I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Rome on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..

I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Rome.. Here's What Happened..
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We had 3 objectives in this "100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in Ancient Rome" video. Objective 1: Craft a Stage 3 Roman Mansion. Objective 2: Defeat Vulcan the God of Weaponry. Objective 3: Eliminate Pluto the God of War.

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All our models in the video made incredibly by Ycar, MexBot, Ticxo, TheAnonim , Enderdude, V11, Anthony, LittleRoomDev, 宵閣玖鑰, JoWekker, TheLoungeMC!


  1. Forrestbono

    ForrestbonoMonth ago

    Do we go to Ancient Greece next?!

  2. Suman Sharma

    Suman Sharma22 days ago

    @Pushpa shukla App Indian Ho?

  3. Juwel gamer Lojyhasan

    Juwel gamer Lojyhasan24 days ago

    You r real Minecraft survival 🤴👑 king

  4. JITENDRA Awasthi

    JITENDRA Awasthi24 days ago

    Nope, ancient India plsss

  5. Kamala Govindaraj

    Kamala GovindarajMonth ago

    and next time get the gods right

  6. Munkhtushug Zorigoo

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  7. Nida Chen

    Nida Chen7 hours ago

    It is not pluto the god of war it was mars the god of war

  8. rainbow_ flower

    rainbow_ flower11 hours ago

    Funfact:i was playing with my freind minectarft hardcore he tell me :lets set our spawn if we die Me :okay, wait wat

  9. Shreyas Bhadury

    Shreyas Bhadury14 hours ago

    Pluto isn't the god of war. Mars is. Pluto is the god of death and underworld

  10. Imaan Unicorn fun

    Imaan Unicorn funDay ago

    Idk but why don’t you make a Vulcan bow

  11. Gael Tjaard Kames-Pelletier

    Gael Tjaard Kames-PelletierDay ago

    Make more ancient rom

  12. Universe_1487

    Universe_1487Day ago

    Minecraft youtubers in 2025 Surviving 100 days in the void

  13. Maria Tan

    Maria TanDay ago

    Forrest can you do a ancient Macedon video?

  14. Tri Wahyuni

    Tri WahyuniDay ago

    ampun bang jago

  15. Keith Chester Matalang

    Keith Chester MatalangDay ago

    Correction: Vulcan is a god of fire and volcanos

  16. Brittani Dunning

    Brittani Dunning2 days ago

    100 days in ancient Japan


    AFAQUE AHMED2 days ago

    0:13 Mars is disappointed by your claim .

  18. 郭家全 Matthew Niel Kesuma

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  19. Alexander James

    Alexander James3 days ago

    One of the best 100 days I’ve watched!!!

  20. madpuffin

    madpuffin3 days ago

    DAY 56 - 51

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  23. Jeanne Pierce

    Jeanne Pierce3 days ago

    Wild dogs are hyenas bro

  24. Mystical Keyblade

    Mystical Keyblade3 days ago

    ….Mars is the god of war and Pluto is the god of death. Please do your research next time

  25. Warpig34_Delta

    Warpig34_Delta4 days ago

    Hi are you a live

  26. cRaCkHeAd Crew

    cRaCkHeAd Crew4 days ago

    Dude Mars is the god of war Pluto is the god of the underworld


    NINJARAVEN5 days ago

    i love these video's

  28. Selvaraj

    Selvaraj5 days ago

    4:10 where the heck did my base go if i was there i will switch to creative mode and kill those gods

  29. robloxak tv

    robloxak tv5 days ago

    What mod

  30. Joshua Newton

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  31. Tristin Ribot

    Tristin Ribot6 days ago

    The god of war is Mars


    RIYAN JAMES6 days ago

    What mod does he use for building

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    *.*.* Dangerdigger *.*.*6 days ago

    By long nap you mean about 5 seconds.

  35. Dolphxn’s cove

    Dolphxn’s cove6 days ago

    Lil nitpick: pluto is actually the god of death being the roman counterpart of hades and volcan is the god of fire being the roman counterpart of Hephaestus

  36. Dream

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  37. Tijmen V

    Tijmen V7 days ago

    Pluto+ god of war+ weather control? Ya seems right

  38. Tina McCormick

    Tina McCormick7 days ago

    your like dream with breaking your falls

  39. Nothing Plays Games

    Nothing Plays Games7 days ago

    Fact: every journey of forrest painful is not with him

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  44. Maxim adamov

    Maxim adamov8 days ago

    Roman has thousands of Gods war god,lightning gods,judges and lots of more

  45. Maxim adamov

    Maxim adamov8 days ago

    Roman is beautiful and a legendary place

  46. tsetsen bileg

    tsetsen bileg8 days ago

    I didn't know you were that poor

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  51. Gabe Bowne

    Gabe Bowne9 days ago

    Pluto is not the God of war Mars is

  52. Lovell Gibson

    Lovell Gibson9 days ago

    I love the story at the start, Its funny the subscribe%... think of not being subscribed and reading this comment...

  53. Morntzhenn Lumabong

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  60. King of Doggos

    King of Doggos10 days ago

    these modpacks are really cool but these videos seem really repetitive and they always follow the same exact formula

  61. Reece Tillerson

    Reece Tillerson10 days ago

    It’s Mars who is god of war stoopid


    MOHAMED ZAFIR10 days ago

    Plugo is God of riches, Mars is God of wars tbh

  63. Captain Woof

    Captain Woof10 days ago

    Why don’t you have 10 mill I love these vids and never get bored keep up the good work



    I'm a roman so I'm kinda proud this vid was made :D still I'm not happy about the militiants 13:19 minecraft floating logic

  65. GAMING රැT

    GAMING රැT10 days ago

    That video is so cool

  66. Bailey Jakovac

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    Pluto is hades in Roman the god of the underworld

  75. vijhayvarmma nair

    vijhayvarmma nair11 days ago

    FYI :pluto is God of riches lol

  76. ManiOskar

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    Ok no Mars was the Roman god of war not Pluto he was thier messanger god

  93. Stephen Tseng

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