Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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  1. Alan Becker

    Alan Becker17 days ago

    Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:


    RM PLAYZ2 days ago

    Do roblox

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  4. What am I looking at?

    What am I looking at?11 days ago

    Well why didn’t you say in the first half?

  5. Arlene Bacus

    Arlene Bacus14 days ago

    Eh here is a thing I thought some one was going to have creative mode no no no the king has a command block

  6. Aejay Nadela

    Aejay Nadela16 days ago

    I'm waiting next episode 13

  7. Anila Sheikh

    Anila Sheikh2 hours ago

    So purple betrayed them again

  8. Jackie Lucky

    Jackie Lucky2 hours ago

    Outro nível! Você deveria ser diretor criativo, produtivo, de arte... Tu é incrível!

  9. Sprite

    Sprite2 hours ago

    just waiting for tco to come in ; ]

  10. OcB ArYaN YT

    OcB ArYaN YT2 hours ago

    Make a fast

  11. mhd a

    mhd a2 hours ago

    6:50 now it's time to fight Niiiiiiccceeee

  12. CptPuffy

    CptPuffy3 hours ago

    Im waiting next episode

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    Nga Tran3 hours ago

    Ep 23

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    Teen World3 hours ago

    so cool

  17. играем в Minecraft

    играем в Minecraft4 hours ago

    А я то знаю что ты русский

  18. Monster x killer x

    Monster x killer x4 hours ago

    How many chanell you have ?

  19. Akhilesh Kumar

    Akhilesh Kumar4 hours ago

    That music is from Pandora Journey I think...👍👍

  20. jillal touthang

    jillal touthang4 hours ago

    I love your videos Alan Becker I watch all of them

  21. jillal touthang

    jillal touthang4 hours ago

    PLEASE 🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏❤️👍👍😘😁😁 Make Ep 23

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    PR Studio4 hours ago

    wow, awesome

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    Зульфия Магомедова5 hours ago

    очень здорово а будет продолжение😢😢😢😢😣

  24. kyler matola

    kyler matola5 hours ago

    It's 999999999999999999999999/10

  25. kyler matola

    kyler matola5 hours ago

    Alan this take a hard to animate bro

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  28. hakan varol

    hakan varol5 hours ago

    the best channel is the world

  29. Specific Guy

    Specific Guy5 hours ago

    Damn, they got sasuke'd

  30. hakan varol

    hakan varol5 hours ago

    alan becker channel is very good

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  32. Batman Robin

    Batman Robin5 hours ago

    Nobody's gonna talk about how green did an It reference dance?

  33. Nia The Canimal

    Nia The Canimal5 hours ago

    You should get the new w10

  34. we love Rayan

    we love Rayan6 hours ago

    Pls help me. I don't know where are 23 ep

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    Fix- Ox6 hours ago

    Is not been uploaded yet 😁

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  39. we love Rayan

    we love Rayan6 hours ago

    Where is 23 EP

  40. Jose Lugod

    Jose Lugod6 hours ago

    Its when you try to animate for the first time, you truly begin to appreciate the work that these people actually do.

  41. Bruce Dugan

    Bruce Dugan6 hours ago

    Yo it was a scan the animation is good but the game they played was a trick

  42. Wildan Alfaridan

    Wildan Alfaridan6 hours ago


  43. Julian Josef M. PASCUAL

    Julian Josef M. PASCUAL6 hours ago

    13:33 Top 10 anime battles

  44. Kakakaka Chan

    Kakakaka Chan6 hours ago

    Not good crying

  45. Nindia Kasela

    Nindia Kasela7 hours ago

    The best animation

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    Angeleneqmi7 hours ago

    Epic video I love it



    Plecase make the toner part plecase it's soooooo cool!!!!!



    Please again



    Other sorry

  51. Stickman Hero

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  52. Ƿynnťari

    Ƿynnťari8 hours ago

    I never regret clicking on any of these, even the ones who look like will be just a casual quick one for fun. They never are.

  53. Ƿynnťari

    Ƿynnťari8 hours ago

    Oh, I thought it was about parkour. Glad I clicked anyways

  54. Natalya Seroshtan

    Natalya Seroshtan8 hours ago

    I noticed how they all arrived in their finish lines exactly the same time, that is 1:59:29, so either they all tied, or it means something. Maybe I'm looking to deep into this

  55. 98Beege

    98Beege7 hours ago

    it was just programmed to display their times as the fastest, i guess purple was lazy and made everything the same :) after all, it wasn't a real race

  56. Ƿynnťari

    Ƿynnťari8 hours ago

    Oh, stepping on grass blocks doesn't make the stepping on grass blocks sound

  57. el neno

    el neno8 hours ago

    Color rose and black

  58. Mr. Creeper

    Mr. Creeper9 hours ago

    15:47 Teleport

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    Lanjut keren banget ini vidio Ter keren

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  61. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez9 hours ago

    Hey alen becker you should make another fight agents the black and red stick figure and the rest but with minecraft in it

  62. Web-X _OP

    Web-X _OP9 hours ago

    Op brother op

  63. Jaezcel Chloe Bunyi

    Jaezcel Chloe Bunyi9 hours ago

    I have an idea.. What if the portal that Yellow and Blue went through are one of the portals at the nether And they go back home but King Dude and Purple beast them to it And they have to fight them You may ask Why do they go back home? Maybe to get help from Alan..?

  64. Ryle Cadang

    Ryle Cadang9 hours ago

    They parkour better than me

  65. Laxmi Rawat

    Laxmi Rawat9 hours ago

    Alan's animations never fail to keep me excited .... And his game reactions are so good Btw i loved undertale...

  66. Nafei's Fun Gaming

    Nafei's Fun Gaming9 hours ago

    Alan becker make a episode 23

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    Are you going to make episode 23

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    OH BOY

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    Please make stickman free fire

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    why bad Orange stick figure only use gamemode c... why?

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    Part 2 pleaseeee

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    Are alan die?? 2 weeks not upload video

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    Throws the video every 2 months

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    zorro10 hours ago

    Por qué no juegan otra cosa envés de Minecraft como JMW Dino wart

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    Raji Harikumar11 hours ago

    I can't wait for the next video

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    Good echo alan

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    Oscar Vanegas11 hours ago

    Gouuu that jeneal

  82. Melvin Clemons

    Melvin Clemons11 hours ago

    Thank you Alan for your good animations, we know it takes so long to make them, that’s why we are grateful for the animations you give us, thank you

  83. АН НАХЛ

    АН НАХЛ11 hours ago

    Im waiting for 22 ep

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    I love your videos

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    magma_blade 072511 hours ago

    So glad I finally came back across ur channel.

  86. Hunter Wann

    Hunter Wann11 hours ago

    Alan is truly a man among boys when it comes to stickman animation

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    ابو احمد للمعلوميات11 hours ago

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    XZEE12 hours ago

    17:15 funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. LucarioGamerYT

    LucarioGamerYT12 hours ago

    I still don't understand how he makes stick monkeys the coolest creation I've ever seen in my life, the truth is I give him all my respect for making the best animations I've ever seen UwU💓💖 I know the creator of this wonderful creation is not going to read this, but I would like that one day, if I can, my character Lucario will come out.💖💓

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    best video ever :D

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    And now you know that you can never trust purple again

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    "I had a dream like this once."

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