Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes 2020 - All of his bits chained

Ricky Gervais' monologue at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards and also all of his other bits/introductions. Couldn't find a complete version on USloft so I made it. Hope you have a great day.


  1. Declan Klintworth

    Declan Klintworth41 minute ago

    Ricky: 'Lets see what happens" A few moments later C O V I D E X I S T S

  2. Jennifer Pruitt

    Jennifer PruittHour ago

    Hanks been éxecuted yet. Turkey resort Titanic Mardan Palace is where they sacrafice children, they have beautiful rooms until they are killed. Videos are surfacing now

  3. Miragha Rzayev

    Miragha RzayevHour ago

    Tom hanks abi ne kasmışsın be

  4. The Sports Noodle

    The Sports Noodle2 hours ago

    The thumbnail, who is that rubber faced clam sitting over dopey Hanks' right shoulder? Truth hurts celebutards/ Hollyweird!!

  5. Bottom Gear

    Bottom Gear2 hours ago

    Tom Hanks: guilty af The guy next to De Niro: *nodding and agreeing* Robert De Niro: *laughing*

  6. Tyler MacDonald

    Tyler MacDonald3 hours ago

    Ricky is the Based

  7. Dick Thick'em

    Dick Thick'em3 hours ago

    I'm very disappointed that he didn't rip Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt to shreds.

  8. Drak

    Drak4 hours ago

    The world got to see James Corden as a fat pussy😂😂

  9. Pale O'Pterix

    Pale O'Pterix5 hours ago

    The only reason I would even watch this show it's Ricky...

  10. jrzgcwrocks

    jrzgcwrocks6 hours ago

    It was too many white people that died? Funny joke yes. But do you know sum I don’t? Cause covid FUCKED the black community to no fault of their own. Whatcha got Ricky

  11. Joe Hartman

    Joe Hartman6 hours ago


  12. Tesseract556

    Tesseract5567 hours ago

    Why the fuck does the audio keep cutting out

  13. shravan singh

    shravan singh7 hours ago

    harvey joke was a tight slap

  14. Nuff Nuff

    Nuff Nuff8 hours ago

    God bless ricky 🙏🏻

  15. kiana abdz

    kiana abdz8 hours ago

    This is my 50th time watching this.

  16. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams9 hours ago

    Spittin str8 🔥

  17. Logan

    Logan12 hours ago

    He also said thank your God and your agent and f off (please don't ban me or something) I'm really tired of the censoring of the videos

  18. Miles Roche

    Miles Roche13 hours ago

    Tom hanks facial expressions are amazing lmao

  19. charlie a.

    charlie a.14 hours ago

    so cringe-worthy but soo fucking good

  20. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse Garcia15 hours ago


  21. Burger Terminator

    Burger Terminator15 hours ago

    This opening monolog affirms Ricky in comedic Valhalla. You, Mr. Gervais have become a legend amongst men. 👏

  22. Vaishnav

    Vaishnav16 hours ago

    He's so damn true of everything all these tom hanks or meryl streep are bloody hypocrites acting as if they are pure holy waters

  23. Patrick Maddy

    Patrick Maddy17 hours ago

    Wow just Wow....

  24. Mugfooord 237

    Mugfooord 23717 hours ago

    I really believe this was a true and honest performance from him because I don’t think he was performing at all. That’s honestly and truly how he feels about it and the way he says ‘fuck off’ to them all is just from the heart and balls, man. I love it

  25. Crank Lab Explosion - lab central

    Crank Lab Explosion - lab central17 hours ago

    So what’s q going to do about Hollywood?

  26. Luke Kelchner

    Luke Kelchner18 hours ago

    Tom Hanks’ face is extremely telling..

  27. Kasanova

    Kasanova18 hours ago

    We don’t deserve Ricky, he’s just too good

  28. Declan McCartney

    Declan McCartney19 hours ago

    The Prince Andrew and James Corden bit always has me dying

  29. Lois Barber

    Lois Barber19 hours ago

    Brilliant! tells it like it is! I don't watch award shows, but he's great. If all MC's were like him, maybe I'd start watching

  30. Paul Pagani

    Paul Pagani20 hours ago

    That’s last part was amazing donate to Australia have a great time get drunk take your drugs and fuck off

  31. Tyler Martinz

    Tyler Martinz20 hours ago

    Joking about sophies choice...? What the hell...

  32. Moritz Dunkel

    Moritz Dunkel20 hours ago

    No one else on this planet could have pulled this of like he did 😂

  33. Tracy Couture

    Tracy Couture20 hours ago

    Brilliant 👏👏👏👏👏

  34. lekcin dr

    lekcin dr21 hour ago

    so good

  35. Slapdat Hugh Jazz

    Slapdat Hugh Jazz22 hours ago

    I love him! But from the looks of some of the bloated jackasses like Tom Hanks I think Gervais is done.

  36. Jason Burrows

    Jason Burrows23 hours ago

    Tom Hanks does NOT look happy.

  37. Max Onley

    Max OnleyDay ago

    Expose the lot of it well played Ricky

  38. Daimonik

    DaimonikDay ago

    Oh god bless this man...

  39. teacher roy

    teacher royDay ago


  40. Debra Jones

    Debra JonesDay ago

    Best Golden Globes ever! Most of these people are pedophillia. Can’t stand most of them

  41. Bfer Nuttz

    Bfer NuttzDay ago

    Love Ricky Gervais! Watching the crowd shots to see who has a sense of humor and who takes themselves far too seriously.

  42. Joe King

    Joe KingDay ago

    Gervais on full savage mode, tell them to their face at their own awards.

  43. Number One

    Number OneDay ago

    I come back and watch this regularly because It Is Just So Sweet. 👏👏☺️☺️😂😂

  44. Nci Sept

    Nci SeptDay ago

    Oh my goodness 😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣. Shots were fired...

  45. Maliha Farooq

    Maliha FarooqDay ago

    This is my favorite video on USloft

  46. Gavin D'Monte

    Gavin D'MonteDay ago

    Tom hanks so sad you disapprove you wanker

  47. Gavin D'Monte

    Gavin D'MonteDay ago

    These hollywood types dont like the truth do they

  48. daniel Coates

    daniel CoatesDay ago

    6:39 Whats Paul O'Grady doing at the Golden Globes?

  49. Film Star

    Film StarDay ago

    I love it when Ricky Gervais says Scorsese isn’t tall enough to go on rides and Scorsese just nods and mouths “that’s true” 😂❤️

  50. Ben VanDam

    Ben VanDamDay ago

    Who on earth disliked this anyway??? This is pure GOLD aaaaaaand TRUTH!

  51. john falcon costanzo

    john falcon costanzoDay ago

    One normal person

  52. Damnit Dave

    Damnit DaveDay ago

    The Tom Hanks reaction made me dislike him a little. It came off like he knew, and expected Ricky to keep quiet

  53. Rob D

    Rob DDay ago

    Ricky Gervais was by far the best thing about the golden globes

  54. Matt Mason

    Matt MasonDay ago

    I heard Ricky Gervais got denied to get eaten by lions. I know someone who can eat him, Kevin Spacey.

  55. Alpha Red

    Alpha RedDay ago

    F in the chat

  56. A S

    A SDay ago

    “I know he’s your friend”.... 🤣🤣 DEATH TO HOLLYWERID !✊🏼 7:00

  57. sherri sanders

    sherri sandersDay ago

    Love it when he says I don't care.

  58. RayRayArtistry

    RayRayArtistryDay ago

    I want to know what the bleeped bit was with the judi dench bit.

  59. E Dub

    E DubDay ago

    3:27 what kind of disgusting human being boos a Jeffrey Epstein joke? Seriously what in the holy fuck? & 10:05 ata Harvey Weinstein joke. Jesus! Guess we must defend his honor TF?

  60. Vibezzz

    VibezzzDay ago

    5:33 that one felt like he wasnt saying it for laughs

  61. My Traning

    My TraningDay ago

    How diverse that "audience" is !

  62. Toby Hand

    Toby HandDay ago

    Tom Hanks face

  63. Rocco Anderson

    Rocco AndersonDay ago

    Look at the fear in all of the actors eyes 😂

  64. AgeDrain

    AgeDrainDay ago

    FBI should’ve had a camera on all the faces of when he made the Epstein joke.

  65. L. A.

    L. A.Day ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is such an ass kisser

  66. Trevor 69er

    Trevor 69erDay ago

    I love a good roast. Hollywood, not so much. Dean Martin used to do it skillfully.

  67. R C

    R CDay ago

    The look on all their stupid faces says it all. Ricky had the balls to speak the truth and expose the entertainment business for what it is.

  68. Luiz Felipe

    Luiz Felipe2 days ago

    3:41 who is her ?

  69. stevouk

    stevouk2 days ago

    The expression on Tom Hanks' face is perfectly that of a man trapped between two different types of fear. Both involve money.


    HOMES COOL2 days ago

    my fucking hero!!

  71. Sandeep Charugundla

    Sandeep Charugundla2 days ago

    Hollywood foreign press should kill themselves

  72. Change Eye Color

    Change Eye Color2 days ago


  73. João Rodrigues

    João Rodrigues2 days ago

    I come back once a month to enjoy Rick Gervais making us know that the famous people we put above our hierarchy is a fallacy we imagine to be right doing. Their opinion is as valid as anyone's else and we shouldn't look up to them for opinions on subject they understand as bad as we do. Thank you Rick, I love you man!

  74. Nancy White

    Nancy White2 days ago

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  75. schmetris

    schmetris2 days ago

    My respect for Ricky Gervais 📈📈📈📈📈 My respect for Tom Hanks 📉📉📉📉📉

  76. Carlo Ruggiero

    Carlo Ruggiero2 days ago

    Don't have me whacked lol.

  77. Nathan Lamb

    Nathan Lamb2 days ago


  78. alex martiez

    alex martiez2 days ago

    I love this shit so fuckin much

  79. Eduardo Sanchez

    Eduardo Sanchez2 days ago

    ricky the homie

  80. Robert Boyce

    Robert Boyce2 days ago

    "Get drunk, take your drugs, fuck off."

  81. Thiagu Vieira

    Thiagu Vieira2 days ago

    E o Globo de ouro vai para Rick Gervais

  82. Paco X.

    Paco X.2 days ago

    High key an American hero.

  83. Captain Cuba

    Captain Cuba2 days ago

    Adam Driver and DiCaprio were having a blast

  84. zakaria bouski

    zakaria bouski2 days ago

    Ricky is like the drunk ancle at the weding , making great points , but the family is too dumb and arrogant to understand .

  85. Geek Gamer

    Geek Gamer2 days ago

    Who are the two actresses at 2:45?

  86. John Hickman

    John Hickman2 days ago

    This prompted my wife and I to binge watch After Life. Fucking GOLD. Thank you Ricky from a Yank and a German living in the UK; both fed up with Hollywood's bullshit.

  87. Emily131004 Perez

    Emily131004 Perez2 days ago

    3:26 , 5:08 , 5:30 , 10:00 what a legend .

  88. Jopino

    Jopino2 days ago

    The artistic integrity is what makes it so delicious and refreshing to watch unfold, as he doubles up always stronger. I envy people who will watch this for the first time.

  89. Vincent Noonan

    Vincent Noonan2 days ago

    Jonathan Pryce’s face at 2:14 is the highlight for me!

  90. living here

    living here3 days ago

    some of the looks of the hollywood stars lol

  91. Carlos Eduardo

    Carlos Eduardo3 days ago

    7:00 the truth they need to hear

  92. LMCsquared Greendale

    LMCsquared Greendale3 days ago

    I love it! He takes the gloss and bullshit that is Hollywood and uses it against them.

  93. Felmon Madronio

    Felmon Madronio3 days ago

    You can tell which ones are guilty and which ones aren't based on their reactions to the jokes...

  94. Taquito Bandito

    Taquito Bandito3 days ago

    Does anyone know who the girl is at 3:40????

  95. hema vaddiraju

    hema vaddiraju3 days ago

    Next year lets see what happens Shit......

  96. Chaim Lipshitz

    Chaim Lipshitz3 days ago

    Who’s the sexy fat chick sitting behind Tom hanks?

  97. Taquito Bandito

    Taquito Bandito3 days ago

    Someone's wife most likely