people can be

  107. Diego Glez Vazq

    Diego Glez Vazq3 days ago

    He talks about Canadian Netflix but literally all Canadians use cons for American Netflix lmao

  108. Jessie Jane

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    Me ( 16 ) : couldn't even go to the funeral of someone close to me Charli (16) : on holiday in the Bahamas

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  112. Mz Frizzle

    Mz Frizzle3 days ago

    I haven’t seen my mum for a year and a half because of COVID restrictions and safety... I never expected that when I moved to the other side of Canada (SK to NS) to be near my dad and ended up establishing my life here, that COVID would happen and prevent me from visiting home. Next week I am travelling across the country for work (tree planting in BC) and am stopping on the way to finally see my mum, while wearing masks and distancing. It will break my heart to not be able to hug and squeeze my mum, auntie, gramma, and best friends, but I understand the risks and how that could affect my elderly gramma’s health, and jeopardize the company I work for. Last year I decided not to go out west for work as covid was rising during spring, and it severely affected my mental health and finances. Despite a lot of anxiety to travel now, I need to make money and make my dreams happen. I’m fortunate to not have lost anyone to covid, and to live in one of the safest provinces, but I’ve watched as restrictions prevented family from visiting loved ones who were passing away in hospital and attending funerals. This is the weirdest and worst times of our lives, and applause and thanks to all who’ve made sacrifices and follow guidelines 💙

  113. Katie Long

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    Nikkii4 days ago

    What happened to the Shane Dawson video :( I watch it everytime I do boring school work

  115. Mz Frizzle

    Mz Frizzle4 days ago

    Look at the community tab, he’s in the process of taking down the beauty community vids since things he’s said about James Charles have turned out to be wrong

  116. Pri Vilson

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    These people disgust me

  117. Jesero_

    Jesero_3 days ago

    literally, they're all so selfish like tf

  118. Eynas

    Eynas4 days ago

    First before I get attacked and someone finds it okay to bring politics and determine what dumb party I’m in, I respect you. You’re videos make good points. But what I don’t get is that it’s okay for “non-celebrities” to go out with no mask and we don’t say anything, yet influencers who are out without wearing a mask should be harassed? let’s not criticize someone when we are doing the similar issue. Let’s just judge within ourselves and not go and pretend we don’t do the same mistakes as these influencers.

  119. Eynas

    Eynas16 hours ago

    @Bean W You’ll be surprise that yes, there are many, so many “non-celebs” that post their anti-mask support and how COVID-19 is fake.

  120. Bean W

    Bean W16 hours ago

    Non-celebs aren’t posting videos of themselves without masks in public or supporting the absurd claims that somehow the deadly Covid-19 virus is fake.

  121. Eynas

    Eynas4 days ago

    @hfopqbkk That is a valid point and I respect that! Just if I see someone on the street with no mask, I’m not going to take a picture of them and post on social media and have people be upset with them. These influencers are still no different than us (other than just their fame). Yes we should not stay quiet, but there are situations where people tend to go too far and make fun of them.

  122. hfopqbkk

    hfopqbkk4 days ago

    I do get your point and I do agree that we shouldn't harass people however we should also consider that these influencers are in the 'limelight'. Of course we should not be silent about civilians not wearing masks and potentially endanger other people. However, these influencers are different because their mistakes are broadcasted and are out there on the internet. They have huge fanbases, some even children. One of the influencers is even a board-certified, licensed physician. They are called 'influencers' because whether we like it or not people follow them and in a time like this where some people don't even believe covid exists when there are thousands dying every day around the world because of it, they have done nothing but more harm. They should've been more responsible and people call them out to condemn their actions and in hopes of making them realize their mistakes because these people aren't affected directly by the pandemic that they throw huge parties despite the risks not only to themselves but to people they come in contact with and those they influence. i do agree that we need to keep ourselves in check but we can do that too while calling out dangerous mistakes made by others :DDD

  123. Angeline Maria

    Angeline Maria4 days ago

    Both of my parents got covid. They are really high risk as my mums a nurse at NHS and my dad has really bad asthma, and couldve died if they got worse, our parents told us to prepare if they die from covid and who we need to contact what we need to do ect, it really made me upset. Please, just follow the rules. I loved the ending dangelo

  124. Claire Loprensa

    Claire Loprensa4 days ago

    I wish I’m rich and famous.

  125. Cara A

    Cara A4 days ago

    as much as Lana Del Rey is in the wrong for holding a gathering, you also have to think about the book store for allowing her to do this ( i'm not defending her btw )